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3.4Work-Life Balance
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4900 E. Dublin Granville Road Columbus, OH 43081
$5B to $10B (USD)

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Overall Reviews at Big Lots

Cashier/Sales | Hayward, CA | Sep 29, 2019
It’s okay stay 6 months to a 1 year or you’ll really start to hate it.
Don’t get stuck there it’s really the other employees that make it worth it. 20% off the store isn’t that much. Mangers nice one day then rude the other
Store Clerk | Phoenix, AZ | Feb 27, 2020
Good part time job with decent benefits
Training is taking testings on computer and being thrown right into action. You learn from mistakes. My assistant manager started a week after I. We learned together. In furniture department especially, the monthly secret shopper review can drive someone crazy. So stressful until it's happened. Great employee discount of 20% - 30% off and good P/T first job.
Tester | Columbus, OH | Oct 7, 2019
Poor leadership
Unless you’re in the “circle”, it’s difficult to be recognized and appreciated. corporate Office atmosphere lacks authenticity. They say the right things but fail to live up to those words.
Customer Service Representative | Middle River, MD | Jul 24, 2019
Good work experience
Nice store. Manager was good. Asst. Manager left a lot to be desired. Always gathered employees together at end of day just to speak bad of him. Which I did not care for. Ok fill in job.
Head of Customer Service | Naples, FL | Sep 28, 2018
Customer service
Great coworkers. But not the best pay and we would have to have a lot of patience working there. So many rude customers. But overall the staff was very friendly.
Customer Representative | Kalamazoo, MI | Aug 29, 2018
an okay place
it was okay but felt too pressured to make sales and to get objective completed regardless of multi tasking and or obstacles. benefits mediocre flexible schedule dependant on management and person
Pros10% discount
ConsBreaks not properly scheduled
Stocker | Cadillac, MI | Jul 31, 2018
Fun and friendly workplace
I enjoy my current employment with Big Lots. It is a friendly and casual place to work. It can be stressful when situations happen but if everyone on the Big Lots team work together it goes smothly.
ProsFriendly manager, normally requested days off approved
ConsUnder management doesn't do their job, Get in trouble for under managements jobs when they are not done by employees
Merchandise Coordinator | Columbus, OH | Aug 8, 2019
Rewarding Hard Work
Fun, positive people to work with. Beautiful new corporate facility. Days off for the Holidays and Flex time through out the year. Good management training classes
Customer Service Representative | Natchez, MS | Jun 8, 2019
Overall Experience
Big Lots was a great Company for me to work for! I must say the best so far! I really enjoyed my job. The environment was gra to work in. The pay raises i received annually and for advancement was wonderful. The benefits were great.
Customer Service Representative | Wilmington, NC | Apr 17, 2019
Productive and cross diciplinary
Prior to frelanceing and contractual work, I was in several department stores and performed above average tasks. I'm very computer and tech savvy. I grew up playing the piano and I know how to handdraft. Everything falls into place in due time and i would love to have a desk job with some on the floor in the house duties as well.
ConsNo health care

Questions And Answers about Big Lots

Does Big Lots drug test
Asked Apr 7, 2016
No. Only if Suspected of doing drugs.
Answered Jan 4, 2020
Injury on the jobb Suspicious behavior... STL and DTL have to be notified and involved
Answered Dec 5, 2019
What would you suggest Big Lots management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked Mar 15, 2017
The company ( not necessarily store leadership) needs to show they value their teams. A $60 budget to feed an entire store team a Christmas meal/party is not nearly enough! Show they care by not being open on holidays when the profit is significantly less than the wages paid for that day! Come up with a business model that will help sales that does not involve doing random unplanned discounts days so frequently that it hurts the performance of actual friends and family weekends! Doing them just a few weeks apart does not drive the business they are looking for. Secondly pay the associates fairly. I had a lead associate that has been with the company 12 years and makes the same as the brand new associates. When asking for some kind of better compensation for her it was denied. I have been in retail for almost 20 years and this by far is the worst place for someone to work and grow in the company.
Answered Jan 23, 2020
Manerment meed to stop playing favorite please treat us all like real peoples and don’t keep throwing stuff at our face sure a company can take in save but can’t keep real hard true employee around. Rise the pay rate and wenot like animal we have a limit we all can reach before we break to the point if you have a medical or disability don’t work here they treat you like trash sure 20%discounr nice but at what cost of your health . They have Brock out dates too an theirs a lot of stress in the air. If you can’t drive and respond on a ride they never understand that you need to be out at that time flame
Answered Dec 18, 2019
How are the working hours at Big Lots?
Asked Jun 14, 2016
I've worked here for a year and a half. I'm on the third week of 10 hours for the entire week and applying everywhere in town.
Answered Feb 10, 2020
At this time of the year your very over worked with little pay as well as hours, it's impossible to stock with the customers in the store at this time of the year so i think over night stocking would be helpful but no one wants to listen, and if u can make it on 20 or less hours a week this is the job for you.
Answered Dec 8, 2019
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Big Lots?
Asked Feb 14, 2018
Have good people interfacing skills, good customer service, lots of patience.
Answered Mar 12, 2020
Don’t waste ur time
Answered Mar 10, 2020
Why did you leave your job at Big Lots?
Asked Mar 15, 2017
I'm leaving due to finding another job with more hours and money. I get weird hrs and as a single parent my weekends are gone bc they out me on all day or out me on a weird shift
Answered Sep 29, 2019
Hours, Management. Just awful
Answered Jul 13, 2019