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Illustrator | Everett, WA | Sep 12, 2019
Ambition will take you far, but the union protects the slackers
My job is to create Production Illustrations for Propulsion Systems. I make 2D illustrations out of 3D Catia models. These drawings are used by the mechanics in the shop to hook up all of the plumbing and electrical systems on the engines and struts before they get installed on the wing. My drawings also maintain the historical record of the aircraft, in accordance with FAA requirements. I work from home most days, because my manager knows he doesn't need to babysit me. I do my job, I do it well, and I am not afraid to ask for help or admit when I have made a mistake. Those are all essential to the trust needed to be able to work virtual. Not all managers are open to giving their minions autonomy, but the good ones are. At Boeing, your direct manager will make or break your job satisfaction. If you have a poor relationship with your manager, you have hundreds of potential job openings to apply for within the company and can move to a new internal job after a year. As augmented and virtual reality become more integrated at Boeing facilities, I believe my unique job will become obsolete. At some point software will replace me. But I am proactively taking advantage of all the training opportunities offered to prepare myself for a role change in the future. No one owes me a job just because I've been here a long time. Training and learning opportunities abound for those who want to propel themselves forward. Boeing will pay college tuition for approved stu...more
Production Coordinator | North Charleston, SC | Nov 14, 2019
Big Corporate Unfairness and Shady Practices
Favoritism runs rampant. Its not what you know, or what you can do. Its who you know. So many hard working, good people are overlooked, and not given what they deserve. Such unfair treatment. Unstable management on ALL levels. I averaged 3-5 different managers per year, while employed during my 10 years there. Only twice during my entire tenure did I have the same manager for an entire year. With so many different managers it is impossible to get a fair yearly pay raise review. They "copy and paste" managers from different organizations that know very little about their new management job/organization. Since management does not know the job, they do not know what their employees can do. Management only knows what their employees can do by word of mouth, whether it is true or untrue as told by peers. Its VERY rare that you have a manager start at entry level, doing what a new employee would do, and work their way up from the bottom to the top of the SAME work organization. Employee developing and coaching is nonexistent. Leadership provides no motivation and does not lead by example. Nobody is held accountable here. There is no discipline enforced. This has created a lazy and careless work environment that is contagious to new hires. There are too many obvious miserable employees working here, and that is contagious to ALL employees. Now they have started back with a shift preference. Longer tenured employees can change to their desired shift preference by their lower employe...more
Information Technology Manager | Bellevue, WA | Apr 1, 2019
Given acceptable latitude for setting technical direction
My most enjoyable part of my job was to integrate with other organizations and work in a common cause and direction. I liked the ability to be creative and be encouraging others to think outside the box with new ideas. I believe its our mission as leaders of our respective industries to design and innovate new ideas to advance our people to a more productive and progressive existence. The most difficult part of my job was to convince those who control the financial picture to think in longer term investment strategies with engineering and the creative new benefits that could be realized. All to often the finance folks were too short term in their management philosophies which ultimately lead to leadership instability and loss of market. Workplace culture was one of distractions and lack of productivity. Employees were force to work side-by-side with no effective sound barriers. Needless to say, when leading meetings through telecons and webex sessions were difficult and lead to many distractions away from the potential productivity that could have been realized in each and every collaboration. I learned a great deal about leadership with: negotiations and the huge benefits of listening to others; leadership in assisting teams with setting a productive direction; working effectively with the highest levels of management all the way to employee level with negotiations and communication. Typical day at work for me started at 6am, with working meetings w...more
ProsI felt I could be a productive contributor in the leadership ranks
ConsDistractions in the workplace that were most unproductive
Financial Analyst | St. Louis, MO | Jan 20, 2020
Experience is highly variable depending on site, function, and manager
I have worked in various areas in finance for The Boeing Company for almost ten years. I have significant experience at the Pudget Sound sites, Seal Beach, and Saint Louis sites. The actual work you do from day-to-day ranges from incredibly menial, non-value-added tasks, to financial modeling and sensitivity analysis needed to provide insights to leadership. Unfortunately, most of my time is spent on the more menial tasks, even as a senior analyst and team lead. Our business process management and systems do not support automation when it comes to the mostly menial tasks finance staff are required to perform. I often feel the tasks I'm performing are supporting projects that leadership doesn't feel they even need to explain as value added - it is very much a "this executive said so, so do it" feeling. This causes me to feel that often, the work I do is not meaningful, it is some random project that an executive agreed to because they are misinformed, have no business savvy, and need something to present to their boss as an accomplishment. I am not alone with this sentiment. You hear often at Boeing, 'focus on the big rocks' from leadership, only to be tasked with projects that are so invaluable they'd by less significant than rounding errors. The benefits (medical/dental, retirement savings, tuition assistance of 25K a year for MBA and no limits for STEM) are top tier. Work-life balance is 100% dependent on the manager or management team you support, and...more
IT Security Specialist | Bellevue, WA | Oct 23, 2019
Boeing is a difficult place to work
I worked at Boeing IT for 30 years. I left because I was forced to by a manager who was not paying attention either to the work flows in his group, nor the technical and process recommendations of his people. I was told that my performance, which had been judged wholly acceptable by my manager just 3 months prior was suddenly unacceptable. Then I was told that this unacceptable performance, had, in this manager's judgement being going on for months prior. That statement alone was an admission that he had not been paying attention, regardless of my real performance. Most of the manager's inattention is his own fault, but some is the result of demands from his boss that he focus his attention up the chain rather than on the work of his own people. Many, maybe most, of my former co-workers in IT are working under constant threat of being fired due to impossible processes imposed on them with no input allowed from them, or opportunities to improve them. Coworkers shared their fears of losing their jobs with me when I first joined the group, but I didn't believe that the problems were that bad. Obviously, these bad processes were not developed by my immediate manager, or even his manager, and none of those folks had any input into fixing the process problems either. Many of my former coworkers left before and after me. All found other jobs equal to or better, sometimes way better, than their Boeing jobs, or were eligible to retire and did so. By better jobs, I mean either higher p...more
ProsOverall benefits are still among the best, but have been worsened over the last 6 years or so.
Consuncertain corporate future, bad processes, little advancement, corporate failure risk, current CEO
Aircraft Maintenance Technician | Tukwila, WA | Mar 2, 2019
Military Delivery Center (MDC) BEWARE
If you are debating on becoming an AMT at the Military Delivery Center (MDC) at Tukwila on the KC-46 or P-8 program be aware of the following. 1. Morale on the flight line is very low, I haven't met anyone that is happy to be there, it is a huge downer especially when you hired in thinking Boeing was this great place to work. Maybe other places but definitely not here. 2. Mandatory overtime is a requirement and is used all the time. There is no compensation time and they can work you weeks on end with no days off. So if you enjoy your time off, do not work here 3. If you want overtime then this place is for you they will give it to you liberally. 4. You are required to join the union, dues are around $85 a month not worth it, but you have no choice. This union lost employees their pension plan. 5. Management does not plan well and is completely reactionary. From my observation, their knowledge of aircraft maintenance is limited or non-existent. Which can be very frustrating to an AMT. 6. You get no vacation for one year, after your one year anniversary you will get a two week lump sum. But the first year you can't use it. 7. There is no hangar here and you are forced to do jobs that require a hangar in the rain and snow. Also the equipment here is sub par. They preach safety, but you will be put into unsafe conditions be careful. 8. They want you for your Security Clearance but do not pay appropriately, shop around. 9. If you take the relocation pa...more
ProsChristmas vacation, benefits
ConsCompany ethics, negative morale
Software Engineer | Bellevue, WA | Jan 13, 2019
Not a good place to work but with decent benifits
Management has decided that they know how software development should be done after consulting with a contractor (Pivotal Software). As a result you can expect management to determine your hours on site, your dev environment and even if you get your own desk or get to share with a coding buddy. Wtf is a coding buddy?... Nothing good. The environment is what you would expect from a company that needs to produce software but is not a software company. The result is a bizarre organization that has allowed an idiotic third party company and contractor (Pivotal Software) to tell them how to treat devs... and not for the better. If you write software... STAY AWAY from the Boeing company they currently have no idea what they are doing and devs are fleeing as fast as they can. You can guess at the quality of devs that are left. My first day the lead dev gave me the advice to find somewhere better to work... they left the next week for somewhere better themselves... it was Amazon. Yeah, exactly, think about that. I am currently working on finding somewhere better myself and absolutely regret having come to work for Boeing Bellevue. This isn't the review I wanted to write but it is the review I wish I had found and read before coming here. From what I can tell most devs that have even a slight amount of skill come in and give them about 6 months till they find somewhere better and move on. The rest that stay... well you get to try to do their work for them as best...more
ProsIt will motivate you to find somewhere better to work?
ConsUnless you live in Bellevue you will need to deal with the 405 in addition it is an isolated, gated, secuirty checked campus.
Planner | Oklahoma City, OK | Apr 28, 2018
Bds - okc
A typical day includes attempting to use applications without training to accomplish tasks targeted to a shifting set of priorities. I have built strong relationships across department lines, but that is counter-cultural and takes time away from my duties. This has put me at odds with management on more than one occasion. However, without those relationships, I would not be able to complete my tasks. Management talks a good line, but most managers are unwilling to support the employee when that employee is challenging the status-quo in efforts to improve efficiency, collaborate across department lines, upgrade our applications or meet deadlines. They spend the majority of their time in meetings looking at charts & graphs and do not have a clear perspective of what it takes for their people to accomplish the work. They are out of touch. There is an absence of MBWA - Management By Walking Around. The workplace culture is what you make of it. I have built a team of partners that are my go-to people when I need solid data and support. I make sure that those people receive at least as much from me as I do from them. They are engineers, planners, logisticians, OAs, buyers, integrators and others, and they work in several different departments and cities. Without the give-and-take we share, our deliverables would be late more than they are now. We utilize the back-channel communications to accomplish our work. Many of our days can be summed up by the old milita...more
ProsCollege Education, health incentives
ConsLack of floor-level communication to management, lack of cohesiveness across departments, out-of-date applications, lack of training
Accountant | St. Louis, MO | Dec 1, 2018
A Waste of time
They required a bachelors in accounting and experience only to have us cut and paste snapshots from their accounting system into an Excel workbook,,, I No challenge at all. And yes, I asked what else can I do to help and that was as good as I was going to get! Having 13 years in various accounting positions and on the brink of obtaining my masters in accounting, there was o amount of money, that kept me interested in this position! The work was nothing like the complex duties on the job description. I dreaded going to work everyday. Plus the accommodations were awful. The hired 5 accountant S to work this project, but had no where to put the squeezed us into a conference room with chairs from the 1960s. Four of us were in extreme back pain by noon. In inquiring, it turns out they had spare office chairs all along. They just never but any thought into it...if we hadn’t guess is we would’ve never got them. It bothered me, that so little thought was put into our accommodations This is my second time contracting for Boeing, and it’ll be my last. They treat contractors like second class citizens in my opinion. Plus, they aren’t very professional.... the way they communicate with each other and their lack of documentation procedures was stunning. No one was on the same page.... leaders within the group were not on the same page. It was a hot mess, Coming from a leadership position my previous employers would’ve fired me on day if I behave...more
ConsToo much to list here. Read my review.
Junior Account Manager | Huntsville, AL | Jan 6, 2020
Middle of the Road
Boeing of course does really interesting and prestigious projects. However it was the first really stern and cold environment I worked in compared to other comparable companies. I can barely get a hello from anyone. Everyone walks around looking at the ground or worried or stressed. It is for some reason hard on the soul to work here. When I first started no one had time to help me with anything at all. It took 3 days to learn how to get my computer, programs and phone all set up. I dare not ask the Office Assistants for anything if I could help it. They are very snarky and lazy. It wasn't a personal problem because no one knew me yet to make any judgements. Its just the environment they have established for all and its just that others are not interested in helping you for anything. This is a company where you will learn to train yourself and get resources where you can. Co-workers and managers do not have time to hold your hand at all not even on the first day. You are expected to figure it out on your own. It was extremely disheartening to get our bonuses taken away this year. Muilenberg said it was to show our integrity to the victims of the plane crashes yet his own integrity was brought to question and he made off pretty good because that's what happens when you look out for self right. It would have made more sense to maybe forfeit manager bonuses because they get paid enough all throughout the year, lower level common folk and their families depend on the...more
ProsInteresting work
ConsStern Cold Enviornment

Questions And Answers about Boeing

What is the interview process like at Boeing?
Asked Jan 9, 2018
Boeing used the STAR method and a panel interview comprised of the departments manager and direct supervisor. It is not that bad. However I would advise anyone that is not familiar with STAR to research it on the net and maybe have a fried conduct a mock interview or two if you are concerned about being nervous with your response to their questions.
Answered Mar 31, 2020
Standard about what you’re experienced are in the field you’re applying for
Answered Mar 29, 2020
Why did you leave your job at Boeing?
Asked Mar 22, 2017
My organization relocated to Huntsville Alabama and they only kept a pocket full of people in the puget sound area so most of us were laid off when new positions could not be found. I worked at Boeing for 30+ years; loved my job and most of the people. Miss those times.
Answered Aug 13, 2019
Forced out by the company after being replaced by a contract worker after 29 years of service. Constantly threatened with being outsourced. No appreciation shown for being a loyal, hard working employee. Manager was a devious tyrannical sociopath. So while I enjoyed my job and coworkers it was a relief to retire and leave the stressful toxic environment.
Answered Jul 27, 2019
What is the work environment and culture like at Boeing?
Asked Jun 12, 2016
Don’t question anything and keep your head down. Management will be vindictive and persecute you if you speak out.
Answered Aug 16, 2019
Like at home
Answered Sep 25, 2018
What benefits does Boeing offer?
Asked Jun 12, 2016
Retiree benefits do not include monthly medical payment jumped from $35 to $417
Answered Mar 4, 2019
They give you some benefits like medical, dental, vision but it is very expensive and you have to pay for them. Very high deductible ($2500.00) and it will take you all year to use it and then it start up again.
Answered Jul 25, 2018
What would you suggest Boeing management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked Mar 17, 2017
It's about demonstrating true leadership and respect. Treat people as they way you would like to be treated. Put yourself in their shoes and remember that we are all human.
Answered Aug 23, 2019
Truly appreciate the workers who contribute to company success. Stop focusing exclusively on share price.
Answered Aug 16, 2019