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Soldier | Driver, AR | Aug 21, 2019
Great for young singles and kickstarting your career.
I had a excellent time whilst serving. I met new people from all different backgrounds that was a education in its self by understanding all the different cultures. Excellent opportunities to play sports. Not that much going on in the world now tours are far few and in between. Which is where you learn hands on your trade and gain them valuable skills. Once you settle down and start to build your family that's where the army let's you down you may be on a quarter with your family but always away on conyinus training and somehow once you become married and have young children you always seem to be top of the list to deploy on pointless exercises which no one wants to take part in while the single living in bods get the time off with welfare to go home and see there family. But but this is no good for the married accompanied with kids because you gain from seeing your family every day. Further to this the public sector has failed to keep the pay in line with in flation they say the offer a pay rise which is all well and good but then they increase the cost of the poor accommodation depending on the location you are posted to and increase the food in the cook house which I can only describe as microwave un healthy food since they have reduced the Chef trades. Which has led to overweight and healthy soldiers cant be good considering the army marches on their stomach.
Store Manager | Maine | May 1, 2018
Heck of a roller coaster ride
Get through your first two years, get promoted. Start learning to be a leader, look towards your next promotion. Learn to be a leader at this level. Continue for the next 24 years. Along the way you'll have quite a bit of time away from home, you'll make some life long friends who will become family. You'll learn skills that will come naturally to you, skills that civilians pay a lot of money to gain but don't come naturally to them. You'll be terrified some of the time, you'll learn to call some pretty horrible places home for a while. You civilian friends will think your strange and you've changed, and they definitely won't get you new sense of humour. You'll get adventure training holidays or expeditions free or heavily subsidised. You'll have the potential to play sports and go on tours to any country. You'll get free medical, dental, physio care as and when and for as long as you require it. You'll have a lot of ups and downs, but when you get to the end you'll look back and wonder what all the fuss was about.
ProsFree, medical, subsidised accomodation, free gym menbership, full pay when sick.
ConsCan be long hours and short notice moves
Team Leader | Remote | Sep 5, 2018
Everyone should do this
Working for the HM Forces was without the best time of my life, their is plenty of promotional prospects and the Forces want you to better yourself throughout the whole career. If you dont mind a bit of hard work with plenty of downtime whilst also travelling around the world then this is the ideal role. Granted some of the places are not so great but that is where you and your workmates come into things. everyone is a team player and has each others back. The wage is also good, increasing twice a year alongside inflation.
ProsTravel, Wage, Holidays, Forces discount (10% normally) Course
ConsCant really say as enjoyed everything to do with the my time in the armed forces
Manager in Training | Suffield, CT | Jul 5, 2018
Changing attitudes
The British Army is struggling to adept to the current trends of the key demographic, young persons direct from school or college. Operations require personnel to be robust, self reliant and at times act with out question in order to save lives, be that theirs or their comrades. This cant work if they can not handle being shouted at in training, which is why it is trying to handle the robust soldier we need without forcing potential future leaders out earlier as they are not used to the discipline required to be in the military.
ProsPay, Leave, Travel opportunists
ConsWorking Hours, Separation from friends and family
Infantryman | Remote | May 17, 2018
8 years taught me a lot
I joined as a 16 year old and originally as REME (Armourer), I absolutely loved it and there wasn't much I didn't enjoy. I transferred to the infantry and in all honesty, that was a mistake. If you have an IQ over 70, you will find most decisions made to be illogical. People are promoted based on how fast they can run or how much of a "lad" they are rather than how well they can do the job/intelligence to be able to learn the new role. There was a lot of pointless tasks often set just to occupy time. I had some great fun though but mainly in the REME where you were treated better.
ProsCheap living costs balances out poor pay
ConsToo many to list
RlC | Pioneer, OH | Oct 11, 2018
Demanding stressfull
Very demanding with no real satisfaction or appreciation in work done especially on early telc ops.No civy trades gained from this and no real time to plan a head.If your in an infantry reg as its constant exercise for months on end,then ops,and guard rotation.Only fun side is adventure training.I've learned there is more out there to be gained from studying at college or uni and getting a trade and seeing your work achieved.
ProsFree health care
ConsConstant standby
Corporal | Remote | Oct 12, 2018
Best time of my life
10 years in Logistics, met great guys and girls from all backgrounds and cap badges. Most will back you up like a brother or sister when needed, can certainly say they will take a bullet for you and vice versa if needed constantly keeping fit and learning just far too much to say about the life it is I only left due to having a little boy for personal reasons otherwise I'd have stayed till the end
Conspay should be better
Senior Program Officer | Remote | Jan 29, 2019
The British Army was a great place to work, friendships forged that are still going on
Everyday was a great day in HMF, all training was given for all jobs that you was expected to participate. Some of the postings around the world were excellent, as were some of the operational tours that I took part in.
ProsAll round great place to be employed
ConsLoss of close friends and colleges
Personnel Manager | Headquarters, WA | Jun 17, 2019
Challenging and ever changing
The British Army is an organization that promoted the development of its personnel and has an ever-improving inclusive culture. I have thoroughly enjoyed the quality of the individuals I have worked with and for. Leading soldiers is an absolute privilege.
ProsPride and purpose
ConsWork-life balance
British armed forces | Soldier, IA | May 27, 2018
HM forces
brilliant job as you get a chance to explore the world aswell as staying git and learning life skills you wouldn't anywhere else. excellent if you love working outdoors and wearing a uniform and really want to represent your country.
Proskeep fit, discipline, explore the world overall good life
Consno cons at all

Questions And Answers about British Army

What is the most stressful part about working at The British Army?
Asked Jul 8, 2018
Trying to get promoted
Answered Sep 9, 2018
Everything being very last minute
Answered Jul 8, 2018
What is the interview process like at The British Army?
Asked Mar 19, 2018
Very good they did assessments on you like fitness and team leading to see if you were a suitable candidate.
Answered Jul 8, 2018
Intense they try to turn you to the career path the military needs
Answered Mar 19, 2018
On average, how many hours do you work a day at The British Army?
Asked Mar 19, 2018
Anything from 4 to 24 depends on the day
Answered Mar 19, 2018
What questions did they ask during your interview at The British Army?
Asked Jan 31, 2018
You had to be medical, mental and physically fit for the role. You were assessed on various task that was assigned to your team and your leadership, teamwork and attitude determines if you meet the cut. This was a very competitive stage for recruitment but once you were in, you were developed to the best of your potentials.
Answered Jan 31, 2018
What benefits does The British Army offer?
Asked Jan 31, 2018
It doesn't come with much benefits as a reservist but I saw it a service to my country and that made me extremely proud.
Answered Jan 31, 2018