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Buc-ee's Reviews

Overall Reviews at Buc-ee's

Food Service Associate | Denton, TX | Apr 13, 2020
Cut Throat Management
There is very little flexibility and strict enforcement of employee behavior. You have to stand for lunch and are only given just a few minutes to eat, no employee discount and there are no real benefits to employee company culture. Everything is very strict and does not have the employee in mind.
Customer Service Associate / Cashier | Waller, TX | Sep 16, 2019
I enjoyed my time working at bucees. I was sad to leave, but had to move. Great place to work if you love to work and stay busy. I am a workaholic so it was perfect for me at the time.
Customer Service Representative | Fort Worth, TX | Jun 7, 2018
good summer job
pay is good but company uses that to their advantage almost as if they hang it over your head. breaks are 10 minutes out of a 8 hour shift and you can never sit down. Also their is no levels of discipline, 1 minute late and i do mean 1 minute your written up or fired, and any food that is not paid for ex: a fry that fell on the counter in the deli, your fired for. people are nice but talking also can get you in trouble.
Prosdecent pay
Consstricter than normal envirornment, barely any breaks
Lead Associate | Texas City, TX | Sep 17, 2019
Busy work days
All in all it was agood job to work at learne alot about being a supervisor or manager and about customer service and also how to clean like never before and makes sure the customer would always come back.
Customer Service Representative | Madisonville, TX | Oct 15, 2019
Great place to work
Loved working there, very rewarding. Awesome co-workers and repeat customers. Would definitely work there again given the opportunity. One of a kind place to work.
Customer Service Representative | Waller, TX | May 31, 2019
Work Environment
Bucee's taught me a lot in reference managing money. Bucee's is an environment where the customer service is questionable. The ambiance of this environment is top, however the customer service could use more work. Some employees love what they do and are great team players. Others, come only to get paid and leave and it shows in their attitude and their work. The most enjoyable part of the job was learning the system
Customer Service Representative | Baytown, TX | Apr 15, 2019
Loved my time there
I had an amazing time working at Bucees. The atmosphere isn’t for everyone, but I thoroughly enjoyed the fast paced, insanely busy weekends, holidays, local events, etc. that brought people in by the thousands during my shift. I enjoyed how those new to the Bucee brand were blown away by this Texas legend. Always fun. Never a dull moment. They are strict, but they make all of their rules exuberantly clear before you are hired. I loved my management team. I got along well with all of the other staff, but unfortunately due to lack of following rules or those that would take the job and quit within a few days, most of them parted ways. With that said, the turnover rate demands more hours and can leave a hard work/home balance. While I LOVED working all the time, getting up around 4:30 am to be there by 6 am, and sometimes only having 2 days off within a 14 day period, left me beat. With a good amount of my co-workers being students during the time I worked there, I wasn’t able to cut back on hours like I would’ve liked, which is the only reason I chose to leave. Otherwise, I would still be there.
ProsPay, Vacation time, Ample overtime if wanted, Management, Friendships, Meeting new people everyday
ConsNo discounts, Certain rule sets, Short break, Lack of room for advancement
Customer Service Representative | Madisonville, TX | Jul 25, 2018
Overall for a small town its a great place to work because of the pay
I would recommend working at Buc-ee's it's overall not a bad place to work, learned a lot made some good friends, did not like the 5 min lunch breaks, team leaders on my shifts were awesome, assistant managers were as well,
ProsBenefits and pay
Cons5 min lunch breaks
Deli Associate | Terrell, TX | Jan 18, 2020
I like working for this company it offers great benefits. the most enjoyable part of job is baking breads to see the customers faces when they see the finish product on the shelves.
ConsShort breaks moments
Food Manager | Melissa, TX | Mar 12, 2020
Follow the rules
This company is all about there rules and make sure you follow them. It main focus is the bottom line. if you can not part with your cell phone, do not work here. Make sure your never late. If you like to call out or sick or sick kids, this is not a place for you. Some managers seem to play favorites with employees even when they don't mean too. Just know there are great people working at the stores. Buc-ee's is a very busy store at times. You have to be ready to work and work hard.
ProsGreat pay, Lots of Open Postions
ConsNo breaks longer then 7 mins., Turn over is huge.

Questions And Answers about Buc-ee's

What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Buc-ee's?
Asked Jul 30, 2016
Get out as soon as possible unless you enjoy being treated like garbage
Answered May 24, 2020
Run like as fast as you can they're criminals
Answered May 23, 2020
Is it true you only get a 10 min break for an 8 hour day ? I didn't think that was legal.
Asked Sep 12, 2016
It's legal, and a very sad truth..The owners don't care about their employees..
Answered Feb 27, 2020
You get a 7 minute paid break to eat.
Answered Sep 29, 2019
Can I work at buc-ee's if I keep my tattoos on my forearms covered?
Asked Jul 5, 2016
If u don't show the tattoo with a long shirt that's would be except it
Answered Jun 21, 2019
Long sleeve shirt doesn’t cut it, you have to have additional coverage it cannot be visible at all, you get one warning and then fired
Answered Oct 17, 2018
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Buc-ee's a better place to work?
Asked Nov 30, 2016
Appreciate your workers. Give them a raise. If you treat your workers right, the'd have more respect for you.
Answered May 22, 2020
Improve the size of the work area. Coordinate better with all shifts on new policy changes when they happen and enforce it if its supposed to be a certain way.
Answered Apr 4, 2020
What benefits does Buc-ee's offer?
Asked Jul 30, 2016
I've been married 37 years an always had the best with his is is a little insurance is better then none
Answered Jun 21, 2019
Poor medical/dental/vision 3 weeks pto
Answered Mar 27, 2018