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Overall Reviews at Buffalo Wild Wings

Server | Casper, WY | Aug 4, 2019
Poor management and terrible environment to work in
This BWW branch is one of the worst, and here’s why. 1. 3 out of 5 managers were at one point a server/bartender and know what it is like to be in that position on a daily/consistent bases, but treat their staff like they have never been anything but top tier managers since day one. 2. FAVORITISM is an extremely bad habit that all 5 managers are guilty of almost every single shift because they would rather keep their friends/drinking buddies happy, rather than keep every staff member content and not over worked. 3.The pay is pathetic. Managers believe that our location has great tippers that always tip 20% on every single paycheck, but in reality, we have some of the worst tippers and hardly make 10% on a check regardless of the experience. Servers make $2.13 an hr and in Wyoming it is legal to make that publicly known. Every single manager believes servers make $25/hr here and are furious/lash out when we cannot claim certain percentages of our sales AND accuse us of being untrained/terrible servers. 4.More recently, the management team has been forcing “hourly workers” also known as servers that make $5.12 less then minimum wage in the state to do what they call “deep cleaning” which basically means that instead of 1 or 2 of 5 servers being cut from the floor when there has been one table in the restaurant for over an hour, they are to be scrubbing drains, cleaning the kitchen staffs dishes or doing something other than the nothing that there is to do. These are...more
Server | Morgantown, WV | Aug 7, 2018
Fun coworkers, miserable scheduling
The best part of this job was for sure the coworkers. My fellow servers were all fun, nice people who were easy to get along with and happy to help as I learned the ropes. Most of the managers and shift leaders were also fun and easy going, but one, in particular, was a little cold and rude to me for no apparent reason. The worst parts were the scheduling and the instability of the workload. The schedule for the week was made each Sunday, making planning for events extremely hard. It's hard to get shifts covered, however, there is a request-off book for days you know you won't be able to come in in advance, but even this isn't a guarantee. Plus, your shift has no set end time, so you're there until the managers tell you that you can leave. There were often so many servers there that I only had one or two tables and spent a lot of time standing around doing nothing. One night I worked for five hours and had a grand total of 2 tables, making $20 in tips for 5 hours of work. At that point, I'll pay them the twenty bucks to let me stay home instead of coming in and wasting my time. I often got scheduled for what they call a "volume" which is basically a double shift. That's fine, but I got scheduled for them pretty often and they were exhausting. In between the lunch and dinner rushes, I would be lucky to have two or three tables, and I would get one thirty minute break for the whole day in which I had to hurry to go get lunch, eat, and then come back. If it weren't for my co...more
Proscoworkers, managers
Consshort breaks, bad discount, unreliable scheduling
Host/Cashier | Carson, CA | May 27, 2019
It’s a fast past work environment, it can be fun at times, allot of the employees are great
It’s a really fast pace environment, they always ask me to do things which are out of my title, from day to day it varies with the severity of how busy it can be, allot of people call off, which I never have, so in turn I am ask to do more and work twice as hard, I have learned allot of patience, great customer service skills, and about the restaurant business. The management is pretty bad, they don’t help out too much, do the bare minimum, one of the managers always has a bad attitude and poor communication skills, she can pretty rude to me and the other employees, she allows her feeling to get in the way, she once told me my best wasn’t good enough, no encouragement ever. The work place culture is suppose to be a fun work environment, it’s a sports bar,. So allot of guest come in to watch games, and their is allot of talk about sports. The hardest part about the job, is really communicating with some guests, and satisfying their needs. The most enjoyable part of my job are the relationships I have built with the other employees and some of the guests. They will promote people with less time than me and promote them when I work allot harder then they do. I feel under appreciated and/or recognized for my hard work. But I am just at a point in my life where I am ready to move on, learn or be some where, where I will be recognized feel appreciated but most importantly be allowed to grow and expand.
ProsMaking money, cool atmosphere, great people who work there, and fast paced
ConsPoorly managed, dealing with customers
Server/Cashier | Warren, MI | Dec 25, 2018
ive learned so much from being an employee at buffalo wild wings and gained so many skills that will benefit me for the rest of my life
It is a very fast paced environment you must be really good at multitasking you must also be able to help in any area that is behind if you are not busy at that moment unfortunately management seemed to barley be on the same page which to me caused the most issues because they are the leaders and if they are not on the same page everything underneath them cant succeed how it should. It all starts at the top so if the head of the department whose suppose to be the leader cant lead then everyone and the company diminishes I learned so much from working at buffalo wild wings for eight years. One of the biggest learning experience I received was understanding that everything works together and if one area is out of whack it causes the rest of the restaurant to fall behind(ex)kitchen backed up on orders yet doesn't let greet know so they keep seating which causes overflow in the kitchen and irritated guests. Also the management were barley on the same page which caused issues between the employees. The most enjoyable part of my job was being able to train new employees, I know how hard it is to deal with the stress we all have when we are running around hectic like. I try to encourage new employees not to let anyone upset them or let anyone take advantage of them because they are new, and just to always do your best no matter what others are doing because when you do your best it shows and you will be rewarded.
Certified Trainer | Morganton, NC | Aug 3, 2019
Decently easy job, tedious but fast paced and good money
Buffalo Wild Wings is an interesting and ever evolving company to work for. It definitely is competitive work environment with sales, and in making yourself a top employee there. The scheduling is somewhat flexible, but the times to make the best serving money are pretty consistent and at night. It definitely has competitive Kitchen Pay, and some perks to working there. Overall just very time consuming if you want to make good money, and also requires you to do a lot of work independently outside of your specific occupation title to keep the store running as a part of the "Team" collective. The hardest part of the job is keeping up with all the running side work while running your own food or others food, and keeping up with the guests and the often changing menu options. The people who work there in my experience were the best part and mostly made the workplace more enjoyable, as it can get stressful in a fast paced environment. I learned that no matter how hard you work, you cannot make others carry their weight or be as involved as you are if they are not dedicated. For a time the Management was inconsistent, unprofessional, and unreliable, but most of them were responsive to one on one contact and issues regarding coworker misconduct. The General Manager is great to work for.
Pros50% at work discount 25% off the clock, free meals for training, 401K and insurance plans post
ConsNot great for health benefits, chaotic & inconsitent environment, Long wait times for food, Being overworked.
Host/Cashier | Colorado Springs, CO | Feb 26, 2019
Overall, just not my kind of place to be honestly.
I would be often stressed when we were busy which was almost every evening as we had specials all week. I mostly worked as a hostess as the cashier shifts were highly sought-after because you could make tips. Hostesses didn't make tips, just a base wage, even though we end up bussing most of the tables when it gets busy. I thought the management was unfair and unwilling to listen. Our manager of 8 months of me being there, I'm sure he was their longer, was fired just a month before I left. Replaced with a younger manager, also a gentlemen, who wasn't doing much of a better job in my opinion, he would criticize employee's, and no longer let us have our 15 minute breaks (which is required by law) after 4 hours. Then walked out on the job not soon after I left for the same reasons he criticized his new employee's, not being able to handle it. It can get very, loud, obnoxious, and at times down right insane with a almost 300 person capacity, mixed with sports and alcohol. The hardest part of my job was interacting with my other co-workers, managers, as I spoke out for injustice and it was not-well liked. The best part of my job was always the customers, I was very good at my job something no one can attest, very fast and customer request oriented. I put together table for 20-30 people at a time in a very short amount of time, and was always pleasant and kind, and the satisfaction of my customers is always what drives me to such a good job. Along with my own ambition.
ProsThe sports part of it, I am a football fan.
ConsPoor Managment, Low employee engament
Server | Bossier City, LA | May 14, 2019
Fun, but underappreciative workplace
buffalo Wild Wings is a very fast paced workplace that can be stressful at times. It was easy to become exemplary at my job here, however many of my coworkers here do not share my ambition. Management does not reprimand the majority of the staff for doing things against regulation. About 3 servers call out everyday with an inappropriate excuse, and they recieve no punishment of any sort. I generally am a closer, which means after everybody is cut from the floor, I stay until 2 am and make sure everything is set for the next workday. The majority of the servers try to get by with doing the least work possible, and they almost always get away with it. I have been promised a position as a trainer for the past year, and still have not received it no matter how hard I work, however several of our trainers and also a shift lead have received less than a 70 on a mystery shop, but when I was shopped, I recieved a 94. Although I am not certified to be a trainer, I have formally trained multiple employees. I have also received a year's worth of bar training on top of the training I recieved at saltgrass, however I am in a relationship with one of the current bartenders and have been told that because of that, I will not be placed as a bartender. I have also only recieved about 100$ of hourly pay in the time of my employment here, and have noticed on my pay stubs that my hours are rolled back about 8-10 hours a week.
ProsFast paced, very good money, great atmosphere
ConsMinimal team effort, undervalued as an employee, no chance for career advancement
Front End Associate | Medina, OH | Mar 2, 2019
generally alot of hours
You can make a decent amount of money here if you put the hours in. Sporting events are the busiest but you and everyone else will probably be there for a long time, and obviously people sit for awhile. Management only hires female staff for the front of the house. Servers are cut last in the restaurant because they are paid the least amount, so you can be standing around for awhile and then scolded if you mention anything about it to a manager. Like most restaurants, this one does not put the customer first. Service staff has the most responsibility for handling customers and must always track down a manager for any discounts/coupons which atleast half of the people have who come in there which can be an inconvenience when your busy and a manager is no where to be found. A lot of clientele do not tip your expected 20%, hence how working a lot of hours is the only way that you will make money. Also, the store is not the cleanliest due to the fact that front of the house is responsible for everything from the floors to the bathrooms. Front of house must also do everything in terms of changing and taking out trash, filling ice, washing cups and silverware in the dishwasher, etc. KItchen also likes to make items well ahead of other things that are on the ticket, leaving things to sit and get cold/ hard. Schedules are also posted at the very last minute as it's not a priority. Also, no rules from management or other co workers are indefinetly set in place which can cause confusio...more
Shift Leader | Saint Robert, MO | Mar 17, 2019
Horrible place to work.
This Company is one of the worst companies I have worked for. Work a lot of hours and Not appreciated for the hard work. Worked there almost 8 years and Was treated horribly. I don't think all Buffalo Wild Wings are bad. But Definitely the one I worked at is. Poor Management Especially the Regional. and Higher Ups. They Don't Care about their employees and their well being. They are not treated Well. I work a lot of long hours missed a lot of stuff with my kids. Was definitely not worth it. I am Very Hard Worker and Loyal. I cared a lot about that place I wanted it to succeed and do better and Bring more Guests, More regulars. But Our Reputation is Terrible. Poor Service, Long Wait on food. Some Servers not Taking care of their tables in a timely manner. Basically not enough Employees that cared. and Cared about the business side. A lot of Waste on Food and money. They need to Clean house. Except they wont do it because they keep the bad ones and Promote them and Get Rid of the good ones. We have lost a lot of Great Employees but we lost them because of how they are treated or personal feelings get involved. They don't know how to separate Personal and Business. Too Many Young Kids not enough Adults. Its like a High School. I don't see that place staying open if it continues to be this way and Nothing Changes in a Positive way. Expired food being used, Fryers not being Changed, etc. I think the owner needs to make more pop up visits asap. I could definitely Write more but I w...more
Bartender | Pekin, IL | Jun 14, 2018
Amazing job
I love my job at Buffalo Wild Wings (BWWs). A typical day for me is to go in about 5-10 minutes early to help get the server / bartender out on time if not early. I've learned so much from having this job. I've met so many cool people both customers and coworkers. You really learn how to talk to people and communicate with your coworkers (or you won't do well). Also, since I've been a bartender, you learn about people in general. Management here is amazing, and they're always willing to help whether it's on the schedule or taking a tray to one of your table. The culture surrounding the place is pretty fun and invigorating. Our limited time only (LTO) is always changing with our new "zones" (multiple month promotions). Our store is fairly family oriented which is nice, and this leads to have a pretty tame work environment. The hardest part about the job is when we're slow. As you know, bartenders and servers don't make money when there aren't any tables to be waited on so being patient is key. Other times it's the grind on your physical body that can be a little difficult to deal with sometimes (Ex: I sometimes stretch before shifts that are expected to be busy. It may sound ridiculous, but it works for me. The most enjoyable part about the job is when it's fast-paced everyone tends to help everyone else out -- managers and servers / bartenders. I love meeting new people, and I've even met some famous people.
ProsGreat management, great culture, fun job
ConsPhysically demanding

Questions And Answers about Buffalo Wild Wings

What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Buffalo Wild Wings?
Asked Jan 18, 2018
Just be yourself and be honest and ready to work.
Answered Mar 12, 2020
Smile and good luck.
Answered Jan 7, 2020
How are the working hours at Buffalo Wild Wings?
Asked Jun 9, 2016
Ive worked an Indianapolis Bdubs for about a year and a half now. I am a bartender and server. They have always been awesome about respecting my scheduling requirements. I don't work Sundays and they respect that. It's hard to find a restaurant that can accommodate my need for Sundays off, especially during football season. I always get a 5 day work week and can usually expect my schedule to be the same or nearly the same from week to week. I don't have to worry about being scheduled all over the place. The key is keeping your availability up to date online and communicating with your management team.
Answered Feb 4, 2020
They either take hours from people to give to people who dont do nothing at work just be on there phones
Answered Apr 12, 2019
What is the interview process like at Buffalo Wild Wings?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
Petty False Advertising Interviewer said the Cashier, Greeter, Janitorial Job was all the same. Advertised on here Seperate. Poor Management interview skills. Waste of Time
Answered Mar 3, 2020
They set up an interview for me over the phone. On the date scheduled the first thing the person interviewing me said that the position was filled internally. Asked me if I still wanted to continue with the interview. After the interview she told me has a position but I have to relocate and was going to send me information. I never got it. I felt like someone in the company wanted to practice interviewing skills. If you don’t feel a person is a right fit , don’t schedule interview. Thank you for your time.
Answered Jan 28, 2020
What benefits does Buffalo Wild Wings offer?
Asked Jun 10, 2016
No benefits for hourlys
Answered Apr 30, 2019
No benefits at all they tell you that you will get benefits but don't
Answered Apr 12, 2019
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Buffalo Wild Wings? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Jun 10, 2016
Way to bloody long.
Answered Feb 1, 2020
I'd say five to seven business days. It took about four business days for me. Pretty quick process.
Answered Mar 15, 2019