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Overall Reviews at Burger King

Cook | Cumberland, RI | Mar 23, 2020
Alright for the short term, terrible for long term
Burger King is a place you work at out of desperation or as a first time job. Typically, when you get in, you are going to be doing a lot of waiting around, even if you're not supposed to. As someone who typically worked the broiler, the job was fairly easy, but no one who worked at my job seemed to care. There's no benefits unless you get lucky enough to somehow climb the ladder they give you, with the exception of a free lunch (but only if you work at least 6 hours in a day) and free fountain drinks as long as they're in a small plastic cup. No one that is actually there actually wants to work there or cares about the specific procedure that's laid out for them, and everyone is so in it for themselves that they'll barely help you out. Management can vary depending on the person. At my job, there were 4 people that were in charge. 3 of them were incredibly helpful and were willing to do what it took to make sure you had everything you needed...the other guy was a hardass on you and would practically yell at you for doing minor things wrong, and clearly played favorites. Then, when you're actually fired, that same manager will string you along for months on end and even outright lie to you when you ask why you're not getting hours. Especially if they decide to keep cutting your hours down from a 4 day work week, down to two, then one day for about four hours, down to three hours. Also, you're not allowed to leave unless the manager says you can leave, even if it's at or past ...more
Cashier | Fort Smith, AR | Sep 6, 2019
Was a nightmare for being a teen starting out
I can’t speak for all, but the BK I worked for made me depressed and dreadful. Starting out it wasn’t too bad, but it wasn’t good. It was my first job, and management wasn’t very nice to me. I had one coworker who later became a manager and she was disrespectful to me. I often felt like they had some sort of personal problem with me, and I had done nothing to any of them. I came to work, not for drama or to be treated lesser than. One complained to my family that I ask too many questions, and being only 16 and that being my first job I only wanted to make sure I knew everything I needed to. I had many difficult times with management, they often act like they can run all over you figuratively. They sometimes let their personal problems affect their attitude at work towards you, resulting in a bad work day overall. Team work is a lie, too. Sometimes you have a really good team and everyone works together, and respectfully. Then suddenly shifts change for some, and some bad apples replace them. Next thing you know, you feel like it’s more of a competition to just get your work done. I also dealt with harassment. Sometimes a manager would allow a customer to yell, scream, and/or dehumanize at me, and tell me just to do whatever they want or need. Sometimes that meant giving them their meal for free. That part was not a flaw all the managers had, only a specific one....that somehow has kept her job. I eventually quit because I got a new job, which I badly needed because my hours w...more
General Manager | Daytona Beach, FL | May 4, 2019
General Manager
I use to work for this company recently there is no life it's all about burger king I literally had to travel to work got no rest always had to be at work and was put in a messed up store with bad staff an got no support while still being new to the company I was thrown to the wolves an expected to change there years long of neglect over night impossible the boss I had placed me in a store that was already in a negative status an wanted me to pull it out over night there was no way an is no way any one can change a whole lot mess in a 90 day period they want to much for the pay they offer u next to nothing an expect u to give up your life to them not a long term job for those who have a family corporate needs to step into these franchises a lot more often because it's poor management from the top.of the chain on down an all they care about is the dollar and number they don't care about the corporate rules they pass there revs to keep the business going but doesn't comply with the rest of corporate agreement. Half of the stores need repairs new equipment magic burger franchises fails to do that's the worse franchise to work for ever only when it's a rev season do magic burger franchise patch repair and or cover up any needed repairs, with promise to fix work orders that take months or send a patch man to rig the issue then down goes the equipment in the next week never do they replace anything they just continue to cover up saving the extra penny vs replacement this place is ...more
ProsSome benefits not all just basic
ConsNo life want you to work required time and some
Shift Manager | Cody, WY | Nov 3, 2018
The worst employer to work for
I worked here on and off 5 years days off are a bad joke here and same thing if your sick and throwing up, I had to ask 6+ months in advance to get 3 days off to take my daughter to a doctor's appointment for a defect in her leg that requires a doctor to check her progress every 6 months and even then I had to beg for it off as I have to have open availability everyday of the year no exeptions. The pay is just horrible I couldn't even afford to live in the same town I worked and when I was about to make a living wage I got demoted because I stayed home with my sick daughters and didn't show up to a meeting that all we did was sit around and talk about our lives not company stuff out of a hour long meeting 10-15 was work information that could have been done over the phone but I got demoted and decided to quit immediately and look for a better job, got begged to come back and then 3 months later I was helping for 20 minutes to close the store because I was already there and got fired AFTER i trained my replacement to do the work of 2 crew members and 2 managers that I have been doing for 2 months and for 8 months before I had been demoted and dislocated 3 vertebra when they knew I had a 25lb. Limit and had me lifting 40+lb without help getting told to get it done and don't give excuses. I finally collapsed after 4 months of chest pains everyday that my employer and the higher ups knew about and but couldn't get me a day off with my wife so there was someone to watch our ki...more
ProsNone at all
Team Member | Los Angeles, CA | Jan 12, 2019
This can be a good start as your first job but will be stressful later on
The bright side working there is that my coworkers were really nice. Most of the customers were great. I had no problems with any of while I was ordering their food. I enjoyed tidying the restaurant and restocking the condiments and washing the trays. About 1 out of 5 of my supervisors are really nice and know how to manage things. Even the owners were really nice. Discounts were also fair when we're on lunch breaks. But on the flip side, the drive-thru is highly stressful especially if you're under a time limit It's so stressful that you ended up giving a customer the wrong order or an extra bag for the next customer. Three of my supervisors kept giving me the cold shoulder and not help me and the other team members with work. All they do is just stand there and talk about their lives outside of the restaurant. not working at all. One supervisor made me pick out my pocket and order the food for my customer which is against the rules. I would rather get suspended for giving someone the wrong order than spending someone else's order just to cover the supervisor's tracks. And they keep cutting my hours constantly. Their reason they did that is because "I was being lazy and making these mistakes on purpose." The real reason is because majority of the supervisors were over my shoulder every 5 seconds causing my motivation going south and my speed decreases whenever their in my way. Majority of that happened on the drive-thru. But overall....I did had a great time wi...more
ConsCutting hours, Short breaks, Prejudice Supervisors
Cashier | Selma, CA | Oct 5, 2019
Don’t work here
This was my first job so I kept it for a few months until I realized what kind of place I was working at. My first day I was only given a tour of the place by an employee while the manager laughed at the way he was showing me around which was not professional. I was only shown what I had to do then they left me. They did not show me how to use the cash register properly and would just take over the order and do it themselves and still never properly trained me afterwards. I got the hang of it only because I had to keep asking for their help consistently and I would watch how they would take orders since that was the only time I got to learn when they had to intervene in taking guests orders. There still so much I needed to learn and no one bothered to help me except for ONE co-worker but our shifts were different, but I should have to be dependent on someone. My hours were completely unfair, my friend had said that it should be illegal to work for only 2 hours. The max amount of hours I received was 5 the most and it was rare to be able to work 2-3 times a week. The manager who hired me only stepped in when 1. I didn’t come into work because they never told me my schedule or that my name was even on the board nor did I know where that was at 2. I got a complaint because I was just standing around, but that’s because I literally had no clue what I was supposed to do because no one told me and again, never properly trained me 3. To give me my check and months later to receive m...more
ConsHours, poor management, poor teamwork
Fast Food Attendant | Ypsilanti, MI | Jun 8, 2019
not the best work place to be in cause of the people and how they worked and was hard to enjoy working
it wasn't that bad at first but it became a place i didn't wanna work and i didn't like the working environment i was in and the manger was not not the best manger he got mad at his workers if they messed up something little when you are making a bunch of food at once and trying to go as fast as possible and wouldn't care to yell and make you feel bad even though the workers are going as fast as possible with a bunch of orders it made things more stressful because he got heated quick over mistakes that his workers made even if it wasn't a big mess up and easy to fix and get back out to the person who bought the food. but other than that I caught on fast and always kept moving no matter how many orders that were coming in it would have been different if i maybe stayed longer but at the time it was a bad idea to stay i needed to focus on my family it was a job that I knew i was gonna move past the people who worked there were very competitive instead of working together they were more towards who is better and faster and made it a challenge towards each other I didnt really like the people around me they werent positive and focus on staying positive in every situation even it all just was to much at the time im never the type to really just quit ti didnt see myself sticking to the burger king i was at
Prosit was a face pace, nun stop moving, learning job that i think was a good way to see if you're made for that type of job area
ConsVery competitive, didn't work together as much as needed, wasn't the best people to be around when working.
Crew Member | Florence, SC | Jun 8, 2019
Dont work here
Part time jobs are part time jobs.. I get it. They're not SUPPOSED to be glamorous. But cmon man. BK was hands down THE most taxing environment ive ever worked in. Which is to be somewhat expected with fast food, but that's where you need competent, and reasonable management to balance it out. The thing I hated most about working as a cook in BK was the petty politics. Literally everyone is yelling at everyone just so they wont get yelled at. You get berated for putting the ketchup before the mustard on a cheeseburger, or including an extra packet of ketchup in the bag. I got NO discounts or benefits and I didn't get a single raise and I worked at a specific BK for almost 2 years, and was hands down the most reliable and competent at the job. We were usually undermanned because management never wanted to hire anyone, and because people didn't wanna work there to begin with, the few people we did get usually quit within a month and a half because our head manager was a complete butt face. This resulted in the handful of people we had there being overworked. The only reason I kept that job is because I couldn't get hired anywhere else. Looking back I should've quit way earlier than I did, or maybe I should've never worked there in the first place. I do not recommend working here, working at BK is rock bottom, there are better options out there. I didn't realize the detrimental affect a job like that had on my physical and mental state until the day I quit. Im not whining or bei...more
Kitchen Team Member | Florence, KY | Apr 28, 2018
burger king
For a typical at work at burger king this would be the kind of place where you wish you didn't have to work at. I would get up out of bed at 4 pm somewhere in the afternoon, get dressed, put on shoes, and go out the door; head to work. My mom or dad would drop me off at burger king and I would walk through the doors at burger king, ready for work. I would walk in and clock in for work on time. First day of work I was suppose to get a work uniform but my boss said that they haven't got one for me yet, but they told me that tomorrow they would have one for me. First and second day on job they would teach me how to use the oven for making burgers, the fryers, and how to prepare the burgers. Since I've never worked for a food place before I wasn't getting any quicker on making the burgers so they put me on dish duty. Management seemed what you would call fair for the most part, half of the time I didn't understand what they wanted me to do. Even for my boss who was the manager of the Business of burger king I felt that she didn't like me for some odd reason. I guess to be honest I couldn't really explain what the workplace culture was even like. But I could say what the hardest part of working a food place like burger king was like for me, the hardest part for me was making the fries and how to set the timer to know when to take them out the fryer. But there have been times where they never had the work schedule ever posted somewhere for all the workers to see, when will the...more
Team Member | Columbus, GA | Jun 16, 2018
Greedy corporate people and stressful work conditions
I work for a Schuster Enterprise BK in Columbus, GA, and I'm glad to say I'll be gone soon. This is the worst place I have ever worked for. They will do THE MOST to avoid paying you reasonably. They treat their workers horribly, commenting on the appearance of people saying things like "that beard makes us look dirty" or "those dreads make him look like a thug". They also are trigger-happy with writing people up for the most unnecessary stuff (including the appearance insults). They waste your time with mandatory 30 minute UNPAID breaks when the salary is already dirt-poor for such a stressful job, and yet still have the nerve to make you pay for your meals. The "raise" they give you after being with them for a year is garbage. It's 20 CENTS, if you're lucky enough to even get that. The "paid vacation" is one that pays you half of what you would make in a typical week of working for them, which already isn't much. They also love cutting people's shifts and sending them home early, but even in a typical work week you give your life to them with hardly any compensation. They are completely inconsiderate of people's life situations, but have no problem forcing us to go exactly by their harsh policies in order to be considerate of their business needs. Would NOT recommend to anyone who needs a reasonable amount of money or a good work environment. It's not just this franchise.
ProsClose to nothing, minimal Scholarship opportunities
ConsStressful work environment, long unpaid breaks, low salary, no health benefits, no free meals or drinks

Questions And Answers about Burger King

What is the interview process like at Burger King?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
I never had an interview. I was just called in one day and started learning to work there. I never signed any paperwork. I worked there for 2 years.
Answered Feb 3, 2020
I always am nervous but it was very comfortable. They asked my past employment available hours to work. Education , why I should get hired and then explained the asst manager position.1st interview 2nd interview was the same I went more in depth about my self and my expectations. Took a test online. They ran my background called me 3 days later with an offer I am elated for the rewarding opportunity
Answered Oct 17, 2019
How long is orientation?
Asked Mar 21, 2017
I didn’t really have any orientation no training videos they just got upset for not knowing how to do stuff and still haven’t even told me how much I’m making so I probs won’t be there for very long
Answered Jan 6, 2020
That is a big lie. The burger king I worked for didn't do any training videos or anything else they just put you behind the counter and expect you to know how to make the food. The burger king I worked for in north Las Vegas Nevada is a big joke the manager yells at the workers and don't care who hears it. When you are trying to learn how to do the job they put you to do something else so really you don't know what is going on and you don't get the proper training you need to get the food out. They blame the workers for their own mistakes and expect us to stop doing what we are doing and fix their mistakes..
Answered Jan 3, 2020
What questions did they ask during your interview at Burger King?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
I was asked why I wanted to work there, any previous experience with handling money or dealing with customers, and my availability (which they had me write on a form beforehand). They also asked how I’d be getting to the restaurant so they would factor in how much notice I need to cover shifts etc. As long as you come across as happy and approachable that seems to be the main thing.
Answered Feb 23, 2020
When I had my interview they asked for my name, my availability, and if I was a quick learner. I was pretty much hired on the spot because I was told the district manager would be in contact with me, which happened within a couple days, where I got information for orientation which led into the schedule.
Answered Jan 6, 2020
Is burger king a weekly pay period or every two months
Asked Aug 28, 2016
My particular location pays bi-weekly.
Answered Jan 6, 2020
Depends on what time of the present pay period u came in. Example if the pay period closes on the 10th pay period ends on the 15 u get paid for 5 days hoping they submitted your paper work into the office
Answered Nov 3, 2019
Being giving a part time work how many hours u work in a day..
Asked Aug 13, 2016
6 hours plus
Answered Sep 19, 2019
As many as needed
Answered Sep 19, 2019