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Burlington Stores
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Overall Reviews at Burlington Stores

Cashier | Perris, CA | Feb 12, 2020
Will never work at that specific store again
A typical day was basically being misunderstood, I did not like it there at all, I felt like the pay I was receiving did not match the work that I was putting in. Someone could die and they wouldn't even blink an eye.
Receiving Supervisor | West Warwick, RI | Nov 7, 2018
didn't enjoy my time there
had a bad experience with them. over worked me and make me feel like everything was on my shoulders even though I was just an associate working part time
Retail Sales Associate | Tukwila, WA | Mar 10, 2020
Fast paced and nice environment
Every time I go into Burlington, I'm welcomed with a smile and semi-quick check-out process. The store isn't always spotless while there are clothes and products around the floors or over shelves and racks, but it's okay due to the fact that the store is always filled with customers who are shopping. The store offers many name brand products for the lower cost than what you would pay at another store. In all, the company is a great one.
Cashier | Tampa, FL | Nov 19, 2019
8.75 hr - night shift doesn’t ever leave before Midnight.
Lines are long af since it’s the holiday season. Not enough cashiers on registers to shorten the checkout time for shoppers. Managers don’t ask you questions, they jump to conclusions and assume you did something simply bc you happen to be standing near whatever the issue is. I never got officially trained. My first day I watched another cashier checkout a few people for about an hour or two then I was told I had to take over because she needed to go clean her department. I am a fast learner but sometimes mistakes happen at the worst possible times and there just so happens to never be a manager around to help. You’d think with having a bunch of new hires dealing with money they’d designate a manager to stand up at the register To assist when issues arrive but What do I know, I’m not the CEO.
Loss Prevention Manager | Elizabeth, NJ | Jun 29, 2018
Productive and Fun
As a loss prevention associate, you are responsible the safety of the other employees and the prevention of the theft. The most enjoyable part of the job is helping others, and the hardest part of the job is trying to find those who are trying to steel.
Pros15 min breaks, and 30 min lunch/ dinner
Consworking holidays
Loss Prevention Manager | New Orleans, LA | Jun 18, 2018
I have learned a lot about policies and procedures for the company. How to properly detect and deter both internals and externals at the stores. Overall a very good experience
Consmico managing
Retail Sales Associate | Vacaville, CA | May 30, 2018
Disrespectful, Favoritism, Inconsistancy
The GM often displays extreme favoritism to certain associates, speaks in a degrading manner to most associates. constantly finding loopholes in the scheduling to ensure certain people do not qualify for benefits. often delegates hard work or responsibilities to the AM. the hours are inconsistent and the pay is nowhere near worthy of the work you put in
Prospaid weekly
Consavoids giving benefits by using scheduling loopholes
Audit Supervisor | Bloomingdale, IL | Sep 14, 2019
Loved working in Retail. But the hours were very hard. They have longer ho urs and open 24/7 except for Thanksgiving, Christmas Day & Easter.
I loved working with the public and my passion is cash office work. Staying organized. A people person and always took on special projects when asked.
ProsVery fast paced work and multi-tasking. Always staying busy. Loved the job. And benefits.
ConsOpen holidays, the hours were very extreme, nights and weekends until 10:00 PM, during the holidays until Midnight, and very low pay rate.
Housekeeper | Hanover, MD | Jan 30, 2019
Great experience in womens clothing
Burlington was an amazing working experience working with beautiful affordable clothes and the comradery of women daily. Working in sales on the floor gives you a one on one interaction with the consumer for the benefit of giving them help and knowledge on the purchases of their choice.
Human Resources Business Partner | United States | Jan 3, 2019
Growing Company
Burlington is a great growing company headed in the right direction to be one of the most leading retailers. Burlington believes in its Core Values. They take care of their associates. The CEO is relatable and engages with associates something you don't get from other organization.

Questions And Answers about Burlington Stores

What is the work environment and culture like at Burlington Stores?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
At first it seemed great, like everyone got along, and for the most part that's true. But management receives no support from corporate, forcing them to try to find quick fixes to problems with no real thought given to the long term effect. Management also has favorites and there is very little effort made to hide that fact. When confronted about the favoritism, management denied it despite the fact that everyone had seen it happening. There is a serious disconnect between corporate and store level operations. Just before I left I found out that 8 managers have quit under the district manager I had and yet he still has a job.
Answered Aug 11, 2019
Working at Burlington sucks. I have worked there for 4 years and have struggled everyday. Corporate runs this company with bare-bones staff. You might get 1 cashier, and 2 people working the floor IF you are lucky. Management sits in their comfy office and will not help with the chaos of the floor. They allow the customers to act like animals, trashing the store and allow kids to run around like its Disneyland. We even had kids dropped off while parents went grocery shopping at Jewel next door. This place is a joke! Every person working there is miserable and the turnover is unbelievable. Most employees stay for 3-4 months at most. If they stay longer than that, they are constantly calling off sick. Raises are yearly, but consist of 5 to 10 cents per hour. Corporate is only worried about filling their pockets. I wouldn't recommend this place to my worst enemy.
Answered Jul 22, 2019
How are the working hours at Burlington Stores?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
If you're seasonal, your hours are going to vary. Don't expect to work the same shift everyday. Some days you might be on closing shift, others your working mid morning to evening. Some days you might work 5 hours, and others you might do 8 hours. My first 2 weeks I was only working maybe 2 days a week, but now on my third week I have 6 days scheduled. So it varies a lot.
Answered Dec 10, 2019
Not enough hours and they are hard to work around another job.
Answered Sep 4, 2019
What is the interview process like at Burlington Stores?
Asked Jun 7, 2019
Easy and hiring manager is nice and easy-going.
Answered Feb 11, 2020
The interview process was very casual and not stressful. The assistant manager was nice and explained the expectations for working at Burlington.
Answered Feb 5, 2020
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Burlington Stores a better place to work?
Asked Jun 15, 2018
Fix the store so that the workers are left working in unsafe conditions. Cooperate doesn't care about any of that till its their lives in danger. Almost died a couple times from gas leaks cause the company didnt think it was urgent even after calling the emergency number. I would also treat employees with respect not screw them over any chance i get.
Answered Mar 29, 2020
More associates and hours to run the store.
Answered Mar 25, 2020
What would you suggest Burlington Stores management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked Mar 15, 2017
Pay attention to your employees. Talk to them, ask them how things are going and if they need help with anything. Be easy to get a hold of. Don't show up for 2 minutes and then disappear for a whole day, especially during the holiday season when things are crazy.
Answered Dec 10, 2019
More hours, better pay. Schedule people so they can work other jobs.
Answered Sep 4, 2019