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Overall Reviews at CBRE

Client Services Coordinator | Ontario, CA | Aug 24, 2019
Big Company, Lots of Opportunity, Don't Get Lost
If you are looking for a corporate job in the area of commercial real estate, CBRE is an incredible place to work. However, it is one of the most siloed institutions I have ever worked in, simply because it is so large, and it can be difficult to figure out where exactly your next step would be or potential areas to expand your career. Your experience will differ vastly depending on the team you are in and which branch of the company you work for, so do a lot of research on what specific part of the company you work for. Brokerage for example is incredibly fast paced and your experience there will be very dependent on what broker or team of brokers you work for. Some brokers are great sales people but not necessarily the best managers. Also, each office has its own "vibe" and the culture can be very different between individual teams and offices. Generally it is a great place to work if you are comfortable in a corporate environment. For extremely creative types the sheer scale of the organization will cause you to feel lost and potentially limited in where you can add value.
ProsVery stable, well-managed company, Fortune 150 as of this writing.
ConsLots of silos, highly variable work culture, challenging work-life balance.
Maintenance Technician | Missouri | Jul 15, 2019
Cannot say anything positive
Perhaps other branches of CBRE are good, but in my role as a Maintenance Tech it has been a negative experience from the start, as the recruiter lied to me about everything. Management demonstrates a contemptuous disregard for their subordinates. Those in a supervisory capacity have no understanding of their role and they lack any background or experience. Trying to communicate with "anyone in charge" is an exercise in futility, as email is ignored and phone calls are not answered. Serious concerns are ignored or "swept under the rug." Obtaining a verification for employment is a circus act, as it requires phone calls and codes, which no potential employer or bank has the patience to deal with; and that's provided the system actually works, as their automated systems are down as much as they're up. The health insurance is practically useless, as it's a fight to get them to pay the little it does cover and many doctors will not accept it. This has been one of the most horrible experiences of my life and I cannot wait to get away. Unless you're in management or deal with real estate, avoid this company.
Administrative Assistant | Dallas, TX | Apr 23, 2019
They work hard and play hard.
ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Provided administrative support to senior level professionals to drive operational efficiency: mail distribution, invoice coding, pay application process and log, filing, faxing, fedexing, couriering, data entry, answering phones, validating parking, ordering supplies and computer aids.  Managed calendars, schedules and travel arrangements.  Assisted with bids, Total Costs Analysis (TCAs), contracts and change order; updated the job status spreadsheet.  Processed expense reports; tracked invoices for project costs and assisted with billing fees.  Prepared monthly and quarterly reports for clients.  Produced marketing materials and Request for Qualifications and Proposals (RFQ’s/RFP’s).  Maintained and organized the file storage room.  Collected closeout documents and closed files for distribution to Property Managers, Owners or designated archive facilities.  Training New Employees.  Collected client fees which contributed to reaching projected revenues
ProsFree lunches after meetings
ConsWill need to sign in at the Security Desk to get on the floor on weekends.
Director | Delaware | Sep 22, 2019
Great Professional Growth Platform
Typical Day: - Day is structured in business development, transactional management and administrative tasks - About 3 meetings per day (avg) - Executive oversight to a 5 people team in multiple geographies Learning or Improvements: - Sales: Salesforce, 3rd Level Selling, Cold Calling; Sales Management - Real Estate Financials - Corporate Account Management: Penske Account - Construction Project Management Skills Management: - Daily staff oversight (1 manager, 3 juniors) - Follow-up with HR & Accounting - Monthly reporting to Country CEO Workplace Culture: - Service Excellence under "Client First" philosophy - Best in Class attitude, highly competitive - RISE Values: Respect, Integrity, Service, Excellence Hardest part of the Job: - Keeping up with intense workload - Working under pressure from high profile companies to deliver in a short window of time with zero margin of error - Travelling for a week long Enjoyable part of the Job: - Financial reward - Client relationship building by working multiple projects with clients over the years.
ProsProfessional Development
Cons100% commission based can affect financial stability
Client Services Specialist | Denver, CO | Nov 7, 2018
Little upward mobility, small annual increases for pay, not a very competitive salary
Some flexibility with the schedule but very corporate culture and a lack of empathy from those I work with. It is not the most positive work environment. Very old-school thinking. Very stressful environment and some of the higher position people have temperaments that leave a lot to be desired. Not a very collaborative environment and the free address office seating is loud and disruptive. Hard to concentrate. There is not a lot of advancement opportunities and a lot of HR issues that Management chooses to ignore. There is no local level HR support system or dept. to provide relief. The pay is not competitive. Offers were made but not followed through. It is a hostile, negative work environment and the Management team are all new to their roles. They don't know what they are doing. They do not care about their employees at all. There is no trust. It is a terrible place to work.
Prosflexibility in schedule
Conspoor pay, no support, terrible HR situations of sexist comments, racial comments, and a hostile, unproductive, stressful working environment
Graphic Designer | Washington, DC | Dec 7, 2018
Worst Design Job I Ever Had
Nepotism and incompetent leadership/management killed my experience the last year I worked at CBRE. Our manager had no prior experience managing creatives and was more used to being one of the team than running a team. Her boss was teaching her on-the-fly to minimize her leadership weaknesses but wasn't open nor interested in benefitting the team morale due to lack of design leadership. I was considered innovative in an industry that was notoriously slow to adopt technology for the benefit of work processes. In the interest of saving money, they constantly pick the wrong tools that no one liked nor wanted to use, yet they paid for them anyway and discontinued them when it was evident no one was using the technology.
ProsCompany culture was organized and active
ConsBehind the times technology-wise, wastes money buying out other companies' technology, Marketing is ignorant of design as a business imperative, Management was out-of-touch and didn't care much about quality of work beyond the surface, No design leadership, Makes designers compete with each other instead of work together.
Facilitator | Mount Vernon, IN | Jun 1, 2018
decent place to work
Aside from the steadily increasing workload with no real hope of a raise, the work and the people were good. I enjoyed assisting clients and working with them through specific problems. The work felt meaninfgul. Got a job related injury and they relocated me to a position where I'd be able to work while I was on doctor's restrictions. They seemed to like to promote from within, which is good, but I know they passed over someone for a management position who was completely qualified. Performance-review based raises seemed to not be as great as it would seem. Only one person actually got a raise and it was 1%. I took on the work of another person when their job was eliminated and my pay was not changed to reflect that. Just seemed like a lot of "what else can you do for us" without any reasonable increase in pay or benefits.
Prosbenefits started the next full month after i signed on, was reassigned instead of fired after injury
Consdid not seem to want to pay people fairly for the work we put in, management dragged their feet hiring new employees that were desperately needed
Customer Service Representative | Aurora, CO | Sep 20, 2019
This was not a fun place to work. I worked for CBRE Property Management. I love my job but the team was not a team. It was a hard place to be. The manager picked and he and two other employees were very close and I was at the front desk, they were all in the back office (Managers office and mailroom) they stuck together and ran the show. I can honestly say I hung in here this long and I am ready for a challenge and to learn new and different skills. I love working with people and the public. Busy is what I like to be. I like to build a good report with my boss and my team and the employees around me, and that was not the case. I am a team player and believe in going above all means to be successful in all aspects of my work, my environment and my group of authorities. My dedication to a job and how I am looked at goes a long way with me. However, because I love what I do I am presently still here and looking for a full-time position with advancement and opportunity.
Proshaving open door policy
Consvery slow with getting answers.
Contact Support | Carrollton, TX | Apr 15, 2019
Lack of professionalism and lots of favoritism
The workload with CBRE is challenging which is what I truly enjoyed. I love a good challenge. Management including Chief Officers, need lots of training in humanity, and a great deal of training on how to avoid favoritism. If they allow all their Leads to LEAD, they might just learn a thing or two on how to get things done. These upper Management individuals, need to take time out of their busy schedule, to step out of their office, and experience first hand, the nonsense that happens during their business hours. This is a shame, because otherwise, they have a really great team of Leads, and an awesome Security Team in place. Also, do not bother raising your concerns. You will be disregarded, unless you are a favorite of the Management Team. Thank God I experience first hand what truly goes on at CBRE as a Contract, instead of making a really bad decision to get hired on. With that said, enter with caution and at your own accord.
ProsQuality of work is very challenging
ConsPoor management
Customer Service Team Lead | Glendale, CA | Sep 22, 2019
Glendale, CA location is very stuffy, full of ego men who are commercial real estate agents/brokers
The staff are mostly commercial real estate agents/brokers, basically sales people which 90% are men who wear suits and ties to work every day. The women are mostly administrative support staff for the real estate agents/brokers. The office is a very professional environment, which seems impressive, but the men agents/brokers have high egos that I hear them yell and speak in condescending tone to their admin support staff. It happens constantly in the office and no one says anything. The management will not address any concerns by the support department because the agents/brokers are the ones generating income for the company. They do not train and expect new employees to come in and know their "system", which is unheard of with any company. They seem very professional on the outside, but it's very unprofessional environment once you're inside and working for the company.

Questions And Answers about CBRE

What would you suggest CBRE management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked Mar 17, 2017
Management sucks. It’s all about them and nothing for the guys in the field doing the work. Terrible. Half of them won’t even acknowledge your there.
Answered Jan 12, 2020
Memphis office is circling the drain. Was part of the company for 10+ years. It NEVER got better. Until they get rid of the decision makers in that office, the issues will continue. Definition of insanity has a life sized picture of this office. You reap what you sow when you treat employees as bottom feeders. You can go there if you want, thinking to yourself "it'll never happen to me" or "I will be the change". A few months or weeks later you will be right here on this site echoing what you are reading here.
Answered May 9, 2019
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at CBRE?
Asked Aug 8, 2016
Take the job and do your best to grow. Take advantage of the client sites and get in with clients. Build relationships with everyone you interact with, the clients can help you move up. Not CBRE.
Answered Feb 7, 2020
Be prepared, show that you are high energy, demonstrate capabilities through past performance. Be prepared to answer situation awareness type questions. Be prepared to interview many times.
Answered Feb 3, 2020
Why did you leave your job at CBRE?
Asked Mar 17, 2017
Very low level of mantality, You can be a top performer and still feel pushed out of the click, not a team environment
Answered Jul 17, 2019
Had to relocate from California to the east coast due to a family emergency.
Answered Jul 9, 2019
If you were in charge, what would you do to make CBRE a better place to work?
Asked Nov 5, 2019
It’s great
Answered Feb 26, 2020
Actually treat employees like people because their success makes everything better.
Answered Feb 7, 2020
What is the most stressful part about working at CBRE?
Asked Mar 15, 2018
The bad managers catering to terrible clients.
Answered Feb 7, 2020
Answered Feb 6, 2020