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Store Clerk | Pensacola, FL | Aug 30, 2019
A nightmare since day 1
Warning!! Do not work here! This company is a complete joke. It seemed all great and like it would be a piece of cake after the interview. Yes every job has it’s stressful moments, but the way employees are treated is uncalled for. To begin with when first hired, my first day was a nightmare, they don’t train you how to do anything and you will stand there clueless asking questions other associates don’t even know answers to. Every time you come in it is dreadful the managers all hate their jobs. You will only be working with yourself and one manager if you need help and call for the manager for the numbers, for approval or if you have a question they get a attitude about it, they will complain to customers about employees also. Not only have I heard one talking just about me but multiple other employees. Disgusting and unprofessional. There’s no ac. So it gets hot. Manager tells you do something and you do it exactly how you were “taught” and you get in trouble because it’s wrong and when asking the correct way and admitting that’s how I was trained apologized and asking for help and how to actually do something. Didn’t get a real answer just a rude response that I should know by now. The store is a mess they hire on so many people that when they promise hours you will never receive them. No matter what you do here your wrong. They will talk down to you and to others about you. You won’t get the hours promised. They will promise this that and the other to get you to say ye...more
Pharmacy Technician | New York State | Jan 15, 2019
Wish I Could Give It 0 Stars
I absolutely hated my experience as a pharm tech. I would ask my manager for days off to study, take exams, etc. 2 weeks in advance as I am a student and she would still schedule me and then complain if I could not find coverage. 2 weeks before finals week, I went to her with my exam schedule and asked her not to schedule me the day I had exams and she said to my face "I'm still going to schedule you, find coverage." I was unable to find coverage because no one in the pharmacy is reliable and had no choice but to call out. She then pulled me aside my following shift to ask me why I had the audacity to call out. When I told her that I had asked her to give me time off and she told me she would still schedule me she called me a liar to my face and denied the whole thing .. as if that were something I would make up. The workflow distribution is also so unfair. The pharmacists favorites will chill at production all day while others will be scheduled to work pickup their entire shift. Some shifts I would not move from pick up because the pharmacist would let her select few favorites do whatever they want. There was also another tech in my pharmacy who would come in an hour late for her shift (the rest of us would get yelled at if we were even 2 minutes late) and just do inventory and use her phone her entire shift. God forbid you asked her to touch pickup or drop-off. The interns act like they run the pharmacy. They show up and only do what they feel like doing. We are also comple...more
Pharmacy Manager | Pennsylvania | Aug 22, 2018
CVS is basically a first world sweat shop
I worked for CVS for 10+ years, following the typical pharmacy student progression from technician/intern to pharmacy manager. When I was still a student, working for CVS was actually enjoyable. The main focus was on building customer relationships and the stores were adequately staffed. This all began to change rapidly about 5 years ago when cost reduction and speed became the company's main objectives. A lot of young pharmacists are seduced by the apparently high starting salary, but this is very deceiving. As a pharmacy manager I was earning approximately $63/hour, but when I figured out my true hourly rate, it's closer to about $50/hour. This is because we were "encouraged" to come in an hour early and leave an hour late every day to keep the store afloat. At CVS you're salaried when it's convenient for the company (any overtime you put in is unpaid) and hourly when it's convenient (if the store closes due to weather, you are not paid). As a CVS pharmacy manager, be prepared to come in and work unpaid on your days off as well. The yearly metrics and targets for the stores are set unrealistically high to ensure you don't receive your bonus or raise. If you somehow do meet the target, you'll be given a modest bonus ($1500-$3000), and higher targets for the next year to ensure it doesn't happen again. A fully staffed CVS is still an understaffed pharmacy. I was working at a medium volume store and would routinely fill 400 scripts on a Monday. On a day like this, I wa...more
ProsAfter working for CVS and seeing how bad things can be, I can now appreciate my new employer that much more
ConsThis company will break you mentally, physically, and emotionally
Customer Service Associate / Cashier | McKinney, TX | Jan 7, 2019
Serviceable job to get by, uniquely horrible managemnet
CVS was a fine job, I would be doing a disservice to the culture that corporate was trying to create other wise. going into it I had high hopes, the training was fun and engaging, the mission statement was excellent and it seemed the work culture was over all positive. That however changed when i came to work, the job, even for a to this point career stocker is dreadfully boring, thousands of sale tags on items that needed to be changed every week for the most minute price changes, and because of the price changes and coupons it attracted extreme couponers who could leave with a cart full of stuff for pennies on the dollar. They however were consistently nice and accepting and even days with many of them went smoothly. everything up to that point is more than tolerable, the days went quick and even if it wasn't riveting work I at least had energy most days when i got home... most days Some days however, the man that got home wasn't me, my soul could only take so much passive aggressive before it left my body leaving only a nodding signing zombie. I'm not sure if this review is my catharsis or just warning, but my manager embodied every stereotype of an over controlling, work is life manager. In a short list I was told that I was Stocking incorrectly (despite stocking being the simplest of simplest task that no other employee or manager had said so much as a word about) My greeting being to informal ("hello man welcome to CVS is there anything ...more
Cons1 manager
Pharmacist | Florida | Jan 23, 2020
Pharmacist work-life very stressful. Not enough pharmacy technician help, stand on feet for long hours
Highly stressful. I literally work a 13 hour shift with NO BREAK. It's not normal. The high prescription volume to low amount of staff is ridiculous. In addition to non-stop prescriptions (I fee like Lucy in I Love Lucy working at the chocolate factory) there is tons of other tasks to complete including constant BS training, narcotic and other inventory check in, calling patients to remind them to pick up their rx's, fixing broken hardware, etc etc. and they rate the stores every week on all kinds of numbers . There's like 5 or 6 lengthy emails a day from the district manager about numbers, etc. that I'm expected to read when I'm off duty. The phones don't stop ringing. We can't even answer all the calls so when we do pick up the customer is po'd that they waited 30 minutes on hold. They keep on cutting the technician hours week to week which I find disgusting given how hard everyone is working and how it hurts the morale of the techs because in the summer they had 7 hours a week, in the winter they get up to 30 or whatever, so not fair to them....they need to make a consistent living. CVS couldn't care less. The place is always understaffed. Very low morale among the techs. There's very little room to move up, though I have no desire to. No interest in enforcing ridiculous and unfair policies on other employees. Oh and during the 13 hour shift, when I finally can't hold it anymore I go running to the restroom........there I find a totally disgusting bathroom tha...more
ProsI actually help a lot of peopel with their medication issues
Consbiggest con: understaffed!
Pharmacy Technician | Tiverton, RI | Sep 3, 2019
Horrible/Falsified Training, Unsafe conditions, Minimal pay
Do not under any conditions work for this company. Training is a joke and often forged for corporate, work load is insane, breaks are ignored--and forget about getting 2 minutes to go to the bathroom. No time for that with far too few Techs working. Broken equipment is the least of the issues, pushing any and every cash grabbing program down customer's throats is the only important task--corporate wants those metrics met!!! Absolutely awful workplace. On the Job Training was falsified so I was kept on Pick Up for 3 months, I was told to "Not tell Corporate" during the 15+ hours of sit in a room and listen to a grown up read a PowerPoint presentation to me "Instructor Led Training". Between the computer based training modules (about 25+ hours of standing and taking quizzes) and the off site corporate instruction, you spend about 35 hours learning nothing at all that prepares you for the job. You learn nothing. My pharmacy had open food every single day everywhere. Drinks and phones everywhere. Random pills on the floor every day---that stayed there for dayyyyys. (yes I started tracking how long those pills stayed on the floor--so many colors shapes and sizes) Worst of all were the Mandatory Pharmacist DUR warnings. There is a built in Drug Interaction/Warning system that requires a Pharmacist to walk to your register, speak to the customer/ discuss the health warnings, and THEN enter a code into the cash register to complete the sale. In my CVS, the p...more
Pharmacy Technician | Texas | Jun 14, 2019
Pharmacy technicians: don’t work here!!
I originally chose to work for CVS pharmacy in order to add working as a licensed pharmacy technician on my resume for when I applied to pharmacy school. And I regret it. I dont even know where to begin. I guess I will address the more common complaints I have read from CVS employees: the pay is much too low, constantly being understaffed, super stressful, get blamed for everything by customers, no or half hour lunch breaks for those working 8-12 hour shifts, etc. All of these comments are true. Pharmacy techs really should not be paid the same as what typical retail cashiers make considering there is a degree of knowledge and speciality that goes into the profession. Also, dealing with insurance companies and putting your health at risk by seeing sick patients everyday deserves higher pay than a typical retail job. My pharmacy is always understaffed, causing us to fall behind and have rightfully upset customers. With the recent Aetna purchase, CVS district managers have been cutting hours in the pharmacy. Currently at my store, only one pharmacist and one pharmacy tech are scheduled to work in the morning. At most, we will have 2 techs and a pharmacist. Our head pharmacist has constantly explained to the district managers that 2-3 people is not enough to run a pharmacy. However, they dont care. We are expected to whip out our magic wands and somehow adjust, or else “there will be consequences.” Well hey, I got news for you CVS: there are already consequences for th...more
Supervisor | Brockton, MA | Apr 23, 2019
Former 2019 employee of CVS
I'm currently a supervisor as of 4/23/19 working at CVS in MA. I've been here for 4 years and have watched the company change from a "customer satisfaction" motto to more a number significate store, as far as ratings. They are progressive and do work on self-improving however I feel like that's only pushed on a ground level. Being at the ground level I'm not able to see the rest of the pyramid but they heavily and continuously force extra work onto a store without disclosing what it is the people at the top are doing, the ways they're self-improving or being more understanding as far as us being human and not robots. we require sick days, some of us are parents or older people that easily get hurt. things come up all the time which they do understand. They do offer myleave which is unpaid time off but as far as any paid vacations, maternity leave, workers comp, etc you will have to be full time to receive those benefits. If you're part-time they will give you the time off but u will have to make sure you have enough saved money to last. Our store was one that had hours cut so more work + fewer hours = stress and build up of task. Regarding the work itself, they give you a task and leave you to finish it however way u choose to. You won't have someone on your back to have things done a certain way as long as it meets the standard. The tasks are all doable and if you don't understand there are many people and resources you can go to for help. There are also lots of opportunitie...more
ProsAbove average pay, flexible hours, many opportunities to grow
Consnot too many benefits unless full time, management
Pharmacy Technician | Virginia | Oct 3, 2018
Too few employees for too much work so if someone calls out it's a nightmare!
I started out excited and ready to learn. I was doing well, but we had too many people on staff, so very few got full time hours. The more hours you get, the more "on the job training" you got, so with 12-15 hours a week, training for me was non-existent, especially since the lead tech hated training. After a while it became a joke as pharmacy managers came and went. Later managers thought I should be fully trained, but by then our ranks had dropped to 5 techs, so pharmacists were forced to keep those already trained on the hardest station, which is drop off. I rarely was put on that station, and usually I was forced to take my break in the middle of it. Then we got a loud manager who berated me in front of everyone. My stress levels went through the roof, I would panic, so I couldn't concentrate. I only got it to stop by calling the ethics hotline on her. She left soon after. The next manager again thought I should be fully trained, but I was put strictly on night shifts, and my hours were cut about 10 hours a week. She was friends with everyone except me. I was the oldest one working there, but I worked hard, and did everything asked of me. It got me nowhere. She was rude, and her tone of voice was so different with me. She was the weakest manager we had while I was there. She would never get on her "buddies" when they were texting or otherwise goofing off on company time, but I got punished instead of them. Finally I was written up, so many times that they fired me, I appl...more
ConsNot enough people per shift, .Upper management should give it a go as a tech if they wonder why turnover is so high.
| Monroeville, PA | Dec 24, 2019
Powerful - A force to be reckoned with...
This company is the shining example of why so many came out in support of the Occupy Wall Street populist movement. Its huge, and only getting bigger by the second. Its main vision (you won't see this on the company website) is to keep us very dependent and our choices very limited. Internally, the company has no clear direction, no clear idea on how to promote from within and operates only to funnel money to one person...the very wealthy and powerful CEO. CVS Health is truly an American story of how to strip small percentages of money away from the multi-billion dollar specialty pharmaceutical industry and be so successful at it. It's a culture for CVS to take the home town pharmacist and push him right out of business. They do this by making the laws in favor of an organization with very deep pockets. Also, many of the Specialty drugs that you see on television, CVS has its';s hand in. Most of these prescription drugs are pharmacological art. They target a condition that you may think you need to treat by prescription. They are heavily funded pills that serve no real purpose other than to push society further into complete poverty by marketing them to the poorest societal classes. Thereby serving the needs of itself through a drug/insurance monopoly that will soon be impossible to reverse. A complete vision shift from corporate profits to health alternatives needs to happen in this country, NOW. And CVS could lead this charge...but they won't. They w...more

Questions And Answers about CVS Health

What is the work environment and culture like at CVS Health?
Asked Jun 18, 2016
NOT a healthy work environment for anyone that works hard but still wants a work/life balance. The company is constantly cutting hours, but asking us to do more with less. Now we are handling UPS packages in addition to the multiple deliveries we dont have room for now. Recently started paying one of the best hourly rates in retail for hourly staff, but right after, cut more hours! Then introduced streamlined way to put up weekly sales signs, then cut more hours. Don't do us any more favors, please! So, its easy to hire hourly help, but once they get overwhelmed by the workload, they leave. Those that stay would rather get paid less to have more staff again. Instead of Coaching and Helping achieve goals, expect constant write-ups from District Leaders over trivial things, or missing impossible goals. Managers that were high performers just a couple of years ago are suddenly let go over performance?! I think they are encouraged to get rid of people making higher wages in favor of younger people they can pay less.
Answered Feb 15, 2020
Cvs is a horrible company to work for. They don’t care about their employees nor patients. They will work you to death with no help. They will find reasons to write you up and fire you do they can pay a grad less money, I am a former pharmacist that gave 23 yrs of my life to that company. It used to be decent 23 yrs ago but not anymore. Stay away.Take it from someone who knows.I can see from the indeed ads why cvs is looking so desperately for pharmacists.Because they treat their pharmacists like garbage. That’s why everyone is quitting. I feel sorry for the grads.
Answered Dec 14, 2019
What is the interview process like at CVS Health?
Asked Aug 16, 2016
For an interview as a pharmacy tech, the pharmacy manager will interview you. Managers are all different so your experience may vary, especially depending on how desperate the pharmacy is for help (big turnover in this job). I only was asked two questions: "Why do you want to work in a pharmacy?" and "what is your availability?"
Answered Mar 31, 2020
You interview with the manager of the branch and the pharmacy manager. The interview process was easy. a recruiter reached out to me and I interviewed the following week, and was hired within two to three days.
Answered Sep 24, 2019
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at CVS Health? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Jun 10, 2016
IF you reply to all emails quickly, and IF there aren't any technical issues, and IF the agent assigned to you has someone else check their email when they're off, and IF you have open availability so you can go to the first available orientation, it will take two weeks for front store, but nearly a month if you are applying for the pharmacy. The above delays are common, though, so I've had it take up to 6 weeks! Embarrassing, really
Answered Feb 15, 2020
Depends if your front store not to long you have to do a drug test and orentation so maybe 2ish weeks if your a tech it takes FOREVER like months bc there is so much you have to do before you can start
Answered Dec 18, 2019
What is the vacation policy like at CVS Health? How many vacation days do you get per year?
Asked Oct 18, 2016
If you are considered full time, labeled and all via MYHR, you are eligible for vaca days
Answered Aug 20, 2019
From year 1 to 5 you get 90 hrs for store managers then is 135hrs (roughly 3weeks), For associates, around 60
Answered May 16, 2019
On average, how many hours do you work a day at CVS Health?
Asked Sep 23, 2016
Anywhere from 4 to 12 hour days, but I never got more than 25 hours a week.
Answered Jul 12, 2019
I was working 4 hours a week.
Answered Apr 18, 2019