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Overall Reviews at CarMax

Senior Sales Consultant | Tinley Park, IL | Mar 18, 2020
What can I say about CarMax
I was a Senior Sales Associate at CarMax. It’s a good place if you have never been in sales to get in and learn sales and customer service techniques. Pay is ok for what it is, generally if you do average work you can make around 40-50k a year starting when most jobs won’t do that without any experience. I was on the higher end of performance but at that level the pay doesn’t match the performance because at a traditional lot based on my numbers I would probably clear closer to 150k instead of the 90k here. They haven’t had pay increases in over 10 years. The initial training is good as it’s mostly one on one with a high performing Sales Associate. CarMax wants to be innovative and sometimes this is good and bad. One one hand you have to stay relevant but sometimes it’s just too much. They are always rolling out something new regardless if the current set up has a proven record of success. This also means that the entire time you’re there you will be in training so be prepared for that never ending journey. The people are friendly but with typical sales you will have the ones you have to look out for and here they tend to form groups that constantly watch and complain about the other. Lastly Job Security: this is a at will company so regardless of how good you are they will cut and run in a blink of a eye so your time can be limited really quick. At the end of the day CarMax is a corporation with over 20,000 employees and the main objective is to remain profitable...more
Sales Consultant | Savannah, GA | Sep 17, 2018
Poor Leadership Skills
Let me begin by stating that I was always a top performer, making my way to President’s Club quickly, even after undergoing a mentorship from a poorly engaged development trainer. While there are some excellent leaders at CarMax, the average manager is greatly lacking in leadership skills, even after extensive corporate training and development. From posturing, indecisive activity, and stress-related behavior to self-edification and self-centered egotistical pompous “know-it-all” demeanor, CarMax Manager’s present a failed-leadership ethic is greatly lacking in Honesty, Integrity, and Guts. Essentially, while presenting the “Kumbaiya” of being a “Forbes: Top 100 Places to Work” they have lost their way. The questionnaire utilized is clearly structured to develop specific statistical response values and GM’s closely monitor the compliance results. Additionally, employee matrices are so heavily weighted that even the best employee suffers from even the slightest variance from the customer viewpoint of perfection. With virtually the entire customer experience being scripted, the value of the smallest failures are greatly amplified. It is with great trepidation that I have written this review; I truly hope that CarMax goes back to its original core values and behaviors that made it a great company. To possess such a simple ideal, supposedly, demonstrating to an entire industry a “Better Way, and then loose what made you great is truly a shame. Leadership is always receive...more
Sales Consultant | Davie, FL | Aug 8, 2018
Carmax (disappointed)
I only worked in one location for several years, which is the Davie store location. Store manager isn't looking to advance from within the store. The managers there talk down to you when you ask for help, like as if you don't know anything. The managers don't seem to look for ways to close the deal. I have never met managers that didn't want to close deals before, it's crazy. Half the time they don't know what to do there selves. To make money you have to work full time. Part timers could probably make pocket money, but thats any dealership. However, I've seen full timers makes as much as a part timer because they aren't producing. Majority of the clientele are appraisals, but, they say, for every 10 customers you see you should be selling 1 car. Everyone was complaining about the pay. For every car you sell that's 160 if you make presidents club it will be 180 (but that takes a few years since you have to sell above 600 cars to make presidents club). For every Maxcare you sell it's $100 and you get spiffs depending on the month and what they expect. And if you sell Gap it's 25$. So potentially you can make $285 per car if you sell all of the products with it. They want you to sell more than 10 cars a month (full time) but if you only saw 60 customers, you need to have sold 6 cars for the month. They should pay hourly for the amount of appraisals that walk through the door. Overall, you are not just the sales consultant, you are also the finance consultant. You will be runnin...more
Prosgood benefits for full timers, they buy food on Saturdays for the employees
Conspay per car is low, does not pay hourly, etc
Sales Associate | Colorado | Mar 4, 2019
sales associates are expendable, underpaid and micromanaged
training is constantly changing, forget what you learned last month, this month we're doing it this way. do not, I repeat, DO NOT question upper management, you are fully and completely replaceable as a sales associate. there is NO room for growth from with into a management position. We counted in a two year period 140 associates quit. Typically CarMax hires a large portion of its managers from outside the company. They seldomly if ever promote from the sales floor or allow transfers to other departments unless it is a desperate need for help in another dept. if you are looking for career advancement do not take a position as a sales associate with CarMax. Oh and it's commission only,which typically is a good thing but, over staffed floor means only the top 3% of associates willing to dedicate all of their time to the store will make a livable wage. Most associates still live at home with their parents, have multiple roommates or have multiple jobs in order to make ends meet. The commission rate has been the same for over ten years. While cost of living goes up, the price of vehicles go up, management salaries go up, sales associates are making the same as they did 10 years ago and, they are currently testing a new pay structure that caps your income effectively saving the company money and taking more from the already struggling associates.
Prosgood people are typically hired that you work with
Conssaid people usually quit shortly after the training. micromanagement, constantly changing systems and policies, managers are mangers, sales people are the herd, don't get it confused
Associate | United States | Sep 24, 2019
Things have changed
Those looking for work.... Do you like over-time? because you will be working a lot of over-time at Carmax, except in the winter when they generally decide to cut everyones hours. bottom line, Carmax does pay very well, I would say in all departments the pay is good, unless you are looking at being a sales associate. Carmax use to be a good place to work, but things have changed, they have grown too big and too they are looking to climb out of the debt that they created for themselves by increasing the production at the stores, hence creating more work for their associates. Creating more work load is one thing, and in some aspects could be good, however what it has generally done, in most cases, is caused the quality of work to significantly decrease. Carmax use to pride itself on its inspection and detail quality, and they will still stand by that today, the fact is they don't have a leg to stand on anymore. unrealistic builds and a focus on production over quality is the norm.... In closing, if you don't care about unrealistic that is totally out of touch, overtime, and production over quality... go ahead...apply... oh yeah, just don't get in a car accident on the way to work; like for example a semi trunk smashing into you at a red light, or you will get a point.(Carmax has a lovely point penalty system for late punches or call outs, and sick time is something that slowly builds up, no sick time and you can't make it into work...more
ConsManagement, Production, hours
Technician | Fort Worth, TX | Jul 28, 2018
Good company overall but experience at the store level can be horrible
Overall, Carmax is a great place to work for but unfortunately the culture varies greatly from store to store, especially on the operations side of the business. The store I worked for was only concerned with meeting their numbers. Safety, fairness, quality, employee support, and employee accountability took a backseat. To make matters worse, most mid-level managers do not have any background in automotive repair. This creates several problems. First, a dishonest tech will lie to the manager and perform well paying repairs on a car that is not needed. Second, shoddy work can be passed along to the customer. Third, in a rush to meet the numbers, managers will rush/pressure technicians to process X amount of cars without realizing how difficult certain repairs actually are. Examples: Tech A comes in every day and does nothing but brake work and tire balancing even though the car doesn't need it. Tech B is inexperienced or lazy and passes defects to the customers. Tech C doesn't bother with helping keeping the shop clean and gets away with it. Tech D performs state inspection certifications on cars that don't pass the requirements. Manager A ignores all the problems in the shop in order to shove cars through the system so he can hit his numbers. Manager B doesn't have the automotive background to identify issues with cars. Manager C views employees as "progress stoppers" when they bring up concerns.
ProsBenefits package, Vacation time, Well defined standard operation procedures
ConsInconsistent culture
Office Assistant | Houston, TX | Feb 1, 2019
Not the best place to work
As a part time business office associate, I've been working with the company since 2016. There have been many people who've been let go by upper management. The culture and customer service is probably my favorite part about working here. There is no communication within the Business Office area and overall, meetings and "huddles" are pointless because things just go back to the way they were. Management is highly unprofessional and there is absolutely no room for advancement although they do love to preach about that. Many employers were let go for small reasons, meanwhile management makes tons of errors and will show up late for work and play the time clock and nothings changes because they are management. They love passing down their work to associates and make them accountable, so they aren't liable if anyone asks for an update. They'll hire someone and want to automatically push them up to management due to favoritism without following company expectations, procedures and certain criteria. You could have a conversation with upper management about the way you feel and the things you've caught them doing and they'll automatically write you up a week after. CarMax is a joke. Working here is like I'm in a high school drama show. CarMax would be a great company to work for if there was more control within the management levels. Now, I'm sure not all of CarMax locations are like this, but this pushes away associates. Things need to change.
ProsFree lunches, Co-workers, Customer Service
Sales Consultant | Nashville, TN | Mar 23, 2020
New CEO Terrible Changes (Pay cuts, Confusion, Low Morale)
If you've never experienced selling cars before you can learn a lot of useful information to get your sales experience started, but honestly during this transition within the company of a new CEO and his Omni Channel plans to not fall behind the "shop online, deliver to your doorstep" competition you'd be better off somewhere else. Just imagine the toll it takes on you while working with a customer; connecting with them, understanding their situation, test drive multiple cars, running financing, collecting important documents for four hours or even over the span of a few days, then seeing you were only paid $47. Then the cherry on top being the customer decides to return the car which causes you to lose out on the less than 50 bucks altogether. Now repeat. That was only one reoccurring example of similar situations that made the job not worth the hassle. These problems and lack of pay notoriously happened when a customer either calls or sends an online notification to the store for any type of appointment (appraisal, test drive, purchase) or car transfer. Customers come in with certain expectations set by people they call in remote centers who care more about the number of customers they speak to instead of the quality of the time spent speaking with the customer. But then when the customer walks into the store the reality sets in that the process will be longer from correcting the remote center's mistakes and basically starting over from the beginning.
Associate | Daytona Beach, FL | Jan 5, 2020
Active Pay Cuts For Most Associates
Over the two years that I spent in sales and reconditioning at Carmax, the compensation was cut for multiple different departments. For sales, the in store associates no longer receive internet leads. All online leads for sales are handled by a call center in Atlanta for our region and all sales generated by the call center receive half commission. This caused a lot of the veteran associates at my store to leave for other dealerships because a large portion of our sales came from online leads. In order to make the same amount of money, the associates had to see twice as many customers. In reconditioning and service production, all bonuses were cut and replaced with a 50 cent raise. The raise was nice in short term, but the bonuses that we got from working efficiently still came out to more. As a result, some of the associates at my store stopped trying to do a good job since we no longer had any reward or penalty for working efficiently. On top of that, the new Omni system that Carmax is using now adds further responsibilities to the position without any form of compensation. The system that replaced online leads for sales associates did generate more sales, but nobody received any proper compensation for the added work. Sales and reconditioning both essentially had to do double work for the same pay and the managers do roughly same amount of work and still receive bonuses.
ProsSometimes the manager ordered pizza
ConsCompany actively steals money from associates
Salesperson | San Diego, CA | Mar 2, 2019
Great training, however, micro management
Typical day at work is assisting customers with appraisals, test drives, qualifying for auto financing and finding the right car. Management seems to be the main issue; too much micromanagement. Workplace culture is good. Most enjoyable part of the job is meeting new people and helping people get into a car that they thought they couldn't qualify for. Hardest part of the job is getting into President's Club because to qualify you have to sell a certain amount of cars within a certain period of time and for some people at stores that have a high appraisal volume, it requires you to work on your days off or a massive amount of overtime. I loved working for CarMax, however, I felt that the amount of micromanagement was over the top and qualifying for P Club can be extremely difficult if your location does mostly appraisals. The training provided is really good and CarMax does provide you with the right tools to be successful in sales. I have made lifelong friends through CarMax while I worked there and I feel like I learned a lot to help me further in my career path. I would only recommend this company to people if they do not have a family or don't require time off to spend traveling or being with family. If you are a very career focused individual and you are ok with working long tedious hours and on your days off; then this is a great company to work for.
ProsGood Training, Good Benefits
ConsDifficult to qualify for Presidents Club, Micromanagement from managers

Questions And Answers about CarMax

If you were in charge, what would you do to make CarMax a better place to work?
Asked Apr 13, 2017
I would try to find a way to get rid of the "Good ole boys club" they have at Carmax. If you work at the Richmond Virginia, Short Pump store, you had better be in the club or you will be treated like garbage!! Carmax is a horrible company to work for. They are very dishonest people.
Answered Mar 6, 2020
I would try to find a way to get rid of the "Good ole boys club" they have at Carmax. If you work at the Richmond Virginia, Short Pump store, you had better be in the club or you will be treated like garbage!! Carmax is a horrible company to work for. They are very dishonest people.
Answered Mar 6, 2020
What is the best part of working at CarMax?
Asked Nov 28, 2019
Co workers are very friendly. Get to drive alot of cool cars.
Answered Mar 27, 2020
The freedom you feel when they let you go
Answered Mar 19, 2020
What is the most stressful part about working at CarMax?
Asked Jul 25, 2017
Poor Management
Answered Mar 10, 2020
Getting paid so little per car and constantly struggling to selling more.
Answered Mar 3, 2020
What is the interview process like at CarMax?
Asked Jan 24, 2017
Very time consuming, with several one on ones with different managers asking different behavioral type questions ending in a role play. Seems like a waste of time with such a high turn over with the company.
Answered Feb 15, 2020
Phone Interview: Lasted about 30 minutes There was at least 8 behavioral based questions They require you answer using the STAR method On Site Interview: Interviewed with 2 Office Managers 10 Behavioral based questions again MUST be answered using the STAR method. This portion of the interview lasted 1 1/2. I was then asked to go back in the lobby and wait. I waited about 15 minutes before another manager came out and introduced himself. We went back into the conference room and another behavioral interview was conducted another 10 questions. Again MUST answer using STAR method. They will stop you and ask you to start over if you do not follow the STAR method. The second interview lasted another 1 1/2. In total I spent over 3 hours at the onsite interview. After the first few questions it can become redundant and it becomes hard to stay focused.
Answered Dec 30, 2019
How are health benefits
Asked Nov 13, 2016
Health benefits after 30 days. Pretty good health insurance.
Answered Feb 15, 2020
Not so great. Extremely expensive with high deductibles. May be better than other dealerships but definitely isn’t great lol.
Answered Mar 23, 2019