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Popular JobsFulfillment AssociateCustomer Service RepresentativeForklift OperatorOrder PickerPackerWarehouse WorkerPharmacy TechnicianSpecialistWarehouse AssociateAssociateInventory Control SpecialistTeam MemberArea ManagerManagerPacker/ShipperWriterHuman Resources SpecialistTeam LeaderOperations SupervisorOperatorCall Center RepresentativePackage HandlerReplenishment AssociateLaborerProblem SolverTransportation CoordinatorCherry PickerDock WorkerDriverInboundProduction WorkerShipping and Receiving ClerkMachine OperatorMaterial HandlerReceiverChewyData Entry ClerkEquipment OperatorInventory AssociateLeadMaintenance TechnicianAgentCustomer Service Team LeadOrder FillerOutboundOutbound LeadWarehouse LeadWarehouse SpecialistBrand AmbassadorCoordinatorCustomer Service TechnicianCustomer Support RepresentativeHousekeeperHuman Resources AdministratorInventory SpecialistOperations LeadOperations ManagerPharmacistSocial Media SpecialistTeam TrainerTrainerCategory ManagerCrew MemberCustomer RepresentativeCustomer Service SupervisorDock LeadHuman Resources CoordinatorInbound Customer Service RepresentativeInbound LeadInspector/PackerOffice CoordinatorOutbound Sales RepresentativeProduct SpecialistRecruiterStockerSupervisorTeam SupervisorTechnician TraineeVideo EditorAdministrative AssistantBark buddyCAT teamCertified Pharmacy TechnicianCorporate RecruiterCustomer Service ManagerDirectorHuman Resources AssistantITInductionInventory LeadInventory ManagerLoader/UnloaderLogistics SpecialistMarketing SpecialistPallet Jack OperatorPharmacy Technician IIProduct ManagerProduction AssociateReceiving AssociateRetail Sales AssociateSafety SupervisorStaff PharmacistTruck LoaderUtility WorkerVeterinarianYard Driveroutboundwharehouse worker3d Creative DesignerAccount Resolution SpecialistAccountantAccounting ManagerAccounts Payable ClerkAdministrationAdministratorAnaltstAnalystAndroidAnother employeeArea LeadAssemblerAutomation TechnicianBark buddie Bilingual Customer Service AssociateBrand ManagerCATCHEWY DISTRIBUTIONCENER CENTER / PHOENIXCPhTCRSCenter ManagerChat Lead- RepresentativeChat Team/Email ResponseChewy StudioChewy Studio employeeChewy pharmacyClerkCompensation SpecialistConsolidationCross trainedCustomer AdvocateCustomer AppreciationCustomer SpecialistCycle CounterCycle countsDa boul Data Warehouse EngineerDepartment HeadDistribution AssociateDock SupervisorDriver TrainerElectrical TechnicianEmployeesEquiptment operatoinsEverythingExecutive ProducerExempt LeaderFC leadershipFLOFactory WorkerFinancial Analyst InternFlooring SpecialistFood TechnologistForfillment ExperyForklift LoaderFraud AnalystFreight Team AssociateFront Desk AgentGruntHRAHealth Care AdvisorHealthcare Customer Service RepresentativeHome Health AideI did whatever I wantedINBOUNDIT SupportIT TechnicianIdentity adminIn bound workerInbound/ inductInbound/outboundInboundsInsiderInstructorInternInventory AuditorInventroy Control LeadIve done evrything thereLead Lead ConsultantLead Generation SpecialistLead RecruiterLeadershipLearning SpecialistLearning and Development CoordinatorLeasing AgentLine LeadLine OperatorLoader OperatorLogistic CoordinatorMarketing ManagerMaterial SpecialistMerchandiserMultisNPS Network EngineerNon inventoryNoneNone yetNothing specialNothing yetOBOffice ManagerOffice WorkerOperation LeadOrder AdministratorOrder ProcessorOtherOutbound Customer Service RepresentativeOutbound slaveOwner Operator DriverPKPackagerPayroll SpecialistPersonal Development CoachPersonal ShopperPhoto AssociatePickedPkPrefer not to sayProcess LeadProcessorProcurement AnalystProcurement SpecialistProducerPullerQuality Assurance EngineerQuality Control InspectorRUN VERY FASTReceptionist/Administrative AssistantRecruiting CoordinatorRepresentativeResearcherRide OperatorSMESafety CoordinatorSales Support RepresentativeSales and Marketing ManagerScannerSelf EmployedSenior ArtistSenior DeveloperSenior Engineering ManagerSenior ManagerSenior Operations ManagerSenior Recruiting SpecialistSenior Sales ExecutiveSenior Software EngineerShift LeaderShift ManagerSite Reliability EngineerSlpcSoftware ArchitectSpecial Materials ExpertStageStocker/ReceiverStore ShopperStylistSubject Matter ExpertSuperintendentSupply Chain SpecialistSupply RepresentativeTraineeTraining SpecialistTraining SupervisorUnder apprecatedUnloaderVideo ManagerVideographerWarehoiaeWarehouse ManagerWarehouse WorkWarehouse/DriverWhatever they want you for that dayWorked on scooter lifting heavy dog food.Workforce ManagerWorks ManagerWriting TeamWriting Team Writing teamchewycorporatefacility workergruntnanoneyaproblem solving unknownwearhouse workerwriting team

Overall Reviews at Chewy

Customer Service Representative | Louisville, KY | Apr 5, 2019
Louisville Chewy
So I'm going to start from the very beginning up to current employment with Chewy. I found the Chewy CSR pharmacy technician position on indeed and walked in as they were doing open interviews. I had an interview on the spot and was offered the job. You are required to drug test and have a background test. I'm guessing as many people who work for Chewy smoke marijuana, that chewy is a THC friendly company as long as you're a responsible adult and do not come to work high or smelling of pot. I have a clean background so I'm not sure if they are background friendly or not. The base pay coming in is $13.50 which I would say is pretty good pay for such a simple job. Once you are offered the position (which can take some time, my background check took almost 3 weeks due to some issues with miscommunication about a name change), you will have a week of training. A lot of the training is shadowing current agents with time spent in the training room learning. Pay attention to everything and take notes if you're not the type to retain very well. Ask tons of questions. Your last day of training is throwing you to the sharks. You are out on the floor, usually placed near stronger agents who can help at any point. 95% of the agents are friendly and will help if you have a question. In training they will explain your benefits package (health, dental, vision, 401k, etc). Coming in, you will not know what schedule you will be working until the latter part of your training week. If the sch
ProsFree catering, easy, laid back, benefits, tons of overtime
ConsShort lunch, desk sharing, bugs
Fulfillment Associate | Ocala, FL | May 23, 2020
Golden apple at first but turned to ash the moment i tasted it......
Before i start this review is mainly directed at receiving and HR, more so towards the former. At first I was extremely excited after the interviewing process which showed the very clean and organized warehouse. There was a flow there which i haven't seen before and with nearly 7-8 years working warehouse its an extreme rarity. The interviewing process left me feeling excited and proud to soon to be working along with such positive people in a pristine workplace. However i didn't take notice of the actual workers on the reach trucks, and mini scooters, or in receiving and shipping. I didn't notice the exhausted anger sad and overall morose faces of all the bottom of the totem pole workers. That was the first warning sign to stay away but i ignored it because i had the naive notion "I'd do better" or "it'll be better" since i was so impressed by the warehouse's appearance. Now to quickly cover the following month before my first ever injury on the job which lead me to see the real arrogance and extreme prejudice this company's employees exhibit mainly referring to the leads, manager and supervisors as well as all of HR and the so called double face "safety team" as well as some employees who are befriended by those i mention. The first month was amazing due to my rose tinned glasses. I excelled quickly by being crossed trained on several machine such as the reach truck and a few scanners and several areas all around receiving. I had a wonderful beginning relations with managem
Customer Service Representative | Hollywood, CA | Sep 28, 2020
Not worth it
This job is probably great for someone who just got out of high school. For the rest of us who have long term goals, stay away. When I started here, Chewy wasn't bought out yet, and the original CEO was still here. It was a fun place to work, and now it's all ugly corporate and fakeness. As an adult, you wouldn't think that you would still need permission to use the bathroom after you've used up your two 15 minute breaks in an 8 1/2 hour shift. Depending on where you were sitting in the building, it may take you half of a break just to find a bathroom to use and get back to your desk. Same thing with your half an hour lunch. It's not a full half an hour to eat, and honestly, it's not even worth it to try and eat sometimes. From a company that "promotes within", you're more likely to get stuck as a lead or a supervisor, and there's probably no where to go from there. A lot of people from other companies have been hired to fill in the higher positions, and I imagine they don't plan to leave anytime soon. Depending on your position, you also max out at $2 more that what your starting pay is after 3 years. At a base position, you'll most likely max out at $13-$15, and there's no way to get a raise unless you move up to become a lead. At this rate, everyone will be looking to move up, and there aren't that many positions open, so good luck with that. Again, great for someone fresh out of high school, not ideal for those living in expensive south Florida that have a family or ne
ProsThere are very few people who work here that actually care
ConsLiterally everything else.
Fulfillment Associate | Dallas, TX | Aug 22, 2019
Good pay, Decent hours, Too many employees, management is partial
(speaking for the Dallas fulfillment center) You have to tough it out through the interview process, get there EARLY like a hour early. the line gets very long and they only have a limited amount of hire spots to give out on any given event. so you could wait for 5 hrs to get to the recruiter and find out they are turning you away because they are full. a friend of mine was told the ''system went down'' so they would call him back when really the recruiter marked him as a ''no hire'' so he had to wait 30 days before re-applying. it was a nightmare because he went to 3 diff hieing events just to find that out at the 3rd one that he wouldn't be hired. Starting pay is 14.00 per hour, they have a scale where you get a raise at 30 days,60,90,120 and a year markers. without getting any forklift license at your max year with your max raise i believe it was 17.30 per hour. forklift,cherry picker license class would give you a extra .40 cents on your current rate. They pay weekly via direct deposit, your first check is short a week, and your first check is a paper pickup one. There Order Selector, Packing, Shipping,Incoming Order Selector is where everyone generally starts, you get a wrist computer and a little cart trike thing and you get a cart with boxes and bar codes on them. you scan the cart, it tells you what aisle and bay to go to and how many of that item to get and what box to put it all in, then the next one, over and over until you get done and go take it to
Customer Service Representative | Hollywood, FL | Feb 8, 2021
Solid Workplace But Not Great
Chewy is an okay workplace that used to have a great culture, but has been going down the last year or so. At the heart of it, it's a call center, so you'll mostly be taking incoming calls from customers. Chewy does a fantastic job of training people. It's two weeks of intensive work, but if you pay attention and take good notes, you'll be fine. The work itself in the general CS queue is typical inbound stuff. Much of it will be processing returns, answering product questions, or helping people who can't navigate the website. Calls are not strictly timed, so you aren't penalized if a customer needs a lot of help so long as you leave good notes. It can be pretty repetitive, but at the core it is not hard work. There are also a number of specialty teams, such as Writing Team that does email and live chats, another that handles prescription food orders, one that handles out-of-stock and inventory issues that agents can potentially go to, but these don't offer any additional pay or benefits other than potentially a different schedule. Advancement to upper levels is limited, and carries with it little increase in pay or other perks. The company is 24/7/365, so there are a wide variety of potential schedules. For the major holidays, the company pays double time if you work those days. You get 80 hours of PTO a year but unpaid and sick time is limited to 40 hours every 6 months. Most positions are working from home for the foreseeable future, so make sure you have a good internet
Pros20% Employee Discount; 15-Minute Paid Breaks; Overtime Opportunities; Holiday Pay
ConsLimited Time Off; Mediocre Work-Life Balance; 24/7/365 - No Holidays Off
Human Resources Assistant | Edgerton, KS | Dec 10, 2020
“Fulfillment Center” is everything but fulfilling
The insurance benefits are amazing. Fellow employees are easy to build rapport with. Parking is free and the water machines work about sixty percent of the time. Junior managers genuinely care about their staff and will work with the right HR person to keep the company from screwing over an employee. They gave temporary raises during the pandemic and paid COVID leave. This could be a good opportunity if warehousing is something you want to make a career out of as this location is a launch site. Work life balance can be abysmal. Managers take advantage of employees who need overtime and grind them to the ground. 60-hour weeks are part of the culture and even support staff are forced overtime during peak. Vacation is a joke; two weeks for a few years and good luck being able to take it. You work weekends and holidays so you’ll have to explain to your kids that you’ll miss soccer games, school plays and Thanksgiving because customers “need” pet supplies in two days or else Rover’s world will be shattered. The schedules for back half days sound like a bad joke - they start at either 4:30am or 5am. Keep in mind that the “fulfillment center” is located about 35 minutes from the city so employees have to wake up in the middle of the night to come to work and drive forklifts for 10-12 hours. Senior management is overtly self-serving. I’m not sure how operations managers can justify not coming in on weekends or early mornings and letting junior managers and a new HR person fen
ProsFree parking, insurance benefits are sweet
ConsWacky schedules, management
Customer Service Representative | Dallas, TX | Dec 6, 2019
Chewy's redeeming quality tends to be the people
I'm going to make this review as honest and fair as possible. When I was first hired on at Chewy, it wasn't that long into the call center being open back in August 2018, so keep that in mind. Training: The training is fairly strict. If you miss a day, you have to start completely over and there's no guarantee you'll be hired again. There were tests you had to take and lots of information to take in, but it doesn't prepare you 100% for what it's like on the floor. It's more intimate and you can build some relationships during this, but it's harder once you're on the phones. It can be a pretty fun environment and I enjoyed it. On the floor: I was only on phones for 2 weeks before being promoted. This was when there were fewer people on the email team and the chat team was only recently formed, so don't get your hopes up on moving. The email team still has to answer calls if there's overflow, but the chat team is exempt since the conversations are live. Make sure you make your goals known, that way they are taken into account. The calls are pretty back to back and there's a fairly high volume of live conversations, so on calls and chats, there isn't much time to get bored. Pros: - Customers are generally nice and appreciative - Insurance benefits - Getting to see people's cute pet pictures or hearing cute pet stories - Happy hour every other Friday, and you'll have a happy hour land on your training "graduation". You can also drink at your desk during happy
Customer Service Representative | Hollywood, FL | Apr 28, 2022
Very positive, youthful, and friendly culture with 100% emphasis on customer service.
I absolutely LOVED the culture at Chewy. Everyone is always super nice and helpful. There's so many resources to utilize when something seems confusing, or to answer questions customers may have or more information about an aspect within Chewy itself. Unfortunately, my ENTIRE time there was during the pandemic so all my work was remote and I never got to experience the absolute best parts of working at Chewy: the parties! But seriously... every week or every other week there's an hour where you can go to the lunch room and be given BEER! to DRINK! And pizza, music, etc. There's also the opportunity to bring your pet to work with you sometimes! Another perk is when it gets really hectic like around cyber Monday, several professional masseuses are brought in to go around massaging the employees necks and upper backs as they're working! What other company provides all this for their employees??? Besides all that fun stuff, there's amazing monetary incentives for working overtime such as bonuses on top of over time pay (up to $200 weekly)! The kudos system is pretty awesome too. Every month every employee gets 800 "kudos points" to give out to fellow co-workers that they feel has done an exemplary job at something, or for no reason at all even, haha. The cool part is that the points translate to real life currency and you can actually buy stuff with them (prizes range from pens to bicycles to tote bags to coolers and speakers, etc.) The benefits were pretty rad as well; just
ProsPTO, automatic raises every 6 months, if you're not doing something right, there's extensive attempts to help you before any kind of punishment, the physical location is awesome and high-tech, events outside of work where there's free stuff, weekly overtime raffles, daily fun activities on the site for employees, daily team meetings where you express anything you want to your team and socialize
ConsDealing with pet medication can be a pain sometimes, a lot of people at the pharmacy SUCK, 2 week training you'll feel rushed and terrified to first get on the phones but u get used to it, implemented stricter PTO policy, sometimes changes you from your position without any notice or choice from you
Equipment Operator | Mechanicsburg, PA | Aug 4, 2017
They take more, want more, but give you less than ever. Then kick you.
Once you have been there for awhile you will see the terrible lack of empathy and appreciation chewy has for its employees. Pay cap after 2 years of service, You get 1$ more at .50 cents a year. No 401K match. No profit sharing. Health benefits are free but bad to say the least, payed for benefits are not much better. Breaks are short because of their view on what a break is, and they will write you up for it and fire you over being late, even for a couple mins. At the same time it's ok to talk about sports with a manager for 20mins(favoritism). Most chaotic and dangerous place i have ever worked or seen. Always and injury or a accident weekly. Forklifts and foot traffic are working in the same space all day. I mean like within 1 foot of each other. Very little PIT or PPE (including fall arrester and harness for lifts) would pass a real inspection most is damaged or is ripped. They just this year(2017) went around and just wrote on the empty inspection tags that they were inspected and passed. Torn and ripped harness and fall arresters pass??? Did I mention that this equipment as been in use since as early as 2014. This all shows how much Chewy really cares about saving a few bucks over real employee safety. There is no room for you to move up unless you want to play their games and be a yes man. Oh and the security they have there isn't for your safety or to stop theft. It's there to make sure you can't take pictures of their horrible work place. Ther
ProsSomeday you won't work there.
ConsHearing "SAFTEY FIRST" every day.
Specialist | Clayton, IN | Jun 7, 2016
Fast Growing, Innovative, Rewarding and Fun
The people who work here are awesome, talented and innovative, respected and respectful, decent and a hard/smart working group. Though not all suggestions are taken as a whole and ran with (unless they are REALLY awesome which is rare - cmon, you know that's true), a collective of similar suggestions from you and your team to solve issues are often pieced together to come up with an equitable solution, which benefits the process and the people who perform it. This really builds a sense of community and teamwork for those who care about what they do here. On the flip side...if you are the type of person who requires more than your good work to speak for itself, if you require praise for everything you do to gratify and/or glorify yourself and if you use these as measures of your self worth, you should apply elsewhere because Chewy will not coddle you and will not build on falseness. Now this doesn't mean Chewy won't recognize good work, but don't expect to get praise, raises or promotions by just being present and doing your minimum assigned task - no one is "entitled" to anything and everything is earned. Just as longevity and seniority are not (or are very small) factors to promotion at Chewy, you keep what you earn. You will earn everything from praise to criticism and how you react to both is a measure of character as it should be; humility and openness to feedback are necessary for your success at Chewy (or any job for that matter). Chewy serves the needs of its p
ProsYour job, good or bad, is what you make it.
ConsBreaks are short, but it makes the day feel short too so its a wash.

Questions And Answers about Chewy

What is the best part of working at Chewy?
Asked Nov 24, 2019
Weekly paychecks
Answered Jun 1, 2022
Absolutely nothing
Answered May 16, 2022
What advice would you give the CEO of Chewy about how to improve it?
Asked Jun 12, 2017
Bring all movex vehicles and wearable terminals up to par so that each employee would have decent equipment to work with. The tape line at the fulfillment center in Ocala. Would work more efficiently if rolled paper could be used, instead of bundled, glued paper. It's a great company. It would be nice if a game could be developed using the features of what done to collect products from the mods.
Answered Mar 15, 2022
Employees should be allowed to listen to music while completing certain tasks. It can feel like you are going insane when you are trying to make sure you hit the required rate and have nothing but your thoughts to truly listen to.
Answered Dec 29, 2021
Do they drug test?
Asked May 17, 2017
Yes they drug test with swab testing 2021 just went today and glad they do
Answered Feb 8, 2021
I worked for the Louisville site as a Pharmacy Tech. Was never tested, even on hire. Asked about it because every job I’ve ever had has drug tested. They said no, we only test if there is a suspicion.
Answered Feb 1, 2021
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Chewy a better place to work?
Asked Aug 13, 2017
Offer VTO to all employees so it would be first to call in gets it not show favoritism offering it to the same people all the time. That type of attitude makes me want to quit working for Chewy
Answered Mar 10, 2021
Stop falsely advertising sign on bonuses( that is not what it is), talking about caring about employees wellbeing, and saying you have the opportunity to advance unless you're going to follow through. Also management that knows what they are doing and aren't basically children with authority would be nice.
Answered Jan 28, 2021
What is the work environment and culture like at Chewy?
Asked Mar 16, 2017
Straight forward work assignments. Simple to use equipment
Answered Feb 14, 2022
You're easy to replace.
Answered Jan 27, 2022