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Overall Reviews at Chewy

Customer Service Representative | Dallas, TX | Jan 6, 2019
It's lovely, I'm just not the right person for the job.
My typical day for my 8-4:30 shift is waking up at five am. My commute is an hour there, maybe more so I have to leave early just to make sure I'm not a minute late. Not too bad, my mom did it for years and Chewy is pretty strict on punctuality. So I get in, they have an amazing coffee machine, a nice little break room. The break room is the only place in the call center you can have your cell phone, which is good. Security for customer's credit cards, you know. Then you hit the floor, and I should've asked this in the interview what calls were like. Because they were non stop, you have to maintain the pace. You can never put a customer on hold, you have to keep talking to them and notating as you're trying to assist them. The moment you're out of training, you're on your own. It's a never ending onslaught of calls, and no breaks until you're designated 15s or your 30. I get they don't want customers on hold because it's annoying but the never ending slew of calls is so taxing. If you're not prepared to answer calls and manage everything entirely on your own first day out of your training period when it feels like a mad dash just to try and get everything done, then this likely isn't for you. I thought I could personally handle it, but everyday I'm waking with a knot in my stomach. I cry on my way to work and sit in my car before I have to go in and just debate going home. Because is it worth it? The strain on my mental health is already overwhelming. Training didn't...more
Prosfair pay, benefits, amazing work environment, extremely understanding
Consextremely fast paced, no pauses allowed aside from breaks, long commute
Customer Service Representative | Hollywood, FL | Sep 7, 2019
Poor excuse for a company.
Out of all of the companies I’ve had the pleasure to work for Chewy was by far one of the worst. From poor communication between CSRs and Management to just plain miscommuncation overall. Chewy had a great tedency to make themselves seem like the good guys despite all of the suspicious practices throughout my short employement with them, as another Reviewer mentioned earlier “don’t drink the Chewy koolaid!” The company tends to lend a lot of practices from Amazon in terms of discreteness and just overall suspect activity. Management doesn’t know how to communicate with one and other, from Hollywood Florida to Dallas Texas call centers and distribution facilities. Even ridiculous things used as scare tactics to each CSR, I was also treated very poorly by the Development Team manager for lack of knowledge, which is quite ironic to say the very least. When I was in the training we were required to shadow other people’s real time calls, when i did so the CSR i was shadowing told me to leave Chewy because its just like High School, he described it as a “cool kids club” and informed me that “after 6 months Management stops caring about you unless you mess up.” I thought perhaps it was one bad apple in the bunch but within my 2 week training I shadowed about 10 different CSRs and 6 of them told me eerily similar stories. After experiencing the “cool kids club” do their thing with lack of care of CSRs unless something was mentioned on Social Media. Most entry level jobs with a Custom...more
ProsOT almost always available, great pay for an entry level job
ConsPoor communication. Lack of job security unless you move up the corporate ladder
Warehouse Worker | Wilkes-Barre, PA | Sep 23, 2019
In Need of A Lot of Improvement
My year at Chewy Fulfillment (at my location) has been ... okay and now I have to move on. Verbs that I can use to describe my time there are - frustrating, overwhelming, tried, stressful, enjoyable/fun (with co-workers), helpful (with co-workers and bark-buddies). I HOPE Chewy gets better over the years. At my particular location, this is where I'll focus my review on, area and floor managers where too young, thus lacking the skills and understanding that an older seasoned manager could bring to a work environment. In fact, many that I saw there, from HR to bark buddies, where young (from ages 20 to 35). The isles were too narrow to dive your MoveXX, to park, pick and load. And god forbid, when you had the pick and load the side that was close to the bay/isles. It was a real struggle. Equipments, such as the MoveXX and wrist scanner were either (or both), worn-out and failing, which ate away at your rate. Equipment battery were either failing or not fully charged. There were NO department/crew members that were in charged of cleaning and repairing these (listed above) equipments. Therefore, comes winter and germs in full season, you are most likely to get sick from lack of sanitizing equipments. It was suppose to be "climate control", but the A/C was never on full, so it was always warm to very warm. ONLY a small numbers of fans (much more is needed on the floor). I was always hot and at times, a feverish hot sweaty messy feeling - hard to put into words. Limited amo...more
ProsDecent Pay, Helpful Awesome Co-workers
ConsEquipment failure, Used/Worn-out equipment that needs replace, too many young managers
Pharmacy Technician | Louisville, KY | Feb 15, 2019
Misleading, unorganized, stressful work environment.
Complete sham from the interview. The pharmacy was recently opened in Louisville, Ky. Photos online of work environment was from a different center. The Louisville center was like a sweat shop. Over 200 employees per shift were crammed elbow to elbow on long tables with fans to keep people from passing out. Becoming sick is so bad it has it's own company name "chewbolia". Next came work site trailers, parking was so bad a second lot a 1/4 of a mile away was utilized, with a shuttle. Keep in mind this is a 24 hour facility with no lights or security at the second lot. In order to arrive and park on time for your shift you had to arrive at least 45 minutes early, Your seat was shared with the shift before you so you had to wait till they exited before you could even enter the trailer (how they passed a Fire Marshall inspection is beyond belief). Company policy was you couldn't be 1 minute late logged into your system for your shift or it was an occurrence Nor could you log in any earlier than 5 minutes before your shift. There are 9 programs you have to log into for your system. It was not possible to clock in on time in the environment the company provided, yet certain people received occurrences for clocking in late while others did not. Write ups would never be removed from your record,so one write up and you could never advance within the company. Schedules would change routinely, you received 3-4 days training, advancement is based on who likes you, no positions are p...more
ProsWorking with pet owners
ConsPoor benefit package, no organization
Customer Service Representative | Hollywood, FL | Sep 1, 2018
Good For Temporary Work
When I first started at Chewy there was promise of a great culture that fostered what it means to be an individual, but that is quite the opposite. They want their idea of individuality which they describe as being "Chewy," which basically means being friendly all the time (totally fine), but also includes sucking up and dealing with unfair and constantly changing rules. Recently Chewy has enforced that employees have clear bags, including lunch bags and materials, to be entered into the building as well as a metal detector as a means of becoming PCI compliant which is sometimes inconvenient because this leads to lines to even enter the building. Being part of the CAT Team is often unrewarding. They offer 10 hour set schedule shifts either 6-4:30pm or 4pm-2:30 am, which is a convenient and beneficial perk but neither shift communicates with each other during the overlay, and this often leads to frustration and conflict later on. Often supervisors and leads are not present to help with situations and are on their phones though other employees lower than them are subject to termination for doing the same thing. Chewy offers 0 raises for people in this department and if you are not hired as a CSR (Customer Service Rep.) or if they do not like you, you are not provided with the opportunity of moving up. I have been here for 4 months and 1 person hired WITH me has become a lead and 1 person hired AFTER me also became a lead though there are qualified individuals that have be...more
ProsBagel Monday/Break Room Advertisements, Set Schedule, Guaranteed 40 Hours, Medical/Dental/Vision/401K, Free Samples
ConsConstantly changing rules, Supervisors/Leads, Pay, Treatment, Advancement Opportunities do not exist unless for certain circumstances
Fulfillment Associate | Vandalia, OH | Feb 16, 2020
extremely poor management,lying,sabotage, dangerous work enviroment
PSA announcement to anyone considering employment at this place DON'T DO IT. Stay away from the Chewy at 3280 Lightner Road, Its a waste of time, energy, stress, and money. Oh trust me it's going to seem all fun and sunshiny at first but that farce will end very quickly believe me. First of all, they claim to be a place that welcomes the opportunity for growth, that's a lie, they pick and choose who they want to grow, its blatant favoritism, if they don't like you, you aren't moving up the corporate ladder period. Secondly, lack of transparency, the instant you walk in the door they'll immediately try to strong-arm you into driving a reach forklift truck. That's pretty much the only position they care about (depending on what department you're in). And if you don't get trained on that and if you get lucky enough to find a position you like working in, get luck staying there for long, they'll randomly pull you off and "cross-train" you on another piece of equipment and lie to you saying "Oh you can go back, we just need you cross-trained" LIES, once you get certified on something you're trapped there, period. Oh and they have this wonderful practice of TOT sheets (Time off Task) where basically you have to write down and record what happens every time you stop working for a single second. AND THEY ONLY DO THIS TO THE PEOPLE THEY WANT TO MESS WITH SO THEY CAN TERMINATE YOU!! That goes back to the favoritism. Oh did they mention that when they write you up, they ...more
ConsShort breaks, apathetic management poor pay, unsafe work enviroment
Pharmacy Technician | Louisville, KY | Feb 28, 2020
Respect yourself enough to stay away from Chewy and their bed bugs
When you start Chewy, you'll think WOW I have found an incredible job. I heard about the "chewy cult" and laughed it off but it is 100% a thing. They promote who they think they can control and fire those who even remotely go against they say. As time goes by, you'll start to realize how terrible this place is. At any company, of course, your performance needs to be at a high standard, however, at Chewy you will constantly be terribly harassed over your hourly and weekly stats but in meetings, they will tell you that they know their systems are incorrect and not to worry. But you can bet that they will write you up for it still. No member in leadership is on the same page. You can ask 10 different leads the same question and have 10 different answers. It's RIDICULOUS. There is no room to be promoted, so do not expect that walking through the door. And trust me, you do not want to be promoted. Leads barely get paid more but are constantly walked over like dogs and are dealing with hundreds of angry technicians. Management closes their eyes and pretends that it's not happening. The attendance policy is very weird. 3 occurrences in a rolling 30 days gets you a corrective action. Keep in mind that if you're 15-20 minutes late it's the same occurrence as missing the whole day. HR also picks and chooses when to accept doctors' notes. You can disclose a medical concern at the interview and they will still refuse your notes. They claim to have an "open bark policy" but if...more
ProsFree food once in a blue moon
Conspay, breaks
Pharmacy Technician | Louisville, KY | Oct 1, 2019
Don’t waste you time.
I will begin by saying when I first started this job it was AWESOME! They make promises and make it seem like they are very employee focused, but it’s not. You will get 1.54 hours of PTO per every 40 hours you work. If you work overtime that doesn’t give you any additional PTO time. They are in unlimited overtime (no more than 12 hours a day). They will tell you that you can miss up to 2 days every 30 days without getting into trouble, but the third day is a write up. They will tell you as long as you have a doctors note that it won’t really count, but then they will not accept you doctors note. They say it’s up to their discretion of what notes they accept. Now for management... the team leads never have the same information as another lead. You will ask each person a question and each will give you a different answer. They love to play favorites with the agents. For example, there’s no food or phones at you desk (or anywhere on carpet in the building) yet some leads send agents out to get them tacos on BREAK (which you’re not supposed to leave the property) then they’ll allow them to eat at their desk. Leads will sit at their desk and complain about about other agents right in front of everyone, no sense of being professional at all. They keep upping the incident goal, first it was 15 then 18 now 21. Don’t get me wrong, my hourly rate was between 54-67 an hour so it is possible but there are people who struggle. There is no communication at all. There is a huge BEDBUG issue...more
Customer Service Representative | Hollywood, FL | Jun 7, 2019
Went from the Best to the Absolute Worst
When this job first started for me, every single day I would come home and brag about the amazing people I worked with -- I would brag about the awesome people on the phone I spoke to and the encouragement we were given to be and grow ourselves and live in an entirely different world than I had ever experienced: one filled with positivity and individuality. I have absolutely no earthly clue how we came to this point. Since I started over a year ago, almost every single person who made this place great (and who had worked here for YEARS before me) has quit and moved on because they had the sense to leave before things became really terrible. Honestly, I feel like that *record scratch* meme where time stops and the person says "Yup, that's me. You're probably wondering how I got here" because every day here feels like I'm trudging through quicksand l until I get off. The management here is terrible because every single thing you do is horribly micromanaged and if not done exactly to their "My pleasure" lingo or done with your eyes glued to your screen like a robot, you get in trouble. As one of my coworkers described it, the Chewy way is now veiled threats behind kind smiles. The way punishment works here is that you have a First Warning, Second Warning, and a Final Warning and then you are fired. These warnings are also known as Corrective Actions. If you have 3 occurrences in a 30 day period, you get a Corrective Action (aka if you're late, miss work, etc). Rec...more
Fulfillment Associate | Dallas, TX | Aug 7, 2018
Overall okay secondary job
I’m a picker at chewys. I was able to train on different equipment. The job itself is really easy. Probably the easiest job I’ve ever had. I’m usually the top picker every night, whether I try to be or not. It doesn’t requirement much mental thought which is great for folks who are going to school or have a another job and just need extra income. They will train you on equipment if you’re willing. The job don’t pay much at all. But you can easily take the training they give you and move on to other warehouses who pay better. I came to this job because I could use the extra income while I focus on school. The bad part about this job is the people! Hands down. Can be very ghetto, even the leads are loud and ghetto at times. Plus they’re young so they’re still on the learning curve on how to communicate properly with team members. So it can be hard to respect them, honestly. If you’re hittting production rate, you won’t run into them often though. The production requiremen is very easy...especially if you had warehouse experience. The job standards are laughable. Like I said, I’m the top picker nearly every night whether I try to be or not. On the flip side, when we hit our production rates by the end of the month, leadership get a bonus. Not the pickers. Most warehouses rewards pickers more than leadership because the pickers are actually doing the work. It’s opposite at chewys. They have flexible shifts. Which is a huge plus if you have family, activities, school or a primar...more
ProsFlexible schedule, warehouse with a/c
ConsThe people, no real career

Questions And Answers about Chewy

What advice would you give the CEO of Chewy about how to improve it?
Asked Jun 12, 2017
I would definitely lower the pick and pack rates i think the movexx pick rate is fine but the pick rate and pack rate for doublewalkie drivers and Packers are too much for the pay there's much bigger stores that haveuch smaller items and for more pay there for the rateofpay should be 14.00 starting on every shift and if not then drop the pick and pack rates to at least 750 if not then lower.
Answered Mar 11, 2020
I think you should let dropout that have kids work here so they they don't grow to theifs or murder you have a lot dropout that needs job Ashley furniture Inc does that and that's how they replaced alot of staff the fired plus people need jobs if you coming to Salisbury you better give options cuz alot people need money bad down here
Answered Feb 14, 2020
Do they drug test?
Asked May 17, 2017
Yes they drug test. The top flight security is too much! You would think there's real drugs I'm at the Louisville location. News flash it's not! You aint got that type of security at Walgreens
Answered Oct 21, 2019
Mouth swabs are taken at hiring and at random, but only hard drugs other than weed are penalized. They recently fired a large group of people for weed use and hired them back due to such a large number of employees using it.
Answered Aug 21, 2019
What is the work environment and culture like at Chewy?
Asked Mar 16, 2017
This place is horrible. So many cliques but I didn't care because I would slap all of em simultaneously. They have the weirdest off the wall people I've ever encountered. There are so many tatted freaks and homos in charge it's like a circus.
Answered Oct 21, 2019
This place is absolutely Awful! Don’t go out on FMLA because you won’t have a job when you return!
Answered Jul 13, 2019
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Chewy a better place to work?
Asked Aug 13, 2017
You should give everyone a chance just crossed them off the list if there a no show save you time and money point blank
Answered Feb 14, 2020
Listen to your employees, we have great ideas. If you would pay by performance and work ethic, it would encourage people to try harder. Hire people that know how to do that job, not outside college grads that have no idea what a warehouse job is. More praise instead of just telling at us when we make an error. Chewy will fail if you don't get out in the warehouse and see what is going on.
Answered Feb 7, 2020
Do they do a saliva or urine drug test?
Asked Apr 20, 2017
In Reno it was urine for me and another friend on 12/12/19. 5 panel, including Marijuana. However this marijuana testing BS ends in a little over two weeks in the State of Nevada! The only exception is if you are tested for federal positions or positions where safety is a concern such as driving. But yeah... Next month it will be a 4 panel test, not 5.
Answered Dec 14, 2019
Urine drug test for Vandalia ohio location
Answered Apr 28, 2019