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Chewy Reviews

Customer Service Representative Reviews at Chewy in Hollywood, FL

Customer Service Representative | Hollywood, FL | Feb 8, 2021
Solid Workplace But Not Great
Chewy is an okay workplace that used to have a great culture, but has been going down the last year or so. At the heart of it, it's a call center, so you'll mostly be taking incoming calls from customers. Chewy does a fantastic job of training people. It's two weeks of intensive work, but if you pay attention and take good notes, you'll be fine. The work itself in the general CS queue is typical inbound stuff. Much of it will be processing returns, answering product questions, or helping people who can't navigate the website. Calls are not strictly timed, so you aren't penalized if a customer needs a lot of help so long as you leave good notes. It can be pretty repetitive, but at the core it is not hard work. There are also a number of specialty teams, such as Writing Team that does email and live chats, another that handles prescription food orders, one that handles out-of-stock and inventory issues that agents can potentially go to, but these don't offer any additional pay or benefits other than potentially a different schedule. Advancement to upper levels is limited, and carries with it little increase in pay or other perks. The company is 24/7/365, so there are a wide variety of potential schedules. For the major holidays, the company pays double time if you work those days. You get 80 hours of PTO a year but unpaid and sick time is limited to 40 hours every 6 months. Most positions are working from home for the foreseeable future, so make sure you have a good internet
Pros20% Employee Discount; 15-Minute Paid Breaks; Overtime Opportunities; Holiday Pay
ConsLimited Time Off; Mediocre Work-Life Balance; 24/7/365 - No Holidays Off
Customer Service Representative | Hollywood, FL | Apr 28, 2022
Very positive, youthful, and friendly culture with 100% emphasis on customer service.
I absolutely LOVED the culture at Chewy. Everyone is always super nice and helpful. There's so many resources to utilize when something seems confusing, or to answer questions customers may have or more information about an aspect within Chewy itself. Unfortunately, my ENTIRE time there was during the pandemic so all my work was remote and I never got to experience the absolute best parts of working at Chewy: the parties! But seriously... every week or every other week there's an hour where you can go to the lunch room and be given BEER! to DRINK! And pizza, music, etc. There's also the opportunity to bring your pet to work with you sometimes! Another perk is when it gets really hectic like around cyber Monday, several professional masseuses are brought in to go around massaging the employees necks and upper backs as they're working! What other company provides all this for their employees??? Besides all that fun stuff, there's amazing monetary incentives for working overtime such as bonuses on top of over time pay (up to $200 weekly)! The kudos system is pretty awesome too. Every month every employee gets 800 "kudos points" to give out to fellow co-workers that they feel has done an exemplary job at something, or for no reason at all even, haha. The cool part is that the points translate to real life currency and you can actually buy stuff with them (prizes range from pens to bicycles to tote bags to coolers and speakers, etc.) The benefits were pretty rad as well; just
ProsPTO, automatic raises every 6 months, if you're not doing something right, there's extensive attempts to help you before any kind of punishment, the physical location is awesome and high-tech, events outside of work where there's free stuff, weekly overtime raffles, daily fun activities on the site for employees, daily team meetings where you express anything you want to your team and socialize
ConsDealing with pet medication can be a pain sometimes, a lot of people at the pharmacy SUCK, 2 week training you'll feel rushed and terrified to first get on the phones but u get used to it, implemented stricter PTO policy, sometimes changes you from your position without any notice or choice from you
Customer Service Representative | Hollywood, FL | Jul 16, 2018
Toxic company culture, apply at your own risk
I've worked at this company for 2+ years as a CSR. Chewy has gotten larger since I've started and is still growing at this rate. Seeing their commercials now make my stomach violently turn. That being said, when you're dealing with a "start-up" you have to deal with the constant changes. The reasoning ends there however. Never have I dealt with such incompetent "trainers" and "management" (millenials with no experience) leading this company as they have no clue what's going on and will only feed you lies. Every change that occurs is vaguely mentioned and that's only after they hold you accountable. Their company culture is very toxic and what they feed you at training is a stone cold lie. I've worked a variety of jobs before Chewy and still somehow bought into their fakeness. I started as a very happy individual and it left me nothing but a shell of my former self in the end. I had a nervous breakdown near the end and had to quit as I couldn't take it anymore. I was so unhappy. There are NO raises and no opportunities (UNLESS you're a HUGE BROWN NOSER) as this place only rewards throwing people under the bus. They will say one thing and then do another..Just really unorganized chaos and unprofessionalism all across the board. I've made great marks as a CSR as I had everything down pat and they still wouldn't provide me the opportunity to just make a LATERAL move. That's it, I wasn't even asking for a raise and they still denied me while they gave me a differen
ProsOccasional freebies, if you get to get away from the phones in the right moment
ConsShort breaks, toxic company culture, unprofessional management, GENERIC CALL CENTER, no raises, disorganization
Customer Service Representative | Hollywood, FL | May 19, 2020
Save yourself
Worst job experience I've ever had. Mind you, I'm not usually one to write reviews, but i feel it necessary to share my experience here for others to see before they consider working for their company. Chewy may appear fun and welcoming from the outside looking in, but once you get hired you'll quickly realize how dysfunctional and inhumane they are. From the very beginning, they attempt to encourage you by telling you about all the opportunities to grow, but fail to mention the game of favoritism that plays a part in it. The employees in lead and management positions could care less about anyone in a lower position. The trainers treat you like high school students rather than professionals, or even adults. Not to mention their unreasonable policy on attendance. You literally can not show up even a minute late without coming for your neck. Now don't get me wrong, I don't find it necessary for employers to be extremely flexible with their attendance policy, however Chewy takes it to another level. They warn you that if you miss a single day during training, you'll be terminated and told to reapply for the position so that you "don't miss out on everything you need to know" Which in most cases in understandable. However in a situation like mine where an emergency was out of my control, I was still told to leave the company and attempt to reapply, even though i had call center experience and made it through majority of training already. And to elaborate on the trainers some more
Customer Service Representative | Hollywood, FL | Sep 7, 2019
Poor excuse for a company.
Out of all of the companies I’ve had the pleasure to work for Chewy was by far one of the worst. From poor communication between CSRs and Management to just plain miscommuncation overall. Chewy had a great tedency to make themselves seem like the good guys despite all of the suspicious practices throughout my short employement with them, as another Reviewer mentioned earlier “don’t drink the Chewy koolaid!” The company tends to lend a lot of practices from Amazon in terms of discreteness and just overall suspect activity. Management doesn’t know how to communicate with one and other, from Hollywood Florida to Dallas Texas call centers and distribution facilities. Even ridiculous things used as scare tactics to each CSR, I was also treated very poorly by the Development Team manager for lack of knowledge, which is quite ironic to say the very least. When I was in the training we were required to shadow other people’s real time calls, when i did so the CSR i was shadowing told me to leave Chewy because its just like High School, he described it as a “cool kids club” and informed me that “after 6 months Management stops caring about you unless you mess up.” I thought perhaps it was one bad apple in the bunch but within my 2 week training I shadowed about 10 different CSRs and 6 of them told me eerily similar stories. After experiencing the “cool kids club” do their thing with lack of care of CSRs unless something was mentioned on Social Media. Most entry level jobs with a Custom
ProsOT almost always available, great pay for an entry level job
ConsPoor communication. Lack of job security unless you move up the corporate ladder
Customer Service Representative | Hollywood, FL | Jul 29, 2021
Not for Mentally unstable People
I basically want to start off by saying that I was there 5 weeks I think. I don’t trust easily and I look at details and try to see what is behind the scenes. I should have notice the red flags but the thing was that I had heard really good reviews from my friend. And now I understand why the company is the way it is, 1st red flag- they are hiring like crazy kept people come in every week 2nd - everyone is really nice I feel like ur trainers are basically trained to say scripted lines trying to sugarcoat things and try to overlook the fact that the job is horrible. They had u on the phone for 24/7 u were not allowed to have a little bit of time off u were under immense pressure bc u were expected to finish the notes of the call while being on the call with the cst I understand bc ur at home and they don’t see u and people take advantage of it but ur expectation was to be seated at that computer those 8 hrs of ur shift They are very nice and sweet and understanding on purpose bc they know that so many people leave Lastly this job is not impossible it can be done is just that is not for people with mental issues, I have anxiety and depression and this job those 5 weeks brought out things that I had never felt before in my life so. I wish they could have been more transparent abt it instead of sugarcoating everything. But u will get yelled at at least once a day, insulted and blame for things that are not ur problem and ITS YOU who is supposed to deal with it. THEY traine
ProsReally nice
ConsDo not care abt ur mental state
Customer Service Representative | Hollywood, FL | Sep 1, 2018
Good For Temporary Work
When I first started at Chewy there was promise of a great culture that fostered what it means to be an individual, but that is quite the opposite. They want their idea of individuality which they describe as being "Chewy," which basically means being friendly all the time (totally fine), but also includes sucking up and dealing with unfair and constantly changing rules. Recently Chewy has enforced that employees have clear bags, including lunch bags and materials, to be entered into the building as well as a metal detector as a means of becoming PCI compliant which is sometimes inconvenient because this leads to lines to even enter the building. Being part of the CAT Team is often unrewarding. They offer 10 hour set schedule shifts either 6-4:30pm or 4pm-2:30 am, which is a convenient and beneficial perk but neither shift communicates with each other during the overlay, and this often leads to frustration and conflict later on. Often supervisors and leads are not present to help with situations and are on their phones though other employees lower than them are subject to termination for doing the same thing. Chewy offers 0 raises for people in this department and if you are not hired as a CSR (Customer Service Rep.) or if they do not like you, you are not provided with the opportunity of moving up. I have been here for 4 months and 1 person hired WITH me has become a lead and 1 person hired AFTER me also became a lead though there are qualified individuals that have be
ProsBagel Monday/Break Room Advertisements, Set Schedule, Guaranteed 40 Hours, Medical/Dental/Vision/401K, Free Samples
ConsConstantly changing rules, Supervisors/Leads, Pay, Treatment, Advancement Opportunities do not exist unless for certain circumstances
Customer Service Representative | Hollywood, FL | Jun 7, 2019
Went from the Best to the Absolute Worst
When this job first started for me, every single day I would come home and brag about the amazing people I worked with -- I would brag about the awesome people on the phone I spoke to and the encouragement we were given to be and grow ourselves and live in an entirely different world than I had ever experienced: one filled with positivity and individuality. I have absolutely no earthly clue how we came to this point. Since I started over a year ago, almost every single person who made this place great (and who had worked here for YEARS before me) has quit and moved on because they had the sense to leave before things became really terrible. Honestly, I feel like that *record scratch* meme where time stops and the person says "Yup, that's me. You're probably wondering how I got here" because every day here feels like I'm trudging through quicksand l until I get off. The management here is terrible because every single thing you do is horribly micromanaged and if not done exactly to their "My pleasure" lingo or done with your eyes glued to your screen like a robot, you get in trouble. As one of my coworkers described it, the Chewy way is now veiled threats behind kind smiles. The way punishment works here is that you have a First Warning, Second Warning, and a Final Warning and then you are fired. These warnings are also known as Corrective Actions. If you have 3 occurrences in a 30 day period, you get a Corrective Action (aka if you're late, miss work, etc). Rec
Customer Service Representative | Hollywood, FL | May 9, 2019
Awesome place to work
So as best as i can... Chewy is an awesome place to work. You can basically come as you are and do your job and go home. Almost weekly you get gifts from retailers that are pretty cool. Leads are cool if you are new. If you have been there a while you can say they go on a little power trip thats true too. Managers to me are awsome people but you see and interact with them more in training and in the break room, after that its just when they are walking by and im on the phone. I honestly have never had a job that the customers compliments you so much. I love Chewys overall concept and how they teach you to make their customers feel appreciated. Things i know chewy can and should do better at would first be breaks. To how big and spread out the wonderful workspace is that 15 min lack of a better word just cant work. While everything else in the office space is built around new and fun and different... corporate America shows in that 15 min panic and rush your agents have to go thru builds the angst right up. You rush and constantly worry about if the system is up for you to log back in. If we are so open why dont you assign us an hour for us to manage breaks and lunch? Come up with an incentive plan. People leave chewy because the pay is low to just enough. If you dont burn out overtime (when available) your pay will be low.. with overtime it will be just enough to fund yourself for the next week. The majority of the people i spoke with have a chewy account, but very rarely o
ProsMerch from company and wholesalers
ConsBreaks, pay
Customer Service Representative | Hollywood, FL | Jan 6, 2019
Their way or the Highway
Chewy is by far the worst company I have ever worked for! Not only is it very stressful, you're constantly being micromanaged and you have people above you that have no idea what they're doing. It's full of entitled, full of themselves, 20-30 something-year-olds walking around like they're better than anyone. Oh, and if you're not buddy-buddy with someone in management good luck trying to move up or trying to get a raise that you deserve! They have no type of consideration for their employees. For example, if you're sick, had a death in the family, or anything extream like that you better know how to predict it a year in advance and let them know ASAP because if you try to call out or show up late they do not accept any "excuses", not even a doctor's note. They're constantly moving your workstation around (like on a daily basis) and tell you that you need to be more open to change. They also have the slowest loading computers so if you have never sat at that desk before you better show up to work 30 min early and pray the computer loads on time for you to clock in or they will consider you late (even if they saw you walk in, and sit down way before your shift started). The amount of things they give away for free to customers is why customers are SO RUDE because they are spoiled and entitled. Yet the company wonders why they don't profit any money, yet get over 10k new customers a day. You are only given 30 mins for lunch which IS NOT enough time to do anything (escape from
ProsFree pet supplies
ConsEverything else

Questions And Answers about Chewy

What is the best part of working at Chewy?
Asked Nov 24, 2019
Weekly paychecks
Answered Jun 1, 2022
Absolutely nothing
Answered May 16, 2022
What advice would you give the CEO of Chewy about how to improve it?
Asked Jun 12, 2017
Bring all movex vehicles and wearable terminals up to par so that each employee would have decent equipment to work with. The tape line at the fulfillment center in Ocala. Would work more efficiently if rolled paper could be used, instead of bundled, glued paper. It's a great company. It would be nice if a game could be developed using the features of what done to collect products from the mods.
Answered Mar 15, 2022
Employees should be allowed to listen to music while completing certain tasks. It can feel like you are going insane when you are trying to make sure you hit the required rate and have nothing but your thoughts to truly listen to.
Answered Dec 29, 2021
How long do you have to work at Chewy before you can go on maternity leave?
Asked Nov 10, 2020
1 yr
Answered Mar 22, 2023
10 years
Answered Mar 1, 2023
How is feedback from management delivered at Chewy?
Asked Sep 2, 2022
Answered Mar 16, 2023
During 1-1 meetings
Answered Feb 18, 2023
Do they drug test?
Asked May 17, 2017
Yes they drug test with swab testing 2021 just went today and glad they do
Answered Feb 8, 2021
I worked for the Louisville site as a Pharmacy Tech. Was never tested, even on hire. Asked about it because every job I’ve ever had has drug tested. They said no, we only test if there is a suspicion.
Answered Feb 1, 2021