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Restaurant Support Center 6820 LBJ Freeway Dallas, TX 75240 (972) 980-9917
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Overall Reviews at Chili's

Host/Hostess | Huntsville, TX | Nov 6, 2019
Great place to work
Great place to work if you are looking for a good work/life balance. You can adjust your scheduled when needed, request off way in advance, and managers are easy to get along with.
Computer Technician | Coppell, TX | Oct 31, 2019
Excellent job atmosphere
Excellent job atmosphere and facility. Managers and work load are great and the employees are not micro managed but left to do their work. The activities and perks of the job are great.
Prep Cook | San Antonio, TX | Oct 29, 2019
I worked downtown and they work you like a dog.
I am not sure about other locations but I do know that they have table side computers that are more like self service then the server them selves. Maybe other locations are not as gruelling but you would have to check it out for your self. At least they have outings for trainers or they use to.
Pros50% off food. Training outing for trainers.
ConsShort to no breaks, hard to advance, count your hours
Bartender | Round Lake Beach, IL | Jun 19, 2018
Fun place to work, fast paced, and relaxed environment
Overall, Chili's was always a great place to work. I always enjoyed my job there, and I would recommend Chili's for others to work at. I learned a lot from Chili's and consider this my first real job experience. I met a lot of great people that I consider lifelong friends, and had a great experience in my Chili's career. I had great managers over my years, only a few bad managers, but mainly great managers that I still talk to and get advice from. Money was good, and livable for a single person, but for someone who wanted a family and a house, I needed more personally. With good management, you can make it livable being married and even with children, but I believe my income became limited for what I wanted. Going to work was always great, the customers were always amazing, my coworkers always became my friends, and I just felt like management knew how to staff so that there wasn't people butting heads, generally everyone got along, and this rubbed off on the customers. When customers see that people love what they are doing, genuinely love their work and the people they work with, the customers feed off that and help build that culture. I think Chili's did a great job of this. Unfortunately there was a recession, and I felt like it hit our area, and at a time when I needed more money to help support a relationship and home, there were less people coming in the doors. Unfortunately I needed a change, but I do value what I learned from Chili's take with me things learned...more
Prosdiscounts on food, benefits, environment
ConsShort breaks
Quality Assurance Analyst | Seaside, CA | Nov 2, 2019
Advancement and growth opportunities to Excel
Loved it. Would definitely work here if given opportunity to again. I loved the team player environment, and I learned my baseline here in how a restaurant is supposed to be operated.
Bartender | Colorado Springs, CO | Nov 25, 2018
Great Employer - Control your own Income
Very flexible schedules. Fun fast paced, team culture. always opportunities to cross train and get extra shifts to make extra cash. Fair and great management.
Certified Trainer | Eugene, OR | Aug 23, 2018
No longer in Oregon
Chilis closed down with little notice I am very happy at Applebees now. Great stepping stone to where I am now. Trained fellow crew members and learned about leading by example.
Food Runner | Columbia, SC | Aug 21, 2018
Its an overall great experience to work here.
It is a fun place to work at yet challenging although it can sometimes be stressful due to difficult customers. The manager are willing to help in anyway they can and want to see you succeed.
Culinary Manager | Southaven, MS | Jul 21, 2018
nice place to work
They take care of their employees I believe in their core values. Most GM try to uphold their values but not all. They will work with team members and understand life happens
Regional Manager | Dallas, TX | Jul 18, 2018
Fun place to work. Many opportunities for advancement.
The food training they give management was intense but well worth it. The hours were long but again well worth it. Typical work week 75-90 hours depending on inventory schedule and management level of each location.
ProsGood food, ability to move up the ladder
ConsLong hours

Questions And Answers about Chili's

Why did you leave your job at Chili's?
Asked Mar 19, 2017
Hostile work environment. I honestly don’t understand how my coworkers tolerate being yelled at, embarrassed or scared. Managers are all disrespectful and petty. They over schedule you and you have to remind them constantly about your unavailability. Its not my job to find someone to cover me if you schedule me when im not available. Again, never have I ever been more disrespected by a supervisor. The customers were the only nice people around. My coworkers are just trying to get by, but the cliques and attitudes were annoying.
Answered Feb 18, 2020
I'm about to quit because they pay $11/hour BI-AWEKLY. Don't know how i'm supposed to get to work for god's sake. Stupid, stupid, stupid.
Answered Nov 1, 2019
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Chili's?
Asked Oct 28, 2016
Don’t get too attached to your coworkers. Look out for yourself. Not everyone wants to see you succeed. And dont let anyone walk all over you. ESPECIALLY the managers.
Answered Feb 18, 2020
Do not apply to the one in Peachtree City ga
Answered Dec 4, 2019
If you were to leave Chili's, what would be the reason?
Asked Mar 26, 2017
Hours were never predictable. im a student and would get out of there around 11 (legal limit is 10), and the managers were nice but even though they said the schedule was flexible when being hired, it wasn’t at ALL.
Answered Feb 29, 2020
The only reason why I left the company was a majority of the people I worked with (including management) partied and did drugs or drank while they were on the clock.
Answered Dec 12, 2019
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Chili's a better place to work?
Asked Jan 1, 2017
Get rid of the ones that don't care about their job
Answered Nov 30, 2019
Make it more organized.
Answered Nov 20, 2019
Do hostesses get tipped?
Asked Jul 13, 2016
No and I worked three years as a host. No pay raises either.
Answered Sep 29, 2019
No but I got some raises and my pay was $9.50. Pretty good for a host.
Answered Feb 25, 2019