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Overall Reviews at Chipotle Mexican Grill

Crew Member | Pittsburgh, PA | Jan 8, 2019
Your Experience Depends on Your Resturant
Some locations have a great team and managers that are exceptional leaders who will provide you with not only a fun workday, but the chance to learn some pretty strong communication and time management skills. Others, like the one I worked at, are run by kids in their early twenties on a power trip up the corporate ladder. I was often not allowed breaks (even a second to drink water or go to the bathroom) so that we could sell burritos as quickly as possible and our managers would impress their bosses by exceeding the day's projected sales. My coworkers and I almost never left when we were scheduled to for the sake of the restaurant being over prepped and having the appearance of efficiency and leadership. At some point, I just ignored my schedule and stopped making plans with friends (or for anything at all) after work, because I knew that in reality a seven or eight hour shift on paper was nine hours long in real life. If you close, depending on how well-staffed you were that night, you can be out of there anywhere from 11:45pm to 2am and you will not get overtime. The system will autoclock you out and nothing will be adjusted. If you open, you will get there anywhere from 7am to 9am and are supposed to take a 30 minute break before the restaurant opens. What they don't tell you is that you all take this break as a team: even if you finish all of your own individual tasks early, you will not get your break until every pan of guacamole is labeled and put away, the chicken...more
Prosgood pay, good benefits, great employee discount, you'll probably get 35-38 hours a week if you aren't a student or a minor
Conseverything other aspect of working at Chipotle Mexican Grill
Cashier | Portland, OR | Sep 28, 2018
Exhausting place to work at
I hated working here as a cashier. It was like working two jobs for one position. Working cash means you have to clean, mop, and maintain the entire dining area, which is understandable. However, also being responsible for deep cleaning the bathrooms shouldn't be the responsibility of the cashier. Chipotle needs to hire actual janitors to do the cleaning, rather than the cashier. Asides from the previously mentioned tasks, cashiers are responsible for re-stocking everything from utensils to ice in the soda machine. Some of our other tasks seem so stupid and unnecessary, like dusting the artwork in the store daily. I also don't understand why cashiers have to put chips in bags when we're not working with food. Cashiers are also responsible for a lot of other duties but I'm too tired to list them. It doesn't sound that bad but when you're expected to manage all these tasks at once while also helping customers, it's unrealistic and exhausting. We're not robots so we shouldn't be expected to do all this. Top that with being understaffed and you'll quickly start hating it here. Don't get me started on the customers. Get used to dealing with a lot of rude and entitled customers. For some reason, a lot of customers like to act like toddlers and leave a giant mess in the dining room. Lots of customers leave their trash on the table and leave food scraps on the floor. Most don't return the salsas to their proper place so you constantly have to return them to drink area. Asides...more
ProsFree lunch
ConsHorrible customers, Understaffed stores, Overworked employees
SM | Florida | Dec 7, 2018
Great for Crew Memebers
I’ve been working at chipotle for two years starting as a crew member then on to a take out specialist then to akitchen manager and now to a service manager. The atmosphere has changed so much, there are no long emphasis on being a top performer, a lot of generally bad employees are kept. This causes a lot of stress on the people who actually try to to be efficient. Salary managers are quick to leave as soon as another manager arrives, they hardly work their 50 hours. Stores can be out of every single thing and they’ll still keep the doors open, I was a borrowed employee at mah stores, i’ve had some stores where there was only cheese and hot items and we still had to stay open. Chipotle doesn’t really have a great work life balance, if you’re good at closing you’ll get stuck with closing every single day. Time off request aren’t usually respected unless it’s medically related. The benefits you are offered aren’t much, tuition reimbursement is only if you pay out of pocket for school by yourself...what chipotle employee can afford to pay their tuition without grant assitance? Health, Dental, Vision, Disability are the bare minimum. The 401k is the only benefit that’s actually worth something. It’s very easy to move up, but the higher you go the more you are taken advanatage of by management, you’ll basically become an on call manager your schedule is based on if the GM and apprentice feels like’ll get called in early a lot. A lot of the field leaders and GM’s d...more
ProsFree meals, 401k, Friendships, Paid Sick time
Consno work life balance, unethical at times
Crew Member | Sunrise, FL | Oct 1, 2019
TOXIC bullying work environment. Just don't, abandon hope all ye enter here.
I am reviewing Chipotle in Sunrise FL next to IKEA. The only positive is that you get a free meal while at work and the food tastes good. Other than that DON'T WORK HERE because it is run like a sweatshop. The managers like to micromanage you and do the employees' work so that they can cut employees' hours. There was not anything for me to do starting out because they were overstaffed so I was just shoved around out of front line, grill, or prep area to be sent home after working 3 hours when I was scheduled for 5-6 hours almost every day. This is because staff turnover is high. Managers don't train you nor do others train you for fear of losing hours. They don't give you clear instructions on what to do nor care because you might quit soon and don't want to get involved. The managers are always busy doing the employees' work and literally are always yelling "faster, faster!!" like maniacs every minute even in front of customers much to your chagrin and its distasteful. The managers are slimy and are not smart, professional nor hardworking. The employees are never relaxed because the managers are always breathing down your back like wolves waiting to bark on you on a whim or when they feel you are trying to enjoy your work. The managers have to clock you in when you come and leave, and of course they are always busy filling out an employee who has just quit, because they are incompetent and awful managers, so they say they will do it later. So if your schedule say...more
Team Trainer | Pittsburgh, PA | Jan 14, 2019
Stressful and no one cares for the workers
In a typical day, it starts with everything being behind due to understaffing to "save on labor". This sets up for a poor night shift and everyone is always eager to clock out instead of helping the closing staff, especially upper managers and apprentices. These managers refuse to acknowledge the issues they create and instead put it off for others to deal with. The pay is low considering the added work for the staff to deal with. Employees are also not properly trained and rarely ever reprimanded when they do something wrong and in turn, this causes more work for those who know what should be done who don't want to hear management complaining all shift (which they do). I have worked in this company for over three years and am just now getting trained in prep and grill positions. This is due to management being particular about who they decide is or is not capable of working efficiently, specifically against younger women, even when those they do choose are unable to do so. I have worked at three different chipotle locations and while this experience is not the experience of all Chipoltes, in the ones I have worked at it is not worth the stingy pay. I have always done my job quickly and efficiently and know what to do to complete my part of the work but management is unable to do the same and does not recognize the employees who are also doing their job properly. I, working for this company for three years, had to fight to get to what is considered starting wage. My experienc...more
ProsFree food if you work, 50% off when you don't work that day, Customers are generally polite and kind
Consbreaks are rare, management is awful, they don't listen to your availability
Crew Member | Brighton, MI | Jun 24, 2019
Productive and fun place to work with room to grow and make changes
Working at Chipotle allowed me to further my hospitality career with helpful co workers and and managers that encourage you to bring your best foot forward. A typical day at work consisted of keeping my station clean, stocked, organized before our "peak times" (a.k.a, the dinner rush). Depending on your position, different responsibilities followed. I was well versed in working the cashier, working as "prep" (which is the position responsible for slicing and dicing the vegetables and marinating our steak and bagging our chicken/ being the dish washer), working the front line (the position of greeting and making a customers food). Working at Chipotle was similar to some of my previous food service jobs except that my store did not have a drive thru available. I learned what it means to truly go the extra mile for customers to ensure that their needs are met whether that meant re-making a guest's food or allowing new customers' meals to be paid for on the house. My general manager took his job seriously and held his staff to that same standard. The management at my store did it's best and it showed as our store received awards for being in the top of our "patch" (a.k.a, the region within a number of different chipotles). The hardest part of the job was making sure that the standard was being met everyday with each guest. That is the blessing/curse of working in a hospitality field. Personally, I believe that one's personality has much more to do with finding th...more
ProsFree meals while on a shift, 401k, insurance, tuition assistance, decent hourly pay
Consbonuses are based on customer surveys
Crew Member | Closter, NJ | Feb 4, 2020
Good company but absolutely a terrible location to work at
This company provides us employees with many great benefits like free meals the days you work, heath, dental, 401K and even PTO. Also if you're a college student, you may be eligible for tuition reimbursement. Great stuff right? Well at the Closter, NJ location, you have to pay the full price. First i will get straight to the point and start off talking about this location management wise. All of the managers are a pleasure to work with. However communication is very very poor. Our current General Manager has very poor english and grammar skills. Very difficult to take a manager seriously when you cannot even understand what he's trying to say to you. When trying to tell him your availability for the next week, he completely ignores the fact and still makes the schedule his way without notice..This is not only an inconvenience to you, but for the manager on duty. Causes unnecessary stress on them that affects every crew member and could've been prevented. In this location, we are always running out of things. There are days we are missing a lot of necessities like spoons, cups, and even one time, we ran out of tortillas.... We lost a dishwasher, kitchen manager and will continue to lose more people soon because of the poor management. The managers don't care about their employees or even you customers. Favoritism is at it's best at this location too without a doubt. ALL IM GOING TO SAY IS POOR MANAGEMENT THROWS OFF THE WHOLE STORE BOTH IN THE EMPLOYEE AND CUSTOMER'S...more
Assistant General Manager | North Brunswick, NJ | May 18, 2019
The Truth About Working At Chipotle
Worked there for 4 years. Was an assistant GM. The area managers and team directors over work their managers without providing nesescary tools to succeed or labor to properly run the store. They only care about stuffing their PnL so they can get promotions and bonuses. Their only way of motivating people to work was through threatening to terminate. Salary managers get paid for 40 hours a week but work 50. They say they give them bonuses but its more like putting a bone in front of a dog. When it is audit season you will be working 60-70 hours per week (only paid for 40). The training system is shot dead. Ive seen multiple situations where people come in on their first day and just find something to do. Food safety procedures are never followed. Hand washing doesn't happen, managers fake taking temperatures, dishes and equipment do not get cleaned properly. With lines out the door and a high demand for chicken with overwhelmed employees, and limited space on the grill, undercooked (raw) chicken will be served. The only time most of these stores are following food safety procedures are only when the Health Inspection/Food Safety Auditor comes around. And if they are focusing on food safety then everything else as far as operations is running horrible. It is very hard to manage a store when all of your managers don't care and are not trained properly and you do not receive any support from you area manager. The turnover is over 200% for most stores. Ive seen many great managers...more
Trainee (m/w/d) | Bellingham, WA | May 29, 2019
Okay Job for a while, but not worth it.
Chipotle can be a nice job for the summer or for someone looking for some temporary part-time work. BUT! Don’t recommend working here unless you‘re needed too or are desperate. It’s tedious, straining, long, unfair, and severely underpaid work for any position at Chipotle. It’s crazy busy most of the time, management is HORRIBLE and even though the company says all the time it‘s employees are number one and they care for them... it’s a complete lie. If you call out sick one day, the managers yell at you and demand you come in anyways-no matter if you’re deeply sick and have been vomiting all day. The schedule lies as well, everyday you end up working past your scheduled time and have to specifically ask your managers! to get out on your „scheduled time“. Hours are long, you work super hard here you’re whole shift and never get a break. If the managers decide to give you a break, even if you work a 9+ hour day and are entitled to that, it’ll most likely be right after you open (if your opening) and only a 10 Minute break, and right before you close (if your closing) again only a 10. To sum everything up... this Job is unworth it. Severely underpaid for the work required, no breaks, work that pushes you to your limits on a daily basis, horrible management, horrid customers, basically no time off unless you want to get written up or yelled at by management (who will then cut your hours), schedule is never pushed out two weeks prior and on a good week you might see it a couple d...more
General Manager | Richmond, VA | Apr 19, 2019
Not what you think - Just not good
Since coming to Chipotle my 1st impression was wow the entire staff is just deflated. Here I was NEW to the company and yet Im the only 1 with energy. During training I noticed huge staffing issue, everyone leaving/quitting, and other managers prepping, prepping, & prepping. Its 2019 and we dont use slicers and dicers , instead opt to chop everything by hand. Im talking over a hundred lbs of vegetables daily by hand. I also would like to warn you about “the policy” that kills this job for me. Chipotle has caused so many illnesses and been in the media so much that they created a policy that makes your job as a manager impossible. So if ANY employee calls out of work and says they are “sick” (for the 12th time this month) There are NO repercussions. If you write them up OR cut their hours - You the manager will be terminated.. You will have up to 4-5 call outs a day... On average 1-3 will happen daily. You the manager will be prepping, working the line, and grilling until even a fit energetic person like me will just wanna drop. I haven't eating my “free meal” in about a month due to staffing... Employees Week 1 will be well versed about calling in and certain “key words” will get you awarded 3 days off. Its just insane and theres no real support from anywhere. Compensation is great but my life is over. Run - Seriously please dont work at Chipotle for your own good. Chipotle does a great volume and YOU will waste away while lazy employees call out when they don't feel like wor...more
ProsPays amazing - Jobs security's great without anyone staying
ConsSick policy is torture, Very understaffed, You can hire 5 employees a week and wont keep up with the quitting and calls outs.

Questions And Answers about Chipotle Mexican Grill

How long does it take to get your first paycheck ?
Asked Jan 7, 2017
If i started my job june 20th and get paid every two weeks shouldnt i have got my direct deposit
Answered Jul 2, 2019
I started a week ago and I'm work two weeks I'm about to be on my third week well I get a paycheck
Answered May 17, 2019
Can you have fake nails, if your a cashier?
Asked Jul 17, 2016
No. Period.
Answered Dec 6, 2019
No fake nails, no nail polish, no jewelry besides ear studs, no makeup
Answered Oct 22, 2019
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Chipotle Mexican Grill?
Asked Jan 15, 2018
Don’t go for the job if you can NOT deal with much stress. The job is very simple but it can also be very annoying.
Answered Mar 12, 2020
Be yourself, be upbeat, show a willing to work my butt off attitude
Answered Mar 12, 2020
How did you get your first interview at Chipotle Mexican Grill?
Asked Jun 16, 2016
I applied feb 1 in the morning and the same day around 2:30pm I got an email about the interview for the 2nd
Answered Feb 2, 2019
Applied online, did not hear back so I called them a week and a half later. Gave me an interview the next day. If they don't call you, call them! You should definitely get an interview then.
Answered Nov 23, 2018
Does Chipotle allow their employees to have visible tattoos and/or piercings?
Asked Jul 1, 2016
You can have tattoos if they aren’t “offensive.” No facial piercings.
Answered Dec 6, 2019
Nose piercings?
Answered May 15, 2019