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Overall Reviews at Cigna

Senior Customer Service Representative | Horsham, PA | Nov 8, 2019
Productive Work Place
Overall the work is manageable, high volume call center can get hectic at times. Great sense of diversity in the office and coworkers are usually in good spirits. Biggest negative about this place is the Poor management!
Lead Analyst | Nashville, TN | Mar 19, 2020
Great company with a stable environment
Cigna is a great company! Stable, fun environment. Easy going and great employees/managers. They have a keen sense of business management and improving life's balance.
Quality Assurance Manager | Bloomfield, CT | Nov 8, 2019
Support in working independently
As a contractor at Cigna I was able to perform my responsibilities independently with minimal oversight. I had the ability to work remotely when necessary. More often than not the work week was 50 - 60 - hours but compensation was for 40 hours. Some discretionary compensation time off as a balance.
Adjuster | Remote | Feb 22, 2020
Employment at Cigna
Cigna has been a very good company to work for and they encourage employees to find the best fit that will allow them to achieve a satisfying work/life balance. The company is expanding rapidly in the area of auditing with the development of a RADV response team to meet the ever-expanding government and internal audits.
Clinical Pharmacist | Remote | Nov 29, 2019
Cases- Deny-Cases and Rpt
Main focus point is to achieve daily case goal with as few coverage determinations approvals as possible. Virtual training was subpar by pharmacists that "have not actually worked cases in 1.5 years" ( Ifeoms A)
Phlebotomist | Florida | Dec 19, 2019
Contract work as a Phlebotomist
Was a great place to work and would love to pick up more shifts working for the Wellness Clinics through out the United States. The knowledge, that is is
ProsBasically, choose your days and hours to work.
ConsNo benefits
Management Analyst | Houston, TX | Nov 5, 2019
Workplace With Lots Of Opportunities To Learn & Grow
Productive & Fun Workplace, Fast Paced Environment, Keeps you busy, No dull moments, Opportunities To Learn & Grow To Fullest Potential Work From Home Opportunity, Team Building Activities
Healthcare Customer Service Representative | Missouri | Jul 19, 2019
Great Work Place- Work From home
Educate and engage customers through product demonstrations Provide prompt and courteous customer service Respond to customer issues according to established Company policies. Troubleshoot, Diagnose and resolve customer inquiries. Accurately enter all required information into the system and complete all necessary paperwork To support sales activities in a manner consistent with quality control guidelines. Perform customer payment functions consistent with all cash handling policies and procedures. Process billing adjustments on customer accounts. Complete all aspects of opening and closing the store in accordance with established Procedures Receive, issue and track customer equipment and assist with inventory maintenance Maintain store appearance and provide a consistently professional and welcoming atmosphere For customers Consistently demonstrate adherence to all the Company and Store policies and procedures Complete required training and demonstrate associated skills and competencies Support team members as necessary Perform other duties as assigned by management
Care Specialist | Eden Prairie, MN | May 10, 2019
Overall great place to work!!!
Cigna was a great company to work for and I felt they had great benefits and lots of opportunities for growth. Change was always on the horizon and that suited my needs! I worked with many great people and have made great friends at Cigna!
Project Manager | Piscataway, NJ | Jul 11, 2018
Talented professionals
I was a contractor, not an FTE. Significant organizational and network churn due to recent mergers and acquisitions. Confronted challenges with network integration and security.
ProsFree coffee
ConsReorganization is common

Questions And Answers about Cigna

How are the working hours at Cigna?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
Depends on your manager sometimes it can be flexible.
Answered Oct 3, 2019
Was excellent until you get a new person in the dept and tracks every second of the day
Answered May 15, 2019
What advice would you give the CEO of Cigna about how to improve it?
Asked Nov 24, 2016
I had a family member who was employed by them for 25 years. During the last half of my family member's employment, she had one terrible manager after another. Most were completely lacking in management skills and never should have been placed in those positions. 7 or so years ago, they paid millions of dollars to bring a consulting company in which resulted in a total changeover to a new ludicrous system to manage their claims that did not work at all. Hundreds of experienced people who knew what they were doing were terminated yet they hired a whole slew of new employees, likely at cheaper salaries, who had no idea what they were doing and who were not only complete unskilled and but were also untrained since they had no one left who knew anything. The managers who were put in place were friends of those in management who were responsible for this complete disaster. What happened? They scratched the whole new system, went back to the old system and they tried to rehire quite a bunch of those who knew the old system.
Answered Feb 3, 2020
My best advice to the CEO of Cigna can be summarized into 3 words only: 'be more ethical.' It is categorically NEVER okay for any company to put profits before people. Yet that is unfortunately exactly what Cigna does. I worked for this insurance company long enough to see all of the dirty tricks they use to deny, deflect, and defend against covering valid procedures which almost any other doctor (besides Cigna's own) would deem as "medically necessary." During my employment at Cigna, I witnessed countless of instances, probably in the thousands of Cigna as an insurance company denying valid insurance claims which they claimed weren't "medically necessary." These were often for procedures and services for very serious and even sometimes potentially life threatening medical conditions. There are 3 examples of this unethical Cigna behavior which stand out in my mind the most, although HIPPA laws obviously prevent me from elaborating on specific details. But still nonetheless, those 3 serious cases whereby Cigna just automatically denied very necessary and lifesaving types of treatment, along with countless other examples of this behavior, was what had finally motivated me to quit. I'd worked for Cigna for a pretty long time, 10+ years, and during that time, I grew more and more disconnected - maybe even just a tad bit sickened (for lack of better words) at all of the deny, deflect and defend tactics which the company had routinely used to avoid covering valid procedures that would've greatly enhanced their members' lives. Over the years, Cigna just became increasingly greedy in their goals of putting corporate profits before people. I honestly wouldn't be able to generalize that corporate culture of greed and lack of concern for members' health to the entire insurance industry either. There are other insurance companies which I've worked for, both before and after Cigna who in my humble opinion, seem to focus lot more on their members' health and well-being than Cigna apparently does. Other insurers who I've worked for do seem to be much more in tune with genuinely caring about their members' health than Cigna ever had, during the time that I'd worked there. So honestly, that would probably be my best advice to the current CEO of Cigna: don't always put profits before people, and don't always deny valid insurance claims or procedures/services, simply because it might seem to be more cost-effective in the short-term in helping your company to remain profitable by avoiding payment of those claims. Those same kinds of slimey and sleazy (no other words come to mind) "delay, deflect, and defend" tactics are actually a lot more damaging to your company's long-term reputation as an ethical insurer..... even if you do technically save a few dollars in the short-term by denying your members' valid insurance claims.
Answered Oct 27, 2019
Does Cigna offer work from home options?
Asked Oct 7, 2016
Yes, but just beware that it’s a big change, and if technical issues arise there’s no one there to help you, and you may experience payroll issues and your manager will more than likely be in a different state so your pretty much on your own and some managers are not very intelligent.
Answered Oct 3, 2019
Yes but it depends on your department. my manager---unless you have "true" medical issue then NO they need to know every second of your day
Answered May 15, 2019
How long after someone submits their resume does it take for cigna to contact them. Do they let you know either way.
Asked Aug 28, 2016
Not true about temp agency where I am from! I applied to Cigna directly. Within a week I received a phone call.
Answered Mar 7, 2019
I submitted resume online over weekend and rcvd email to end of week rcvd job offer
Answered Oct 11, 2018
What is the interview process like at Cigna?
Asked Jul 4, 2016
I was ghosted twice. I applied to a job and went through the whole interview process but never heard from them again. The job posting still says “Interview Process”. Two weeks after the panel interview, I received an email from another recruiter for a job that I applied for to schedule a phone screening. I sent an email with my availability but never heard anything back from them either...
Answered Mar 13, 2020
I only completed a phone screen with the recruiter at this point but it was very efficient and I was able to represent myself in the time allotted.
Answered Jan 22, 2020