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Overall Reviews at Cintas

Sales Representative | Colorado Springs, CO | Jan 21, 2019
Modern Day Slavery - Cintas.
I worked at Cintas Colorado Springs. they are always finding loop holes to ensure no partners don't bonus. You constantly have to fight for your money. You try to call out to your Manager and they don't pick up. Managers go home to their families while you are out working past 6PM. Over work you with your route and you will work over the 14 hour DOT regulation period. They will lie to you about pay when switching hourly to SSR Route Pay. Technically you have to sign to switch over, NOPE! Managers will move you over and not mention to you. Managers will never try to help you but if there is a issue regarding your route then they will call you immediately so that you can fix it. When you bring up multiple issues regarding the route you get avoided. Product is not always available. Manager states they will bring it out to them and won't. After 5PM no managers are in the office so if you have a issue you have to find time to hound them down. Vacation time! What vacation time! I tried to take a day off that was promised to me when I took over the route and the day comes and managers say I don't remember that conversation. Don't plan on eating lunch, or getting a break because there too much work in day for any of that. you try to do right by your customer and the manager will not. If you ever have a issue don't bring it up to management, call the direct line to get the right assistance. If you are having issues management will try to find something to get rid of you. Anyone who h...more
ConsOverworking you, Stressful, No Time to take Vacation time, Management practices, Unfair Labor Practices
Sales Representative | Tulsa, OK | Aug 25, 2019
A Great Job with Some Shortcomings
My time at Cintas has been an ordeal of patience. I was hired with promotion in mind, so all I had to do was wait for a position to come open and work well enough to warrant said promotion. Advancement was something I had never experienced before, as my previous employers had no positions available, so I was hopeful that my hard work would be rewarded with an advancement. After nearly a year and a half I was rewarded with one, although it was not what I expected. Upon promotion I was made aware that wages for my new position did not meet my expectations, nor did the criteria for further advancement. This lack of communication combined with a sloppily handled promoting process severely disappointed me. Despite these disappointments, Cintas does offer better pay than most jobs that require no experience do. Their health, dental, vision, life insurance, and 401k are quite nice as well. The work environment is fast-paced and stressful at times, but the pay for the entry level production jobs is adequate. The pay for my current position in service, as previously stated, however, is lacking. Further advancement would see one receive a larger base pay and some commission based on sales and route volume, but only after two years of work in the service department. In conclusion, Cintas is not a bad company despite it's lack of communication, but it would serve one best if they were to be direct in asking for wages or the requirements for advancement. The wages ...more
Maintenance Technician | Everett, WA | Dec 5, 2018
Conformance out ranks productivity and quality. Local inequity runs unchecked.
Tremendious turn over. 150%+ turn over of production management, supervisors, crew leads in 2 years. Strong "anti-union" and retaliation to employee discussions re: inequity and random altered policies. Good place to be in sales... terrible place to be on production crew. Even worse if you are stuck on second or third shift. Payroll errors are common and very slow at resolve. Self- insured and claim to be above state regulation and human rights. Many English challenged production workers are stuck at low pay with minimal increase and their potential of promotion is non-existent... even demotion and pay cuts regardless to fact many of these are very productive, long term, and loyal employees. Jobs and special classifications are made for those that best conform as local upper management appoints best paying jobs with addition (special) benefits. Sales and office seemingly has unlimited budget (annual office remodel for "professional appearance") where as production and maintenance is on tight budget causing needed repairs to be frequently held off from mid month to after next month's budget is released... Still unrealistic pressure from sales and service for expedited product turn over (frequently leading to high turn over of hard working production, receiving, and repair staff).
ProsDecent benefit package, frequent meals/treats provided (varing greatly by department and shift), distant corporate support, strong safety and ergonomic commitment
ConsInequity and favoritism displayed continually throughout all levels of management and supervisors
ASR | Durham, NC | Jan 25, 2019
Probably the Worst Place I Have Ever Worked
I worked for the fire protection side of the company for about 2 years. I was nominated and won Partner of the Month several times while I was there. I would come in early at 7AM, run the data, contact customers, and handle the affiliates.No problem with the work on that end. It just took a lot of steps to handle one job and complete it. There was too much micromanaging from the managers. I was pretty much working three jobs just at one job. The job is very time sensitive. My co-worker had medical problems, so she was always out. I had to take over her position sometimes, do mine (the other half of the country), and then answer the phones like I was some sort of a receptionist. There were times where I could barely get anything done. The managers would not even hear my ideas on how the job could be improved with just me most of the time. I believe the last straw was when my manager went to look for me while I needed to use the restroom real quick during a period of time where I was supposed to answer the phone. I wasn't even gone but 2 minutes and she came in griping at me for using the restroom. After all that I had contributed positively to the company, I lost it. I resigned on that Monday. The problem stems from too much micromanaging. The benefits aren't even worth the micromanaging. I think the most positive aspect of my job was some of my co-workers. I stayed because of them. They have a pretty good 401k, so there is that. The environment is very negative. Y...more
ConsMicromanaging, negativity, unorganized management, chaotic work structure
Operator | Tampa, FL | Dec 19, 2018
Matt roller
i would get to work at 2 pm and worked till close which was around 11 i was a matt roller as well as a operator which i would have to do everything if whatever was needed extra or if anyone failed to come to work that day i would have too take on there position in which i liked changing up my schedule sometimes. i didnt care it was just something else to do and you could do whatever you wanted to do once your tasks where completed and pretty much take on your job at a slower rate knowing you didnt do just your job all day i was told to roll 800 matts a day in which i completed everyday 1000+ the most i could pump out is 1400 so those days as operator where sweet, managment was amazing my supervisor was great he actually got promoted and no one wanted him to leave he actually even cried when he left he was awesome and then the new manger was trying to fill his shoes so work was awesome until i found a higher paying job that was great untill they fired a few and then the competition got overwhelming and i ended up not liking it people ended up quiting aswell and then i just tagged along i was not liking my environment, hardest part of the job was not using the bathroom more then 3 times a day because at a rapid pace there really no good time to take a 3rd bathroom break at all like it was almost non stop. the most enjoyable part of the job would be lunch because everyone got a chance to talk with everyone and find out how was there days going or how was there life or just sma...more
Proslunch was in the cafeteria where we had a good chef
Consrepetitive but i didnt care really.
SSR | Boston, MA | Sep 3, 2019
Make sure you talk to the guys who have been there to find out what the job is really like
Been there almost almost a year job was fantastic up until the summer came along. Has been a change in service Dept managers and they are making life for the ssrs a living nightmare. Moral with the drivers is so low I don’t know how they still have guys doing the job. Was told one thing when I got hired and it is defiantly not what they tell you it is. Drivers are putting out fires all day long. Have long days on the road and the end of the day procedures is awful. Drivers are sent out with product and are told to still charge the customers. At the the end of the day they have to “check in “ with office workers and explain why customers aren’t paying their bills, like it’s the drivers priority to hunt down money. Then you have to sit up to a hour at times to get checked in in order to go home. And now they are making drivers sit with a catalog manager to explain why they aren’t selling stuff regularly. Drivers are told to physically count clothes for each and every stop which can take a long time depending on how big the account is. Then your supposed to push additional product, and try to sell sell sell and oh by the way hunt down who ever is responsible for paying the bills!! Like I said talk to the people who have been there along time before you get settled in. I hear guys talking to each other about where they are looking for new jobs often. Can’t see myself staying to much longer with they way things have become
ProsBeing on the road and providing a service to a lot of good people.
ConsCintas puts more and more on the ssrs every week and it’s a very stressful place to be
Sales Representative | Florida | Jan 5, 2019
The facts.
Management only cares about their numbers and bonuses. Linens etc. are constantly in short supply as sent from the production plant. Local management does nothing about it but makes excuses. The SSR's are the only ones held accountable. The truck loaders are lazy, loads missing product (on premises) daily. Half the delivery vehicles are in need of repairs, the company doesn't believe in fixing the AC at all. There are no yearly reviews (at my site anyway) no raises most years, no paid holidays and no OT. They state that its your route and to run it like its your business, but they micro manage every single aspect of it. The compensation is a base salary along with commission (3 or 4%) depending on the type of route. They, however levy negative commissions on accounts paid late or not paid, even though the SSR did all the work. There are no pay stubs, the comission is averaged out and delayed several weeks. This makes kind of hard to keep an eye on your pay to ensure its accuracy. Management has also altered billing amounts on invoices without informing the SSR. This causes irate customers when they see their bill go up and usually involves the SSR adjusting the invoice and taking a negative on commission. Speaking of commission, it has not gone up in the over 10 years I was there.
ProsBenefits, dental, vision, vacation, 4-day work week.
ConsLousy management, no advancement opportunities, no paid holidays, no respect by management for your time or efforts. Daily supply shortages.
Customer Service Representative | Landover, MD | Sep 16, 2019
The job is not where you want to stay at
Typical day starts at 5am, clocking in. You then check your truck to ensure everything was loaded, that you have your personal route computer, and invoices. You work on your own pace, and after finishing your route for the day you will check in your printed route results at the office before clocking out. Customer Service is a difficult field to work in, however; it gives you skills to facilitate making and negotiation successful, and to place needs of your client or customer base before yourself(something that employees for the good of a company must realise for successful growth of said employer). The management here is very straightforward when it comes to your first line supervisor. Upper management seems a little distant of some situations or circumstances that without hands on oversight they would fail to grasp(communication is vital because of this). Workplace is very professional, however the position of SSR at Cintas makes you distant from every other partner that works in the plant, as you are by yourself on route during most of the workday. The hardest part of the job is the traffic, as this location is based in DC, and finding parking for large commercial vehicles that you drive. The most enjoyable part of this job is the networking. This job allows me to see a smile brought to the faces of my customers, and knowing that they can count on me and trust me to have all their needs met.
Accounts Receivable Clerk | Indianapolis, IN | Oct 23, 2018
Quiet work environment with supportive management team and weekly pay.
The goal is to make 55-65 unique customer contacts per day from your own list of assigned accounts. Bi-weekly you work the top ten accounts in the 120,90 60 and 30 day buckets and then have a conference call every two weeks with the sales managers and your direct supervisor to discuss the progress of those accounts that have not been resolved and what is needed to move the accounts along to getting resolution. The work is not difficult and you are not micro-managed, but the biggest challenge is getting the accounts set up with the correct contact information and making sure the customer is using the correct remit-to information for our division as each Cintas division has it's own remit-to address and bank account even though the our name may show the same on the invoices. This causes a lot of confusion and customers who have many different Cintas services tend to pay for all of them under on address which causes multiple payment researches that have to be done. I really enjoy managing my own accounts and knowing that if I I need time off or I run a little late due to an accident or unforeseen circumstances that all I need to do is call my supervisor and then just make up the missed time.
ProsQuiet call center, not micromanaged, management involved with collections
ConsThere isn't a bonus structure to earn extra money and no over-time available.
Accounts Payable Clerk | Whittier, CA | Jul 23, 2019
People are not held accountable for their actions
I resigned from my position due to the poor management skills of the office manager and the AR employee that is the definition of a delegator. Don't ask for help if you work in AR because you'll be given a schedule rather then the manager helping you review your workload. You can't ask AR questions because you'll be told they have a stress ball they hold every time they hear your voice. You are given credits to enter by a variety of people but you are told to enter what benefits AR numbers first everything and everyone needs to wait. You are not allowed to work overtime yet at month end you are given multiple checks to enter which can take an hour to post, you need to hurry up and they are given to you throughout the day. I was there shy of six months and already about ten people had left, some transferred out others just didn't want to deal with the other people that were there. My torment began the first day I was employed in seeing AR ask another employee for something 5 times in 1 hour that could have easily been given by management. Honestly I regret working there but I did meet some good people that I became friends with. Unfortunately it is true, people leave employers because of other employees negative attitudes and poor management.
ProsFree lunch evvery now and then
ConsAs long as the payments are collected AR can continue to run as it has been

Questions And Answers about Cintas

What is the interview process like at Cintas?
Asked Dec 30, 2016
Absolutely ridiculous. You'd think they're preparing to hire on a $150k/year employee. FIVE INTERVIEWS before I got the job. Then they make your references fill out a survey about you and then there is a background check and drug test
Answered Jan 19, 2020
Way too many interviews for such a low paying job!
Answered Jan 7, 2020
What advice would you give the CEO of Cintas about how to improve it?
Asked Jun 19, 2017
Add shorts as a uniform option for employees. It’s asinine to wear pants in 105 degree heat.
Answered Mar 9, 2020
Follow up on management.
Answered Oct 1, 2019
What is the 2nd shift hours for a loader/unloader?
Asked Feb 23, 2016
De 5 pm a 12 am
Answered Aug 11, 2018
2:30pm-1:00am 2nd shift
Answered Jul 29, 2018
What is the best part of working at Cintas?
Asked Nov 29, 2019
The promoting within the company. The growth. The training and leadership and the amazing partners who to this day the most hard working people I have ever worked with.
Answered Mar 19, 2020
The pay and benefits.
Answered Mar 11, 2020
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Cintas?
Asked Jun 1, 2017
Long process, all FIVE INTERVIEWS consisting of cheesy "tell me about a time when" interview questions, reference check, background check, and drug screening
Answered Jan 19, 2020
Talk to veteran ssrs and ask them what the job is really like. A lot of stuff they don’t tell you upfront
Answered Aug 6, 2019