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Overall Reviews at Circle K

Store Manager | Columbia, SC | Jan 24, 2019
Welcome to the plantation
As a previous manager at Circle K.....I would NEVER recommend this job to anyone. I gave this company 5 years of my life and they have basically spit in my face the whole time. I have run 4 different stores, 2 in different cities, all on my own without help from my district manager. I had no assistant manager so i worked 6 months straight with no day off and while burying one parent and moving another parent to another city. They expect you to live and breathe Circle K. I was constantly having to neglect my kids because if someone called out no one would want to work extra hours and the manager is required to cover the shift. The most Ive worked is 90 hrs in one week and got chewed out for the overtime but yet my district manager told me i had to work it if no one else could. He wouldnt answer the phone most of the time. I had to go thru different ppl in corporate for him to find out who was stealing money from my store. As a store manager your raise for a year may be 30 cents if you're lucky. And I as a manager went above and beyond for my employees to keep them happy and satisified. I begged for a vacation for almost 6 months and he claimed no one could do it. The moment I put in my 2 week notice he already had a replacement for me and an assistant. When my staff found out I was leaving they all quit because they were only working there because of me. Since ive left that store has declined significantly and most of my customers no longer give that location their business. ...more
Customer Service Representative | Saint Augustine, FL | May 13, 2019
Stay far far far away!
I decided to work for Circle K, because I was desperate for a job. I figured getting a job at a gas station was easy enough so I went for it. I had to go through two.... yes TWO separate interviews before even getting hired. The first interview was with the store manager, the second interview was with the district manager. For such a basic job, I didn’t understand why I needed to go through all of these loops. Once hired, I got trained for two days, and then I had to work alone from that point on. I was alone on every shift with no manager, so if I didn’t know how to do something or had an issue with a customer, I had to figure it out on my own. Every shift was like this. The amount of work that you have to do while being alone is RIDICULOUS, and if it ends up being a busy shift then HA! Good luck with getting anything done... which of course will get you in trouble, because Circle K expects everyone to be Superman and to get a million things done on your own while also dealing with customers. The customers you’ll deal with for the most part are jerks.. and they’ll treat you bad just because you work at a gas station. You’ll also get a lot of druggies, drunks, and homeless people who come into your store, and they’ll make you feel very uncomfortable since you don’t know what to expect from them. Cleaning the bathroom after these type of people come in will make you want to quit on the spot. Seriously, it’s a health hazard! Just don’t even think about working here.....more
ProsWeekly pay, Full-Time hours
ConsLow salary, Overworked, Inconsistent schedules, No help from management
Pricing Coordinator | Columbus, IN | Jul 27, 2019
Beware of rude management and stuck up co- workers.
Working as a price book coordinator it was stressful and the management did nothing to help you succeed. Everything that was trained was trained by memory. There are no books or notes on how to do anything. The management in the price book department lacks any sort of kindness or help. My manager was not very helpful, compassionate or kind and plays favorites with her staff. She had talked out publicly In the office of hanging out with co workers in our office who were not managers which I found extremely inappropriate. And another reason to believe she had her favorites. She would rather sit in her office then actually help you succeed she was rude and thinks that she is far superior then anyone and she is very condescending when she speaks to you. She also was very much a micro Manager freaking out about things when she thought that you weren’t going to finish it in time. She speaks to you like a slave rather than a person and her tone was less then pleasing. The co-workers are rude and think they are also better than everyone and stuck up. It’s basically a woman’s club there where if you had a dream of doing something great with your life it is literally where your dreams go to die. One of the girls who trained me was condescending and should have never been put into a role to train someone as she was a smart alec and sure didn’t know how to inspire or teach someone how to do anything for that matter. Please beware getting a job here as the management lacks basic resourc...more
Customer Service Representative | Phoenix, AZ | Oct 14, 2019
Poor management, very unsafe, no structure
I started working at Circle K almost 3 months ago and the training certainly had me completely fooled into thinking this job had a lot of structure and very little turn over. Then I started at my store. The manager is always bad mouthing her employees, has unreasonable demands and is always threatening to fire people. Never in my life have a I worked for a company so bad and I’ve worked for a lot of large retailers in my over 20 yrs work experience. No one seems to have a clue what is going on, things and rules change from day to day and the employees they hire have no kind of work ethic which makes for a horrible team atmosphere. Not to mention the way they do drawer count downs and paperwork is the most ridiculous accounting I have come across in a long time for a company of this size. As if that is not enough the store I work for has the most unsafe evening, nighttime activity of any place I have ever worked. In the three months I have been there I have been threatened numerous times, had to call police more than I ever have in my entire life and the sad part is the manager doesn’t seem to care at all. Employees have asked to have a guard at the store many times because of all the threats and nothing has yet happened. If you ever had a thought of trying to work for this company I suggest you erase the thought from your mind. Not worth the headache and most certainly couldn’t pay enough for the stress.
ProsRoom for advancement
ConsNo breaks, unsafe, little pay for what you put up with especially on 2nd and 3rd shift, poor management, unstructured, stressful, no work/life balance!
Training Manager | Florida | Feb 27, 2019
Great company depending on your manager
The job was extremely easy. The company fail proofs your job so they can basically teach anyone to do it. It operates a lot of different markets and regions and this drastically changes from one region to another. They don't set the bar too high so it gives you the impression that there is room to grow. The VP started part time as a third shifter. I hired 100s of people in my time there and was able to get anyone with an ounce of ambition a promotion. The promotional scale higher than store level are not the same. The harder you work the more feet you step on. Honesty and dedication to the company ruffles a lot of feathers and management has no problem telling you that you need to dial it back. I was once told by a regional director that I should be referred to as my employee number not my name unless I one day owned the company. She has been with the company for over 15 years. I never got the impression from the Tampa branch that there was a whole lot of respect for the company and they never had a clear cut strategy for how they would help the company as a whole compete against the competition in Florida. There are some good stores, and some good markets, but overall there is a giant lack of professionals and experience. They don't train well, they don't pay comparable to the market, and they will hire anyone.
ProsSome of the people you meet are amazing and the customers make your day
ConsLack of professionalism in management, out dated, tired looking stores, horrible customer service, and virtually no training program
Customer Service Representative | Tolleson, AZ | Jun 16, 2019
Policy and Expectations were the problem.
Cons: They pay you minimum wage (or 15 cents over and consider that competetive pay) and expect you to work like you are an expert. They expect a lot done when you are alone and if you sit down during your shift you get written up. You will clean up things you never thought you'd have to in those bathrooms, all while making half of the cost of living. Nobody is full time except managers and assistants, but some people get 39 hours every week (i assume this is to avoid paying out benefits). To be an assistant or manager you are obligated to take thousands of dollars in cash to the bank in your own vehicle with no safety measures and no extra compensation. Law allows the company to prohibit lunch breaks, but smokers are protected and get 2 breaks per 8hour shift. As a result, many new employees take up smoking. No overtime. Managers/assistants often stay for hours off of the clock when there are VP visits or Regional (Market) manager visits the next day. Pros: Hours are flexible IF your manager likes you, higher ups LOVE butt kissing. If you're good at politics, you can advance quickly. It is literally impossible to get fired unless you are stealing in front of the camera or unless you sell something over the phone or sell tobacco/alcohol to a minor. The worst they will do is cut your hours, but the turnover rate is so high (people quitting) for their employees that you should always get 32-39 hours. Getting to know your regular customers is nice, some even got teary eyed whe...more
Management Trainee | Saint Augustine, FL | May 1, 2018
Great Place To Work
New hires can start off making decent money. After your 90 day review, your pay increase but not by much. The hours there are extremely flexible. The Management team is great and very laid back. Yes, you do get bonus' but not as often as one might think. A typical day at work is generally making sure the customers are happy and tended to in a quick but professional manner, doing the side work (making coffee, taking the trash out, sweeping and mopping, preparing food, stocking, etc). It is an easy job. Do expect to stand for long periods of time (especially during rush hours), moving around behind the counter getting tobacco products for customers. It is a very high paced environment and job. This is not for someone who has difficulties lift heavy objects and standing on their feet for long periods of time. Depending on the manager will depend on how often you get a break. As for promotions, (I have been there less than a year and I am already in training to be an Assistant Manager. If you bust butt and do your job, you will be recognized.) you can get promoted depending on how well you do your job. They do look at everything from how early you show up for your scheduled shift, how late you stay when your shift is over, how you treat the customers and your co-workers, how often you are willing to come in on your day off, etc. Some employees make management within 6 months, depends on how qualified they are and how well they do their job. I would highly recommend workin...more
Customer Service Manager | Kingman, AZ | Aug 13, 2019
Poor scheduling, inconsistent schedule and hours per week, Varying shifts, decent pay, but poor raises compared to min wage increases
Every day I come into chaos with the store in shambles. I run around cleaning, stocking and maintaining the entire store throughout the day, taking care of customers during peak busy times. Never a dull moment, and usually never a time for a break. You eat as you go. Management can be very one-sided or biased in most cases (e.g. harder on one shift and lenient on another) which creates a culture that feels very unfair. Hardest part of the job is corporate related. The company seems like they are headed in the direction of expecting more from people, but also cutting labor budgets to the point the store feels inoperable and simply not maintainable without the extra assistance. And when the store is not up to par, the company punishes the teams by cutting labor even further, which is extremely counterproductive and makes employees feel as though they shouldn't even try because they feel it isn't going to be enough, which is sad. It didn't use to be like that. The best part of the job is ALWAYS the customer! As cliche as that sounds, the customers there are mostly wonderful, especially your regulars. They really know how to make you feel like family. That is the hardest part about leaving this job is not being able to feel the joy from connecting with them and making their lives and shopping experience the best ever.
Retail Sales Associate | Alabama | Apr 2, 2019
Find somewhere else if you can.
First off you have the pay, which sucks... you will be lucky to get a 25 cent raise period, unless the manager likes you or your blowing someone. The manager I work for lets the main assistant run over him, not sure what the issue was there unless he was banging her and scared she would tell on him. She constantly bullied or nagged employees to death, and ran off most of the new hires. Your expected to put the company first over your family at all times, which to me is ridiculous. Expected to work unreasonable hours, leave your children at home alone, put strain on your marriage and work yourself to death for just above minimum wage. Corporate does not gaf about anything you have to say, and if you go to dm about anything you can bet you will become a target by manager and assistant. The new regional manager is just as bad as every other manager at any other level; favoritism, unfair biast treatment, and generally just evil. If your opinionated and hard working, they will try to crush you and beat you down until your so exhausted you can't even go home and take care of your family or yourself. Literally the only good thing is the customers, they are always great. Oh and they base your vacation time on average hours worked, which at this store is all over the map... so be prepared to not get 40 hrs a year in vacay time when someone schedules you for a 4 hr shift then 10 hrs the next.
ProsIts a job
Customer Service Representative | Conroe, TX | May 18, 2019
Not a good competitor
The major flaw to Circle K is the fact that they do not offer competitive pay rates (about 2$ lower/hr than other convenience stores). This causes extremely high turnover and the ones that do stick around are usually the older folks killing time until retirement. This also leads to a serious problem of unmotivated employees who feel like they should be paid more before they move from behind the counter to do things like clean, stock, front product and help customers. Stores are also run with barebones crew and very few hours to be shared between employees. The combination of these things cause either a low quality workforce or no one applying to these stores until current employees are overworked. Which reflects onto the consumer base as they view many of the employees negatively and take their business to the other local convenience stores. Managers are also overworked, required of 50/hrs a week at a pay balanced to keep the hourly rate as low as possible without losing managers. Studies have shown that past 40hrs/wk, employee productivity goes down after 2-3 weeks to low levels. This combination causes the store to always be in bad service conditions compared to competitors. Circle K needs a large wake up call. The only thing keeping loyal customers is the cheap fountain drinks.
ProsFree soda
ConsLow pay, overworked management, unmotivated staff

Questions And Answers about Circle K

What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Circle K?
Asked Feb 6, 2017
Be on time , ask questions
Answered Jan 1, 2020
Just put your best foot forward and act the same way you would if you were working there already
Answered Dec 14, 2019
Do you hire Felons?
Asked Jul 13, 2016
Yes as a manager I was able to hirer someone who spent 8 years for robbery of a competitor and train a manager in training that had a conviction of prostitution
Answered Feb 29, 2020
I have a misdemeanor and they hired me! They cleared my background today! I start Monday!
Answered Nov 23, 2019
What is the interview process like at Circle K?
Asked Jun 16, 2016
Went through recruitment agency that they use exclusively.
Answered Oct 14, 2019
Usually two.interviews. The first is with the store Mgr the second is with the market Mgr.
Answered Oct 12, 2019
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Circle K? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
Start to finish.. it takes A Gm to review your application submit a backround check wait @48 -72 hours for that to come back schedule the interview by the 4th day hire you on the fifth day ... Then there is computer courses that goes over stuff at the store that every employee needs to know.. On an average it takes 1 week with some exceptions to be fully hired into circle k. It took me a total of 4 days to be hired in and started work on the 5th day.
Answered Jul 9, 2019
Well considering you have a clean backround the process may take 1- 2 days depending on interview dates and times
Answered Jul 9, 2019
How are the working hours?
Asked Sep 12, 2016
Terrible, I’m working more hours then almost everyone in the store. I’m forced to work 1st, 2nd & 3rd shifts, all within a 5 day period
Answered Feb 18, 2020
Worked various hours some days and some overnight. 35 to 40 hours a week.
Answered Oct 23, 2019