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Billing Representative | Florence, KY | Nov 25, 2019
Good amenities, terrible job.
To be quite clear - doing everything but the job was alright, at minimal. The cafe in the florence building was unrivaled with their kitchen staff - they were like family. The training is relatively easy, and the training staff is great, there's lots of ammenities. The gaming room was stellar, the fitness room was great. Breakrooms on every corner, almost. Great snack selection, and always coffee everywhere. Many of the departments in the building felt like they scored the absolute pick - and they probably have. But for gods sake - don't ever do Billing Disputes. My god - the turnover for the job is unreal. I hardly dealt with a customer who wasn't willing to yell at me because they messed up on some shady deal and were irresponsible with their finances. It is by far the toughest position in customer service, and you have to learn to be very apathetic towards people in order to make it, which is not my shtick. I'm moreso about helping people, not about telling them "no" and "we have to wait". I felt so helpless and useless in my job, and that bled into my own personal life. The actual working part of the job was so awful - I found myself sick to my stomach and dreading coming into work most days because I was sick of being screamed at by customers. You can't hang up on them because they call right back and you get them again. You can't reason with them or do your job, and considering half of your performance, advancement, and raises come with customer satisfaction - forge...more
Project Manager | Tampa, FL | Sep 14, 2018
Salary is deceptive/Benefits not that great
I recently moved from MetLife to Citibank for a position that paid $15,000 more per year. I was very excited to have the new position at a higher salary. While the working conditions are average (open plan seating) and my manager is just average there are other things I have discovered that make me think that my move was not that smart. For starters the health coverage is very expensive. It is $3,000 more per year than what I paid with MetLife with the same insurance company (Aetna). In addition, the healthcare benefits are no where near as good as they were at MetLife. I recently went to the doctor and had to pay $100 because I have a $500 deductible. They do not offer any plans that let you pay a copay to go to the doctor. You pay the full cost of everything until you reach your $500 deductible. This is a bad situation because many people will not go to the doctor if they know they may have to pay up to $500, it discourages people from getting help. At MetLife I paid $35 to go to the doctor and testing/lab was covered at 90%. I have an appointment with a specialist coming up and I have $400 left to reach my deductible so I will be paying for the entire thing. This is basically just like high deductible coverage that is costing me 7k per year ion premiums. The other thing I recently found out is that the bonus plan is not good. At MetLife I always got a 15 to 20% bonus. At Citi the bonuses are about 5%. I was not told this when the offer was made but my coworkers are telling...more
ProsWork from home options for some positions
ConsOpen plan seating, high healthcare premiums
Teller | Manhattan, NY | Sep 20, 2019
Avoid 666 5th ave location at all costs!
i feel awful giving citi such a low rating after working at their selden location for a year and having no problems and a manager i could probably never replace!!!!! after transferring to their 5th ave location, any fond memory working for this company was completely robbed. the only decent things i can say about the 5th ave/52nd branch is you can expect to make at least one good friend during your time in confinement and there are NO weekends! this branch is crooked, management does not know how to treat their employees, there is constant harassment for surpassing sales goals, you are not heard or valued unless you’re making the branch manager tons of money. the branch manager is aggressive and has no sense of respect and is very big on favoritism. the branch manager will physically grill you throughout your day. this branch lost 3 staff members during my five months at this location due to poor management...the micromanaging is a daily misery. there are multiple trainings for harassment but if you ever experience any at the workplace, expect nothing. HR will always side with management. if you ever have any disagreements with management, expect to be targeted from that day WILL go through a ton of stress at the end of each month to meet unrealistic sales goals for a lousy and unfair bonus payout each quarter (the branch manager is in charge of who gets how many shares of the bonus.) also, be prepared to be spoken down to, belittled and made uncomfortable all...more
Associate | New Castle, DE | Jun 8, 2019
Declining work environment with terrible management and outdated systems
Citi used to be a great place to work, but this is no longer true, in the last 2 years, it has been going downhill. There is no work life balance. Work hours consists of a minimum 45 hours, but you will probably end up working more than that. Understaffed and refusing to hire more people, they are desperate to hire but doesn't provide the proper training. Management also has unrealistic expectations and is micro managing. You are underappreciated and will be treated like a work horse; you will likely have to do the work of 2 or more people since they are understaffed. The teams here are very helpful and you will work with great coworkers but at the end of the day, management sucks and no matter how amazing your coworkers are, you will be driven away. Systems are outdated and manual, so you will have to spend unnecessary time doing stuff that normally should not take long with up to date softwares. Everyday there are issues with the system and something will need to be patched/fixed by the Technology team. You will also have to multitask alot and go back and forth among many applications, as Citi is super backwards and not much has been automated. We are living in the age of A.I. and automation, how are you still using old systems. You are a top tier bank, spend some money and invest in real technology. There are not a lot of smart people working here so all the dumb ones end up getting promoted to VP hence the terrible management. If you don't want to be managed by people wit...more
ConsManagement, no worklife balance
Senior Analyst | Getzville, NY | Oct 7, 2019
Toxic Workplace - Avoid At All Costs
A toxic workplace with no regard for human lives. Rumors and infighting abound, with favoritism and unethical behavior reigning supreme. Racism and sexism are routinely covered up by management and HR in order to advance preferred candidates. You will be routinely "encouraged" to come in sick, and every planned absence will be scrutinized. Employee well-being, whether it be mental or physical, is never a priority, nor even on their radar. Citi would prefer you work depressed, ill, or even dangerously sleep-deprived if it helps their bottom line. Workers in our department were "encouraged" to work so much overtime that an outside agency had to step in due to state labor laws. This subsequent change, of course, was blamed on the employees for working too much OT, not the managers who bullied them into doing so. I worked here for the better part of a decade and was promoted twice, and turned down a third promotion. I saw the workplace go from vibrant, energetic and optimistic, to insular, toxic and demeaning. Management will never tell you the truth, no matter what. One time, a computer monitor overloaded and caught on fire - yes, dangerously outdated equipment is the norm here - and management told us that we did not see what we saw. Even as the power surge knocked out power to a whole bank of computers, the AVPs told us that we saw nothing, and the smell of smoke was coming from "someone burning leaves nearby". Anyone who said otherwise was called a liar. The manag...more
ConsLow pay, short breaks, toxic culture, favoritism and unethical behavior.
Collection Agent | Gray, TN | Jul 10, 2018
In begining was a great place to work
Some unit managers were better than others, The best unit manager pushed me to succeed suggested me for special programs based on my performance. I was given independence and was a valuable resource to other agents. Citi offered incentives based on a number of factors including quality, the incentives were tiered, I started doing inbound collections handling all stages of delinquency. Was selected to handle retail cards that was offered by Citi. Was given the tools need to determine the best outcome for clients. Had options to offer payment programs when needed, was able to negotiate late fees, finance charges, and match payment options. However, this later changed and was not able to negotiate, felt like our hands were tied in collections when attempting to help clients. A new department was created that setup payment programs when needed, however all the questions and information was expected to be obtained by the contacting agent, but was forced to transfer call to the payment programs department. Then upon transfer to that department credit was given to the agent who actually setup the arrangement. Pre-Lit department was more researching and was very hard to make contact with clients. Was chosen to be a work at home agent. I was held to a higher standard than other agents, and really pushed to excel by several of my managers. However, the last manager did not want to allow me to participate in special programs that I was specifically requested for.
ProsIncentives, 401K match, healthcare, overall great benefits, employee apperciation week
Consnegotiation tools for collections were taken away, one particular manager
Commercial Real Estate Agent | Washington, DC | May 13, 2019
RE: Citibank Inc.
Working at Citibank was beneficiary for my career. It provided me the skills to get my job at the Praxis Project. I worked in the real estate department and my job was to open accounts, prepare loan documents, provide research for loan documents, set up appointments and prepare closed documents from all real estate loans for file and upload into the banking systems. This was a perfect match to my education. I have a BS degree in business finance, specialized in bank. The work environment at Citibank was very professional and the benefits were good. The salaries in my position as a bank officer was very low. The management at Citibank was very supportive, respectful and professional. The management was very structure and there was limited input to your reviews and how to advance in career from the position you were hired. I saw limited advancement within this organization. The hardest part of this job was working with the title of a bank officer but not being adequately compensated. There was limited job advancement within the company. They did not support higher education reimbursement, since my position required me to have a master degree as part of my qualification for the position. The most enjoyable part of the job was the working environment and the people working in the offices. Bank offices are extremely elite, therefore the work environment was top of the line. I worked in the Bethesda, Maryland environment and our clients incomes were in the h...more
Customer Service Representative | Sioux Falls, SD | Jul 17, 2019
Layoffs, poor pay, they treat their customers and employees poorly
Watch out for department layoffs and not following through on discussed pay/bonuses. The laid off at least 3 different departments when I worked there as a Elite Customer Service Rep. They promised our incoming class an opportunity for bonuses and never implemented them. They promised me so much an hour and then paid me less when I got in the door. About every 1 in 4 customers would scream/yell/cuss at me, which happened more than when I worked in collections. The customers we served were their high end clients. I didn't agree with the standards they used to grade us on each month, they didn't truly want us to help the customers (poor dept phone transferring system-hang ups, server messing up on almost every account, foreign reps cold call dropping customers on our dept b/c they're lazy and Citi doesn't fire them, Citi would rather outsource to a rep that won't do his job then pay an American rep that can fix a customers the first time or an American dept that can do the paperwork in 1/6 the time, etc), and they didn't care I was trying to retain their multi-million dollar customers. It costs at least 4 times as much money to attract a new customer than it does to retain one by fixing their issue, being extremely friendly and courteous, and calling them back as agreed. I would have customers leave messages on the my bosses phone on how I helped them and how friendly I was to them but my boss didn't like me since I refused to lower my call times by cold transferring th...more
MODULE LEAD | North Carolina | Jul 17, 2018
Altogether 16 years of experience in handling full life cycle of commercial software Applications with IBM Mainframe technologies like COBOL,PL/1,IMS-DB,DB2,CICS,ASSEMBLER,JCL etc including expertise • Developing,Migration,Conversion,and Maintenance of Mainframe based applications for the customer as well as 24X7 production support with L2 & L3 support by code change work packages and without code change work packages • In multiple sub-domains under Telecom, Insurance,Banking & Financials,Credit card industry & Manufacturing • To come up and define new service offerings, building of sales co-laterals and presentations, build and maintain a strong competence pool ,set up of Lab and Infrastructre(h/w,s/w,tools & platforms) • To support business development along with regional teams covering Pre-Sales Consultancy ,Detailed Requirement Analysis,Proof-of Concepts/Trials Execution • Ownership in converting Tender to Proposal,Technical proposal preparation, solutioning defence including participation in client presentations and negotiation(Technical or commercial),bid management • In Program and Portfolio management leading teams in Multisite-Multivendor Cross Cultured Environment with expertise in Customer Interfacing,Requirement Capture, Application Delivery,Support & Maintenance, System Integration,Functional and Non -functional Testing Including Automation,User Acceptance • Handled a team of 3 people like resource plan,project plan, work allocation,projec...more
Compliance Officer | Miami, FL | Apr 17, 2019
Various Meetings during the day with unrealistic daily goals assigned
A typical day at work includes many meetings during the day plus comply with your assignments. Most of the time, employees need to work extra hours (at night and weekends) in order to accomplish their goals. Although, you get pay over time for these hours, you feel like you don't have a personal or family life. The salary is not enough based on the job responsibilities. The company has higher expectations in regards to performance and productivity from employees; however the employees are not recognized for their hard work and extra hours expend in the office. Most of the time the organization is short stuff and permanent employees have to spend a lot of hours in the office to reach the date lines and assignments. The management is very disorganized and they don't get aligned within the same units. They don't take into consideration vacation days to assign your cases . Sometimes you get cases assigned that are due during your vacation time. Company does not respect your rights or vacation time as sometimes you receive calls from managers asking you to connect remotely and complete an assignment or report during your day off or vacation day. They implement new systems avery month without texting the system before and giving the employees proper guidance or training.
ProsMedical, Dental, Vision, 401K Benefits. Plus maternity and paternity leave.
ConsMultiples meeting during the day not taking into consideration assigned cases and goals, not to many opportunities to grow within the organization and no bonuses.

Questions And Answers about Citi

What is the interview process like at Citi?
Asked Jun 15, 2016
Mine was brief.
Answered Aug 4, 2019
Well the interview went well took about 15 minutes to decide I could start work Monday but the background and drug screening would take an additional two weeks
Answered Jul 6, 2019
How do you feel about the future of Citi?
Asked Nov 17, 2016
We continue to grow strategically - bringing in new partners and clients. Citi will be around for many, many years to come.
Answered Oct 1, 2019
Hagerstown Citi keeps dwindling away getting rid of alot of tenure employees thanks to so called Operations Managers who think they know what there doing and as always sending more and more work offshore to people you can barely understand
Answered Feb 1, 2019
How long after the phone interview before you hear back? Also how long was the phone interview?
Asked Jun 4, 2017
Phone interview is approximately 15 minutes. If successful, you’ll generally be told at the end of the phone interview if you’re being passed on, in which case you should have a face-to-face interview within 3-5 days.
Answered Oct 1, 2019
15 minutes and an additional 2 weeks for background check and drug screening
Answered Jul 6, 2019
What advice would you give the CEO of Citi about how to improve it?
Asked Oct 30, 2017
Since Mike Corbat has already been taken to task by other business leaders and Congress alike for his lack of morals, nothing anyone can say will ever make him treat his workers like human beings.
Answered Feb 29, 2020
The focus on AHT doesn't allow enough time to take care of customers with the quality that Citi claims to be striving for. Customers are transferred, or given wrong info only to speed up the call. Then the rep that DOES try to fix things for the customer is penalized for their AHT (average handle time) is higher than the coworker that is not helping the customer. My understanding that this is not with all the portfolios that Citi handles
Answered Jan 30, 2020
What would you suggest Citi management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked Mar 17, 2017
Pay them a living wage, not the greatest wage disparity between CEO and the average worker in the entire world (as it currently stands). Treat your workers like humans with real lives, not just ground-down cogs used for churning profits upwards.
Answered Feb 29, 2020
All fine.I have no suggestions.
Answered Dec 20, 2018