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Cognizant Technology Solutions
Cognizant Technology Solutions
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Overall Reviews at Cognizant Technology Solutions

Senior Manager | Duluth, GA | Nov 18, 2019
Great Company
Great company. Great benefits. Allows you to learn and apply. Great team work and Good travel policies. I worked from home and traveled to client sites. Company supports a lot in all features.
Business Intelligence Analyst | Irvine, CA | Feb 27, 2020
Aggressive work culture
Good benefits. Much better human resource policies and support. Work culture is aggressive. Career growth is limited to your groups. Not enough movements across Functions or Business groups.
Quality Auditor | Phoenix, AZ | Jan 9, 2020
Enjoyed working there and understood the need to reorganize for the company benefit.
Given the freedom to make my decisions independently and this relayed a sense of the leaderships trust in my abilities. At times, needed to have leadership support in dealings with client issues above my level, but were eventually worked out.
Director of Business Development | Dallas, TX | Jan 9, 2020
Get rewarded for hardwork
I am part of the presales/business development team at Cognizant. Its a dynamic and busy role. Long work hours. However, there is lots to learn. At Cognizant, hardwork is rewarded (great bonuses). The company has a policy where employees must rotate roles after every few years. This is great as there are multiple roles available within to choose from. Employees can dabble with multiple roles and gain a breadth of experience across different areas.
Product Owner | Houston, TX | Oct 30, 2019
Talented Teams
The teams I worked with were very talented in their areas of expertise. Many traveled from different parts of the country and were SMEs who were not needed on a full-time basis. They were great networkers and knew who to reach out to for additional information and ensured that they met their targets leading to the highest client ratings and add-on business. In my role I met many different people and was put into difficult client situations requiring turn-around. Support from the account teams varied dramatically.
Accounts Receivable Clerk | Boise, ID | Aug 2, 2019
Stressful but enjoyable
Enjoyed working in my position but it was stressful due to you think you are safe in your job but then you are told the assignment is going to be centralized or ended.
Associate Consultant | Teaneck, NJ | Feb 6, 2020
Road warrior
The positions I held were "remote" in that you are in a remote location fly in and fly out for weeks or months at a time. Though some work from home opportunities exist in this very large company, my role had me on the client site a majority of the time. The compensation was good and the benefits are good. The hours while on site are long often exceeding 8 or 10 hours. The consulting functions we did within my group are demanding and aligned with client satisfaction. Often contracts were written to win rather than perform the tasks that were committed to. This created many situations where the heroics of the team had to compensate for the gap created in delivery versus what was committed to in the contract. There are some very talented people employed with Cognizant. It was a pleasure working with most of them. I learned a great deal and had the privilege of working some amazing engagements.
Senior Solution Architect | Dallas, TX | Dec 22, 2019
Result oriented and very flexible
I found everyone at Cognizant to be super friendly. Everyone is willing to help and cooperate. They have good training and the benefits were excellent.
Operations Consultant | Teaneck, NJ | Jun 11, 2019
Productive and fun place to work and advance career!
Cognizant Consulting Team is the right place for someone who is looking to build a career in consulting. The team members are supportive and the management is open to receiving feedback.
Software Architect | College Station, TX | Sep 20, 2018
Chaotic and lack of structure
Needs better leadership and direction. The consulting group has no structure and I was lied to regarding my role and responsibilities at the time of employment.

Questions And Answers about Cognizant Technology Solutions

Does Cognizant Technology Solutions offer any benefits?
Asked Jul 19, 2016
One of the most interesting benefits offered is that you can pay a monthly fee to have an attorney on retainer. 401k employee will match your contribution after 1 year. Health insurance has a high deductible.
Answered Mar 20, 2020
Benefits very average. One year wait for new employees to participate in 401k.
Answered Feb 21, 2020
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Cognizant Technology Solutions? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Jul 13, 2016
I took about a month to be accepted into the I company due to the extreme back ground checking, once that was done, once hired i had to go through about 1month of training for the job. Then you had to keep a passing percentage once you hit the floor .
Answered May 28, 2019
I have had a phone interview and a in person interview and did the computer test. Now what's next did i get the job
Answered Mar 25, 2018
"How are the working hours? "What is the best way to get an interview?"
Asked Feb 6, 2016
10am to 6pm it will depend on project .
Answered May 28, 2019
8 hours working to the technology
Answered Oct 9, 2018
How are the working hours at Cognizant Technology Solutions?
Asked Jul 6, 2016
10am to6pm
Answered May 28, 2019
8 hours to do the work from sutabilitya and to the full relaxation and no pressure cts. Thank for alot
Answered Oct 9, 2018
If you were to leave Cognizant Technology Solutions, what would be the reason?
Asked Mar 22, 2017
Offshoring... no job security
Answered Mar 7, 2019
Due to the lack of basic integrity and respect.
Answered Jun 3, 2018