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Collabera Reviews

Popular JobsAccount ManagerCustomer Service RepresentativeAnti Money Laundering AnalystProject ManagerTechnical RecruiterAccounts AssistantCase ManagerField TechnicianIT SupportSales AssociateTechnical Support SpecialistAccount ExecutiveAccount RepresentativeAccounting SpecialistAccounts Payable ClerkAdministratorAds ReviewerAnnonomousBusiness CoordinatorBusiness Project ManagerClient RepresentativeColdFusion ConsultantCommunication SpecialistComputer ConsultantConsultantConsulting AnalystContract AttorneyContract EmployeeCustomer Care SpecialistData AnalystData Entry ClerkDelivery ManagerDesktop Support TechnicianDevelopment InternDocument SpecialistEligibility WorkerEnrollment SpecialistField RepresentativeField Service TechnicianFinancial AnalystFull Stack DeveloperHuman Resources AssistantIncident ManagerInformation Technology InternMaintenance PersonMinerNetwork Operations TechnicianOperations AdministratorOperations AssociateOperations ClerkPC TechnicianPolicy AnalystProduct OwnerProgrammer AnalystProject ConsultantProject CoordinatorProperty Preservation SpecialistQuality Assurance AnalystQuality Assurance TesterRecruiterRegional Sales ManagerSafety SpecialistSales RepresentativeSecurity AnalystSecurity Systems EngineerSenior Account ManagerSenior Business AnalystSenior Compliance OfficerSenior ConsultantSenior Customer Service RepresentativeSenior Operations RepresentativeSenior Product AnalystSenior Program ManagerSenior Project ManagerSenior Software ConsultantSenior Writer/EditorServerSite CoordinatorSupport AnalystSupport SpecialistSystems AnalystTechnical ConsultantTechnical SpecialistTechnical SupportTemporary WorkerTest Technician

Overall Reviews at Collabera

Anti Money Laundering Analyst | Tampa, FL | Sep 6, 2018
Save yourself the headache.
Excessive phone calls/emails: From the outset, the recruiters would call multiple times a day. In the interviewing/onboarding phase, I would receive multiple phone calls on the same day often times from different people all inquiring about the same thing. When checking my references, two different recruiters called me on the same date asking for alternate contact information for an employer from seven years ago. For a different reference, various recruiters called the person a total of five times during the workday, after I'd advised them that the reference requested to be contacted at the end of her workday, since she runs a non-profit. To make matters worse, she was subsequently contacted to provide the reference a second time, the day after she initially provided it. When she called me to advise that she'd provided the reference, she stated one hand didn't seem to know what the other hand was doing. Payroll problems: They are very adamant about employees adhering to timesheet deadlines, in order to avoid payroll delays. However, when their payroll department makes an error, they act as if their hands are tied and they can't fix the problem. For example: their payroll department incorrectly entered an entire week's worth of pay incorrectly in their system. While they acknowledged that they made the error, I was told that since payroll had closed the only option was to wait until the following pay period to get paid that money. When I objected stating that it's both...more
ProsProvides accurate descriptions of job responsibilities.
ConsPayroll problems, excessive contact, customer service needs improvement, low pay
Senior Consultant | San Diego, CA | Aug 24, 2019
Collabera is a useless contract house
Like many of the other contract houses, Collabera has unskilled recruiters contacting resources that have posted their resumes on job boards. They try to find resources with the skillsets that match their client's resource requirements. The unskilled recruiters are just that -- they perform resumes searches that try to match key words from their client's personnel requisitions and then submit resumes to their clients for consideration. Collabera arranges the interviews and the hiring process as a contractor, but that is about it. It is only a limited duration contract assignment with the client within which you work entirely embedded with the client as a contractor (i.e., augmented workforce member). The only additional interface that you have with Collabera is entering your timecard into their payroll system each week and hoping that the appropriate amounts are reflected on your paycheck. Other than that, there is no interaction whatsoever with Collabera. Collabera offers benefits, but they are outrageously priced and Collabera does not contribute to the employee's premiums nor co-pays. Contractors are better off finding benefits on their own. There is no advancement nor career opportunities available. There is only your current assignment for as long as the current client engagement lasts.
Project Manager | Georgia | Apr 20, 2019
I felt "ghosted".
In spite of all the different people that call and the subcontracted entities involved with the on boarding, background check, etc., they just do not have it together. Two weeks were wasted getting my past work history checked since "outsourced staff" made mistakes reading the past employers provided. Assignment zip code and address (even though I advised from local experience it couldn't be right) were incorrect so I had to wait weeks for a secured entrance card to the correct location and in the meantime, be let in/out like a child by co-workers. My assignment contact disappeared for weeks at a time while I tried to communicate issues with the client's funding and project assignment availability. NOT a SINGLE person in HQ management I called and emailed near the end of my assignment acknowledged my attempts to reach them. So called placement staff call every few months but don't even name applicable job assignments I have seen myself online. No one ever even connected me to or made me aware of staff in my own city. It's as if it's a "pretend" company.
ProsCOBRA benefits price
ConsToo many outsourced or MIA contacts.
Accounts Assistant | Morristown, NJ | Oct 29, 2018
Collabera is a temp agency that placed me is a nice challenging assignment.
The assignment was monitoring 16 printers that printed sensitive material for mortgage companies. A typical day consisted of keeping a watchful eye on printers so they were constantly printing. I had a great trainer who was generous with information and taught me a lot about maintaining the machines, replacing parts and trouble shooting. The most enjoyable part of the assignment was monitoring each printer. The most valuable part of the assignment was a teachable moment which afforded me an opportunity to learn something new that helped me do minor repairs. The supervisor and manager were very nice and supportive and knowledgeable about the job. The tech was trained to handle major repairs. The hardest part was lifting boxes of paper all day but it was manageable and a good workout. This was an ideal job for me and I thank Collabera for the assignment.
ProsChallenging job which was never boring and was a great learning experience
ConsBeing by myself when a major repair was required and I had to take the machine offline.
Quality Assurance Tester | Wilmington, DE | May 29, 2018
Both Good Companies to Work For
Collabera got back to me about an hour after I applied for a position they had advertised. After speaking with them they submitted my info to JPMC and within a day they had scheduled an interview. The interview went well and by the end of the week I was offered the job. It was supposed to be contract-to-hire but from day one all of the contractors were told that there were not any permanent positions to be hired for. Working at JPMC was very interesting. The various client websites and social media outlets that we were using made things different every day. There were only 3 employees in the department and the rest were contractors. Surprisingly, everyone worked well together. There is very little parking available in the area and what is available is very expensive. There is off-site parking with shuttle service but it's for employees only.
ProsConvenient location, Interesting work, Helpful people, Contractors included in team/company gatherings, on-site cafeteria and cafes
ConsExpensive parking, Contract-to-hire wasn't true
Account Manager | West Des Moines, IA | Mar 18, 2019
Job Duties Not Clearly Defined During Onboarding
Collabera positioned the role as an Account Manager, however, there was no relationship or business established with the account I was supposed to be managing. In fact, there were 12 other suppliers/providers that had contracts with the specific account, and I was supposed to get the client to only use Collabera for their hiring needs. When they could post a job to the general board and have all 10 competitors, including Collabera, provide their candidates, which increases the resourcing pool. So it would have never been in the interest of the client to only use one provider for their needs when they can pool their needs amongst all providers to ensure they find the best candidate.
ProsGood base salary
ConsNo managerial direction, no training
Account Manager | Minneapolis, MN | Jan 8, 2019
Fun workplace lacking management
I enjoyed the people I worked with at Collabera. The problem was unfulfilled promises and poor management. Within my office the top three management authorities left within the first few months I was there. The manager I reported too I saw once every two months. I was a number in the system and I didn't enjoy that. I excelled compared to my peers but people could implement fake information to get comparable to me. I brought this up to management and they did nothing. They would rather us enter information in the system to make them look better than better the company. I want to work toward a common goal and see success within everyone in the company. This simply was not achievable here.
ProsPeers, food perks
Consmanagement, poor ethics
Temporary Worker | Cedar Rapids, IA | Jun 7, 2019
Give them a pass
I was a temp with this company. Every time I had to communicate with my laison at Collabera - it was always a person who spoke very poor English which made if VERY difficult to understand what they were trying to say. In addition, I'm not sure if it was because I was a woman but they were very patronizing. There are NO benefits. No paid time off, no vacation time, no sick leave and no chance for raises. Well, there are. I knew a few at my temp job who also got work through Collabera and if you were with a company long enough you could apply for a raise but Collabera did every thing they could to slow it down or stop it altogether. Being a temp is not great - but this outfit makes it even worse.
Prosbi-weekly pay checks
Consdifficult communication, patronizing managers, no benefits.
Desktop Support Technician | Tallahassee, FL | May 17, 2019
This collabera company is a false sense of employment a waste of time!
Do not waste your time giving Collabera a filled out with your private information, W-2 Employees and 1099 Contract forms. I did having them promise me all kinds of work, but not deliver. I ended up getting them to give me only 7hr of work that lasted only a day. Nothing else but promises for other openings that never panned out!! It is a wast of time! To this day I still get emails, only to find excuses, as to why the position, advertised and directed at me, into my inbox, seems to be on hold or dissolved entirely!
ProsPlenty of hours off to enjoy pool time with the kids & family
ConsNot enough pay, not enough hours, false promises, wasting your time chases jobs that most likely never existed
Project Manager | Remote | Dec 30, 2019
OK for some...
As a Project Manager on assignment with a large financial sector support client, I was able to work remotely. When I announced that I had future plans to re-locate internationally (retaining my US citizenship), Collabera said they would not support it, and dismissed me...even though the client/customer wanted to keep me on. No amount of re-assuring Collabera that I would remain a US citizen and retain a US address had any effect. Summary, I informed them of the 3-way loss that resulted from their decision...My being out of work; their loss of revenue from my employment; and the customer losing an asset they didn't want to lose. Questionable logic on Collabera's part...
ProsRemote work
ConsLanguage barrier

Questions And Answers about Collabera

How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Collabera? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Jul 17, 2016
They jerk you around by wanting you to submit the same documents every day for weeks at a time. Very, very hard to understand.
Answered Apr 3, 2018
10 days with doing all the paper work finger prints etc and phone interview in and person
Answered Aug 11, 2017
What questions did they ask during your interview at Collabera?
Asked Aug 1, 2018
Are you a US Citizen? Will you accept this job if it gets offered to you? What is your rate and availability?
Answered Feb 24, 2020
Technical background
Answered Oct 26, 2019
How do you feel about going to work each day at Collabera?
Asked Nov 13, 2017
It a great firm to work on contract positions
Answered Oct 4, 2019
Towards the end of my time at Collabera I would dread going to work everyday. No one was allowed to talk to each other, and if you even spoke to your co workers for more than 2 minutes the boss would micromanage you and tell you to get to work. Over all I felt like I had no freedom.
Answered Jun 12, 2018
What is the general dress code in the phoenix office?
Asked Aug 22, 2017
Smart Casual
Answered Mar 30, 2020
Business casual
Answered Jun 4, 2018
I'm curious to know why they need my social on the basic application? Is this company real?
Asked Sep 26, 2016
Yes the company is real.
Answered Jun 12, 2018
Collabera runs a background check therefore needs your social.
Answered Apr 4, 2018