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Account Executive | Saint Paul, MN | Jun 18, 2019
Mistreated staff will not be placated with the occasional pizza part or donut
As a Tech Support rep, Comcast is an absolutely terrible place to work. It's even worse as a billing support rep. When you take a call from a customer, you are not allowed to disconnect the line for any reason. Even if the person is hurling insult after insult, not listening, or going after you personally for whatever else is wrong with their lives. No matter what the person calls in for, no matter their state of mind, you are to try to sell them something. Sales took precedence over everything else. It didn't matter if you fixed their problem as long as you sold them something, or even asked for a sale. "I know you're calling in with no Internet connection, and I can see that if you had our phone service that it would be out as well, but would you like to go ahead and put all your eggs in one basket anyway?" The most frustrating part was selling customers on packages, assuring them (as we had been assured) that the price I was quoting was the price they would pay, only to have the terms changed on them. This happened often and they never acknowledged it. Management did what they could, but their hands were tied as well. The best they could do was act as a very temporary band-aid. It honestly wasn't bad when I started. There was time enough to breathe between calls, we didn't have a great push to sell because they recognized it was a support queue and shouldn't have sales pushed on them. But that set of management got the boot one day, all of them, and the...more
ProsFree Cable, Free Internet, Occasional free donut
ConsMicro-management, unrealistic sales goals, ridiculous call time expectations, deaf management, treated like children
Cable Technician | Auburn, WA | Dec 6, 2018
A good stepping stone job
I worked for Comcast as a Tech for 2 years. The training was mostly good but you really get a feel for the job by working alongside your mentor and getting out on your own networking with your team and other techs. The job used to be a great career many years back when there wasn't an automated metrics and numbers game for your raises and promotions. That coupled with older, simpler cable to install. The cable of today is much more complex than it was 20-30 years ago, there are a lot of signal issues and services to install and troubleshoot and not enough time in the world to meet the ludicrous demands of Comcast. Here is an example, every job is worth a certain amount of production points. Each point is worth 5 minutes, a trouble call is worth 16 points. So about 1hr 20 minutes to solve the customers issue before you move on to the next job. Lets say this customers home has 5 outlets and all of the cable is an older standard and must be replaced, and they wanted more than the job was laid out for you to do, you are required to make it right for them, and often times it takes forever to get the job rebuilt, and structured so you can even install what they want and replace everything. This job ends up taking you most of the day, and so other jobs on your queue end up being allocated to some other techs already heavy workload and vice versa. This is just one inconvenience a tech faces often. The worst part is these kinds of setbacks really hurt your numbers and another bad part...more
ProsFour tens, discount on cable, good technical stepping stone
ConsNo real career advancement
Technical Support Specialist | Charleston, SC | Aug 10, 2019
Xfinity Mobile Tech Support
If you have a husband/wife and / or kids this is not the job for you. I worked at the Charleston SC office and it was a horrible experience. After weeks of training watching Jimmy Fallen, multiple outside smoke breaks, followed by 2 weeks of training with the systems I would be using daily I was allegedly qualified enough to help customers with issues. “Yay” me:-(. Not only do you have to shift bid, which I was not advised of before accepting the position not during the interview or by my recruiter. I was asked if I had availability between 5am and 11pm. I’m thinking I would have a shift somewhere in between 5am and 11pm. Nope we had a “shift bid” in training by our hire date and unfortunately the shift that was left was a shift that I would never see my kids. I should of quit then but I didn’t my pay was 18.06 with the 2 dollar difference for working overnight so I sacrificed a little while longer. They normally have 2 or 3 shift bids a year and depending on your stats that will determine what shift you have to work Morning shift, mid afternoon or to midnight there would be normally 15 shifts to choose from. My supervisor was very smart but acted like it did know anything. The supervisors talk about there employees to co-workers. They tell you there is no time limit to talk to customers but if your on the phone helping customers past your lunch/ break it’s counted against you. I found out quick I would need to work off the clock assisting customers with issues if I didn’t wa...more
ConsEverything else
Customer Service Representative | Mobile, AL | Mar 12, 2019
Job security was horrible!
Comcast was once "THE" place to work! The worst part was their desire to out-source jobs. In particular, their customer service positions! The practice was extremely inconsiderate in regards to the customers. I say this, because the individuals they hired; they had neither loyalty nor integrity! Customers are constantly complaining about not being able to understand the representatives they are speaking with! Due to the lack of the company following up regarding such complaints, these out-sourced representatives think nothing of dropping customer calls! Comcast is horrible because the customers wait times were excessive (payment centers). These customer's wasn't even given enough consideration to have restrooms provided for them while waiting! On occasion, I'saw customers go to the side of the building to relieve themselves! As a result of them closing local call centers, numerous customers have since left the company! This happened for several reasons: Everyone in their service area were acquainted with any given representative, or technician who were left without jobs! I've been told, they felt their needs were not important to Comcast. Comcast failed to realize how important loyalty was! Right now, most of my acquaintances have since moved on to other providers in the area. Comcast felt they'd made wise financial decisions for the company, as a result, all they managed to do is lose a high percentage of both residential and corporate accounts. As for their employee's, ...more
ProsMedical Benefits
ConsCumulative time off
Installation Technician | Auburn, WA | Sep 2, 2018
Install Technician is really more of a joke.
As a install technician you are paid less then what you should actually be receiving while the company expects you to just go where they want without question. A typical Day at work will almost always be longer then your 10hr shift due to their failure to set a standard in their scheduling. Every time frame is double booked and if you ever complain about how your drive home is longer then 2 hrs they will not work with you. Went a year and multiple conversations with the higher ups and they did nothing but end up trying to turn it back onto the technician. A key part of a good working force is time at the actual shop you come from. This you will never actually get. 2 hrs maybe 1 day out of the week (and thats a big maybe) to do everything from restocking your vehicle to anything they classify as training even tho its part of your daily job(ya know the stuff key to getting promoted?) will never actually be the priority of training. You will also have to expect that every customer you come across is not happy with their service. Its a general statement but no one is truly happy with what they are receiving. Oh and your supervisors dont handle late calls you do. Also you wont be able to leave the customers house till you've made sure that they have your work cell number other wise when they call back in again you will be dropped in numbers that you need for promotion and bonuses. You are also the face of Comcast as a technician and as that you will also be required to f...more
ProsReduced price on tv and internet? Medical, dental
Consbad time management, little to no promotion rate, no real training, general labor, Supervisor/manager not helping employees.
Retail Sales Associate | Illinois | Nov 6, 2019
Typical corporate sales job
Being a Retail Sales Consultant for Comcast is your typical sales position. You will have goals your are expected to meet and exceed, and are rated on about 20 different metrics. Your pay is about 70% dependent on how well you sell. If you don't perform well on your goals, you will be dismissed. As any job with commission based pay, the commission structure is constantly changing. Same with the goals, they are constantly being raised. Comcast is struggling with cable, as cable is a dying product more people are cancelling than signing up. Most customers come in looking for just internet, but selling just internet to customers is very taboo and will receive harsh criticism from management. Currently, our goals are the highest they've ever been but traffic into the store is down. Traffic is never an excuse though, if the store performs badly, it will always be the employee's fault, not the company's. My biggest gripe is being an RSC at Comcast feels very much like a pyramid scheme. Part of the managers/senior level managers jobs is to keep turn over low for these entry level positions (which have very high turn over). So they'll like to remind you how great your position is. They'll even tell you there's employees in your same position somewhere in the country making double your salary because they blow their goals out of the water. The managers' favorite phrase is "If you want a raise, give yourself a raise. Sell more and you'll be paid more." Customers will treat you li...more
Technical Support | Liberty Lake, WA | Jan 13, 2019
Uneducated Managment, Favoritism galore, poor employee treatment
Where to begin... this company was terrible in every way possible. Management has no idea how a call center operates, favoritism like you would not believe, an HR department that is buddy buddy with the supervisors that show favoritism which results in you being able to report it but then ultimately being the one who gets in trouble. A further escalation path known as Comcast Listens that cares even less and does nothing to rework a toxic site crumbling to the ground. Made promises upon hire that they could not uphold. Absolutely no chance of advancement regardless of the skills and knowledge you bring. A scheduling and time off system that gives no (expletive) about you or your family, emergencies included. Released a new billing system even though they were warned by testers was not ready and broken. A system so bad that left customers without service even though they paid the bill, some even more than a month without service. Ticket creation system and lazy escalation teams that leaves tickets untouched for months on end. Company is in full support of customers calling you the worst names imaginable and attacking you personally but then punishing you when you disconnect, despite several polite warnings to the customer, then they will turn around and reward that customer with credits which only effectively encourages more mistreatment to employees. Floor support and supervisor support is pretty much nonexistent. Supervisors disappear for hours on end with no consequences. D...more
ProsNone at all
Technician | Philadelphia, PA | Feb 4, 2019
all around great job
great place to work everything was really great here what uou need for the job Performs routine troubleshooting calls: troubleshoots the plant through the distribution cable to the node in order to restore customer video, CHSI, or CDV as required. Must have the ability climb poles, ladders and operate aerial lifts 18 to 20 feet above ground, as determined by the system requirements. Must possess the ability to use basic cable test equipment. Performs work near power lines and electricity. - Surveys the plant in order to ensure service availability to potential customers. - Performs underground location of existing plant using system prints and cable locating equipment in order to prevent cable damage and service interruption. Must have the ability to read general system layouts from blueprints. - Responds to and repairs service interruptions during regular business hours, shift work or when on-call as required. Normal work shift may include evenings and/or weekends. Must be available to work overtime including weekends, evenings and holidays. - Performs CLI ride-out and track and repair leakage, as necessary. Works and travels in inclement weather. - Performs construction maintenance duties such as: splices aerial/underground coaxial cable and equipment to restore cable plant to system specification; splices and activates new coaxial plant as required; repairs and/or replace damaged aerial/underground plant; and inspects, repairs and/or replaces power supplies...more
Account Executive | Pittsburgh, PA | Apr 17, 2019
Skip this company
Inbound sales is a horrible job and Comcast a horrible company. In this position you answer a few dozen calls per day and sell to the people who are calling one to five products- usually four of which they don’t want. The company sends out flyers promoting $29.99 internet and when the customers call in for it you are NOT aloud to give it to them. I know it sounds crazy but it’s true. They keep a “scorecard” of every agent and if you sell the $29.99 internet you fail the score card. Fail the scorecard and get fired. So you have to either upsell the customer- convince them that in 2019 they really need a landline phone and expensive, antiquated cable packages, or do what most of the desperate reps do.. hang up on the poor potential customers. The commission is a joke.. but not a haha funny one.. more like a sad, hurtful.. Ok maybe “joke” isn’t the word to describe it. How about sham? That might be more accurate. The way the commission works is they only really pay you for selling huge bundles to people. All five products that no one wants (or needs). All the smaller bundles you hardly get anything for. A few dollars maybe if you are lucky. So just focus on those big sales and enjoy living the high life you're thinking right? Not so fast. Every time you answer the phone and don’t make a sale, they take money away from the sales you’ve already made. So all day long people call your number because a TV box doesn’t work, a technician hasn’t shown up, a cable power line i...more
ConsThe whole gig
Customer Service Representative | Florida | Feb 22, 2020
You're on your own once training concludes
The training, while amazing and fun, although VERY hurried, was misleading, there was a lot of do it yourself, "self paced" learning material, the training gave me the sense that once we graduated training there would be the same level of support and encouragement from management, it is the complete opposite. There is too much emphasis placed on sales, I learned that if you have an existing business relationship w/ a customer it is the only way to legally circumvent the DNC list and harass your customers with services they don't want, there is a quota you must meet and possible termination if you don't meet it. I have used knowledge bases with other companies to find customer solutions but I still had floor support as well, to ensure the customer have their service needs met, I understand now why I had received so many customer complaint calls about agents that had made big mistakes on their accounts, repeatedly. I spent most calls trying to correct those mistakes but I didnt blame the agents but the management. I was so excited to work for them, now I regret wasting my time, the process to get in wasn't easy, it's a shame that agent knowledge and support wasn't a priority, you're just expected to find the answer and handle complex processes in customer accounts regardless if you don't know what you're doing. We were in the toughest department there, handling all queues, not just billing, retention, sales, but also home, mobile, video repair, internet repair, etc, there are ...more
ProsPay, PTO, job perks
ConsLack of call support, short training considering all the required training material

Questions And Answers about Comcast

What is the interview process like at Comcast?
Asked Mar 12, 2017
It all depends on what you are interviewing for. I had an interview for a position for service delivery in HR. My interviewer was not prepared, nor did she have a copy of my resume. Not a problem, I carry extra copies. I felt that they were just looking for bodies for what may or may not be permanent positions. The interview lasted about 30 maybe less, seemed like they scheduled two of us at the same time. I didn’t feel like they were organized with the scheduling. Also, something to keep in mind, Comcast uses recruiting agencies. With that being said, I keep getting called to interview for the same position; tried to explain that to the outsourced recruiter. Also, with the agencies that they use there could be a 4.00 to 5.00 difference in hourly pay.
Answered Sep 11, 2019
My interview was done in15 min. Make sure to research Comcast, who the CEO is, new technology,and be part of the interview. Next step is the background check, Comcast spends top $$$, sometimes you will get hired before the check is complete be transparent, my co-worker was let go due to his poor judgement by not including an arrest. 2 checks, one background, second is bonding. Hope this helps
Answered Jul 18, 2019
What is the work environment and culture like at Comcast?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
Depends on your level in the organization. Each year employee surveys are used to rate direct leadership and upper management. If a team rates low the direct leader is crucified and upper management who is really to blame is not. Direct leaders basically coach their employees to rate these surveys high and be dishonest to avoid this regardless of any real issues. They should stop pretending to care about the employees when they really only care about looking good on paper.
Answered Sep 28, 2019
Ya know I have worked for Comcast for almost 4 years now and have absolutely no issues with it. As a matter of fact if someone wants to further their career let's say inti leadership the company will do everything in their power to get ya there. The company is doing that for me and I cannot Express enough appreciation for this. All a person has to do is speak up and say so! To me it truly is a great place to work!
Answered Mar 28, 2019
How are the working hours at Comcast?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
I was outside sales, start time with a meeting 9:00 without 11:00 and I worked till I got a sale, 9:30, Comcast is flexible about hours ,ending 8:30.
Answered Jul 18, 2019
Overtime is not "offered", it comes a number of ways. Its forced, its required, it happens because they ALWAYS overbook your jobs, and it happens because of the type of job you get, which rarely gives you enough time. Comcast scheduling system is severly broken, and they show thier commitment to fixing it by firing Techs who cannot magically survive it. Thats yet anotber reason why they are always hiring, like a revolving door. The training is a joke. Comcast allows the Supervisors to take control of you during training, which allows them to punish you based on rumors (because they are not there its a rumor); they will pull you out of class to make you work even if you arent ready; they are responsible to give you class materials, which is totally dumb (some unscrupulous ones will give your new equipment to thier existing crew and you end up with trash or nothing). The training is 2 months too short and then they put you in the field and pretend your an expert. Also, they try to use you to train the old workers because they run the Techs like slaves so they dont get ongoing training. Specifically the working hours, long and inconsiderate. Even Techs with 7-8 yeats of service routinely go 3-4 hours overtime at least once a week.
Answered Jul 18, 2019
If you were to leave Comcast, what would be the reason?
Asked Mar 16, 2017
I'd leave for a new position with growth, better company culture, good pay equal to workload and title.
Answered Dec 7, 2019
Being worked to death, unsafe, acknowledgement that the working process is outdated, unfair, and the metrics are unreasonable - but still evaluating and firing people based on those faulty parameters.
Answered Jul 18, 2019
What advice would you give the CEO of Comcast about how to improve it?
Asked Feb 27, 2017
Start over. Either with drastic new policies or dump the entire administrative staff. Comcast is rotten in the admin part. The bottom workers love Comcast, and dont mind working hard. Realize that the admin staff is ther for support, not as some fiefdom, lording over the workers you actually need to keep the services rolling. The nasty attitudes, no commitment to promises, applying rules of content only to the line workers, banding together against workers, blaming workers for everything, creating a work environment that fosters easy firing - all that needs to be erased. Focus needs to be on proper work expectations and the Tech should have a reasonable work plan instead of the dangerous, unrealistic, unthankful process thats in place right now. Comcast needs a total overhaul - and you need to contact all the Techs that got fired under this POW camp atmosphere and offer them to come back under new management. And get rid of the loose rules that allow supervisors to do whatever they feel like.
Answered Jul 18, 2019
I would consider humanity and put every staffs view into consideration because at the end it matters.
Answered Jul 4, 2019