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Overall Reviews at Costco Wholesale

Shipping and Receiving Clerk | Salt Lake City, UT | Dec 15, 2019
Good benefits and good long term job
I had a hard time here because of a lot of favoritism. People were hired being related to other co-workers not because of work ethic. Those people then got special jobs and treatment. Plus if you were a but kiss you tend to get the same treatment. I did not like it here. I work hard and I'm good at what I do. It felt like pushing a big rock up a hill to try and get somewhere there.
Cashier/Stocker | Redwood City, CA | Jan 24, 2020
Overall A Great Job
A great experience to learn different departments and be more efficient in everyday tasks. Get to interact with customers and make friends on the job.
Front End Manager | New Jersey | Oct 15, 2019
Costco is a great place to start a part-time job they offer benefits to part time employees and on Sunday they offer a time and a half. If you can work in a high-volume place than it’s perfect for you
Front End Associate | Redmond, WA | Feb 4, 2020
Productive and collaborative workplace with hard working people from all backgrounds
Costco is a fantastic place to work. The people I've worked with are all very kind and work exceptionally hard every day. Additionally, the company allows you to work in a variety of roles and seems to have lots of confidence in its workers. You get to be on your feet and are active all day long.
Bakery Clerk | Arvada, CO | Jan 21, 2020
fast pace retail
hardest part is some interactions with members or fellow employees.Constantly on your feet and things are a bit different but a lot of the same everyday. You get paid well and treated fairly but in the end it is still a retail job
Shop Supervisor | Richmond, CA | Jan 7, 2020
Great place for benefits.
Costco is structured to take care of the their employees. It is not so well structured on training but they are actively working on it. They are understanding when it comes to personal needs and will work with you when it comes to your schedule.
Bakery Assistant | Yorba Linda, CA | Dec 23, 2019
Be ready to work hard. Be flexible
Working hard is required.If you are not willing to put in effort you will not do well in this environment. Learning new skills and adapting is key to succeed at Costco.
Front End Associate | Phoenix, AZ | Nov 12, 2019
I love Costco
I have been with Costco for 12 years not and I love it. Costco is more than a job, it's my work family. I have always enjoyed my duties and serving the community. I am beyond thankful for this job.
Gas Station Attendant | Phoenix, AZ | Oct 11, 2019
Great place to work with good break-room for rest.
Great Managers that cares about employees. Outstanding benefits even for part-timers. The work was fast paste, but I loved it. Co-worker was always will to help when needed. Excellent upper management that really cares.
Customer Service Associate / Cashier | Sacramento, CA | Jan 30, 2020
Productive and exciting work place. And very demanding
I was assigned an assignment to do pick up cleaning for a stipulated minute of time, and exceeded by an extra 8min because I was passionate to wanting to do a thorough cleaning job, but was queried for it, So I learnt a lesson on drawing the line between being passionate and doing as instructed. I also observed that the management wants instruction followed. With the work culture, its friendly but not everyone is, for personal opinions and ideology I suppose. Hardest part of the job is having to stay out under the sun for too long a time picking and pushing carts manually, and then standing long and running around. And the most enjoyable part of the job for me was assisting cashier at the counter table and helping customers to sort out and arrange their purchases

Questions And Answers about Costco Wholesale

What is the easiest department to get into
Asked Mar 17, 2017
Cashier is the easiest
Answered Oct 11, 2019
The majority of people start out as Front End Assistances, not always but most of the time.
Answered Sep 6, 2019
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Costco Wholesale a better place to work?
Asked Jan 10, 2018
Hold more accountability
Answered Apr 2, 2020
Treat the employees with respect and give them a decent hours and not push them to end up hurting themselves
Answered Mar 22, 2020
Why did you leave your job at Costco Wholesale?
Asked Mar 16, 2017
Got the job to have a part time gig while finishing degree. Heard Costco paid well for retail and worked with student's school schedules. Was only partly true. They won't schedule you during time you have classes based on your school schedule, which they request, but any time outside of that is fair game. Without any consideration to any other factors. Even commute time. Part timers only required to work 24 hours to maintain status, so I thought it'd be no issue for them to schedule me 8 hours Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They will not accommodate this. Was always scheduled 5 days a week in any gap my school schedule allowed. Even for 4 hour shifts which quite frankly aren't worth showing up for. Bringing this up with management was fruitless so I ended up having to submit overloaded class schedules each semester to get them to leave my weekdays alone, then just drop the classes I didn't need before they were charged. Ultimately had to take a leave of absence my last semester there. Issues don't end at scheduling. The job itself is also easily the most degrading work I've ever had to perform. I got hired as a Front End Assistant, but was quickly pigeonholed into cart crew every shift, where on numerous occasions I worked alone. Wouldn't be so bad if I was just responsible for carts, but as it is Costco where large items are sold I was also responsible for lifting heavy equipment onto and off of vehicles. Again often by myself, in 100 degree Texas heat. Requests for help or rotations were often ignored. Despite my manager assuring me that Supervisors would have to rotate me when I requested it, the very same manager also pulled me aside to make sure I understand that I don't decide when to rotate, the supes do, after I tried exercising my right to work inside and cool off. So my job consisted of pushing carts for 6-8 hours straight, while also having to serve arrogant and ungrateful members with lifting furniture, for which we could not receive tips, even when rarely offered. Costco believes that since "they pay us so well" that we don't need them, and taking them was a terminable offense This type of work has deleterious effects on your body even when you're young and healthy. I routinely had back and knee pain that I would have to spend my own money on equipment to address. When I requested to work inside one day due to the pain, I was told curtly and coldly to "bring a doctor's note" by a Front End Manager. When I did produce a doctor's note, who attributed the pain to the type of work I was doing, they changed their tone as it was reported as a chronic workplace injury that wasn't properly addressed, but in the end I was reprimanded unofficially (no write up) for not reporting it properly in the first place. Beyond the physical labor we were required to clean up trash in the carts and the parking lot, which honestly we didn't take too seriously as who has time for that with all the other stuff we're responsible for with so little help? Their approach to better enforcing this aspect of our job was to have us wear trash bags. When I say wear trash bags I don't mean we were given bags designed to be worn, they just gave up plastic wastebin bags and had us figure out how to keep them on us.(we would tie them through our beltholes) We instead would just take trash out of carts and put it in trash cans as none of us wanted to wear trash on ourselves in bags that weren't designed for it. Especially considering the trash we encountered was often Food Court and Sample scraps, which could leak onto our clothes if worn. This was not acceptable to management, who not only enforced wearing the bags (with which we all complied) but also would enforce having actual trash in the bag. If cart crew members were seen wearing bags with no trash in them, they were given a formal coaching that wen't into our file and could lead to a counseling notice if enough were accrued. Other coaching violations were taking "extended" water breaks or talking to co-workers on the lot. Cart Crew is seen as an entry level position, but I was kept there for almost two years despite applying to other positions, or people being hired into the same position after me. I would see other front end employees hired after me begin working indoors immediately, and in turn get promoted to other positions faster as they are more directly working in front of management. Cart Crew is inherently seen as lazy as the only time management comes outside is if something is wrong and they're looking for someone to blame.
Answered Mar 12, 2020
I've worked at Costco for 5 months now, I have done a few shifts as a cashier assistant but my main position is in the food court. The location I am at is great to their employees, honestly one of the greatest companies I've worked for. However, Costco (especially on the weekends) is so busy that you can never catch up to orders, or finish/ stay on one task for long. We often run out of things leaving members unhappy. A lot of the time we are making people wait up to 10 minutes for their food as there are so many orders ahead of theirs that haven't been filled. The food court is way too small of an operation for the amount of business we get. The new kiosk idea was smart, but not for Costco, at times we have 30 blue tickets with (pre-paid) orders on them while also trying to take orders of customers in line. It is extremely overwhelming (especially when members are giving you a hard time cause they have to wait for their order) and I often have to fight the urge to get upset. This is obviously why we are paid 15 /hr which was nice in the beginning but as time went on (Christmas season when it is an absolute zoo) that compensation wasn't enough. I personally believe Costco should pay their employees more in the seasonal months. (P.S the store closes at 8:30 please stop coming to order food at 8:45-9 pm and sitting down and eating, we have to close up and costco managers will wait until you are done eating, meaning we usually dont get to go home until 10:30- 11:00, because we have to close up the food court) Overall a great company, just too big of a conglomerate for the size of the work space.
Answered Mar 2, 2020
How does Costco drug test? Saliva ? Urine ?
Asked Apr 25, 2016
Saliva. Mouth swab for almost 5-10 minutes.
Answered Jul 30, 2019
Not an answer just a question is it a urine or saliva test
Answered May 8, 2019
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Costco Wholesale?
Asked Sep 13, 2019
Make thing clear on the job they put you in.
Answered Mar 5, 2020
Ask questions
Answered Feb 26, 2020