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Overall Reviews at Cracker Barrel

Retail Sales Associate | Florence, KY | Jul 12, 2019
No chance for advancement
I loved my job and was the top retail sales associate for months. I asked to go over and train as a server to make more money as retail is paid poorly. I was refused and never explained why. This job can get stressful but a lot of the times is very laid back. Uniforms must be pristine every shift. Your shifts change every week. You arent guaranteed hours. Management works on numbers, they do not care about their employees.
Customer Service Representative | Fort Myers, FL | Dec 4, 2018
fast pass work environment with great co workers
a typical day as a cook at cracker barrel includes going through food making sure everything is labeled and ready to cook making sure all food gets cooked and served to the guest withing ten minutes of there arrival.
General Manager | Hickory, NC | Dec 2, 2019
Overall good
Good company that does have some values but can be demanding especially the holiday season. They give you clear training but success is very store dependent
Janitor | Richmond, KY | Aug 17, 2019
very stricked policy
a good place to work and very friendly employees they try help you out when you need to take a leve or something else comes up and make sure you have a safe work place and that you have every thing that you need when you get ready for your shift
Customer Service Representative | Burlington, NJ | Apr 23, 2019
productive funplace
no complaints cracker barrel is a great workplace ! I am overall pleased to be an employee. my staff work together and a great team overall. Great first job
Host/Cashier | Kenosha, WI | Mar 31, 2019
worst job ive had
the management was horrible they allowed bullying and fed into the bullying to, they did not care about employees or their health, they made false accusations when employees had medical issues
Grill Cook | Bloomington, IL | Feb 5, 2019
Good co-workers some good management, bad store manager.
Can't lie and say it was a good place to work when the store manager dislikes you for the hard work that you do and barely gives any recognition. Only reason I stayed working was cause I loved my family at the CB and it was the only income I was working for.
ProsSelf promoted
ConsPoor store management.
Retail Sales Associate | Wichita Falls, TX | Feb 5, 2019
Your experience may differ
It's a great place to learn retail merchandising and selling skills. You can also pick up some great tips on gift wrapping. On the server side of things it is very much like any other restaurant. Once you learn the menu it's a cake walk so long as you keep up with with any current out of stock items. Be forewarned though that there is a Cracker Barrel practically everywhere and customers quickly become fanatical. They are very specific in what they order and how they expect to be treated (and it better be like home *shakes fist angrily). It takes time to get the hang of it. They have a star system to measure your proficiency in any given role. By the time you reach 3 stars (takes about 12 months) you're pretty much a pro. Working in the back of house is cool, if you can keep up things when they get fast paced. The pay is better for back of house positions as well. The company is very proud of its heritage and has almost zero tolerance for any behaviors that create a negative experience for the customer. Dress code is pretty strict, but not entirely unreasonable. Advancing can be challenging because you have to take tests to move up in the ranks. Benefits other than discounts on merchandise and food are pretty much non-existent unless you're a manager. Long story short, if you want a job for the sake of having a decent job and you aren't bursting with ambition to advance to the loftiest heights of a career path then this is a good option for you.
ProsDiscount goods, discount meals, flexible shifts
ConsPoor health benefits, poor server wages, customers have higher than average expectations
Retail Sales Associate | Northglenn, CO | Aug 3, 2018
Not as good as it seems
The managers at this location was what ruined it for me. I loved my job and I loved the people I worked with. I worked in the retail side. Nobody cares about how the place is run or complaints. Completely unproffesional.
Shift Leader | San Antonio, TX | Feb 14, 2020
No loyalty
Ther true belief is hire new and young and cheap. Experience and tradition mean nothing but higher pay. Great resume builder not life time commitment

Questions And Answers about Cracker Barrel

How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Cracker Barrel? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Jun 27, 2016
Did my application through their website and then got an email to schedule an interview by phone next day. I actually went to the Cracker Barrel in person the day after the email just so I can get an answer right away and got hired on the spot after the unplanned interview. All took 3 days total.
Answered Mar 15, 2020
It took me 3 days total. I applied Wednesday, received a text to schedule an interview Thursday, and then I was hired onsite Friday.
Answered Sep 20, 2019
What kinds of shoes are you allowed to wear? I don't want black bulky shoes. Any help on attire?
Asked Jul 11, 2016
Any black slip resistant shoes
Answered Aug 19, 2019
Any style black slip resistant shoe
Answered Aug 15, 2019
What is the work environment and culture like at Cracker Barrel?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
As a hostess you don’t get scheduled much and there is poor management. Servers like to boss you around and I don’t think it’s a good and professional work environment servers will cause scenes and complain in front of guests they are down right rude. And when you are new no one helps you at all you don’t even really get trained but managers will bicker at you for not knowing something when your were never trained.
Answered Jan 4, 2020
A respectful culture and a friendly environment
Answered Aug 20, 2019
How are the working hours at Cracker Barrel?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
Work full time work around your schedule 364 days a year 35 hours a week
Answered Aug 19, 2019
Hours are based around your schedule but 35 hours a week
Answered Aug 19, 2019
If they send you a link for a background check, do it mean they are offering you the job? How long do it take for the background check to come back,
Asked Dec 21, 2016
Yes it only for the people they want to hire
Answered Aug 19, 2019
Yes, but it's not up to them when the background check is done they send back yes or no if yes then you start orientation. My check was back in like less than 24hrs. I got the call for orientation.
Answered Jul 10, 2019