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Encoder | Los Angeles, CA | Jun 8, 2019
Was Once A Good Job
Okay, I’ll start off by saying that I used to HIGHLY enjoy my job. I went two years being pretty okay with my position, I learned many things that have helped me move up slightly (I’ll explain later). Started off Encoding, and in THIS company, when you’re good at your job AKA: FAST, you WILL get abused. Speed is important at this job and the treatment that fast workers get is ridiculous. Mail is dumped on their best workers and the mail from SLOW workers gets tossed at them as well. Not only that but the slow people get sent home early while everyone else slaves away to make up for the people that have been let go. Teamwork is a word that is constantly thrown around but it doesn’t feel like that when there’s a huge gap between fast workers who are overworked and those who for some reason are kept at the job when they aren’t meeting the quota. It’s a never ending pattern and it’s sad that many of my co-workers are used like slaves to finish mail and stay over their contract limit to finish the mail. Mail also never changes for those fast ones, they get the same exact thing every day and there isn’t much for different stimuli. It quickly becomes boring and having to shoulder the burden slow encoders really gets to you. Right now, they’ve announced that they aren’t hiring until Peak season again so I don’t know why this page is even active but whatever. The new management is absolutely brutal and so many people have been fired/quit left and right, the atmosphere has been ruined ...more
ProsEasy, fast, entry level
Consdrama, overwork, favoritism is painfully obvious
E-commerce Specialist | Wilkes-Barre, PA | Dec 21, 2018
I applied for a position thought it was permanent never specified on the online application. Was told I was a full time employee working a flex shift. Did the background check and drug test came back negative. I got information to start my job. Went to orientation they talked up the company like no other. Before they hired us we we're supposed to be only working Monday through Friday 8hr shifts and OT days on Saturday for a 10hr shift. Right after orientation was about to be finished they told us it was just for seasonal peak season and if we'd get hired on with the company we'd be able to permanently. Then they handed us a Peak season calendar with every day highlighted in for mandatory days and black out days. I worked 21 days no days off literally put my body and mind through the ringer. Then I applied for not one but many positions and was turned down for all off them. Come to find out the night time lead went and made sure her two best friends got the positions before anyone. Pure nepotism!!! We all busted our rears. We worked everyday with barely anything to do because volume for Patagonia was very low for distribution wise. So no orders no work. They had us walking around with brooms majority of the time. So annoying. The managers and HR staff are very fake acting like they're you're best friends and stabbing you in the back. When they laid us off they told us that they mailed our checks out never did then gave us phone calls and said we had a short time to get them or...more
ProsEmployees are nice, Place is clean
ConsNo chance to advance, Nepotism, Fakeness, Disrespectful
Warehouse Worker | Enfield, NH | Oct 29, 2019
Not a fun place.
day-by-day work: sorting heavy parcels into cages very fast, picking them from a belt. scanning mail [letters in trays] putting them on Yorke's ready for transport to royal-mail / UK mail, fixing / doing damages [handle with acid, chemicals, rotten food, rotten dog-food, broken bottles, etc.,.]. Tidy up the Warehouse by collecting damages the drivers left behind after their tour, empty cages with parcels the drivers left behind, collect empty cages for the next shift, pick up plastic, paper, broken bottles, and other waste. Management is poorly, not experienced in the field, No knowledge about the Night-shift and the drivers. All the equipment's are very old and mostly not in a working state like Scanners: there are only a limited amount, available, not enough for one shift to do all the necessary work, rusty and broken metal cages, etc. The hardest part for me: I had no breaks, at all. My break was always AFTER my shift and the working hours lasted between 9-12hrs after I finished all the mentioned Jobs. Even for a toilet break I had to run... back to work. I was the only woman on the floor at the Nightshift, the guys had their regular breaks [30mins], I had to work through and do the Jobs they had left behind [Pushing heavy cages ca. 350kg, into the Drivers-bays, helping with miss-sorted or not sorted parcels for those who were too slow or weren't able to work fast enough to find the right postcodes, clearing up damages or taking care off, etc.... Nothing enj...more
Customer Care Specialist | Tempe, AZ | Jan 12, 2019
One of the best call centers I worked at
I started out as a contractor as a customer service rep during the holiday season of 2017 (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas). Training was about 2 weeks long. If you can survive the holiday season, you can do the rest of the year. After my 90 days were up, I found out I had been chosen to stay with DHL, I was offered a full time position. I had to interview with DHL. The interview was a piece of cake. I spent another couple of weeks of more training and then there was the week long trip to Cincinnati Ohio to get certified. DHL pays for everything. The hotel, meals, the flight. A typical day is taking inbound calls from customers who are having difficulty with their shipments. You get two 15 minute breaks and a half hour lunch. I advise adhereing to your schedule. DHL actually pays you a bonus for going and coming to your breaks on time. There is some sales involved but it's not pushed super hard. It's easy, plus you can make some more money doing that. You get paid time off and sick time. The office building is nice and very clean. The culture is fun and friendly. The cafe in the building cooks good food. I recommend for breakfast ordering the "Hot Mess". It's delicious. DHL gives out a lot of schwag and you'll get a nice collection of shirts, gear, nicknacks and etc. As far as advancement, I thought I'd be able to do that. I interviewed to be a customer care specialist. I thought I had a great interview. I didn't hear anything for 3 weeks. They had forgot to tell me I d...more
ProsFreebies, incentives, bonuses
ConsMore work for same pay, benefits on the expensive side
Analyst | Belleville, MI | Nov 8, 2018
The Hardest Part of the Job
The hardest part of this job isn't the actual duties, it is the culture. The office politics are toxic, and it's hard to work in that environment. No one appears to be supporting you not even managers. You will hear managers gossiping about employees, when there is a promotion that is possible often management doesn't release the person from the department. People are cordial but very cliquey. Training is done from people with no patience so you are pretty much training yourself. Once you learn all the details the actual duties are simply project management duties but the people their make it difficult for you. I was promoted after a few months of arriving there and a large amount of people did not like me afterwards. I guess some of them wanted the position. It was very high school in the since that people started making up rumors about me, not everyone but enough to be an issue. I worked in the office but I also didn't like the way they treated most of the warehouse guys. There was a weird tone to the office - warehouse dynamic. The warehouse were treated like second class citizens, their were sexist, racial and a down right classist tone to the interactions. Someone's child died, and then their father, he was torn up. You get a 3 day allotment for death. When he returned he was still a mess, and was crying in corners and the bathroom and in the office they were like if he doesn't get it together he wont have a job. I thought that it was heartless. He asked for more days o...more
ProsIt's a pay check
ConsHigh school clique environment
Software Architect | Wilkes-Barre, PA | Mar 30, 2019
Sinking Like The Titanic
I really do not know where to begin for a review on this company because there is so much wrong with it. DHL does third party logistics for Patagonia sports. Patagonia is a company that provides high end outdoor clothing that is beyond expensive to purchase. That right there is the main problem with DHL/Patagonia because the average person cannot afford to buy the clothing. This in turn results in DHL forcing everyone to take voluntary time off because the work runs out before noon. DHL will not allow workers to sign up for partial unemployment because HR does not want to get a reputation for “being a company that has workers on unemployment”. If Patagonia does not have the orders than the workers do not have work. Pushing a broom day after day for hours on end does not constitute suitable work. DHL only does this so they can decrease the amount of workers they have because they have too many because the broom pushing becomes extremely tedious. Patagonia is unaware of this I am sure. Whenever Patagonia people are in the facility they are kept away from the main working force because DHL is afraid of what the workers may say. The average hours for a week are 30 and under because of the lack of work. HR is completely terrible because they do not have HR experience and this is their first HR job. HR and management have created a hostile atmosphere because they threaten the workers with their jobs by using intimidation tactics. Everyday when you come in you are wondering if HR ...more
Consless than 40 hours, reverse racism. unskilled and unprofessional HR and Management
Warehouse Worker | Wilkes-Barre, PA | Jun 10, 2019
PRISONERS HAVE MORE FREEDOM! Dont waste your time on a co. that doesnt respect the people that make THEIR big pay check
summary: 1) 2 faced people 2) harrassment,intimidation tactics 3) rules made daily by a narcissist to get off on 4) always looking for ways to write people up 5) power trips 6) false promises 7) prisoners have more freedom 8) constant evaluations 9) trying to control bathroom use (illegal by the way!) 10) no grace period on the time clock since its 1/2 way through the bldg, 11) double standards 12) hypocrites and fake 13) complain about people talking even when you're pushing a broom! 14) FT but actually have 15hrs of work if you're lucky. Rest of the time is pushing a broom but wont allow you to collect for unemployment from THEIR lack of work. 15) toxic/hostile environment 16) no common sense ! They want a bunch of girls unloading a truck instead of a few guys that are stronger and more efficient but "safety first" 16) trying to get rid of a certain few (also good workers) while keeping their favorites . I guess they dont kiss *ss enough. 16) cant use a bathroom that is closer to the work areas 17) have to ask like children to go get ice or water from the breakroom 18) extreme heat in the summer or extreme cold in the winter against OSHA recommedations while they sit comfy in the office 19) cant even provide plates or drinks when they say they're going to provide a cookout! 20) stand at the watch tower to make sure you're not a 1/2 sec.over your break time 21) also bother people during their break to talk about work when they can bo...more
Forklift Operator | Dayton, OH | Feb 1, 2019
It's an ok job..
The Dayton OH facility utilizes a "bait and switch" tactic. They call it a "forklift operator" to get you in there, and once you're in and out on the floor, you are stuck doing nothing but box picking- Driving around, manually loading boxes on to a skid.. Nothing more, nothing less. It makes for a long day. They tell you they will train you on Hy-reach(for putaway, receiving, loading, etc) but the reality is, they won't. They have their drivers that they want on the equipment and the good jobs, and if those people get moved off so you can do it, they whine and complain, and you're back on box picking. They use your overall pick score to determine when you'll move to or train in something else.. but even when you meet those numbers for months straight, they pay no attention to you, and will just tell you they don't have the availability to train you right now. Box picking isn't that bad, but its tedious, and some of the boxes are 5lbs, some are 95+ lbs. It will put a hurtin on your back after an hour or 2. There's no telling what you're going to end up picking. It is all refrigerated, which isn't that bad (36 degrees) and limited time in the freezer (-10 degrees). They provide cold gear, bibs, coat, face mask, gloves, safety vest, and hard hat and it's actually decent gear. Supervisors/team leads and their "chosen few" get to sit and lounge around in the dock office whenever, for however long, and never get reprimanded for having poor numbers because the supervisors and team l...more
Prosfree cold gear and safety gear, paid breaks and lunche
Consbait and switch tactic, favoritism, laziness of co-workers
Operations Assistant | Houston, TX | Apr 5, 2019
Best Place I’ve Worked in A While
Management was great! Management properly prepared the team for each task & you knew what to expect. My position was Operations Assistant. My day consisted of coming in at 6:30 AM and getting a meeting as soon as you clocked in along with a review of safety rules & stretches for the day. During the day we waited on pallets then were given instructions. Next we placed all of the same parts together and then did counts which were written on paper by each part. Shelves were built so we could put the parts on certain sections which was also recorded on the paper. Once that was finished, a few people were hand picked to count how many parts were in each section & check it off on a sheet. This sheet was compared to first sheet to make sure parts were accounted for & in correct sections as indicated. Next someone was assigned to record what was in sheet into custom software on a spread sheet. A report was ran of all parts that were not accounted for then the entire team was assigned to find those parts to complete that delivery. More reports were run until we accounted for every part. Those parts that could not be found went to our manager & he handled it from there. We always cleaned as we went along to keep the work areas debris-free. During down time we could go to other departments & get trained in their jobs as we helped out. We clocked out at 2:30PM. Great job because everyone worked together & management allowed you to work on your own if you were good at what ...more
ProsEveryone worked together
ConsIn your feet in Steel Toed shoes all day, 1 fifteen minute break & 30 minute lunch
Dock Worker | Charleston, TN | Oct 18, 2018
Do not believe the ad!
This is false advertisement for the Charleston plant. We are currently mandated to work 60 hours a week, 6:00 A.M.-4:30 P.M. Monday-Saturday. Will not work with you if you have any sort of medical or family emergency. You will have to take a point regardless. Overtime isn't announced in a timely manner, it is dropped on you at the last minute, even after you've clocked out for the day. It is almost impossible to schedule time off, as the schedule stays booked solid and managment only allows two or three people off per work week. Doctors' notes will not prevent you from receiving a point for calling in if you are sick. Last year, we had almost thirty people on my shift who had the flu, but no one could take time off to go to a doctor so the illness just got passed around for two months. They do not care about their employees, nor do they treat their workers with dignity and respect. Upper management has been known to make sexist and racist remarks in front of employees as well. Filing any sort of report about these things does absolutely no good. It will only make you a target for management, even if you are a fantastic worker. Pick rates are close to impossible to reach and a write up will be handed to you if you cannot meet the rate, regardless of system issues, product issues, etc. System is faulty. RF's shut off or lag in the middle of orders and it takes forever to resolve the issues which also cause your rate to slip. Write ups only fall off a year to the ...more
ConsPoor work environment, terrible management and lack of compassion for all employees.

Questions And Answers about DHL

How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at DHL? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Jun 13, 2016
Do wait til they set up orientation for you ? Or you call them first to set up orientation
Answered Jan 15, 2020
I got hired the same day of the interview
Answered Oct 11, 2019
How are the working hours at DHL?
Asked Jun 27, 2016
Mon-Thurs 10hrs (day/night) Weekend 12hrs Times vary
Answered Oct 12, 2019
The hours are not bad at all just place sucks
Answered Oct 9, 2019
What benefits does DHL offer?
Asked Jun 17, 2016
Heath, Dental Insurance
Answered Apr 8, 2019
Great benefits
Answered Apr 5, 2019
What is the work environment and culture like at DHL?
Asked Jun 13, 2016
Nepotism reigns supreme. The opportunities in management aren't worth it anyways as they pay them a 40 hr salary but make them work 55 hrs or more sometimes.
Answered Apr 22, 2019
Note good at my station. We got stay because of the benefits. I have a lot of vacation accrued but it's impossible to take it. You come back to work load nightmare. 😭😭
Answered Apr 5, 2019
What is the interview process like at DHL?
Asked Jun 17, 2016
I went thru a temp service.
Answered Jan 14, 2020
Interview is easy
Answered Sep 11, 2019