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Overall Reviews at DICK'S Sporting Goods

Customer Service Associate / Cashier | Olympia, WA | Dec 17, 2019
Fairly easy duties but toxic culture
Note: this may only be my specific location, I'm not necessarily judging the company as a whole. I don't want to sound too harsh here. I understand that being a manager is hard; you get yelled at by corporate and you're under a lot of stress to see to it that your employees perform well. However, I in no way feel like safe or appreciated at work. The typical retail duties aren't hard. I'm a cashier, so I mostly just check people out and do some cleaning if I'm closing. I have also helped in footwear, apparel, and stocking/pricing. My feet and back hurt at the end of the day but that's typical for any retail job. The worst part of the job is my coworkers and the culture at this location. A couple of the managers may be a little pushy but like I said above, I understand why and I respect them. The other manager, and I'm not just being whiny here, really seems like he was a bully in high school. He hasn't ever been the one who tells me what to do, but the way he talks to people is incredibly rude and does not strike me as professional. Honestly, I have made a couple of friends; There are a few coworkers I love to talk to and I'm glad when I see that they're scheduled the same shift as me. There are a few others I don't really talk to but are nice to me all the same. But at least a third of my coworkers are very rude and unsympathetic. If you ask for help because you don't know how to do something, a coworker typically acts very annoyed and will make you feel stupi...more
Prosemployee discount (10-25%)
Consrude coworkers
Cashier/Sales | Freehold, NJ | Nov 4, 2018
Awful place to work
I worked as an apparel sales associate for DICKS for one year. It was a good job until corporate reduced hours for all stores. Then I was responsible for every piece of clothing in the store and all fitting rooms by myself. I was never given the opportunity to work a morning shift, they gave those to the long time employees. Opening associates were given two associates to open, and the closing staff was one person responsible for fitting rooms, keeping the store clean, and returns. The typical day began at 4pm and coming into a messy store and a z rail full of returns that needed to be put away. Managers at this store stressed the importance of keeping an eye out for theft. I do not know how they expected employees to do this when most departments were staffed with one employee. Golf, bikes and exercise, apparel, and team sports were all staffed with one employee. It was very stressful keeping the store as clean as possible, trying your best to keep all shirts folded and nothing on the floor and then next time you come in having the store manager tell you that the store did not look good. Associates are only scheduled for around 15 hours per week. The most enjoyable part of the job was your coworkers. If you do decide to work at DICKS, work in the footwear department, they have the easiest job in the whole store. They are always full staffed and have up to 5 employees in at a time. The leader of the shoe department will always complain to management about the la...more
Consshort breaks, lack of staff
Business Analyst | Pittsburgh, PA | Jan 29, 2019
The best workplace environment for active people with a passion for sports/outdoors
This is a review for working at the Customer Support Center (Corporate Headquarters) NOT in store. Dick's Sporting Goods has an incredible workplace culture. I have a great work-life balance. I get in around 8AM and usually leave by 5PM everyday. During my lunch hour, I go down to the gym to play basketball or workout. My boss's general attitude is get your work done and don't miss meetings. As long as I adhere to that, she doesn't really care how long I take for lunch or when I get in/leave. I also get to work from home 1 day per week. I do know several people who haven't had as positive of an experience as I have working at Dick's. Work-life balance is very dependent on what department you work in. Some areas expect you to work longer areas and are much more strict about time-off and taking lunch breaks.I also know several people who had issues with career development/promotions, but that's the nature of working at a large corporation. Every level up on the pyramid get smaller and there isn't always a promotion available for every person. That being said, those people who ended up leaving had no issue getting jobs elsewhere, which speaks to the value of having Dick's Sporting Goods on your resume. One of the main issues I have with Dick's is the turnover at the senior management/C-suite level. We have several Senior VPs leave/get fired in a short period of time. This resulted in several re-orgs and changes in philosophies/processes. The turnover seems to have settl...more
ProsGreat Benefits, Gym and Rec Sports Access, Discounts, Free Samples
ConsSeveral Re-orgs, senior management turnover
Specialist | New Philadelphia, OH | Jan 17, 2019
This specific location has been problematic since its grand opening.
As an associate that help put this store together before grand opening and worked for past 2.5 years, I have seen very little improvement. Managements blatant favoritism, and lack of respect for associates has caused an emotional break within this store and has ruined the respect and relationship between associates necessary to work as a team. Issues brought to managements attention almost never get addressed, and are often ignored. Employees are talked down on and treated differently depending upon who they are instead of work ethic. Inappropriate interactions between associates and associates and managers has been an ongoing issue that has been swept under the rug and caused tension. Inappropriate interactions would often times occur at the work place as well, in the backstock. This store is ran by people who care only for a certain group of people and the rest are left defenseless against other associates who make negative comments, and cause unnecessary drama. As an associate with open availability and eager to work I got little hours and the pay was not enough to make it by, let alone justify the amount I was expected to do. The store is so low staffed that one associate can be expected to cover multiple areas and perform tasks that they aren’t compensated appropriately for. There was ZERO work and personal life balance. Management would change the schedule days before my shifts without asking or at least giving a heads up, making it impossible to have a life outside of...more
ProsMeeting a handful of associates that I come to know and care a great deal for.
ConsEverything else.
Customer Service Representative | Aventura, FL | Mar 25, 2020
Started off good.. took turn for the worse.
I got hired as a Cashier and within a month I was promoted to a CSS and given a $2.00 raise to earn $12.00/hr. Thats when things got worse. They constantly used kronos to update the schedule on a daily and wouldn't tell anyone.We were in the middle of a new gm coming in as our old one got relocated during this time i was going through a financially hard tie as hours decreased. Then the worst thing happened. I called out for a shift and spoke to a manager, saying i had no way to go to work as my car had broke down. I check my schedule every other day with them and i was scheduled to work that following thursday and looked at my schedule the tuesday before and it showed the same. I had wednesday off and decided to go out. i checked kronos wednesday night to double check my time i worked and MY SCHEDULE WAS SWITCHED, i was never told of the last minute changeI had been schedule to work 1-9 on wednesday and the rest of my shifts were removed. I went into the store to speak to the new gm the next week to ask for a transfer as a was planning to move. He told me I had been terminated 2 weeks before for job abandonment because i had 3 missed shifts, I was never told or sent an email or a call nor did I understand how and I was mad!!!!!! I had said I was on the schedule for the week and i got switched without notice I told him of this and all he said was "your inconsistent and i wouldnt recommend you for any store". I then asked when were the 3 missed shifts, i wasnt told of them exce...more
Head of Operations | Oshkosh, WI | Jun 25, 2018
A worthwhile job
Working for dicks sporting goods has generally been a very good experience. I was typically praised for having good ideas rather than ignored or chastised, and given enough space to make everything work well with only minimal outside direction. Management has kind of always been a grab bag, some of my supervisors are fantastic, and others were only acceptable, but i've never been put under someone who was incompetent or unbearable. A typical day at work for me involved checking paperwork, email and assigned company or personal tasks, processing defectives, shipping and receiving freight, being the defacto head of e-commerce, working on compliance, cleaning the bathrooms, scrubbing the floors, dusting, sweeping, and generally making sure that all the departments are stocked with the correct type and amount of goods. Other days may involve running the store and directing not just those in my department but the entire store, and puting out customer service fires. There are infrequent meetings and conference calls for the district to communicate with itself, and handling all of the cash office and safe responsibilities. For the most part, the culture of the store is a positive one, though there are off days. People are friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. The hardest part of the job is coming in at 4:00 AM to unload a large truck of freight. I did have a crew of people to help me unload things and ensure that everything goes smoothly. Equally as nice is that after you have work...more
ProsExcellent hours, reasonable pay, good environment
ConsSome early mornings, lots of manual labor (not necesarily a con)
Sporting Goods Associate | Atlanta, GA | Nov 14, 2018
Fun place to work, poor management and training
I'm still not sure how I feel about working here. The training to start was very poor. We watched some introductory videos about the company, and then we were put out on the floor for our second day. I felt clueless out there most of the time; however, the lead was busy and was not able to train me very much that day. The only thing I knew to do was help customers I saw walking around, but I didn't feel prepared enough to help most of them. Next day working they put me on a register with no training-had to ask coworkers questions all day about returns, security tags, discounts, etc. Once I knew what I was doing, it was fun. It's a nice environment with the coworkers, but training is very minimal, and I think alot of that falls on management. Not once were we told about what to do when we arrive or leave besides clocking in and out. The paper schedules are not updated regularly, and apparently there is an app for schedules that no one told us about. I missed a day of work because of this, yet no one called to ask if I was coming in or to let me know I missed a day. Nothing on how to request time off either. The manager is very friendly, but he lacks in helping his new employees learn what’s going on. I’ve been scheduled for times that I already have plans outside of work, and they don’t seem to be very accommodating. I understand that there’s a store to run and our personal lives are not their biggest concern, but there is definitely a sense of unorganized management. They ho...more
ProsNice and fun coworkers, Good pay for part-time work, laid-back
ConsPoor management, poor training
Customer Service Associate / Cashier | Ocala, FL | Aug 6, 2018
I wouldn’t work here
This job started out good but soon went downhill. I was there about 8 months. I was enjoying it but as we all know true colors show sooner or later. Let’s start with pay, it was okay but i did get a raise and got promoted within the short amount of time i was there. We always seemed to be understaffed and the turn over rate was very high there. Most coworkers were cool but some of the girls there were very catty and rude , high school like environment just very immature and a lot of drama. There were 4 mangers all together. I would say two of them were good and really hard workers and the other two just were terrible. Training was horrible for the new associates. You got like 2-3 days of computer training and then literally thrown out of the floor alone with barely any help, i felt so bad watching all the newbies struggle. We wore headsets so you could hear then frantically asking for help. Also there didn’t seem to be any full time openings ever at this location. There was a few full timers and you could tell they all were very comfortable and not going anywhere. No Benefits for part time but you did get an employee discount. Also some of the guys were creepy there and there was a male employee that made a sexual comment to a manager about me and of course nothing was done. Most days it was a pretty easy job. On tax free weekend or Black Friday it was crazy but other than that it was usually just busy on Sunday’s and holidays p. In the end i just couldn’t take the poor mana...more
ProsEmployee discount, pretty easy work
ConsPoor management, low pay, understaffed, DRAMA
Facilities Technician | Binghamton, NY | May 14, 2019
Horrible Horrible Horrible
While portraying itself as a locally run FAMILY company, it is actually run by the number crunchers and analysts from the Hedge Funds that DICKS borrowed hundreds of millions from. (Laughably, the plant manager agreed with this assessment)!! Ed Stack is a figure head that just cuts ribbons. He visited the plant on a day we had a major forklift accident, and I was ordered NOT to mention anything. Low paying, and intolerant, the turnover is massive at the Conklin Distribution Center. Security is not real, its more of a psychological ploy to get employees not to steal. I was searched on my way IN, and forced to remove my boots twice a day. (The eyelets set off the metal detector- on the boots I bought at DICKS). DICKS is unsafe, and routinely ridiculed us to do things, that we had received training for -that explicitly warned us AGAINST doing!!! Except for DICKS, I have never in my career had to stop work in MAINTENANCE for lack of a drill bit. I was constantly told there was no money for even BASIC tools and parts. They routinely lie to employees- saying after- they "promised nothing". They divide supervisory power between so many people that NO ONE has the authority to do anything. They have almost no paid holidays (and they change these at whim) And they always schedule overtime- only to cancel it. This stops you from making plans, and allows them to fire you- if you refuse to work any "scheduled" overtime. I was extremely disappointed, after having great hopes for this job...more
Consinflexible, lies disguised as word games, no real budget
Operations Associate | Cerritos, CA | Aug 21, 2018
Can't Recommend Anyone Working Here
I worked at this location at a time when the store was first opening up. I, along with many other associates, helped build the place from the ground up. The main issue that I had with working here is the fact that at the time of my interview, I was told that my position wasn't seasonal. I was scheduled for my last day, and out of nowhere, I wasn't being scheduled to work for a month. I ended up calling them to find out what was going on. I had to find out from a lead (not any of the numerous managers or the store manager) that I wasn't being scheduled for work due to being seasonal. It didn't sit right with me at all and I struggled financially for several months because of this, so I contacted their HR about this. I called numerous times, left a couple voicemails and I was never contacted by them. I felt wronged by them for what they did to me, someone that worked just hard, and at times harder, than my peers and was recognized by the customers for the hard work and exceptional customer service that I provided for them. Even if things have changed since I've been there, I couldn't recommend anyone to work there. The only reason why I'm giving this place a 2-star rating is because what made working here bearable was the great people I had the pleasure of working with, including the leads that were so nice to me, helpful, and genuinely wanted me to do my best (as well as my peers).
ProsFlexible with scheduling (to a fault), decent break times, decent pay, good enough hours, always something to do, great coworkers
ConsJob security, management, lack of transparency, HR

Questions And Answers about DICK'S Sporting Goods

If you were in charge, what would you do to make DICK'S Sporting Goods a better place to work?
Asked Jan 18, 2018
I would pay employees more, for starters. $8.50 an hour starting pay is asinine, especially knowing how much revenue the company generates yearly. Employees are expected to be experts at their respective departments and provide industry-leading customer service, but the pay does not match these expectations. This adds to employee stress, especially when many employees are forced to work multiple jobs to make ends meet. I would also work to create a more positive work environment, overall. There’s no joy among employees. There’s no satisfaction when helping customers find the things they need because every customer is viewed as a self-serving opportunity to increase personal numbers. It’s a parasitic relationship, at times. The communication from the top down always felt very negative, domineering even, like we were never doing a good enough job.
Answered Mar 23, 2020
Fix the lines
Answered Mar 10, 2020
What is the interview process like at DICK'S Sporting Goods?
Asked Oct 9, 2016
My interviewer whom was later fired was straight forward. She asked me about do I prefer a career or a job. How would I handle an hostile work environment or gossiping employees. And that’s it
Answered Jan 28, 2019
Easiest interview I think I’ve ever had did both interviews on the same day and was told in person that I was hired shocking because no one does that anymore.
Answered May 30, 2018
What is the work environment and culture like at DICK'S Sporting Goods?
Asked Jun 27, 2016
At the Atlanta Distribution Center, I felt as if it was some form of labor camp for a country with a messed up penal system. Management was extremely hostile towards their subordinates and so was LP. Some minor snitches to deal with also
Answered Jan 28, 2019
Worst job I've ever had..Save your dignity.All the managers care about is their sales figures which effect their bonuses
Answered Aug 19, 2018
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at DICK'S Sporting Goods?
Asked Oct 9, 2016
Smile be happy Set your availability if you don’t want to work weekends then don’t but set it in the beginning
Answered May 9, 2018
Stateside sport
Answered Apr 4, 2018
How are the working hours at DICK'S Sporting Goods?
Asked Jun 20, 2016
My hours been awesome don’t work past 5 pm ever on a Date to Thursday
Answered May 9, 2018
Every single day I'm watching to work everyday 24-hours if I could
Answered Aug 10, 2017