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Overall Reviews at Dave & Buster's

Bartender | Thousand Oaks, CA | May 21, 2019
Busy, fast-paced environment with fun, outgoing professional people.
A typical day at work would include being surrounded by fun, outgoing co-workers, as well as guests that would come in. It was a younger type of crowd (mid 20's to late 50's), enjoying a beer at the bar top, watching the game or letting their kids run a muck in the video game area. The coolest part about Dave & Buster's is that the workplace culture was encouraged to have fun. Managers would even encourage us to have fun and would give us pep talks before/after our shift, just to boost our confidence and have a positive attitude when starting/ending our shifts. Whether it be dancing behind the bar, pouring drinks, or taking going to the Midway (gaming area) with your favorite regulars to play some video games. Every day was always something new and always enjoyable to be walking in the door for work. What I learned from D&B was how to be more personable with my guests and serving them. Although it's a corporate company, I was given the opportunity to show more of my personality rather than sticking strictly to the corporate handbook, to be all sophisticated and uptight. I was given the freedom to speak clearly and show my personality, with a sense of professionalism. The management at Dave & Buster's was great. My bar manager is such a down to Earth, poised, sophisticated, real, kind of a woman and I respect her with all my heart. There are many managers for Dave & Buster's and although each manager is in charge of specific departments, each one was always willing to help...more
ProsFun co-workers
ConsNo breaks
Server | Fort Myers, FL | Jun 5, 2019
Fast food dining
It's very stressful as there are so many sections to be covered by a manager in the building. So if you need a manager it takes about 10-15 mins to find one. If you do find one doesn't guarantee they can help you until about another 10/20 min. About every single person is moody so no one really wants to help you. We are told to ring in food in a particular way, only to be told the food came out wrong cause it was rang in wrong(which was taught in two weeks of training.) Bartenders request to stop serving drinks for 10 mins because the bar is slammed and one service bar tender is taking care of the entire restaurant. The clientele is hit or miss which is why a business like this should offer more hourly pay. In this job I experienced no tip at all on good service in addition to people walking out. P.s If you have two walkouts its a write up, third one you will be fired. The app plates are disgusting never washed or wiped down properly, and many guest complain but management does nothing to change it. The last straw was having the chef place cold food that was bitten into under the heating lamp vs. making fresh food as a normal professional would think to do. He thought this was a solution for a problem. The only positive thing I can say is they offer health insurance to everyone and there are two managers that do try to help with what they can so I will honor Kacey and Hernan. The others could care less and are very rude. Nice to you when its convenient, or if you jump at ever...more
ProsHealth and dental insurance available for everyone
ConsManagement is not consistent, kitchen isn't consistent, and clientele is terrible.
Server | Fairfax, VA | Jul 10, 2019
An Allright Place to Work
Dave and Busters is a decent place to work as a server. I'd say the hardest part of the job is the uncertainty; some days you could make $150 or more, others you could make $50 or less. Some days you could have a full house of coworkers competing for scarce guests, other days all of your coworkers are trying to get cut and leave early, and you are might be asked to serve more tables than you can manage. You have to be flexible and accepting to keep your sanity. In my experience, management generally has reasonable expectations and communications, but they occasionally fail to communicate something or let you know what's going on. Sometimes it's about sidework, sometimes it's about changes to the menu, sometimes something's sold out and no one knows until our guests try to order it, etc. But in the time I've worked there, these failures of communication have become less common. I do like the personality of the managers. I do like that they genuinely care about the guests and the employees. I do like that everyone, from bottom to top are pretty good at admitting when they make a mistake and fixing it if they can. Everyone, from servers, cooks, hosts, etc are generally good at their job, anyway. And the other servers (like ~85% of them) are generally helpful and cooperative with running each other's food, drinks, helping us all get tables, etc. So as long as you hustle, as long as you keep an eye on your tables, and as long as you make sure your guests are take...more
Server | Daytona Beach, FL | Sep 30, 2019
Not great.
There are 3 general sections for servers and what you earn will heavily depend on that. The best section will break 150 on a busy night, the second best averages probably 80, and the worst will net you 50/60 per night. Management does a horrible job rotating sections so hopefully you get lucky. When I applied, I wrote my availability around my school schedule as the position was advertised as being flexible, and yet I was scheduled during my class times anyway. When I brought up the issue I was told that it's my responsibility to get a shift that I was never available for in the first place covered or I will receive disciplinary actions, and they continued to schedule me for the same shifts for over a month. 2 of the managers are very sweet, the rest are ok at best, and the GM is condescending and rude to employees. They usually only had 1 busser and 1 food runner scheduled for busy nights, so the likelyhood that your tables aren't bussed a single time for the entire shift is very high, but you still have to tip out. However, the positive is that tipouts are extremely low. If you want to work at Dave & Buster's, go to Orlando, not Daytona. The benefit you receive is a power card that gets $10 of play for games that don't give prizes once per week, no rollovers, which is free to the company. You might be able to stretch that for 15 minutes if you're even interested in spending time at work on your day off. Online scheduling, so it's usually easy to pick up & give away shifts,...more
ProsTip out percentages are very low, online scheduling
ConsEverything else
Prep Cook | Milford, CT | Feb 26, 2019
Fast pace
I work mostly weekends. Usually two prep cook on the weekend and when one person called out. I'm usually there working between 9-13 hours day by myself. The restaurant get so busy that line of cook kept running out of everything. I also helped line of cook which take away my prep time. I dont like Im constantly standing in one spot for a long time sometimes. I work at my own pace which is good but when I looked up it's time to go home. It doesn't get overwhelm like line of cook. I can't leave until my prep is done. They are running out of inventory by Sunday. I do all the details cleaning before I leave and cleared by a manager before I can clock out. It's a good place to work once you memorized the recipes and feels confident in your work. I take my job seriously and making sure all the foods are safe to eat by inspecting the expiration dates. I make sure I wear gloves and washing all vegetables. I washed all my pots and pan with soap and rinsed with hot water; dry before used. I sanitized my areas before moving on to the next tasks. I treat the work place like my own place. Everything has to be right including treating all the co-workers with respect. Overall a great place to work and great experience. I like the line of cook when they say, what's is going on with this place? They are getting slam with 20-40 orders at once. It can be stressful for line of cook and they must work as a team to complete a task. We are all equally important and the management are great.
ProsDiscounts and flexible hours
ConsShort of staff and running out of inventories
Server | Concord, NC | Jun 5, 2019
Extremely poor management
This was one of the worst job experiences I have ever had. You would think that between the 5 different front of house managers there would be some sense of communication, but communication is apparently a joke to them. They never seemed to be around when I needed help with something and did not take issues with customers seriously. The people in management apparently have some sort of large ego complex simply because they hold a position of power. They are disrespectful towards their staff and the male managers are blatant misogynists. I have never worked in a restaurant where the kitchen staff has such a lack of respect for their jobs. Dropping food on the floor just to pick it up and continue serving it to guests, sending food out cold, and not caring about plate presentation were issues in the kitchen, just to name a few. The amount of manager comps I had to request every shift because of kitchen mistakes was embarrassing. Not to mention the hosts could not do their job correctly, and management didn't seem to care at all. They will schedule you 8-12 hour (or more) shifts with no break and no regard to your physical health. On top of all these issues, the clientele was absolutely awful. I have never worked so hard just to be treated so poorly by the people I was serving. I would not recommend working here; the money is nowhere near what it's worth to be treated the way you do working there.
ProsOpportunity for advancement
ConsLack of communication between managers, exhausting hours
Server | Thousand Oaks, CA | Aug 2, 2019
Worst place to work for
Dave & Buster's has been the worst employment mistake I could have every made. I will never recommend anyone to work for this company. Management is extremely difficult to find at any point in time. Their's a lack of communication between department managers and their staff as well as managers all around. The only servers that seem to make enough money to pay their bills are the servers by the bar. Even though they constantly deny the concept of favoritisms it is clearly visible and is shown when sections or scheduling is being done. Not many people there are treated properly. Even though Dave and Buster's claims that it is a fun place to work at, it really isn't. Those that enjoy and have fun working at Dave and Buster's are manager favorites. Many server's have already left because they're unhappy working there and they simply don't make enough either. Dave and Buster's doesn't focus on the experience of the guest or the experience of it employee's it focus on pushing their server to sell add on after add on, powercards that must be supercharged and alcohol that must go from well to wow. I don't know whether this is intentional or not but by constantly analyze everything we do and posting it in the back (that's are so called "break room") they are creating an environment of competition between their serving staff that simply isn't enjoyable for anyone. Pros - Cons Terrible Management Unreliable Income Constant Favoritisms Horrible Hours Competitive Environment
Server | San Antonio, TX | Mar 24, 2019
Looks great from the outside and upon hire
They don’t give you tips from parties you serve even if they tip cash they tell you they have to put it on your check which then gets taxed so they could put you on parties all day and you won’t go home with maybe $10 after working a double with no break IF someone is nice enough to give you a tip from one one of those parties and even THEN you have to tip out bussers and other staff they neve have enough of. I was embarrassed to serve the quality of food they make there and the WALKING. You average 8 to 10 miles a shift and they don’t try to make it easy on you at all food takes almost an hour to come out so you spend all your time getting refills and running other peoples food, THAN they just keep telling you to take a few plates at a time as it comes out. Back and forth. Everyone is sleeping and flirting with management and each other. Even the manangement within itself. Snapchat videos being spread of managers getting redbox movies together. Management needs to get control on their employees and themselves. All of them either too busy or lazy to help or do something besides give excuses as to why you’re not getting paid. It was an awful awful place to work that over worked me and left me wondering why I fell for that orientation.
ProsFree game card with 50 chips you can use weekly
ConsNo room for advancement due to favoritism, management constantly distracted or busy, unfair pay techniques
Server | Brandon, FL | Apr 19, 2018
Fun workplace
A typical day at work consists of standing on your feet for roughly 8-15 hours, depending if you're doing a double or not. I have learned how to work in a faster pace due to how quick the pace is here at D&B. I have also learned (and tried) many of Dave & Buster's food and drink items. The workplace culture is very fun and fast paced, but also crowded. Many people work at Dave & Buster's; so if you can't handle a very crowded workspace, D&B is not for you. The hardest part of the job for people that are new servers, would have to be taking care of a party of 12 on your own. If you have a party of more than 12, then you will have to split the party between you and another server. I believe the most enjoyable part of working at Dave & Buster's would have to be the people that I work with. Everyone is so different from each other, but we all get along perfectly. We all are just like one big family. Another fun thing is that you meet many different people throughout the night. When you start to adjust to the new setting, you soon make your regulars and you make many new friends along the way as well! Everything about Dave & Buster's is just overall, so much fun.
Prosdiscounted meals during/ after shifts, fun workspace, decent amount of weekly hours, flexible scheduling, easy side work, 21+ after 11 pm on Friday and Saturday nights
Conson your feet for long hours, no breaks from 6pm-11pm every night, slow computer systems, always very loud
Server | Thousand Oaks, CA | May 20, 2019
hands down the worst place to work
I've had several jobs but nothing beats Dave N Busters when it comes to poor food, poor management, and deceit. You're not really a server, you're more like a use-card salesman trying to pitch playcard deals and dish out points to customers to compensate for the poor food/kitchen wait times. Reports were issued bi-weekly to show employees records of their PowerCard sales, SuperCharge sales, and Well-to-Wow Alcoholic drinks (which is just upselling customers off of the house liquor). Not only does this create a competitive environment for servers (because hours were docked if you were on the end of the sheet) but it puts employees on blast which just seems unnecessary. My coworkers tried to advise me to just "add it on the bill anyway" since most PowerCard/SuperCharge fees go unnoticed anyway. Or to simply advise them to NOT purchase it all if they were NOT going to SuperCharge to uphold your % value to not lose hours. All in all, it doesn't feel right to misinform customers just to keep your hours. I can assure you every single person in that business is giving you their biggest fakest smile and hoping you buy it. Do yourself a favor and skip DnB when it comes to a server position.
Prosfree water
Consbad hours, bad staff, poor management, gives you schedule one day before week starts, no breaks at all (must be waived)

Questions And Answers about Dave & Buster's

Do Dave & Busters employee's get paid weekly?
Asked Jun 8, 2016
Bi weekly here in wichita
Answered Nov 6, 2019
Biweekly in Virginia
Answered Dec 12, 2018
After an interview how long does it take to hear back if you got the job or not?
Asked Mar 2, 2016
Dress to empress listen as question clean shave
Answered Nov 25, 2019
Usually the same day of the interview. Depending on their needs usually you'll find out right after the interview or a couple days later.
Answered Dec 12, 2018
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Dave & Buster's a better place to work?
Asked Sep 17, 2019
Return to the old standards, ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen. Hold weak employees accountable.
Answered Mar 24, 2020
I would actually pay attention and support my workers, get to know them and be a supportive employer
Answered Mar 12, 2020
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Dave & Buster's?
Asked Nov 8, 2019
Its not worth it, they are just looking to fill a space if you work here dont get stuck here actively look for another position
Answered Mar 12, 2020
Have good attitude and a smile.
Answered Mar 3, 2020
Does a full time employee get paid holidays?
Asked May 29, 2016
They hire u saying fulltime but cut u either early or very few days unless your a favorite. I know people lost the availability for there benefits
Answered Jul 20, 2019
They are open 365 days a year. no one gets paid holidays unless you're management. they usually require their employees to work most holidays
Answered Dec 12, 2018