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Popular JobsCustomer Service RepresentativeCall Center RepresentativeSales RepresentativeTelemarketerAgentSales AssociateInsurance AgentTelephone RepresentativeSalesCustomer Service/Sales RepresentativeOutbound Sales RepresentativeTeam LeaderCall RepresentativeInbound Sales RepresentativePhone RepresentativeCustomer RepresentativeMember Services RepresentativeEmployment CoordinatorInbound Customer Service RepresentativeMentorOutbound Call Center RepresentativeBusiness Development SpecialistSenior Team LeaderInbound Call Center RepresentativeBranch ManagerCustomer Support RepresentativeSupervisorTechnical Support RepresentativeTelecommunicatorTrainerCoachContact Center EngineerCustomer Care SpecialistData Entry ClerkRepresentativeApplication SpecialistInside Sales RepresentativeManagerOutbound Customer Service RepresentativeBilingual Customer Service AssociateLicensed AgentQuality AnalystTeleservice RepresentativeVerifierAccount RepresentativeAccount SpecialistFundraiserPhone OperatorSales ManagerSales SpecialistSales and Marketing ManagerShift ManagerTraining ManagerEnrollment SpecialistQuality Assurance AnalystTeam MemberAnalystBusiness Development ConsultantCall Center ManagerCallerHealthcare Customer Service RepresentativeOperatorRepairs ManagerRetention SpecialistSales ExecutiveSenior Sales AgentTraining SupervisorAdministrative AssistantAssistant LeaderAssistant ManagerAssociateBenefits RepresentativeBranch AdministratorBusiness AnalystBusiness Development ManagerCall Center SupervisorClerkCompliance OfficerCredit SpecialistCustomer Service SupervisorEnrolled AgentFloor SupervisorHuman Resources CoordinatorInsurance Verification SpecialistInterviewerMarketerMarketing RepresentativeOutside Sales RepresentativeQuality Assurance EngineerQuality Assurance ManagerQuality Control InspectorRecruiterRenewal RepresentativeRetail Sales AssociateSalespersonSenior Customer Service RepresentativeSenior MentorSenior Sales SpecialistService TechnicianSiriusXMSpecialistTeam SupervisorWarehouse LeadADS ANGENTADS RepresentativeAccount ExecutiveAccount ManagerAccounts AssistantAdministratorAdvertising Sales RepresentativeAppointment CoordinatorAppointment GeneratorAssist membersAssistantBenefit SpecialistBilling RepresentativeBusiness ConsultantBusiness Development RepresentativeCCRCRSCentralized verifierClaims SpecialistClient AssociateCollectorComputer OperatorComunicatorConsultantControls EngineerCredit Card VerificationCredit Card VerificationsCustomer AdvocateCustomer Service Associate / CashierCustomer Service ManagerCustomer Service Team LeadCustomer SpecialistCustomer for LIfeDatabase ManagerDeveloperDirect Sales RepresentativeDirector of Business DevelopmentEducatorFloor ManagerFront End ManagerFund RaiserGeographerGuest Service AgentHealth Care AdvisorHelp Desk AnalystHelpdeskHomeserve RepresentativeHuman Resources SpecialistIT TechnicianInsurance Benefit Enrollment SpecialisLaborer/OperatorLiaisonLifelock AdvisorMail InsertingMarketing AssociateMarketing ManagerMarketing SpecialistMedical SchedulerMedicare AgentMembership SalesMerchantNetwork TechnicianNight ManagerNone yetOffice AdministratorOffice AssistantOn the PhonesOperations LeadOperations ManagerOperations SupervisorPTPart-time VerifierParticipantPayroll ClerkPayroll CoordinatorPharmacy SpecialistPhone monkeyPlannerPresenterProgram LeaderPromoterProtection AgentQuality Service RepresentativeQuality SpecialistREPRESENTATIVEReceptionistRecruitment ManagerRegional Sales DirectorRepair TechnicianReservation SpecialistRetail Customer Service RepresentativeRetention RepresentativeSR TLSales CoachSales ConsultantSales LeadSales LeaderSales TrainerSales and Service TechnicianSchedulerSells RepresentativeSenior Account ExecutiveSenior Account RepresentativeSenior Call Center RepresentativeSenior Customer Service TechnicianSenior Customer Support RepresentativeSenior Quality Assurance AnalystSenior Sales ConsultantSenior Sales RepresentativeSenior Training ManagerService DispatcherSolicitorStudent RepresentativeSupport SpecialistSurgical TechnicianT.S.RTeam TrainerTechnical Support SpecialistTelecommunications OperatorTelecommunications SpecialistTelemaketingTraining CoordinatorUSBankUnknownVerification RepresentativeVice Presidentcall cnterhome serveon the phoneout bound sellsrepresentativerepresentative for medcare & MIDCADE CHILD HELTHrepresentative of the Leukemiasakes repsirius xmsirus xmverifier

Overall Reviews at DialAmerica

Customer Service Representative | Omaha, NE | Sep 15, 2020
Job ads are complete lies, know what you’re really getting in to
Here’s the short version Pros •Staff and coworkers are friendly •Extremely flexible with schedules •Paid weekly on Tuesdays, but also can withdraw up to 50% of pay the next day •Management tries very hard to keep employees motivated through incentives such as tv and prizes •They have fridges to buy food and drinks from in the break room •You control when you take your breaks •Conversations are scripted, minimal thinking on your end Cons •Job ads are lies. Customer service ads are actually for cold calling sales positions •Extremely low pay, fluctuates between minimum wages and $2 higher depending on your hours •Training Modules are boring, outdated, and out of order •Youll get no training on the complicated software before you’re out on the phones. Because training is outdated •Days off are not in a row. You’ll get two days off but at different parts in the week •Because of client rules, you are not trusted, you’ll need to keep your phone, smart watch, and personal belongings in a locker, no writing materials allowed on your person •No assigned desks, because there are a ton of employees you won’t get your own desk which means you can’t personalize it •You have to pay a fee ranging from $.99 next day-$2.99 instant pay each time to withdraw your own pay if you want the daily pay benefit •Job ads are lies because employees are incentivized to make their own job ads with company provided websites to order to hire many more people due to high turnover rate
ProsFlexible schedules, fast hiring, friendly coworkers
ConsJobs ads are complete lies. Please refer to bullet points in my review
Sales Representative | Jacksonville, FL | Apr 25, 2013
Its telemarketing. Terrible work, but not a bad company to do it for
DialAmerica is a telemarketing company. Their agents conduct outbound sales calls to both current and potential new customers across the US. My experience was conducting "New Prospect" calls, but I do have some knowledge of what's known as "Customer File," calls made to those people who have already bought from DialAmerica. DialAmerica sells magazine subscriptions over the phone. Its almost as bad as it sounds. The silver lining is that a portion of these sales go to one of any number of worthwhile charities such as Doernbecher Children's Hospital, Special Olympics, and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. As well as some not-so-worthwhile charities like Mothers Against Drunk Driving (I invite you to do the research into the bureaucratic money sink they've deteriorated into). I think its about 15% that goes to the charities. The job isn't fun. Its dull. It can be frustrating. Fortunately, you have a pretty detailed script to follow for nearly every conceivable situation or objection you could encounter. And... the script works. I have an extensive amount of sales experience from cars to timeshares and everything between, but people responded to the script read letter-for-letter more positively than any ad libs I may have used. I give DialAmerica a lot of credit for that. Shifts are typically 4-5 hours 5 days a week. Pay is an hourly base plus commission that actually can get pretty high. I befriended an individual while working there who happened to be the top New Prospect s
Prosflexible schedules, decent money for part-time work, fun job performance-based games, base pay plus commission
Constelemarketing, moral ambiguity, rigid sales management style, no benefits, inconsistent computer hardware between terminals
Customer Service Representative | Gray, TN | Mar 24, 2021
Misleading Pay and Bad Work Enviornment
Fair warning to anyone who is considering a job at DialAmerica- do not accept this job unless you are already financially stable and just need something to get you out of the house, are looking for a little bit of extra pocket money, or are a full-time student. This is not a job that will give you the means to financially provide for yourself and your needs. The truth is it is extremely unlikely you will ever make more than $9 an hour here- it will not offer you a liveable wage. You also don't get any type of benefits that could compensate for the poverty-level wages here. No type of insurance, no PTO, sick time, nothing. This is the only job I have ever had where the longer you work there the less you get paid. Pay is constantly changing and the people in charge of payroll are consistently lowering incentives and base pay because they do not know how to properly run their business and keep going over their budget. Incompetent management poorly affects the employees here. They will push you to do certain programs you have no interest in doing under the premise of receiving an extra $1/2 hourly raise. I spent weeks studying for an insurance license and taking multiple tests. For awhile I did receive an additional $1 extra. I was informed a few weeks ago they would no longer be paying that out as they are going over budget. Again, you are constantly punished and put further into financial ruin because of mismanagement. When you are hired, you are hired under the premise th
ProsSchedule flexibility
ConsLiterally everything else, poor pay, poor management, toxic work environment, no benefits.
Customer Service Representative | South Carolina | Feb 7, 2013
Work there only if you are that desperate
Lol ... I Worked In the So Called sales department .. People thinl they are actually callin there credit card company .. Dial America is a third party for a bunch of card companies ..Like Victorias Secret,HSN,Stores eXC,.,. basically People are calling to activate there cards . we don't do that when the call you have to read a script .. Basically " While your card is being verified I see you ---- Card is eligible for a 25 dollar gisft card with protection from account Assure . Account Assure gives uyou piece of mind knowing that If you become Involuntary laid Off sick or pass away Account Assure "Can Pay you entire Balance " Its only 1.99 cents for the first 30 days then some amount afterward which I forgot . ..Anyway they think its Insurance and Its not .. If they say no to the offer You then have to read basically the same script over again which makes the caller more angry .. When you do get a sale and .about 30% are then you have to upsell them with an Identity Theft Protectioin again with a very long script .They are already annoyed they got the Account Assure . The incentives are horrible ., The turn over ratio there is so bad from taking 120 calls a day or more and a lot of people get angry . There are cameras everywhere in the building . You can not have a cell phone at all or anything at your desk ..Not even a Magazine So when Its slow you just sit there and do nothing . They do give a lot of smoke breaks but it comes out of your pay . Its 8 bucks an hr of hell and y
Prosno drug test
Consevrything else
Assistant Leader | Fairlawn, OH | Jun 4, 2014
The Call center the stereo type is based on.
Outbound calls to sell either magazine subscriptions (in which a small amount of the proceeds go to Special Olympics) or win-back programs for satellite radio. Some sites have other clients, I know one site has a bank client. As a rep, you log in, everyone makes outbound calls starting at the same time, computer automatically dials numbers using predictive dialing, so often there was no ringing it would just be a person on the other end of the line. Most of the day was spent marking that calls went to voice-mail or answering machines. When you did talk to a person you were supposed to read directly from a script, especially if the sale was made, get the information and activate the radio. Even rebuttals to objections were scripted. Agents who proved they were good had more freedom when it came to going off script, but only in the sales portion. If a sale was made, almost all the call would be verbatim script reading. As a new hire, you were expected to be at 50% of goal by third week on phones, and 75% of goal by week 6. Failure to meet these goals would usually be termination. Many new hires had never used a computer or worked in a call center environment. Often people were hired expecting to fail, but filling a seat and creating billable labor hours. As an assistant team leader, I ran a crew of 15 people. I would also work with new hires starting week two. At this point they would barely no the systems and for a least a day or two would still need to be w
ProsWeekly pay check, base plus bonus if goals are met.
ConsHorrible turn over, half of the people that are hired are seen as seat fillers for a few weeks, communication is terrible between management teams/ shifts, little to no growth opportunity.
Technical Support Representative | Erie, PA | Feb 15, 2014
A job for the desperate
There are more negative things about working here than there are positive. What bothers me most, is the lack of training I received. At my branch we sell credit cards. Now if you don't know anything about a product, how are you supposed to sell it? The y trained us on the computer system not how to actually do our job. I can't tell you how many things I had to learn to do on my own or ask around about because no one tells you. There have been multiple times that I have been pulled aside by a manager asking me why I'm doing something a certain way, and I tell them that's what they told us to do in training. Although I like my two managers, no one is ever on the same page here. The professionalism at DialAmerica is practically obsolete. They constantly go back on their word. The other agents are unprofessional and make the job even more unbearable. People quit every week, which is unfortunate when you do actually like a coworker and next thing you know they're gone. As for the actual job, it's horrible. You call people and try to sell the, something and you are lucky at my branch if you can get 3 sales in a day. People scream, swear, and talk down to you as if you're not a person and no matter how hard you try to not let it get to you, it will after hearing it over and over. And they force you to keep pushing the sale. You get asked questions from customers that you have no idea how to answer because essentially, you're just reading a script, you don't know what you're really
ProsWeekly pay, flexibility
ConsUnprofessional, repetitive, low pay, no advancement, negative environment
Customer Service Representative | Pittsburgh, PA | Jun 19, 2015
I USE to love it!
When applying going into the interview they will lie to you. They do not offer full time hours and you will be lucky if you receive the $9 hr after training. When you first start working at Dial America everyone is very friendly and I have been working there for a few months now and that changes quickly. The trainers are excellent and try to cram so much in to the week that they are given to get you to understand you program. I work for CIP (careimprovementplus). Training is about one week long and then the following week you are expected to get on the phones and talk to providers. You may get hep but they expect you to learn everything by a binder which does not fully helpful. I learned benefit and claims information but it was easy giving the time we team lead and trainers have provided. The hardest part of the job is to provide the providers with the right information although it is not entire provided for you. I love my coworkes and thats why i have stayed but as far as team leads they are helpful when they want to be. If you do not catch on right away team lead are very quick to give you negative attitude as though your suppose to know something that was never taught to you. This is not a Family friendly position as far as compensation is concerned because they will give you part time hours at $8 an hour. There are alot of employee who work for Dial America for a long time but do not get compensated correctly and their benefits are very expensive as far as health covera
ProsGives you the medical claims experiance, you would need to gain a better opportunity later on, A good stepping stone job, high attendance point policy, high up managers are very awsome, trainers and interviewer is also very friendly also
ConsLow pay for what you have to do, no advancements within the company, they do not provide you with the adequate information to do you job correctly, and not a job that you will be able to afford life with.
Customer Service Representative | Allegheny County, PA | Jul 22, 2018
Horrible place to work
An in depth review of why I'm working here is definitely required to help people understand why I'm here. However, I cant give too much away. Just know, this situation is temporary. With that being said, I am cringing inside. You literally read a script all day, every second of the day. If you even deviate from the script that is like reading a chapter of a book, it counts against you. Pay is 9.00 an hour, and they literally try to make it seem like you will make 10-12, but you wont. They make it so that you're working against your coworkers to get higher pay. So if someone calls in and hangs up or doesnt want you to read an entire story to them, it counts against your sales incentive. If your coworker gets more calls than you they might get a higher incentive, but then it's literally chump change. Like maybe 70 cents. Basically, you're poor while working here. Most people quit before they even get on the floor. Everyone from my training class is gone and it's only been 2 months since I've started. There are no benefits. No paid time off, sick time, vacation etc. Healthcare being offered is too expensive.. I will not be working here long at all, but while I'm here I go throuhh it mentally everyday. I cannot not wait to never come back here. The other day I was looking around and it appeared to me how horrible this place is and i literally cried while taking calls. I had tears streaming down my face. My career is in a completely different field and this place provides no chall
ProsThe people here are very nice, which helps me get throng the day.
ConsPay, micromanaged, no benefits, bathrooms are always filthy, no water filter at work.
Sales Representative | Oak Brook, IL | Sep 8, 2016
Don't Work Here
Not a good job at all; would not recommend unless you are desperate for money. A typical day would be spent calling the same customers over and over trying to get them to fill out an application for a credit card. Sometimes you can also volunteer to do inbound calling, which is a lot easier but it's for a limited time. You get a 15 minute break but that also includes any bathroom breaks. You are timed for EVERYTHING including the time between calls. 90% of the time these people do not want the cards so you can expect to be screamed at and/or hung up on for most of your day. Supervisors treat you like children and micromanage.You cannot have you phone on you at all on the floor, you are also not allowed to have any pens, paper, or anything at your desk that might "distract" you from calls. Go against any "clean desk" and "no phone" rules and you're automatically fired. Their adherence policy is also ridiculous, you have to call at least 24 hours ahead if your gonna have a sick day otherwise it's counted against you as an "occurrence". Get 4 of them within 13 weeks and you're fired. Pay is very low for a call center, only $9 an hour and incentives are only $1-$2 per sale. You also have to ask a week ahead for permission to get extra hours.I felt the interview/training process was very misleading. They made it seem like we'd be calling customers who want these cards, we're not. It's cold calling, half the customers never even heard of the bank or banked with them. They neve
Prosthey hire anybody, friendly environment, good location
Consshort breaks, low pay, micromanaged, high turnover rate
Call Representative | Omaha, NE | Jan 16, 2022
Fun place to work with lots of opportunities for those who get bored.
You will always have a job here except if there is a technical issue or a leads issue that can happen at any given time without warning. I was out of work for a week or more at a time a couple of times. But they will always accept u back even if you leave their employment because they make connections with people. Now it's really fun constantly changing and you are given many opportunities! They paid for me to get my insurance liscence & I was & still am so grateful for that experience but it was quickly overshadowed by tons of unprofessional & inappropriate incidents from the agents and supervisors. They made me a mentor but was never given or able to use credentials so that my productivity numbers would not be affected by helping someone who is trying to ask for help while I'm on the phones / computers so many of times my in the green would go into red because of that. There was unproffessional inappropriate messages being sent out from 1 or 2 of the supervisors to floor level agents that changed the work environment a lot for me. Tons of office drama because they literally will hire anyone including child murderers so anything could happen & it can go from peaceful & productive to stressful & more stressful very quickly. Because of being a mentor and a liscence agent they never even let me use my liscence to get the pay goal I was told I would have & instead tried to convince me take a lesser pay raise then what I had worked hard for to instead be a supervisor which u onl
ProsSometimes u get free lunch or a small gas cards.
ConsShort breaks, impropriety, unstable

Questions And Answers about DialAmerica

What is the best part of working at DialAmerica?
Asked Mar 24, 2020
Co workers
Answered Jun 24, 2022
Some flexibility and possibly work remote
Answered Jun 23, 2022
What is the promotion process like at DialAmerica?
Asked Jan 2, 2021
Additional work without additional pay
Answered Sep 19, 2022
No chance for promotion. Dead end job.
Answered Sep 2, 2022
What is the interview process like at DialAmerica?
Asked Feb 9, 2016
July 20th at 10:00am
Answered Jul 18, 2022
Was quick and pleasant.
Answered Sep 12, 2019
How often do you get a raise at DialAmerica?
Asked Nov 16, 2020
Not at all
Answered Sep 9, 2022
Answered Sep 8, 2022
What is a typical day like for you at DialAmerica?
Asked Mar 24, 2020
Full 8 hours, positive environment. I loved working there.. flexible hours great program. Monday through Friday.
Answered Sep 9, 2022
At home in a quiet environment an in a work setting answering inbound and out bound call following the prompt and showing great customer service skills
Answered Aug 30, 2022