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Overall Reviews at Dollar General

Order Picker | San Antonio, TX | Oct 24, 2018
If you are good at where your at, dont risk this place .
( San Antonio DC first shift)  Unless order selecting is your thing  , i wouldnt even apply because you might end up doing it, They put general warehouse on the description so they can put you where they want. It wont matter if your good at it. You will be stuck , They force you to be good at it. If you ask to try something else , they won't allow it . fullcase position is a revolving door , if you do apply make sure you do not end up in full case selecting and make it a point!!!, a couple of supervisors  in full case are more like wannabe  thugs who make points by intimidating you , and  strong arming you. You will not work from 6 to 3 or 3:30 pm, its more like be inside by 5:45am and start work at 6am and your leaving at 5 or 6 pm. It also goes by how fast you pull your last order. Orders can be from 30 min to an hour long .  Guys hide from orders at the end of the day. So they pick who will get two orders at one time or just one. So if your slower , you will leave late. No one is treated equally . Theres favorites. everyone finishes and leaves at different times. You won't get out as a whole. It will get old and you will get burned out,  Theres some lucky shorter hours , but not much. You will work fridays too. Dont let them say you wont . Sometimes all day. 3rd shift or night shift won't do their part at times so first shift ends up having to stay later . the amount of work they expect to get done is outrageous! The time you have to pull are too. 3rd shift people call ...more
ProsCan make lots of money if you only live to work here
ConsLies, no set schedule not even close to what they say. Dictatorship
Sales Associate | Springfield, MO | Jun 11, 2019
A couple of paragraphs of negativity, yet none of it is exaggerated.
A typical day at work includes doing returns for "customers" you are aware haven't actually purchased the items being returned but having no say in it (we do receipt-less returns, no questions asked), being demeaned for things way out of your control, being constantly pressed for time, struggling to complete tasks, customers who refuse to leave even when the store is closed, and, of course, performing four jobs at once: stocking, customer service, running register and managerial duties. Sometimes more than that. What I learned from working at Dollar General is, that if you are stuck at a job, you better pray you like the people that you work with. The only reason this job has been even a fraction of tolerable is that I have formed somewhat close-knit familial ties with my team members. I've also learned to expect the worst from people. A customer can be all smiles one moment and then starts using profanity to insult you and the company the next moment when you tell them something they didn't want to hear. A total 180. The majority of my managers have been very understanding and have done their best, but oftentimes corporate just throws them under the bus, and subsequently, throws the rest of the team under there, too. Prepare to be understaffed, underpaid, and underappreciated. Corporate will visit and encourage you to participate in the newest donation competition so they can get their bonus but don't worry, you also get— no, just kidding, you get nothing. The harde...more
Prosmade lifelong friends, regular shoppers will sympathize with you about how bad it is
Consshort breaks, sometimes told not to take a break, company does not care about their employees, company will sacrifice their employees to get more customers
Cashier | Salem, IL | Mar 17, 2019
To Retail, or not to Retail? That is the Question...
This review is in regards to the old Dollar General building. A typical day of work usually consisted of stocking shelves with merchandise and greeting customers, helping them with inquiries and assisting them with scanning and bagging their merchandise. While working here I have learned how to speak to the public, money management and counting, as well as how to use a cash register. It was a good opportunity to develop experience dealing with customers. This is a good first time job position as well. One of the most important skills you will develop is communication, and you will learn how to do so by interacting with strangers and bagging their merchandise. It is critical to develop social skills in any job environment, and being a cashier will improve those skills for you. An important life lesson in retail is that when a customer is upset, be it at the fact that your store no longer carries what they frequently use, they left their bag at the store at one point and lost it, they are irritable in general from their own personal life, is that you must learn to smile through each circumstance and never take things personally. As a cashier, you are the gateway between their purchase and their way out the door, this can make you a pinnacle of their attention. The point of a cashier's job is to provide customer service and assist the customers with the purchasing process. Customers will typically greet or ignore the cashier that scans and bags their items. Some cus...more
ProsFlexible work hours
ConsDirty break area and general uncleanliness
Customer Service Associate / Cashier | Ramseur, NC | Oct 3, 2019
Poor Management and Job Culture is cut throat
A typical day includes a busy workday. If you are a cashier you're on the register for the entire time you work with a 30-minute break. It's continuous long days on your feet and a lot of frustration with customer attitudes. When you do not have customers to ring up, you are expected to "recover" the store, but don't get caught not being available when a customer shows up at the counter and your not there at the exact moment that they want you to ring their items up and go! No, they will reak havoc on the cashier for this, but the cashier is expected to "keep busy" by "recovering the store", meaning pulling down items off of the top shelf and restocking the shelves. The cashier is also expected to keep the store clean around them and pick up after customers that leave disasters in the isles and shelves. Restocking the impulse candy in front of the registers is a must for the cashier as well. They are also expected to keep the bathrooms clean each day they work. Customers don't treat you very well and are extremely rude. Prices on items are not updated in the system and lead to irate customers and the cashier trying to fix the price on the item. In order to call for management to help you, you have to "page" the "keyholder" on duty by hitting the locate button on the portable phone that they carry with them (if they carry it with them). This causes customers to get angry because they are waiting for the "keyholder" to come to the front of the store to adjust the price or see ...more
Order Picker | Scottsville, KY | Oct 31, 2019
Hands down, the worst place I've ever worked
There is no work/life balance. You start at 5 am, and are supposed to get off at 1:30 pm, but you never get off at 1:30 pm. As a matter of fact, you never know from day to day when you are going to get off. You might get off at 3 pm or you might get off at 3:30 or it might be 5 pm... you stay until they tell you that you can go. This happens Mon-Fri 5 days a week all year long. Most of the time you get weekends off as a picker, not a driver. But, the couple days you get off for weekends doesn't do much in the way of helping you recuperate from 50+ hrs a week, every week of the year. It's heavy lifting. You are lifting cases of laundry detergent, cases of canned goods, and two liters and bleach repeatedly or 32 and 24 pks of water or dog food repeatedly all day in 100 degrees through the summer. If you hurt your back or wrist doing this, which is likely because of the racks they want you to pick from, they will not be nice to you about it. You are expected to keep over 95% production rate a week,, if you fall under this one week you are written up. So, people get written up all the time because, honestly, it's hard maintaining 95% working 10 to 12 hrs a day every day of the week.. You cannot have an off week.. You cannot tell them you were sick, but still came to work and got a 94%, because they don't care, they will still write you up. I've seen it happen many times. I've never in the history of my being employed seen a company care less about their employees as I witnessed ...more
Lead Associate | Dalton, GA | May 28, 2019
Really Just Depends
I was a Lead Sales Associate (starting pay $8.50) at a store which is basically just a shift manager. I applied to this position without any experience in management and got hired two weeks later. When I was hired the store manager told me that I was really only guaranteed 3-20 hours a week. Yes, three hours. You do some CBL's on the computer that takes a few hours to complete and then you're ready to work. They first trained me on the cash register and doing a cashier's job (Sales Associate). This consists of running the register, keeping the front part of the store recovered and clean, stocking if needed, and cleaning the bathrooms at the end of the night. Their training was kind of lazy and they really didn't know how to. They kind of expected you to know how to do things on your own. At the end of the shift, someone would show me how to close the store, count money, and how to do some paperwork. After working for three or four days, they expected to close the store on my own with a cashier. I wasn't ready but I did it anyway. My duties as a shift manager or keyholder were to stock in the back, work planograms, recover 80% of the store, check in vendors, count inventory, pricing items, help the cashier, refunds/exchanges, and take care of anything that had to do with money. Luckily the people working there were really nice so when I was confused or having trouble with anything they almost always picked up the phone. When it comes to stocking, which is a big part of this ...more
ProsSlow days that aren't truck days (if you like that), holiday pay
ConsIffy training, inconsistent scheduling, boring on days that aren't stocking
Assistant Store Manager | Pender County, NC | Jul 26, 2019
A good place to recommend to someone you don't like
Let's start with pay. As little as they can get away with. Starting pay for a sales associate is minimum wage, depending upon how desperate the Store Manager is to get people. With a crew of 2, I've seen experienced (2+ years) people hired on for $7.50. Key-Holders a marginally better. Coming in as an ASM with decades of experience gets better at $8 an hour. After that it's salary and you're looking at 60-80 hours (or more) a week for 50 hour pay. Then there's corporate policies. The disconnect between the suits and those in the stores is ridiculous. And nepotism is rampant. Advancement relies more on who you know than qualifications. But that's everywhere nowadays. Many firable policies are counterproductive at best, and hazardous at worst. They pay lip service to fire codes and OSHA. And more. They treat their employees with the same disregard as any disposable resource. Use them up and throw them away. Then there's the scheduling, which is based on the gross income within a radius of the store. Not on sales or customer count. My store gets a lot of commuter traffic which is not accounted for in the hourly budget. We're open 98 hours a week, 14 hours a day plus another hour/day opening and closing. That's 105 hours a week. We're allotted roughly 150. Minimal double coverage would be 167. Nowhere enough to wait on customers and do everything corporate wants. Like restocking. As for the workload, it would be fine if we had enough people to get the jobs done. Cashiers...more
ProsIt *is* a paycheck. Barely
ConsUpper management, hours, pay, conditions, expectations...
Lead Associate | Raymond, NH | Apr 26, 2019
Good management in an otherwise poor working environment that is not competitive.
Day in and day out, working at Dollar General is fine. The basis of what we do every day is basically the same, work on the register, usually by yourself, until a sales associate comes in to relieve your register duties. Then continue to do whatever it may be that we need done that night. Since we cannot do any sort of stocking past 5:00p, we have to find other things to do. Every night we will do what we call recovery and that is making sure everything is in their correct spot and everything is neat and pulled forward. Others things we may do is reset shelves, pull excess u-boats from out back to make sure alcohol coolers are filled, and of course manage the front area. Where everything comes to an issue is the company itself. Because, at least at our store, the customers are mostly great as we pretty much only get regulars. There are some issues that are present that is no fault to the customer but only for the people we work for, here are some of those things. First off, the computers that we use are horrendous, these computers looks like they were made to use MS-DOS or some command line version of Linux. The user interface is extremelly unintuitive and the operating system we work with lacks many essential features. For instance, if a sales associate scans something and the customer does not want it, the associate has to call up or yell for the manager on duty to come up, put their key into the keyboard, then void the item. Anyone should be able to do that, it should b...more
ProsSmall team means closer and more familiarized team, good benefits
ConsOld computer systems, uncompetitive pay, training
Store Manager | Chatsworth, GA | May 4, 2019
Next Misery remake centered on DG worklife instead King novel.
The only thing that kept me tied to this company for so long was a paycheck and the ability to have insurance for my children and myself. It's a great place if you sty in a cashier position forever, maybe even a key-holder and don't let the Man get ya down. Anything Assistant or over is suicide. Your personal life ends. You get called in on the daily, I was personally a store manager, that had to fight tooth and nail to be given my store that i was thrown into against my will as a key-holder with no training because they had nobody else that wanted it and I was already there keeping it afloat. They made me keep the store up for EIGHT months promising me in would take month tops, jumping through hoop after hoop for it. Legal hold up they claimed, could promote anyone internally they claimed, even though it was a customer-ready store. I was manager officially for 6 months before I saw date for training class.The District managers can be snakes. I was blessed with an amazing one for a short time, and he made our lives awesome. WE saw him frequently for positive reasons. He moved districts and were given The Wicked Witch of the West who was obviously still sour about that house-dropping incident. She played store managers left nd right until they either quit, stepped down, or she could snake out a bologna write-up that a dummy would accept. I was not one. She could never give me a write up and grew very upset with it, coming in bi-weekly threatening to find ANYTHING she could to ...more
ProsPay, Insurance
ConsPersonal life balance, workload
Assistant General Manager | Carrier Mills, IL | Jan 29, 2020
Wonderful, good enviroment, teamwork, and taking care of customers
Go to work and prepare the store for opening this would include type my password in to disengage store alarm system. Clock in and unlock office door. Turn on all store lights and count the safe, count register drawers, and check to make certain that the store has adequate coins and bills to function for the day . I usually will also take the time to look at the previous days deposits to make sure all deposits were completed and accounted for according to company and store policy. Take a drawer out and put it in cash register. Sign me and the drawer in for the day. Do a quick walk for the entire store to make sure floors are clean, shelves have been properly faced or conditioned, check back room to make sure backdoor is locked and secure, Perform visual check of all back room inventory including back stock and pre loaded roll tainers. Quick check of break room to insure all trash has been taken out and verify if the room is in order and clean. Check bathrooms to be sure they are cleaned and properly stocked for use. Unlock front door to let customers know that we are officially open. Place point of sale and marked down merchandise out side and make sure it is all been assembled correctly and conditioned to maximize impulse purchases and to make room for new and seasonal items inside assuming that no customers need tending to. Go into office and check my company and store email and design strategies on accomplishing the days work according to email and notes for the...more

Questions And Answers about Dollar General

Why did you leave your job at Dollar General?
Asked Mar 16, 2017
They lied about the position I was to perform
Answered Mar 25, 2020
Im currently about to finish my last shift. I've been here maybe 2 weeks and have barely any hours. I was promised $10 an hour when hired but after I started i was told I would only be getting like $9.25 an hour. I live two towns away and takes about half an hour each way that's an hour of driving there and back. $20 is how much it takes to fill up my gas when empty and I had to fill it almost three times the first week only to earn like $160 for my first paycheck. Thankfully I'm starting a new job on Thursday that's actually Full time
Answered Mar 16, 2020
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Dollar General a better place to work?
Asked Jun 13, 2017
Place focus on each piece of the leadership puzzle fits together to make a cohesive unit, with Human Resources in place as the mediator between employees and leadership keeping everything on a level playing field.
Answered Apr 1, 2020
Give each store more hours per week to properly get things done instead of running skeleton crews.
Answered Apr 1, 2020
Do they drug test?
Asked Jul 22, 2016
In FL, yes. Depends on your state ultimately.
Answered Mar 29, 2020
Hired as a Sales Associate in TN. No drug test given. Im drug free and this horrible job made me consider starting the use of drugs though.
Answered Feb 15, 2020
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Dollar General?
Asked Oct 8, 2016
After getting hired, and you will, keep searching for another job. This company will take you no where and keep you at as few hours @ the lowest payable rate legally allowed. If you are ever lucky enough to get a higher position, be prepared to wait at least 12 months before you actually get the pay raise. Seriously. This is not just my experience, do your research.
Answered Mar 29, 2020
Be hopeful
Answered Mar 12, 2020
How much do they start you out with?
Asked Feb 29, 2016
As a P/T Lead Sales, I was offered $10.00 an hour, in PA. I'm mostly doing it for the work experience and where it might get me 5 to 10 years down the road.
Answered Mar 30, 2020
The lowest amount legally possible (in your state) for the position you are given.
Answered Mar 29, 2020