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Overall Reviews at Dollar Tree

Merchandise Manager | Jackson, MS | Oct 31, 2019
I started as a cashier with limited experience, in six months, I became an assistant manager. In a year, I was merchandise manager. I received bonuses every three months.
Overnight Manager | Staten Island, NY | Mar 10, 2020
Working for The Dollar Tree
A typical shift at work isn't that bad. There are three days out of the week that is all about stocking product, IF every one shows up to work that is. Surplus of orders from the company and my GM make it pretty hard on me and my crew, especially when they cut our hours. We have such limited space to stock products, and so little time now because management takes out personal vendettas on some employees. Two days out of the week is pretty much a punishment for my overnight crew. We have a very tiny receiving room, and the delivery trucks are too big and the store can't handle all the volume.
ProsI know I put in solid work at the end of my shift, I get to help people find what they need
ConsMistreated by management, cruel and harsh work environments both mental and physical, micromanaging from absent managers
Customer Service Associate / Cashier | Limerick, PA | Dec 28, 2019
I like working there.
I liked working there until I didn't show up one day when I was not supposed to work they said that I was fired cause I never called them back when I did call them back they never answered the phone.
Customer Service Associate / Cashier | Bell, CA | Oct 28, 2019
It was stressful
It was a place that required you to do everything and get compensated very little. It was a very fast paced working environment and had little time to rest.
Cashier/Stocker | Moreno Valley, CA | Oct 10, 2019
Ok job
Multi tasking in areas, good co-workers. Cleaning areas. Restocking shelfs helping customers with items and making sure customers are happy with excellent Customers service
Customer Service Associate / Cashier | Magnolia, AR | Jan 31, 2020
Was not the worst job I've had
I think sometimes I was given more than my fair share of the work. I was also working through lots of pain. It is just mostly just a normal minimum wage job.
Assistant Operations Manager | Houston, TX | Jul 15, 2018
poor pay and low hours
don't work here if you are looking for more than minimum wage or more than maybe 10 hours a week. in management the expectations are unattainable, they expect a lot in a week while managing the store the employees and your daily duties.
Freight Handler | Paducah, KY | Dec 10, 2019
Dollar Tree Say it is fast, Fun and Friendly, Only Fast and Negative
Managers do not have any control over the stores. They are scared and afraid of the Regional Managers and pass this negativity down. We receive our schedule on Friday the week before we are scheduled for Sunday, no advanced notice. Dollar Tree Managers will tell other employers that you are not a good employee so that you cannot advance in your career. They want to retain everyone without respect.
Retail Sales Associate | Denton, TX | Sep 26, 2019
Only work here as steppingstone to something better
Dollar tree has unrealistic expectations without the payroll to achieve those expectations. There isn’t consistency within the higharchy on how the business is to run let alone the store. It is definitely a good ol boy company. There have been several lawsuits against company about equality in pay and advancement of women.
Customer Service Associate / Cashier | Okemos, MI | Apr 18, 2019
Great Opportunities for advancement.
This is actually a great place to work. Need to have open availability at this place. Scheduling is kind of hectic at times. Friendly environment. Great management.
ProsFun, great co-workers, advancement

Questions And Answers about Dollar Tree

What benefits does Dollar Tree offer?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
Only way to get benefits is if u work at least 30 house a week and they try there damndest to keep u under that so pretty much u r not getting benefits unless u r a part time manager or a full time manager.
Answered Aug 25, 2019
Vacation, insurance
Answered Aug 8, 2019
Does Dollar Tree do drug testing?
Asked Sep 17, 2016
I'm a manager for Dollar tree and they don't give out drug test at all. When they need to cause some of the employees come in high and act stupid at there job.
Answered Feb 11, 2020
No drug tests are given at Dollar Tree.
Answered Nov 19, 2019
How many days do you work per week? How many hours per day?
Asked Jan 11, 2017
If you are a part-time cashier, you only get between 15 to 18 hours a week . No time and half for part itime. Help.
Answered Nov 19, 2019
I love it,dont leave to far
Answered Nov 8, 2019
Can a employees boyfriend,girlfriend/room mate work at the same Dollar Tree store?
Asked Sep 20, 2016
No a boy friend can be there
Answered Apr 7, 2019
No they don’t allow you to date your co workers
Answered Mar 17, 2019
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Dollar Tree a better place to work?
Asked Jan 16, 2018
Answered Mar 23, 2020
VideoTraining.Customer Service.
Answered Mar 23, 2020