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Overall Reviews at Domino's

Delivery Driver | Placentia, CA | Apr 6, 2018
Good Management is Everything
The quality of life while working at a Domino's heavily relies on the competence of the management. Previously we had a strong leader who kept everything working and wasn't above getting out on the road or making food and everything was great, After this General Manager left we had several failed replacements until the current GM stayed on partially because the franchise had ran out of candidates. Thanks to very poor leadership on this new GM's part and an attitude that wasn't suited to answering phones let alone running the whole operation lead to a downturn in sales, high turnover even for this kind of job, and general chaos. As a driver you're almost entirely reliant on tips from customers in order to make your living and you can only get those tips so long as everything else is running smoothly. When food orders are completely neglected, cooks are never hired, and the mid level management is replaced with people who are more likely to be friends with the GM than they are to be capable of doing their job the tip money dries up fast. So long as you're capable to putting in effort you're able to make pretty good money for this kind of work after tips and mileage. I averaged around $18 an hour driving in my area once the store's downturn was averaged out with the first year or so while we had strong leadership. The culture relies heavily on who's there and the roster can change almost entirely in the span of a couple months; most don't last and the few who do change ...more
Prosemployee discount on food
Conspoor management, poor upkeep, immature management, lots of wear on your vehicle
General Manager | Ithaca, NY | Dec 8, 2019
new franchisee has no idea how to treat their employees
I was hired as an asst. manager then switched to a driver after 2 years when I realized I could make more money and work half the hours. I went from working 60 hours a week as a manager, making about $600 a week, to working 30-35 hours a week driving, making anywhere from $600 to as much as a $1000 a week. During my time there I worked for two different franchisees. The first owner had to sell his stores after running into some sort of legal troubles. The last few months he still owned the store, our paychecks would bounce every other week. Fortunately he had the best regional supervisor who oversaw his 8 or so stores. He would pay the stores payrolls out of his own pocket. Something he definitely did not have to do and must of hurt him financially. He was always available to help if you had a question or problem no matter what time of day. Even though the owner couldn't pay us consistently he hired good to people to run his business. Then we got a new franchisee who brought in a bunch of people from his stores. At first we still had our store manager, but she soon left, but would come back a few weeks later. New management wouldn't allow her to do her job. Things like making the schedule, food/soda orders, hiring/firing. There were 3 people brought in to "help" run the store. Not one of them could write a schedule or place a competent truck order. There were huge holes in coverage inside the store and with drivers when it came to scheduling. Most of the truck orders...more
Driver | Texas | May 21, 2019
Ok for people wanting to become managers death to drivers
If you are Store employee or someone who in the future wishing to be a manager or CSR on the way you can get increases in hourly pay $9 to $12 an hour very quickly get orientation they , tell drivers will your just be delivering pizzas make up to $15 an hour and helping inside store between deliveries because you will be taking two to three deliveries every hour in and out of the store in a few minutes and that's just not true and my store in Texas Mason Road area which is a great area for tips ,I've had five different managers in each and everyone seems to put more and more on the drivers it seems now that drivers are inside store employees who just deliver on this side, yet what it cost to obtain our vehicles is ridiculous and we're doing all the food prep now and I mean all of it yet we don't get paid any extra money inside the store we will never get a raise on our minimum wage store hourly and the on the road Raise, were supposed to receive every 6 months fantasy ,because we're paid less than minimum wage starting at 4:50 or 5 an hour on the road in vehicles delivering pizzas. supposed to be going up $0.25 every 6 months ,does not happen maybe $0.25 a year with no increase in the minimum wage inside while the store workers who don't use their vehicles to deliver pizzas who aren't suffering the maintenance cost and depreciation cost of their vehicles ,of their $30,000 vehicles Get no increase in oay no matter howm namy years and inside store workers ,are making $12 an...more
Prosno more free lunch or food
ConsEverything if you're a driver unless we happen to be short-staffed or property staffed, if we're overstaffed which is now common policy your on way out !
Delivery Driver | Dallas, TX | Nov 12, 2018
Great easy cash for kids and students. A rotten miserable life of poverty for adults with real world bills and responsibilities.
If you are young, live at home, aren't married, don't have kids, and don't have any major responsibilities like a mortgage, child support, credit card debts, or a big car note, and you don't need or want things like healthcare, savings, or a good life then this could be for you. If you are a healthy young person or student and you just need some quick easy cash for clothes, video games, and going out on the weekends this is a good job I think. But it isn't a serious job for an adult. For one thing only the managers get health insurance. You will earn just enough to not qualify for medicaid but you will have no chance at all to ever afford healthcare on what you make. Not a problem when you are 21 but as you get older, you will need healthcare at some point.Dominos does not provide health insurance to it's hourly employees. If you get sick or need to see a doctor you will either go bankrupt, die in the street, or both. A 401K plan would be pointless because they pay so little money in wages that you wouldn't have anything left over to put in it. I earn about 2K a month after taxes including tips and salary. I average 44 hours per week. The 27 cents per mile does NOT cover depreciation, wear and tear to your vehicle. They have a split wage. Which means that when you are in the store washing dishes or folding boxes they pay you the absolute minimum they can legally get away with , which is 7.45 per hour in Texas. You will spend at least 3 or 4 hours of a typical 8 hour shift doi...more
ProsPaid daily, easy work, flexible hours
ConsLow pay, zero benefits, dead end job
Delivery Driver | Fort Myers, FL | May 21, 2019
Fast Money, Unrewarding
As a driver, you get your tips paid every shift with your hourly wage biweekly. Sometimes you can make $100 a shift, but sometimes it's only $25. As a driver, you don't just drive, but rather you do almost all jobs in the store. You work the cut table, sometimes make food, you have tons of prep, lots of cleaning, plus answering the phones, helping customers in store, and of course actually driving. There is no compensation for the excessive wear on your car, though there is gas compensation for each run. If your co-workers are nice people, it makes the job a lot easier. When you're a driver, you do get to spend a lot of time in your car listening to music or podcasts if you like. Customers vary; some treat you nicely, and to others you're just a tool to get food (they talk down to you). This job is handy if you're in college, or need to come up with money fast, but I always like to say, "Domino's doesn't pay me; customer's pay me". The hourly rate is laughable, with ~$5/hr on the road, and minimum wage in the store (which where I live is only $8 something per hour). There are no raises for drivers, so your income is completely dependent on the generosity of customers. I think full-time drivers can get benefits, though there aren't many full-time drivers as a way to keep labor costs down. Your whole shift is on timers to ensure fast service to customers, which is definitely important so their food doesn't get cold, however it's highly stressful having management sc...more
ProsFast easy money
Consintense during rush, no raises for drivers
Delivery Driver | Vista, CA | Jul 24, 2019
Great place to work for students and transitional employees
I came here from Lyft and Uber-like services. While it is an upgrade, IMO, there are some downsides to consider. Typically you have your schedule according to availability and demand for drivers. The only problem is when demand is high (often) you won't leave at your scheduled time. They can legally keep you for 6 hours once you clock in without giving you a 30-minute break. And 10 min breaks seem to get forgotten about easily (you won't get one). If you do take a 30-min break (sometimes they can insist persistently) then they can keep you another 6 hrs before having to pay you for a missed break. If this happens, make sure they pay you for your time because they can write it off without your knowledge if you don't pay attention. There is not much to learn here unless you want to become a GM. I would consider this choice carefully as the job can be very demanding and stressful and lack rewards. This is coming from multiple GMs I have had the pleasure of working with at this company. I know of a few GMs that developed health issues from stress. They tend to promote younger workers (???) to management and GM roles fast here. Pay minimum wage and no benefits to part-time drivers and are selective about giving full-time hours. They pay a small fee to you per trip <$2 for mileage reimbursement but they charge customers close to $5 for delivery fees. I feel drivers should get at least half of all delivery fees charged to customers. Some customers assume the driv...more
ProsMeet cool people, relaxed environment most of the time, Tips can be good
ConsKeep you later than scheduled shift most days, NO BENEFITS to part-time workers and most won't get offered full-time, Some GM's require you to put magnetic car topper on vehicle and it ruins paint, Not sustainable without good tip area
Customer Service Representative | Farr West, UT | Aug 23, 2019
Productive, fun, fast paced, engaging, with nice and supportive coworkers.
This job was an engaging, fast paced, positive environment, were everyone was treated equally, and respected. Every day was a bit repetitive in that you were doing the same tasks each day, in making food. Despite the many food options and variations of one type of food from pasta to pizza. Usually the beginning of the week is a bit slower and things pick up the further into the week you move. It can be stressful on busier days in that there's a lot of orders coming at you and you coworkers which you need to learn to get done in an efficient amount of time, while still accounting for quality and quantity. A few things I learned while working here were to be more open towards people, engaging more with both coworkers and customers through small conversations to foster a most positive and relaxed atmosphere, learning more effective ways to make some of the items in a faster preparation time, how to manage ovens, restock product when new items were brought to the store, and more effective ways of communication. Management was flexible, and willing to help struggle coworkers. There were some days where product wasn't prepped for the following day which made it a lot more difficult to keep on track to help customers if your on a busier week. Workplace culture was amazing, it was a very diverse place to work, in both customer and staff member/ employee. Everyone was treated fairly and everyone did their part. A couple things I found rather difficult when doing this jo...more
Delivery Driver | Gainesville, FL | Nov 23, 2018
Stressful, physically demanding job with bad customer base
I learned a lot working here, including customer service, working a phone, and managing a till, but I'm done. The hours are inconsistent, with them changing every week based on sales, how many people they have working, and the worst part - they will keep you working until they can afford to let you go home regardless of what the schedule says. They will also give you a task to do before going home, which will most likely keep you much longer. I usually go home anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour and a half after I was scheduled to leave. If it's slow and there's 3 or more drivers in the store they will make you go home early. There's no way to really predict it, and it's frustrating. They can schedule you for anything from a 3-hour shift to a 10-11 hour one, and you can most likely mentally tack on an hour or two to assume when you'll likely leave. They close at ungodly hours, ranging from midnight at one store to 2 or 3 a.m. at another one. The pay is inconsistent and hard to track; you're paid minimum wage when you're working inside the store, but once you clock out on deliveries you're paid servers wage, which for the uninformed is less than minimum wage and the corporate expects tips to make up for whatever you don't get. The customers in the store I work at generally live in untrustworthy, impoverished neighborhoods, so they tend to be rude, selfish, and cheap, so you can't rely on them to tip you. You're in the very least paid for mileage, and you're handed your ti...more
Delivery Driver | Frisco, TX | Aug 27, 2018
good place for a second chance and a fresh start
the managers here are friendly and very flexible. they go the extra mile to accommodate if there is a personal conflict and are more than reasonable on anything they require. my biggest feedback for them is a lack of feedback to workers on how their actions and productivity can affect the ability to get raises, bonuses and desirable hours. I would encourage the owner to incentivize cross training of drivers to do inside work to reduce labor costs and give those who have a healthy work ethic for taking on more responsibility a better wage. the lack of feedback tends to create a culture of apathy in productivity. this drives up costs by constantly replacing workers which is far more expensive than retaining good talent with clear raises and incentives, and customers receive poorer service because only 2 or 3 people can produce pizza per shift which has created service shut downs when demand was too high ergo less for drivers to deliver/get tips for. the people who work here are very friendly. the territory is challenging to deliver to because it serves many gated communities and neighborhoods with confusing street addresses (who knew houses could be vanity sized lol). however, the neighborhood does have a healthy tipping culture compared to some other markets and drivers average no less than 1 or 2 deliveries an hour on a slow day, weekends tend to have back to back deliveries and they have a good handful of regulars. my biggest issues with the company is more on better houseke...more
Prosfriendly people, flexible, accomodating, healthy tipping culture/good territory
Consthe few pull the weight for many, few workers clean, no feedback, no clear incentives, no culture of cross training
Driver | Spartanburg, SC | Jul 9, 2018
Again do reserch on your area.
I recently tried working here for about a week. I have been unemployed for a couple of months and was ready to go back to work and make my own money. A friend of mine has been with the company 5 years and suggested it. Again this is just one of those where your experience will depend on where you are located. My friend is a teacher and works summer, holidays, and super bowl Sunday. She is also in Orlando and near Disney. She makes great money and they rarely hire drivers. I how ever live in Spartanburg SC. I tried it for a week and worked at least 8 hours and only made around $30 in tips for 8 hours except for a Friday where I made $50. I was expecting that during the week. And most of that was made from a few customers who know how to tip. I was stiffed allot. You may have to deliver to some very questionable areas. And even though there was a list of places we do not deliver to..I was sent out there. You are paid mileage. But several times I went out to deliver and went to the door and either no one was home or no one ordered pizza. I called in and headed back. I would get almost there and get a phone call and had to turn back around as the person was now there or I was given the correct address. And you are not paid mileage on that and your missing out on maybe getting to deliver to someone who might tip. These people never tipped. I was told during down time I would only have to fold boxes. Nope, you are expected to do everything except make pizza. Also at...more
Prosnothing I can think of..atleast in my area
Consbad tips, lots miles on your car.

Questions And Answers about Domino's

If you were in charge, what would you do to make Domino's a better place to work?
Asked Jan 10, 2018
Treat my staff with respect and not over work them.
Answered Apr 1, 2020
A flat pay rate for drivers. Our rate drops when we leave the store.
Answered Mar 26, 2020
How are the working hours at Domino's?
Asked Jun 17, 2016
They give you the same schedule every week for a month
Answered Feb 2, 2020
I've worked there for almost a year and I worked 8 to to hours a day for 5 days and I get paid 8.00 an hour. It honestly sucks when the drivers make way more then you, even if they were just hired. They're still taking money home every night and their paychecks are way more then the ones who make the pizzas and do everything else.
Answered Jan 27, 2020
What benefits does Domino's offer?
Asked Jun 20, 2016
None, it’s a restaurant!
Answered Feb 2, 2020
I worked as an assistant manager with 50+ hours a week no off days 11-13 hr shifts. There are no benefits until you reach the highest level. They lie and manipulate
Answered Sep 27, 2019
What questions did they ask during your interview at Domino's?
Asked Jun 19, 2016
Are you willing to work in a fast paced environment?
Answered Feb 2, 2020
None. They had me sign a paper and said come back tomorrow for training
Answered Aug 18, 2019
Do they drug test at domino's upon hiring?
Asked Nov 15, 2016
Yes, they dug test you when they give you your uniform at the business office. No drug tests afterwards.
Answered Jan 9, 2020
Tacoma ones didn't drug test
Answered Sep 4, 2019