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Overall Reviews at DoorDash

Crew Member | Indianapolis, IN | May 24, 2019
Relaxing, Yet Stressful
A typical day can go one of two ways: 1.) You're busy as can be and absolutely cash out. or 2.) It's slow and tedious and you make about what some folks make in an hour. It's a fun job at first - in fact, it's fun to just explore the possibility of having absolute freedom over when and where you work. You're always mobile, moving from place to place, so it's a nice change of pace from working in a single building all day long if that's what you're accustomed to. In terms of management, you're really just limited to the offshored jobs of folks you can't understand too clearly when you talk to them over the phone. There's not really a "workplace culture", you just kind of meet other "Dashers" along the way and sometimes converse with one another. The hardest part of the job I'd say is all the cons that come along with it. Nothing is particularly "hard" about this job. You go in, get the food, go out, bring it to who ordered it. It's that simple. The only problems you can run into are the following: - Receiving an order, showing up to the restaurant and there's no order there - Frequent app crashes - Frequent app issues where the servers go down and nobody can sign in or mark orders as complete - Poor "management" by means of contacting the "help" department which does, quite literally, almost nothing besides reassurance - It can be insanely slow at times - sometimes you can't even sign in to do any orders because some areas are just not bu...more
ProsWork whenever/wherever you want
ConsCan be slow, stressful, not a lot of availability, frequent app issues
Dasher | Mesa, AZ | Feb 19, 2019
Dashers need visibility on how we actually make money!
Ok folks. I've been doing this for 2.5 years in the heat of Arizona. I usually do this for about 25-30 hours per week as a single father who also works another 40+ hour job. So, suffice to say I've got a very good handle on how this all works. I'll give the positives first so as not to sound like a Negative Nancy... 1. You can work "pretty much" whenever you want 2. The pay per hour is comparable to other delivery companies now that they are having some peak time bonuses (although when they have these bonuses in an area, the amount of business that you get is usually lessened by quite a bit) ex: 2 deliveries @ $5 each or 1 delivery at $10 3. You can adjust your schedule, much like Uber/Lyft. 4. Customer service in Pakistan is pretty nice.... Ok that's about it. Obviously flexible $ is what this is all about. But "how do you make those dollars" you may ask! Well, Doordash says that they "guarantee" $1 + your effort bonus (not specified) + 100% of your tip that the customer gives you. My question is... if us dashers are usually getting $5-$7 on an average for each delivery and on the Doordash site, they prompt customers to pay $3-$5 for their tip initially.... WHERE IS THE EFFORT BONUS AND HOW IS IT CALCULATED????? I'm not about to believe that no one is paying a tip here. So where is all of this money going? At least when you're working in sales, you know how your commission is calculated so that you can focus your effort on a specific area. I'v...more
ProsGood Work/Life Balance
ConsPoor Pay, Poor Communication
Driver | San Jose, CA | Apr 30, 2019
Over a year 1179 deliveries i just quit
Wow, I have been driving for Doordash for well over a year. I have been driving with another service as well. I really have enjoyed driving for them at points. I love being in the restaraunts & loved most of my customers. I used to make $800-$1000 a week on dash alone & I have had $200+ days. They started a tipping policy at some point where if the customers tip they drop the delivery rate from $6 to $1. We used to get $8-$12 per order that shifted to $6-$8 last May. So less money for me per order & oh by the way Doordash keeps up to $5 that the customer tips. This is a LIE because drivers & the customers are both told we keep 100% of the tips. I can't recount the # of times a customer would say "I tipped you $9" & a $4 tip shows up in the app. I have been driving just during incentive times for the last couple of months (5 hours a day) & still have legitimately made $20-$30+. Now they are offering very few incentives at all (I have seen it as high as $12 per order- on 6 orders in 3 hours at night i have made $130+ just for 3 hours at night). I am assuming they have flooded the market with drivers. With no incentives you drive for $12-$14 per hour. Take out 30% vehicle costs & fuel -you are working for $9 or $10 an hour. Plus wear & tear on your vehicle. The quality of the other dashers a year ago was very good. Now they are just hiring anyone - I have seen more & more very unprofessional & just plain rude drivers. My customer rating has stayed 4.85+ the entire tim...more
ProsWork when u want
ConsDecietful company
Delivery Driver | Houston, TX | Jan 30, 2019
2019 Review: Company has degraded, drivers are paid so poorly.
I've been working for the company for 3 years and the pay has gone down so significantly, it is unfair. Some of the distances to deliver are extremely far and they do NOT compensate you fairly. Other delivery companies pay you for your wait time and driving distance, DoorDash does not. In the past, you were able to see the exact mileage for the entire delivery before you hit accept. NOW, NOT ONLY DO THEY NOT TELL YOU THE MILEAGE, THEY DO NOT EVEN ACCURATELY SHOW THE DROP-OFF LOCATION ON YOUR MAP! The location can be as off as 10 miles or more, so you may THINK the delivery is worth what they are paying you but surprise, waste your gas without getting compensated appropriately. If you accept a delivery like this, and decline AFTER you see how far it really is, it counts against your Completion Rate (not fair, they are deceiving you). If you decline an unfairly paid far delivery BEFORE accepting it, your Acceptance Rate goes down, so you won't be able to receive higher earning deliveries. They used to let you know what your exact tip amount was, now it is included in the little amount they pay you per delivery.. this is extremely fishy- why can't I see my tip amount? Average earnings, including tip, are $5-$6; you need at least 30-40 minutes to complete such deliveries. Higher paid deliveries range from $7-$8 and you need 45-60 minutes to deliver. Very rare to see a $9-$10 paid delivery and they are extremely far. In the past, you could get extra tip money in an afternoon del...more
Dasher | Tampa, FL | Nov 11, 2018
Nice to set your own hours, don't expect to get rich
I have been dashing for a couple months. If your considering doing this, here is my take on it. Don't expect to make enough to live on, this is a supplemental income at best. Don't expect to receive proper training in the beginning on how to get started. You'll have to figure this out on your own, but watch some YouTube videos. It's not rocket science. Find a location where you are surrounded by lots of restaurants. I picked a mall that has at least a dozen restaurants in it and dozens around it. That is what I consider my base, and I head back to that location after each delivery. Don't chase the "hot spots" by the time you get there, it is highly likely to not be hot anymore. You'll spend more time/gas chasing then it's worth. Decide how far your willing to drive and stick to it. My goal is no more than 5 miles. I'll go up to 7 IF it's circling me back to my base. Remember, time is money. If you spending all your time driving to pick up / deliver then your losing out. Shorter runs = more runs. Don't be afraid to do the Walmart grocery deliveries. This is new and in limited areas, but it usually pays more than a normal run. I work an average of 4 nights a week after my regular job and then 1 day on the weekend. Average about 3 hours on a week night and longer on Friday night, Sat day/night. I can bring in about $150 - $200 extra a week. Doesn't sound like much for the hours you put in and the extra gas for your car, but your not making any money sitting...more
ProsYou set your schedule
ConsAnything I've mentioned
Delivery Driver | Omaha, NE | Apr 14, 2019
For The Potential It Has, This Is NOT A Company To Work For
For the potential this company has, disorganization, childishness and vindictive people at the helm destroy this company's future. Started thinking this would be such a wonderful opportunity. Wow, was I disappointed! I liked the stated ability to drive when I wanted to, though I hated feeling like I was being penalized if I couldn't always drive during peak times. I have a FT job outside of Doordash and can't always sign up for peak times. Liked that I could choose the areas that I wanted to be in, though I did not like the way the route was manipulated to deliver to, and cover areas, that I did not sign up for. When I drive, I want to drive in the area that I've chosen to drive in; not be routed to the areas that I specifically chose not to be in. If I decline an order because I recognize that the company is trying to send me into areas that I chose not to be in, you don't get to be vindictive in the assigning (or not assigning) of future orders. It's called CHOICE for a reason, a thing Doordash claims it promotes, and if you are not willing to pay a premium for gas to go into other areas (and $1 is NOT a premium), you don't get to complain and be witchy about the fact that drivers don't (and won't) choose those areas. Then, when you do assign a delivery, actually calling the order in to the restaurant would be helpful! It's a waste of the driver's gas, time and money if we get there and the order hasn't even been called in, or there is confusion about whether o...more
ProsContractors can be their own boss to an extent
ConsDisorganized, orders not called in, manipulative on the routing of deliveries, lack of respect for drivers
Delivery Driver | Chicago, IL | May 27, 2018
Lies Lies Lies. Politicians are more honest than DoorDash!
I don’t know where to start. First of all I know they steal tips UNLESS that RARE Customer hands you CA$H. I saw a receipt where it said I was given a $4.51 tip. On top of the $5.99 fee. I received $7.19. Then suddenly, that “dash” disappeared after I was sent a notice that “I missed the opportunity for the delivery I just had completed 😳 $10.50 down to $7.19... down to nothing???!!! I wasted fifteen minutes in the restaurant waiting for help, another three to put the order together. Gas, wear and tear on car, and another 25minutes I’d drive time. ALL FOR NAUGHT. ZIP NADA ZILCH ZERO NOTHING!!! Not sure I even wanna fight for the money cuz there goes MORE TIME wasted! Any problem you might have (I once had the app crash while leaving with the food from the restaurant. It was as if I never got the order. Great. Got food I didn’t want and was eventually paid half when it was considered a canceled order. I lost about $10 in promised pay on that one.) forget getting immediate help. By immediate I mean within 30-60 minutes. The chat line for dashers will have 50-185 other dashers ahead of you in line waiting to get assisted by DD. Very inefficient. Also a few times the red debit card used to pay for orders DECLINES. Usually because DD is using a horribly outdated menu with prices I was once told were over TEN YEARS OLD! How the heck does THAT happen? I dunno but it is more time clicking away that you are seeing your per hour pay decrease significantly! Also like a...more
ProsEasy hours you decide
ConsLousy pay, zero chance of advancement, lousy app with awful directions, lousy management, rotten unappreciative customers. Mass confusion for help when you need it means STRESS!
Driver | Cedar Rapids, IA | Sep 8, 2019
Don't do DoorTrash; go get a real job.
There are definitely things I like about this job. It's easy to start (no interview). The work is easy most of the time. There's no boss and very few rules. You can work pretty much whenever you want to. Compared to GrubHub the orders are frequent. I like the countdown timer when you can't find a customer. I like that you get half pay if the restaurant is closed. That's where the positives end. The pay is horrible. Most orders make under $8.00. If a customer tips, you don't get paid more. THIS IS WAGE THEFT! It's probably technically legal, but it is DEFINITELY immoral. Unlike similar apps, you can't sign on whenever you want to. It has to be "busy" enough, or you have to schedule a shift ("dash") ahead of time, and they go REALLY FAST. Once in awhile somebody will drop one, so it's nice to pick them up then, but still there's a lot of time off the clock just waiting to be able to start. And that's all time you don't get paid for. And when you do work, you really only make $10-20 an hour, and that's before taxes and expenses. After gas, repairs, cell phone plan, etc. you're lucky to make minimum wage during the hours you DO work, and when you factor in all the waiting to get a shift, you make hardly anything. If I didn't multiapp, I wouldn't be able to pay rent. And that's just scratching the surface. The bag sucks. Customer service is REALLY bad, and most of them can barely speak English even if they wanted to help you. The notifications are naggy. The app is buggy and ...more
Owner Operator Driver | New Jersey | Apr 26, 2019
Rip off
It started out as a decent company n then the games started, getting blocked from any scheduling, long ridiculous deliveries n I mean 50 mile round trip including tolls to a Walmart to pick up 88 items for a pay of $11.43 total pay, not worth it in any environment. I’ve stopped dashing because scheduling was impossible to get a shift, plus wear n tear on ur vehicle is brutal. Management is non-existent when an issue arrives during a pick up u may be number 165 in a resolution chat with food sitting in ur vehicle getting cold, it is virtually impossible to get a human being to talk too, absolutely ridiculous. I feel now with the scheduling problems it’s basically blocking certain dashers from working n my ratings are as high as u can get for them. The best is how many ppl r scamming door dash with the promotions of signing up a new dasher n earning a bonus if they complete a certain amount of deliveries in a certain time frame, I’d say 80-90% are ppl signing up a family member and then they do the dashes for them until hitting the goal n keeping all the bonus money, this is a common occurrence. I think when all is said done only 1 food delivery will remain after the rest go bankrupt. But make no doubt door dash with zero overhead is making bank while we “the dashers” r doing all the work while we are paying for gas, oil, maintenance on our vehicles, insurance both vehicle n medical while door dash is pocketing more than half of each order with minimal payout, n make no mistake...more
ProsAbsolutely none
ConsToo many to list
Dasher | Monmouth County, NJ | Jul 25, 2019
Like most people say, it's good for students.
I have a car with ~100,000 miles on it and needed a job for the summer while I'm off from school. I like driving and know the nearby roads pretty well, so I figured that it'd be a nice temporary job. I'd read that the hours are very flexible, so I decided to go for it. That's a good thing about DD, and probably the only good thing. My first few shifts had me traveling 45 minutes away to the other end of the area I was dashing in. I've delivered outside of my delivery zone several times. This isn't the biggest issue, but it was definitely annoying. The app's servers are so laggy and unreliable. The Dasher app has got to be one of the least user-friendly apps I've ever used. It goes haywire at least once a week. During that time you can't accept an order (but they'll still somehow get "sent" to you!), contact the customer or support, and get the address of the customer. Sometimes I'm stuck sitting in the car for 10 minutes waiting for the app to work again. The merchants never update their menus. I spent 30 minutes at McDonald's yesterday because the customer ordered something that wasn't available. It took DD 30 minutes to tell me what to do- I had to stand there and wait. Finally when it ended, I was still marked late even though it wasn't my fault. I've been to several closed restaurants before and though I reported them, they are still on the app. The red cards work 5% of the time. One day when the servers went down, I had to use my credit card to pay and had to be reimburs...more

Questions And Answers about DoorDash

What would you suggest DoorDash management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked Mar 17, 2017
Also, when you made tipping on the app optional, people are using this to get out of tipping. I get the same order every single night for a $3.00 dash which is not even worth the time to have to stand in line and wait on the food, much less the gas and time taken away from a decent paying dash, and they never tip. Nothing!! Not cool!
Answered Jan 7, 2020
Reimburse the drivers for their tolls and gas usage
Answered Dec 31, 2019
Can drivers have their family or friends in car while delivering?
Asked Mar 29, 2017
You have no boss as an independent contractor. You can have whoever you want with you.
Answered Mar 25, 2020
I can’t see at night so my hubby comes with and drives for dinner runs. We are retired so it’s something we can do together.
Answered Feb 9, 2020
What advice would you give the CEO of DoorDash about how to improve it?
Asked May 3, 2018
I have recently became a Door Dasher and you should really have some kind of payroll advance for people starting out. I've had to cancel so many scheduled days already because I dont have the gas to work a good shift. I knew it was going to be hard starting out trying to come up with funds just to work. I know about the same day pay but that's not until you make 25 deliveries or had worked 2 weeks. Now when i update my bank info about my debit card they are saying i have to wait 7 days after that. You actually need a loan just to start working here if you live in an area that's spread apart. Had to change my shift today because i dont have the funds to put into the gas tank. Especially when you have already earned so much money what would hurt using that as an advance so I can be out there working.
Answered Feb 16, 2020
For customer ratings I would like to see the questions that are asked of the customers who rate us and would like to see a report of ratings of where I need to improve. Many times we are unable to check the customers order to make sure it is correct because the stores seal the bags and we can’t even see if they put napkins or condiments so I don’t think that is something anyone should be rating us on. Also I think that if you have a map where the delivery is out of the boundaries then you should make your map larger so people can be prepared. Also I don’t believe that it’s right to pick up a order in your area and have to deliver it outside your area ie state lines.
Answered Feb 3, 2020
If you were in charge, what would you do to make DoorDash a better place to work?
Asked Jun 20, 2019
Make the boundaries more realistic. When my last delivery b4 lunch is out in the country and takes my lunch time then I need to clock back in I CANT because I am OUTSIDE your boundaries. WTF? Why have them if they only hurt your drivers? they obviously don't apply to your delivery locations!!!!! It's such a crock for me to be 5 miles outside your boundaries making a delivery.
Answered Mar 27, 2020
Fix the issues with the app. the app penalizes the completion rating for declining orders and that is not supposed to happen.
Answered Mar 26, 2020
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at DoorDash?
Asked Aug 1, 2016
Smile and be courteous to everyone you come in contact with, you represent the company. Be patient with merchants when food isn't ready upon arrival.
Answered Mar 11, 2020
B ready 2 hustle !!!
Answered Mar 2, 2020