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Tax Accountant | McLean, VA | Sep 2, 2019
Decent pay but comes with sacrifices
As you advance in this company, you will receive decent bonuses. However, you will be paid less than your position. Inevitably, every year, there is an ask for pay increases from individuals working way above their position as instructed by senior management but their raises do not reflect such. In addition, people that do work so hard begin to lose the work/life balance that is always discussed and advertised. You will take vacations that are paid, it's the paid factor that you need to pay attention. So many times have I seen individuals take vacations just to crack open their laptops and continue to work on their clients because no one is left in their place to fully take the wheel. So, unless you're out of the country with no service, you will be contacted via email and more frequently phone to work on something. These are little tidbits that one would not know unless you take the leap of faith to work for the company. If you decide to work for EY, I would pay attention to the culture and what the company advertises. Notice any discrepancies or contradictions and really assess if working for the company is really for you. Be honest with yourself and not comfortable with a steady check.
Analytics Consultant | Atlanta, GA | Apr 27, 2018
Do not work here.
I am in the Alpharetta office in the SDC if you have a chance to work here I highly suggest you reconsider it. At the start, Ey had a great culture and was living up to the hype that I had heard. The work was tough but rewarding, however when projects became few and far between, no technical skills were being developed, and management began to micromanage every aspect of our 9-5 I had to leave. This job could have been a 5-year career for me, however, you really aren't apart of EY. The SDC is basically one step above offshore resources and you are treated like it. We do the same work, with the same skills, and are paid $25k less and get no recognition for it. Also, you are hidden from all other EY branches and are not allowed to try and transfer, unless you have upwards of 5 years you want to use. I do not, what so ever, recommend this job to anyone at all. Do not take it, don't be swayed by the EY name, you will not survive here. The culture here is abysmal and at an all-time low. People are constantly leaving this for anything else they can find. Good luck on your job search, please do not take this.
Prosgreat name on the resume
Conswork life balance, growing skills, pay, career advancement.
Executive Assistant | Tampa, FL | Aug 29, 2018
Great place to work, lots of wonderful people.
This is a great place to work, my first few years were spent in the New York office and this was the best working experience I have had at EY. My later years were in a different state and it was a total different environment and managing skills. A typical day at EY is always very busy, come in, open emails and scheduler to see what the day has in store. Attend several meetings, speak with our client. set up client presentations for our creative service team to work on and prepare for membership mailings. Download and format earnings report, run utilization reports for team and all other administrative associated tasks. I have learnt that your branding should always be in the forefront of everything that you do. The hardest part of my job in the latter part of my time with the firm was dealing with an unresponsive supervisor and my most enjoyable part of the job, was working with my team and our client and knowledge sharing with my other colleagues.
ProsGreat 401K plan, good benefits, able to transfer from office to office, state to state, country to country.
Constakes a while to get promoted, favoritism
Senior Practice Manager | San Francisco, CA | Apr 24, 2018
Most amazing work experience of my life
• Established and led EY’s Privacy Professional Services Program and grew it into a highly profitable operation for the Western United States with $3M of revenue annually • Earned recognition as a relationship leader and detailed problem solver serving Fortune 500 clients in “C-suite” positions based in the United States, Asia Pacific and Europe • Led strategic development of executable solutions to address complex business issues created by privacy policy for leading brands such as Google, eBay, PayPal, Oracle, HP, Compaq, McKesson • Presented extensively at industry national and international conferences and government forums • Created and executed innovative sales and marketing approaches to sell and service “value-oriented” programs to current and prospective EY clients • Developed a “People First” privacy training and education program for staff in the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific that was built into the core business values of the practice
ProsAmazing growth opportunities, GREAT people, amazing firm
Consthat I ever left
Core Business Service Employee | Chicago, IL | Nov 12, 2018
EY Review
The culture revolves heavily around client-facing employees rather than the support employees. If you are in the support services area, there is little room for advancement. For some, the pay and benefits will compensate for lack of advancement but note that work/life balance isn't offered as freely to support employees as it is to client-facing employees. If you are career driven in the support role (admin, facilities, tax processing, etc.), this may not be the place for you. The firm really takes care of their client-facing employees and offers several career paths, training and counseling. Overall, EY as a whole, is a good place to work for client-facing employees and offers great benefits and pay to everyone, including support staff. Over the last decade though, the way they treat their support staff has decreased significantly to the point where I wouldn't necessarily recommend friends or family to work here in a support role.
ProsExcellent benefits and career paths for client facing employees
ConsLack of career advancement for non-client facing employees
Senior Associate | New York, NY | Jan 2, 2020
Administrative roles on the back burner
As an associate (administrative) for many years at EY, I did not have any opportunity to move up in my role. Lots of red tape and office politics. I was there purely to support audit teams and take on more work, year after year and the role became very demanding with little incentives. I did not get proper coaching or have a discussion of career goals in my last few years at the firm. I did learn a lot while I was there and you have the opportunity to work with many people throughout the years and perhaps a variety of clientele. The workplace culture is very intense, everyone is stressed and busy all the time and for most, it's difficult to create that work/life balance. The Administrative staff in all departments are being laid off every year and outsourced. To sum everything up in one sentence, EY's main focus 100% of the time is to promote and encourage growth of those with CPAs or CFAs, as they are bringing in the money for the firm.
ProsGreat place to learn
ConsDemanding, deadlines, no growth opp for administrative staff.
Project Manager | McLean, VA | Jul 9, 2019
The worse job I ever had!
I worked remotely with a group of consultants, and only met my teammates in person twice. From day one, I had no idea what the goals of the group was, or what was my specific role, and it was like pulling teeth to get any information that would've helped me navigate my way. There was no strategic plan. The performance review was unlike anything I have ever seen in my entire career. Upon completion of a project you have to ask the people with whom you work for their feedback. You are rated by them, and their ratings determine your knowledge, skills and abilities, and I should add, your job security. Demeaning comes to mind, because you have to "grovel" for ratings from people you may have never met in person, you may have not gotten along with, or who had no clue of what you did. Having said that, I would caution readers that I only worked with a specific group in one service area, so my experience should not be seen as an indictment on the entire firm, but rather on the culture of that "group" with whom worked.
Senior Accountant | New York, NY | Jun 10, 2019
Very Productive and fun place with Work-life balance
EY is big 4 cpa firm. In my opinion it is best place to work in CPA firm. The Partners were care for you and everyone from Senior to Partner were helpful on challenges you face and provide effective ongoing and overall feedback to help developing future. Besides, busy season that have to face, EY is where I like to work. The typical day during busy time, Jan. to June, it is expected to work 10 hrs. due to load of the audit but if needs a family time or management notice your struggle, they ready to make adjustments. The hardest part of the work is to reserve your seat in advance for which you have to know if you working from office or at client, otherwise no space in building. Most enjoyable part is they care for their employees and give flex time if needed also arrange events for relaxations.
ProsFree food, 3 week PTO, Unpaid extended leave, Work-life balance, great team and management
ConsNothing other than busy season
Administrative Assistant | Atlanta, GA | Sep 6, 2018
Productive Progressive Environment. Diversity driven.
Typical day at work consists of settling in and fielding requests of the Accountants, Lawyers and Partners of the firm. Fast paced, customer driven and customer needs-driven workloads are the basis of the job. EY is a private firm that operates by a set of rules that aren't always fully disclosed to it's employees. This can be a great thing (ie. Extended Holidays and Perks) and sometimes a not so great thing (uncertainty with job expectations and where the company is headed in the NEAR future). Management is present but not always as accessible as needed considering the demanding nature of the office. There is a strict chain of command that must be followed as well. Culture of the workplace is progressive and diverse. Hardest part of the job is Hierarchical Politics. The most enjoyable part of the job is helping people.
ProsDiverse and creative work environment
ConsAdvancement oppurtunities are limited.
Quantitative Analyst | New York, NY | May 3, 2018
Excellent opportunity to experience diverse and challenging work environments
Diverse set of engagement opportunities offered opportunities to experience work environments in a variety of firms and work with a variety of products across all asset classes. Opportunities to perform in both advisory and audit roles. Heavily detail oriented which suited my abilities and work habits very well. Often times the work environment would provide quite challenging opportunities due to workload and tight deadlines set by regulators.
ProsWide variety of experiences, Team members always open to share experiences and advice, Necessary for all team members to work together in a productive manner to meet deliverable deadlines
ConsRegular expectation of willingness to travel, Some engagements required very long hours, Managers often lacked the analytic skills to understand the requirements of the tasks being assigned

Questions And Answers about EY

What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at EY?
Asked Aug 6, 2016
No matter how good the interview is going, don’t be sucked in because my experience is they interview you, move to next steps if interview process. Everyone makes you feel like you have the job and then the dreaded “we will no longer pursue your candidacy”.
Answered Nov 24, 2018
I would recommend to understand what people do at E&Y Gabon, why it is important, where he should stand in terms of culture to be successful and how tomorrow he can bring more value to the firm's customers.
Answered Jan 18, 2018
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at EY? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Aug 6, 2016
2 months several emails 3 phone 2 in person-interviews asked what shift I wanted, made sure I was available to train, I was extremely qualified for the position, great references, they made it sound like I had the job Dear John letter from a do not reply cookie cutter “we will keep your resume on file bla bla bla” if you have time to waste and the stomach for rejection then apply!
Answered Aug 5, 2018
It was a fairly long process from applying to day 1 of training - about 2 months. I was contacted by the recruiter within a week, had my phone interview within a couple days, but then had to wait for 2 weeks for my in-person interview. I did hear back within a week of the interview with a job offer, but had to wait another month for training to start. It was a new program at EY though, so they were waiting to accommodate a whole training class.
Answered Nov 2, 2017
How are the working hours at EY?
Asked Aug 3, 2016
Normally 45 hours; 50-65 hours during busy season
Answered Oct 16, 2017
You are completely responsibility for your working hours.
Answered Oct 9, 2017
What is the work environment and culture like at EY?
Asked Jul 20, 2016
Very collegial. We did original work of high caliber, bringing process improvement methodologies to a function that had never been given adequate attention. The firm's policy of paying to upgrade me to Platinum status on the airline frequent flyer program before it had been "earned" and allowing upgrades to first class on a available-seat basis went a long way toward making the travails of business travel more palatable.
Answered Jan 23, 2018
Quick-paced, hard working and competitive.
Answered Nov 21, 2017
Is there a lot of traveling?
Asked Dec 22, 2016
Yes often need to do field work allocating to different office is a great experience
Answered Nov 14, 2017
No there are not unless you are consulting.
Answered Oct 26, 2017