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Overall Reviews at Enterprise Holdings

Accounting Coordinator | St. Louis, MO | Oct 17, 2019
Temp Employees Beware
I got ready for work one day and no longer had a job. I was a contracted employee for Enterprise working as an Accounting Coordinator in the National Receipting department, receipting and processing wire payments received. The work itself was fine. There was always a lot to be done and the day moved very quickly because of it. My biggest warning is to anyone seeking employment at Enterprise as a temporary employee. I was hired in mid September and my contract was through mid December. Enterprise has been desperate to fill the openings in this department because they have lost about 5 employees (out of 25) in a very short amount of time. As a result, the work load is extremely heavy right now. They are so desperate for employees that Enterprise increased the internal referral bonus to $1000. They managed to hire two new, permanent employees, one of which was going to be joining my team. There are only 6 spots available on my team and this new hire put us at 7. I assumed we, or I, would be redistributed to another team in our department. I got a call Wednesday morning at 6am from my recruiter while I was getting ready to leave for work. He told me that Enterprise HR called him and told him they no longer had a staffing need for me. Since they hired a new person to my team, rather than move me to another team, my contract was terminated because they no longer "had the staffing need" for me. I was told someone would box my things and they would be given to my recruiter. Ent...more
ProsComradery, Flexibility
ConsTreated like a number instead of a person
Branch Manager | United States | Feb 28, 2020
We Work Hard and We Reward Hard Work
Many college graduates wind up here - but that's because they have a process that works. As the movie Stepbrothers points out, "they give you the tools to be your own boss" and "an excellent corporate training program". The company cares about their employees. They have a formally mapped out training program and list out the necessary steps to advance within the company - since they hire from within, promotions are still competitive, yet attainable given hard work. Customer service is the most important piece of the puzzle if you're trying to advance. Also, so long as the branch is profitable and employees are selling, you'll do just fine. There's also many avenues of the company to dive into if daily rental isn't your suit. From car Sales to corporate Accounts, airport operations, accounting, ride sharing, human resources, there's more than likely a position that will fit your interests. There are many trainings throughout the year, if you're a branch manager they'll even fly you out to their corporate headquarters for a weekend of training, fun activities, networking, and more. This is a company you can take pride in working for. Plus, the majority of customers rave about their experiences, so just be nice, honest, transparent, and Perks: Company vehicle for branch manager and above with gas card, generous PTO after the first year, sick days, and bereavement, multiple opportunities for bonuses, such as indirectly selling a vehicle, referring an employee, forming a c...more
Management Trainee | Pennsylvania | Feb 23, 2019
Fun environment, but no work life balance
Enterprise definitely hires a certain type of person to work at the company. For the most part, everyone I have met at the company has been great. It is a fun environment and the culture is a lot more loose compared to other companies. As a management trainee, your entire goal is to make sure you are "selling" so that you get promoted. Every MT gets graded on a matrix so everyone across the company will know about your performance. There is a clear cut path to promotion within the company and it does not take long to become an assistant or branch manager. Your average day involves making reservations, picking people up, and then cleaning/renting cars. There is a lot of back end work as well and it all really teaches you how to run your own business by controlling costs, growing, etc. The money is decent for someone coming fresh out of college. Enterprise likes to hire young, malleable college kids to mold them into their own image. Each branch is a revolving door of employees due to frequent promotions so you're constantly adjusting to different people in your office. The worst part about this job is the work life balance. Its virtually non existent. You end up working around 50 hours every week. Monday to Friday 7 to 6:30 with occasional days where you can come in late or leave early from the office. You work every other Saturday and occasional Sundays depending on the size of the branch you work at. This all leaves little time for you to do anything outside o...more
ProsDecent Money. Great People to work with.Close to home.
ConsDraining hours. Major group think.
Management Trainee | Mission Viejo, CA | Mar 12, 2019
Great starting place for a job, meeting new people, and gaining great experience.
Typical day consist of game planning, getting organized, and executing through the day. Start the day with a team meeting and going through numbers of our results within the last day, last week, and how we performed last year. Once team meeting is over we organize our work space for the day. We start to get our reservations ready for customers coming in for there rentals. through out our day we call customers, we call our business, we market other places, and we pick up as well as drop off customers throughout our day. What i've learned through Enterprise is how to become strong, quick thinking, build character, and build self esteem in tough situations throughout each day. I've learned how to make tough decisions that were best for the customer, best for the team, and as well as my own benefits. We learned how to become 'managers' of a branch. We were taught right out of the gates but had our own limits of what we could and couldn't do. What was great about management is the care they have about their teams, would always make sure that customers come first, they are hard workers, celebrate goals and achievements,etc. Some things I believe aren't bad but i've seen been a problem with management. Favoritism can be a factor in parts of management, with Enterprise employees get moved around a lot because a rotation that is part of the company. Employees get moved 4-6 months, which to me is bad because you build up great relationship, great clientele we people, and then once ...more
Logistics Associate | Grand Rapids, MI | Sep 29, 2018
Easy job but lots of stupid people
I work as a "logistics" driver at an airport location, taking cars to other branches as needed. Extremely easy job. The type of job you can do sleep deprived and clinically depressed without anyone noticing. The logistics drivers are behind the scenes and rarely interact with customers. It's more of a business-to-business role. Pretty cool concept, being able to drive to places you might not normally go, in brand new cars on someone else's dime. Good supervisor. Good HR. Relaxed dress code. But I've got to say, some (keyword "some") of my fellow drivers here are probably the dumbest adults I've ever met in my life. I'm not sure if this is just an aspect of the Grand Rapids drive team, or a global Enterprise issue. Or maybe it's just the downside of working a ridiculously easy job. But I've no idea how some of these people passed the job interview, let alone how they've functioned this far in life, being as old as they are. And yes they are mostly old. Forget everything you heard about wisdom coming with age if you plan on working here. And some of them are cocktails of cringeworthiness, as they are not only dumb, but insecure and belligerent. You know, the types of people who would berate a ceiling fan after suspecting it had different political views than themselves. It's embarrassing to be seen with them. They are very critical of others despite taking serious medical leaves and/or dying off all the time due to the sour state of their own health. I don't know whether it...more
Management Trainee | Colorado Springs, CO | Apr 16, 2018
Expect this job to be your life
I feel Enterprise doesn't deserve a thrashing as it is not a terrible company to work for, if you can work extremely hard. At this company, the lowest 3-4 levels of management that you go through in this company work at least 11 hours a day, everyday. The MT program is tough and competitive and they expect you to perform from a sales, and customer service perspective. What they don't tell you is to be "promotable" you have go to social events outside, or after work in order to socialize and rub elbows with the bosses in order to promote, otherwise if you aren't well known, you don't promote easily. Normally I think most wouldn't mind this aspect if it wasn't for the fact that you work 50 plus hours a week already, then you're asked to go to events outside of work for a few hours. You spend most of your day dealing with frustrated people and they aren't happy to see or talk to you. Also, you spend a lot of your time cleaning cars in a tie and dress clothes, and some of these cars are disgusting. But if you can deal with the tough customers, the cleaning cars and being out in the elements in dress clothes, being paid semi ok and having ok benefits for insanely long days for the possibility of moving into a semi-cushy job in 10ish years, then this company is for you. In short if you work hard and allow this job to be your life for a while it can pay off, but you'd make more money a lot quicker working for companies who end up head hunting managers out of Enterprise later ...more
Prosok pay, decent benefits, great discounts on rentals for immediate family, good discount for friends, PTO, discounts with certain partner companies ranging from clothing stores to automotive repair.
Cons11 plus hour days everyday 5 days a week, only 1 break (lunch), cleaning disgusting returned vehicles, being out in the elements or in cars that have been in them all day, customers usually aren't super thrilled to be dealing with you on the insurance side of rentals, guys have to be incredibly over dressed for what the job is.
Manager | Florida | Jul 20, 2018
Very challenging day after day to meet expectations, no work-life balance
This company preaches about giving you the tools to be successful but in reality they do not. It is a flawed system to where you are held to unrealistic expectations on a daily basis. The Retention percent they post is not accurate because they do not take into account the number of employees that have been terminated/resigned after a certain time period with the company. (very high turnover) The company states they are going to do 1on1's with you weekly and monthly when in fact this is done with only the new hires. When you continue to increase in management the less 1on1's you get and the more you're told to just ''get it done''. The issue with upper management is they have been around before the new age of Enterprise has came about and they still have "old school mentalities". The company holds you to standards but when you can actually grow in certain fields that you are rated on the products are not available. The staffing they provide is also a joke. Daily you are told to get multiple things accomplished but do not have the staff to get them done. Which means, no time for 1on1's, marketing to grow your fleet, working the back end of the business because your pulled to the front to manage the counter and not get all the work done that is necessary to run a business. There is absolutely no work life balance...this company has moved to a 7 day work week. They may say the hours are 7:30-6pm but you have to arrive early before work not including travel time and then stay aft...more
ConsWork life balance
Management Trainee | Fairfield, CA | Jul 30, 2018
Great Job Starting Out
A typical day at work is usually about 11 hours, including a 1 hour lunch. After clocking in at 7 am, a management meeting with the staff is held at the branch, which typically lasts about 10-15 minutes. During the meeting, a review of the previous day's sales is discussed including each manager's personal sales numbers. After the meeting, the staff will break up to retrieve cars from various locations around town (dealerships, oil-change facilities, auto-shops) where they are brought back to the branch office. Each manager will come into contact with anywhere from 15-45 (or more customers) each day, which includes answering questions about the cars, placing reservations, handling billing issues, and setting return dates. In my experience, this job had no down-time. All day (except for your 1 hour lunch break) it is go-go-go. Shoes wear out quickly from all the walking required from this job. The pace feels daunting at times. However, this job teaches VERY valuable skills (dealing in customer service, treating customers with professionalism, and having an overall positive can-do attitude). Management is outstanding with regard to their support of their team. Really enjoyed the people I worked alongside. Great workplace culture, lots of joking around when time permits between customers. Good quality co-workers in my experience. The most difficult part of the job is...the job. No shortage of rude customers, mixed with 11 hour days, 5-6 days a we...more
ProsGreat co-workers, professional development
Conslack of work/life balance
Management Trainee | Columbus, OH | Nov 12, 2019
It’s Alright
The ONLY reason why you should ever go for this position would be to build your resume (especially right out of college). Companies go crazy if they’ve seen you work at enterprise because they know how fast paced and ridiculous it can be. There is absolutely no work/life balance and the average day is 11+ hours. You are constantly moving on your feet inside and outside all day in any weather condition. The days do go by fast but that’s because the position is so fast paced and demanding. On top of helping run the store, you’ll be dealing with a lobby full of impatient customers who scream at you half the time even if you do everything but wipe their you know what. You’ll also answer phones nonstop, deal with service issues, and try to sell enterprises’ products as well as get car sale leads. The one thing I wasn’t aware of and that wasn’t really explained well in the interview was that the management trainee position is mainly focused on selling. You’re expected to hit a certain goal which is called the matrix based on how well you sell in your area and your managers will get on you if you aren’t performing because it reflects the branches as well. This job can be very overwhelming and leaning on your coworkers is the only way to get by since you pretty much live there. Upper management either makes or breaks the job. I’m currently at a branch with selfish and passive aggressive upper management that have made me consider quitting almost every day. Your manager will ei...more
Management Trainee | Tallahassee, FL | Apr 28, 2019
Fast paced
Good training if you're fortunate to have manager's that invest in you. Plenty of opportunity to move up to at least a Branch Manager level due to the continuously high turn over rate. For example; NONE of the employees I started with in my area or training group or employees that were there before me; branch managers on down to Manager Trainees, are still with the company. That's about 50 total employees. And this is within 2 1/2 years in 1 area (City). Enterprise boasts HIGH PAY and more PROMOTIONS and in a shorter time span than the average company. However; in actuality the pay structure is in my opinion below the average in regards to sales positions. The average Branch manager earns about 50k-70k with commission and works about 60 hrs/week.. Assistant managers earn on avg 45k with commision averaging 60hrs/week. If you want to become a 6 figure earner you would need to become an AREA MANAGER and even with the potential to earn 6 figures most only earn 85k-90k on average because of the structure. Also be aware most employees work with enterprise about 6-8 years before becoming an area manager.. THAT IS NOT QUICK IN MY OPINION in comparison to many other sales opportunities. Any position above Area Manager which is guaranteed 100k+ expect to work with Enterprise 10 plus years before such an opportunity. The training to become an Assistant manager is good. After becoming an Assistant Manager, either move into a corporate position or leave because that position WIL...more
ProsTraining, coworkers
ConsWork hours, sales culture

Questions And Answers about Enterprise Holdings

What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Enterprise Holdings?
Asked Mar 21, 2018
Don't do it
Answered Mar 6, 2020
Leave a good impression on the interviewer. They pick favorites
Answered Feb 26, 2020
What is the interview process like at Enterprise Holdings?
Asked Jan 16, 2018
Quick and Easy, received a Call from HR. Asked me questions and Scheduled an interview at the Branch with the Manager. Interviewed with Branch Manager and received a call from HR an hour later that I was Hired. Had Orientation and started a week Later.
Answered Mar 29, 2020
I have just had a phone interview. If selected there will be a face to face interview.
Answered Mar 11, 2020
Do they require background and drug test?
Asked Sep 27, 2016
As an management trainee, I did not undergo a pre-employment drug screening but they did do a background check. None of the managers in my group, who have been with the company upwards of 7 years, have ever been drug tested. That’s on the car rental side. If you are in truck rental, you have to pass a DOT physical, which I would imagine would include a urinalysis. Every group may have its own policy, but from my experience in car rental, drug screenings are not part of the protocol.
Answered Jan 3, 2020
They do background checks fo revery level but to become a Assistant manager or every time you get promoted to another level they have you complete a drug test.
Answered Jul 9, 2019
I have been interviewing at Enterprise and I'm pretty sure I'm a shoe in. I see its a lot of hours which is normal for a lot of management trainee post ions which I'm fine with. I'm willing to put in the work. My question is the work-life balance. Not so much at the beginning but after I've been there for a while or have kids. Does anyone have an answer that's been at Enterprise for a while?
Asked May 8, 2016
There’s not doubt that you’re going to work a lot as an MT. And even after you pass the MQI and get a pay raise an title of MA, you still work the same hours. Once I got ABM, my life got much easier. Less hours and more pay. More time with my daughter and husband.
Answered Jan 26, 2019
To start out, it's all work and no life. But if you work hard and push through, within 18 months of thankless customer service and sales, you can make it to branch manager (I did) which allows a flexible schedule and a company car. The people who are saying there is little room for advancement here weren't successful because they either couldn't sell (it is a sales position) or they didn't have the chops to stick it out. As a branch manager, I work Monday to Friday, 7am to 6pm and the occasional Saturday from 8 to 12. It's a fantastic place to work if you are determined and willing to put in the effort. If you're lazy or entitled, you'll be miserable. I have a wife and son and I get plenty of time with my family, but I had to work hard for 18 months to get there.
Answered Jan 9, 2019
What is the best part of working at Enterprise Holdings?
Asked Nov 22, 2019
Flexibility of work schedule
Answered Apr 1, 2020
Small office, flexible days and hours. Always busy that makes the day go fast.
Answered Mar 24, 2020