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Overall Reviews at Express Employment Professionals

Recruiting Coordinator | Union, MO | Aug 1, 2019
Deceptive and Unlawful Crooks
Prior to my official start with the Express Staff agency I was informed by the staffing consultant that I was to be hired to replace a lady that was new there and just didn’t fit in. I desperately needed a job and was so thrilled to be able to learn how the staffing industry worked internally and went against my morals and accepted the position. In the beginning things were great. Everyone in the office were so nice and willing to teach and assist me. I caught on quick and I was assertive and striving to go above and beyond on a daily basis. As time went on I noticed I was getting in trouble and being reprimanded for things I had no clue about. The other girls told me to let it go move on and so I always did. Then the manager who is only there two or three days a week informed me I would be pioneering the new position as recruitment coordinator ( was FOC). I them. Gladly acceptors and got assigned my own cubical and hit the phones. The shorter version of the end here is that I never received proper training for any position band was at the mercy of my coworkers words to the manager. When I stopped having lunch with them and having smoke breaks I became the outcast and enemy. I was thrown under the bus and fed to the wolves and had. I idea it was happening until I was let go. . My head hanging in shame of my failure I applied for unemployment to help maintain my household considering of me and two children. I was denied the assistance due to the managers wife saying I walked o...more
Laborer | Florida | Jun 14, 2019
False job listings, care more about their company clients than people(temps,par-time,full time) enrolled in their services.
Liars. If you go to a place like Express Employment Services and they lie the first time, get out of there. They post FALSE job listings on to get you go to their office and enroll you to their services. I applied for a job working in their offices on, they called me and I was interviewed by the phone for that job, the lady on the phone told me to go to their offices for a second interview. When I arrived in their offices, I told them I am here for the office job, they acknowledge it and told me to wait. I was interviewed and asked to go through a process including a drug test on the spot, then I realized wasn't being interviewed for the office job. I was being enrolled for their services, I let the process continue because I desperately needed a job. They lied to me on the phone and on They sent me to place where I was supposed to be a general laborer, but when I got there I was informed I was to be a trash porter. I got to help with daily tasks SOMETIMES but majority of the time was to walk 8hrs straight under sun & rain, no golf cart, no trash bins on wheels, no company car, just a bucket and a trash picker tool, fill up the bucket and walk to the nearest dumpster(sometimes the nearest dumspter could be 5 mins away walking or more) to empty it. I had to walk miles! They lied to me again. After confronting Express Employment about everything, it turns out they knew the place had a VERY HIGH turn over rate and STILL sent me ...more
Quality Assurance Technician | Sundial, WV | Nov 5, 2019
Do not apply here unless you only need a quick buck
The only thing that made this job even remotely tolerable was my co-workers. I started two days after my interview, and they didn't call my references until weeks after I was working there. Management has the worst communication via text, does not care about your physical or mental well being AT ALL unless they think you are a liability, I would rate this company 0 stars if I could! The money wasn't worth the 2 hours of unpaid transportation daily. They expect you to work 50 hours minimum a week, then you ask for a day off and they make you feel guilty for even asking. If you don't keep track of every minute you work they will pay you much less then what you worked, this happened to about a dozen employees on multiple occasions, and if you don't notice you'll never get the money you worked for! We were put in health and safety hazards week after week with no care from management at all, and constantly got taunted about being fired for refusing unsafe work or going to the bathroom too many times. Absolutely no job security, and 100% unfair treatment if the onsite manager didn't like you. And they expect you to know things they never told you then you get in trouble, even though you were never informed. Express Employment also lets the company employees treat the Temps as slaves, in no way exaggerating at all. Even though you are paid the same or less and have the same qualifactions and expeirence the company employees can order you around and get you in trouble for doing the j...more
Staffing Consultant | Oklahoma City, OK | Jun 12, 2019
Should be voted the worst place to work in america
First off they have old school traditional views on what is considered professional attire. Women wear dress or skirts with pantyhose and heels ever day no matter the weather. They are completely unworthy and do not appreciate or value any of the hard work you do for them. I worked for this company for 3 years and went above and beyond for them. Moving and going wherever they asked me to and took on any task needed. I also was very high producing. I put my blood sweat and tears in for this company. But in the end they decided that none of it was enough for them. They just let me go and decided they no longer had a place for me. They preach about what their companies should do for the positions they are filling but don't take any of their own advice. Their base salary is very low as well as the bonus structure. Which you have to get 50 people out before you really even get much of a bonus. They will consistently have turn over in their office position because the only position they value is their sales reps. Who they constantly reward and give special treatment and berate the recruiters at the same time. If you are looking to get your foot in the door at an entry level position this can definitely be a stepping stone as long as you don't have any expectations of them, but they definitely don';t pay enough for experience. They pretty much just want a work horse that will come in head down all day that will work their tail off for pennies and be happy about it. I would not sugg...more
ProsGood benefit once you go perm
ConsManagement, pay, bonuses, work environment, dress code, loyalty, appreciation of hard work, expectations.
Laborer | Florida | Jun 14, 2019
Liars and bad practices
They post false job listings on to get you to enroll in their services. I applied for an office position to work in their offices. I was called and interviewed over the phone, she said I was an ideal candidate, after the interview was over the lady said to come to their offices for a second interview. When I arrived in their offices, I let them know I was there for the office job interview and they acknowledged. The interview was happening then they were asking for personal information and I thought I was chosen for the job but what was really happening is that they were enrolling me for their services. I was desperate for a job and I let it continue. The day they called me for the job they asked me if could work like right on that day instantly, of course I could not! I had to get clothing and gear appropriate for the job which you just told me. The job they enlisted me on was horrible, in an apartment complex, they didn't have equipment to get the job done and they expected people to walk very long distances, 8hrs straight under the sun and rain with no assistance of anything, not even a golf cart or a company car. I swallowed it and resisted because I desperately needed job experience and money. After almost two weeks and a repeated incident, I had enough. When I confronted Express Employment Professionals with all these problems, I was told they knew the place had a very high turn over rate, and that they send people over there all the time!...more
Production Associate | Atlanta, GA | Aug 23, 2018
Consumer alert!! Employee beware!!!!!
If you are looking for a job (NW Atlanta location in Vinings GA) works quick, that's the good thing. The bad thing is they don't explicitly tell you THEY DO NOT OFFER BENEFITS, even though the site suggests they do...although it "varies" after working 520 hours (3 months work) The explanation I'm given is "I didn't ask" when I signed the acknowledgement form (they never explicitly explain this), and I'm NOT a full time employee of their client (but I work 40 hours) which would mean I wouldn't be working for Express Pros anymore but the client which means they don't offer benefits. A cheesy way the say it. But they are required to tell you about the health insurance benefits by law, but they since vacation pay is not required, they don't tell you. Even Axiom Staffing at least gives you some kind of bonus after 1800 hours but this office does nothing. So I called Corporate, they are no help either. Every Express offices uses the corporate name but is self owned and operated which means they are allowed to have their own unwritten rules regardless of what the corporate site says. It's very MISLEADING and DISINGENUOUS. If you don't offer benefits then say so, I'll still work for you if I choose, but don't lead me on saying I didn't ask or I'm not a full time employee, then divert the blame to the branch that uses your company's name for bad. They don't take responsibility for their lies and they don't care about you. EVERYONE YOU BEEN WARNED!!!
Prosquick employment
ConsMisleading corporate website on benefits, varies can me No Benefits at all and you wont even know.
Administrative Assistant | Racine, WI | Dec 23, 2019
Only work for these guys if you have to
I have never worked as a temp until this past fall and had felt like I was burning out in my career and wanted to try something new. I had two assignments. The first assignment i was told would take me through until the end of the year and I completed the task in two weeks and was told I would not be coming back the next day because i got tgeir billing caught up much quicker then planned. The second placement was awful due to the mismanagement, lack of taaks to do because they had no one willimg to train. My assignment ended in two weeks and two days due to a situation i still dont UNDERSTAND . I feel like the assignments they sent me to were not very employee friendly. I habe worked as a professiinal for 20 years and have been a supervisor for about ten years of that time amd i was teeated as if i couldn't be trusted to work without being closely watched and was treated as if I would produce less then my best. Efforts if I wasnt micromanaged but theat second placement was the worst amd in general their management acts like employees will takw advantage of the company if they could rather than being trusted to naturally do their best. The work culture i am used to expects that people are going to do theur jobs well bevause we care about what we do and are motivated for personal.success. needless to say after my short time trying something outside of my 20 year career i realized how mych I love wgat I was doing and feel fortunate that i habe the skills and education i ...more
Express Temp | Braselton, GA | Dec 28, 2019
productive, dedicated, professional.
Express is an employment agency, that will work with you. my first day they had an interview set up, I wasn't picked for the job, next day, got another interview, got the job. they will get you to a job, downside is it may not be the job you want, but its good if you need a job right now. currently working in a warehouse, lots to do. still learning how the job culture is and is a little confusing because they have 5-6 managers in the same department and one manager will tell me one thing and another manager will tell me another. lots of heavy lifting and you may or may not be inspection products (will not name do to confidentiality reasons) products are heavy and will strain you without help (which may happen) but it is a hard labor environment. They do have a air hockey table in the break room but don't expect to be playing with anybody because most people are either sleeping for break or to tired to be bothered. They do provide a smoking section for smokers, the condition is that smokers keep that area clean otherwise they will get rid of it, personally this seems reasonable to me, but for those who don't like that aspect then i recommend smoking outside of workplace property. most enjoyable part of the job is smashing marble or air hockey tables with a sledge hammer (this is done for outgoing garbage that has already been damaged) that is probably the most fun, the rest is pretty repetitive and boring. Over all a decent job that suits that environment. ...more
Internal Employee | Omaha, NE | Jan 19, 2020
Local Business - Needs major help
Working for Express Employment Professionals was not an ideal work situation to be involved in. A majority of the internal employees there can be supportive but are there primarily to be there for their clients and not associates. This is understandable but the issues lie with how they treat their associates. Seems as if almost anyone is allowed to work through them and internal employees are not nearly given enough support from the owners who own Express. The major issues come from the owners who lack being able to support their employees through proper organizational structure, processes, on-boarding, and on-going training. Their expectations for job performance far exceed proper training to achieve job duties. Throughout my time there, it certainly felt that there was a high turnover rate with internal and external employees - meaning that individuals are more than likely not the source of the problem. The environment is busy and not in a positive way as it is chaotic with business necessities/priorities being minimally met. I would encourage potential associates/clients to seek business from a staffing firm elsewhere. Overall, although intentions from the owners are to have a successful business taking care of their key stakeholders, there is much work to be done to get them there. The most enjoyable part of the job was working with the other internal employees who genuinely were supportive of one another.
Staffing Consultant | Toledo, OH | Sep 17, 2019
Terrible and Unprofessional
Depends on which franchise you work for, but from personal experience this place is one of the worst places I have ever worked. Never have I worked for a more unprofessional management team, which is unfortunate as the owners were great people, but took a hands off approach while their management created a hostile work environment. Pay does not warrant the round the clock hours you work. You are hired for 40 HR work week, but are required to work last minute long hours, weekends, and even be on call 24-7 in addition to reporting to your day position at least once a month. This place will do anything for the money. They will assist companies in breaking employment laws in order to secure their business instead of educating businesses on proper laws and regulations. Management would send out "anonymous" surveys to the team that were not anonymous and management saw all feedback and who it came from. The turnover was extremely high for a place that prides themselves on finding employment solutions for companies. They cannot even keep their own people and anyone that finds other opportunities and leave on good terms are still treated like pariahs.
ProsIf you like sports, they have a big sports fan culture there.
ConsTOXIC Management, long hours, unprofessional, don't expect any appreciation

Questions And Answers about Express Employment Professionals

What is the interview process like at Express Employment Professionals?
Asked Jul 4, 2016
I walked in and they read my application. We did some talking about potential work and the areas of travel for work. They called me back the next day.
Answered Jun 5, 2019
Fun and interesting.
Answered Mar 29, 2019
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Express Employment Professionals? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Jun 16, 2016
Express has multiple positions available and people are placed based on their work history and availability. They place you as soon as possible. You could walk out same day with a job or it may take a little longer to find you a position if you have a specific skill set or availability.
Answered Nov 11, 2019
It could take months and people get discouraged.
Answered Jul 26, 2019
What kind of drug screen? Is it done on the site of the interview?
Asked Oct 10, 2016
Express came in and did a random drug urine test do they check it on the spot for drugs
Answered Oct 19, 2019
They used a cheek swab on me
Answered Jul 31, 2019
Does Express take a cut of the temp employee's salary?
Asked Feb 20, 2017
The Client companies pay Express. While Express charges a higher rate to the Client than the Associate gets paid, much of this goes to pay for Workers Compensation Insurance, Payroll Taxes, FICA, Unemployment, etc. Express encourages Client Companies to pay the same rate as they would direct employees.
Answered Jan 2, 2020
They can take up to 30% of your salary. most temp agency do. So for example: they offer $20.00 they are really getting $27, or $26 for you. I worked as procurement specialist and I saw the vendor contracts.
Answered Oct 14, 2019
Do they hire full time jobs
Asked Sep 1, 2016
No, just temporary work assignments
Answered Dec 19, 2018
Yes they hired full time
Answered Aug 12, 2018