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Content Writer | Houston, TX | Jul 25, 2018
Wonderful opportunities to learn but unstable job environment
Exxon relies on a LOT of contract work. This leads to teams that are CONSTANTLY shifting and a general feeling of instability and anxiety because projects and faces are changing daily. You feel more like a cog in a wheel rather than a significant contributor to the larger mission. I would suspect a lot of talent is lost by not promoting from within. Rather, they tend to hire people right out of college. Honestly, that smacks of snobbery and foolish assumptions about what constitutes 'talent.' With that being said, this ever-changing ecosystem is a great opportunity to learn a wide variety of skills. The people are great, the campus is great. Everything runs like a well-oiled machine (HAH!). If you aren't committed and don't mind feeling like a tourist, you'll be very happy with the opportunity. Whether you are a contractor or employee, you are treating fairly and equally. Everyone is held to a higher standard than you would expect elsewhere in terms of deadlines and deliverables, which makes teams very efficient. Depending on the project that you work for, your schedule can be rather flexible or rigid. It's entirely up to your project manager and the culture of your team.
ProsState of the art campus, learning opportunities, interesting work
ConsA general feeling of instability due to constantly changing faces and budget cuts
| The Woodlands, TX | Jun 2, 2019
IT server administrator
ExxonMobile is one of the best companies to work for in my opinion. The work environment is first rate. You will have access to anything you need. They have collaboration rooms, great people who are friendly and knowledgeable and helpful. The pay is above what I was expecting. You will get all holidays off - paid. You will see rest areas in the building for private time, relaxation or socializing. They will show you how to manage your duties (the Exxon way). Most enjoyable part is the work atmosphere. Hardest part is when you need others to do a piece of a project before you can do your piece. And they will stay on you about that. There are times when work comes at you fast and you need to keep up with the most important items constantly. You will need to assess what you can do and cannot do and contact the appropriate team to handle part of the change or issue. You may be required to set up meetings in order to handle what team will handle what piece of the projects or change. Overall though, I give it 5 stars. Lots of opportunity to learn about the different areas of IT service management.
ProsGreat place to work. Nice friendly people.
ConsCan be stressful as you are responsible for failures, and root cause of them.
Fire Sprinkler Technician | Baytown, TX | Oct 1, 2019
Working at Exxon as a contractor you learn very quickly that you are a second class citizen. You can and will be fired for if an employee decides to talk to a first line supervisor. In my position I got to be ignored pretty blatantly which allowed me to hear tons of conversations about the many contractors who were "let go for performance" for reasons like "hes a b word bro". I remember once I over heard a conversation between two guys talking about "I miss the good ole days when you could just take a contractors tools home and no one said anything" what is that? If you want to be treated like less of a human being until you are eventually let go then this is the place for you. Note: If you are let go by a contractor just hire on with another contractor company and you are back in. Quotes: anonymous: "The pays not great but you get a lot of hours" anonymous: "For the second biggest plant in the world this place is really falling apart" anonymous: "Wait is there a gas leak?" anonymous: "Just do it because I said so." anonymous: "You know how it goes they send you for a *Urine* test and tell you to go home if you breath wrong" anonymous: "Get hired on with the company? You know that's never going to happen"
ConsPay, Culture, Condition
Engineering Lead | Houston, TX | Nov 14, 2018
Many Cultures not as uniform as one might think
XOM has many subsidiaries and each one of them has its own sub-culture. Upstream seems to be more relaxed and better paid than downstream. Corporate engineering function in downstream is very competitive and functions under a Good Ol’ Boy Network approach. It’s not what you know but who you know for advancement and promotions. Differences of rationalized opinions are often perceived as challenge to status quo, dismissed, and cause for punishment during performance reviews. Culture is grounded on the use of catch phrases used by top managament and subsequently used by mid-level managers and the like. Many mid level managers and leads are technically incompetent. However, they play the game and are praised as valuable resources. Too much burocracy, paper work, and useless check lists and initiatives. The pay is great but at some point everything else starts to weigh in more. If playing by someone elses rules, blindly following directions with no regard for understanding, this is the place for you.
ProsAccess to a lot of technical information
ConsToo much burocracy, incompetent leadership, useless initiatives
Technician | Houston, TX | Apr 8, 2018
Work as a geoscience technician at ExxonMobil
As a geoscience technician, the daily workload fluctuated greatly. I was primarily employed in data management, and learned a great deal about working with company repositories, vendor repositories, and working with numerous file types and programs. When I was not busy with my core tasks of data management, which was often, I had the freedom to pursue anything I wished to help the efficiency of the team. I enjoyed everyone I worked with, and all of my supervisors, and managers. Even the vice president of Development Geoscience knew my name. ExxonMobil has a rating system, which many people did not care for. But as I worked hard and tried my best, it was a rewarding experience for myself and led to annual salary raises. The hardest part was dealing with down time, which sounds silly, but trying to be creative and make use of time can be challenging. At the same time, I enjoyed the freedom I had to do my best and learn all I could.
ProsGood pay, great people, structured work.
ConsMay be too structured for some. Workload can vary greatly.
Cashier | Lilburn, GA | Dec 26, 2018
It's good for quick money
Exxon is a good place to work if you are a teenager in school. Quick money. They start out at $8.50/Hour and you are paid weekly and its quick to get a raise, your checks could well be over $280/week if you work enough hours. If you are out of school and in college, that could be an issue because they want you to work more hours and you can say goodbye to your social life. your shifts could range from 9 to 12 hours. Some days they will have you closing a whole week and it would be torture. I hardly have a social life anymore. Every day you cashier customers or you would be on the other side of the store cashing checks. The hardest part would have to be that some customers can be quite rude and entitled. That goes from both the store side and the check cashing side. I really do enjoy my coworkers are they are fun to be around and shifts go by quick if you work with your favorite coworker.
Pros$8.50/hour, somewhat discount on merchandise, free water and coffee.
Consno official breaks (you eat and go back to work), no direct deposit, no insurance (healthcare, vision, dental)
Process Technician | Mont Belvieu, TX | Oct 7, 2019
Management acts as tyrant - health risks/shift work not worth it
Safety first, unless you can make the company money or meet a deadline; then they look the other way while people perform policy violations that would get anybody else fired if seen. The company cares about lawsuit prevention and making money, nothing else. Don't let them fool you into thinking otherwise. If you want a career working with good people beside you, making great money, working terrible hours, work for ExxonMobil. The company does not care about the employees, even though they preach that they do. Second line supervisors and above are notorious for "making their mark" in the short stints they are assigned to. So they come in and change everything to their way, and 2 years later they leave. It does not matter to them if what they implement is sustainable, it just has to look good while they are there. Then the next batch comes in and changes everything again. You have no say in any of it, you are expected to follow along like the monkey with a wrench that they view you as.
Cashier/Sales | Frederick, MD | Dec 28, 2018
Good place to meet people and hone your customer service skills.
Every person in Exxon works alone on their shift. I always like to work so I kept myself busy stocking the coolers, stocking the cigarettes, and every other merchandise that needed to be filled. I would clean the bathrooms, unload the trash on each pump, and inside the store. For me the hardest part of the job was lazy employers that made it hard for me because I would end up doing their job and mines. I enjoy the customer satisfaction I provided for the customers. I made sure coffee was always freshly made. All cigarettes were put out, and every drink availible was put out so we would not miss a sale. I learned there that great customer service applies everywhere you work. That people always remember and appreciated a pleasant exprience versa a bad one. That good customer service is always good for business.
ProsGood relax environment to work in. You run the store yourself, and you work at your own pace.
ConsNot enough pay increase or benefits.
Store Clerk | Holland, MI | Apr 30, 2018
It is a fun place to work at
Its a great place to work at. You can get as many hours as you want and flex your schedule around. You can ask what days you want off. The consumers are nice and friendly and it gets packed on summer days due to the beach being really close by and all the tourists. Management is nice and works well with you. They listen to what you think should be good for the store and bad and take peoples opinions seriously. The best part of the job is when the rushes end. The worst is when they start, especially when your alone. The hardest part of the job is when you can't complete peoples transaction. Whether it has something to due with the machine, they dont have there ID, there intoxicated, when the pumps shut down, the regesters shut down, or when there generally upset. Sometimes you won't be able to make the transaction at all and it can get frustrating.
ProsDiscounts on fountain drinks and hot foods, request days off.
ConsShort breaks, might not be able to get your requested days off approved.
Process Operator | Baton Rouge, LA | May 30, 2019
grass isn't always greener on the other side
Doubt that there are many jobs out there, if any at all, that can offer more stability. That is most certainly true. Unfortunately for hourly wage earners, ExxonMobil knows this and I personally think they use in place of a short-term incentive program or any other bonus. any time the word "bonus" is ever brought up, all they ever say is "at least you have job security." Not a terrible company to work for, but if you are looking for a place to work that truly values their employees, this is 110% NOT the place for you. Or if you are already working as an operator somewhere else and you are thinking about getting a job with Exxon because you think you'll be compensated more or get better benefits, all I gotta say is that the grass isn't always greener on the other side
Prosplenty of opportunities for overtime and advancement
Consdoesn't appreciate hourly employees, hourly employees NEVER get any sort of a bonus at the end of the year

Questions And Answers about ExxonMobil

How are the working hours at ExxonMobil?
Asked Jul 10, 2016
This's american routine, it's normal..
Answered Mar 4, 2019
A lot of OT
Answered Feb 25, 2019
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at ExxonMobil? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Jul 4, 2016
Not long, you need to bring in you're ID and ssc when your doing your interview. It all depends on when you wanna start.
Answered Apr 30, 2018
Online application and interview
Answered Jan 31, 2018
What questions did they ask during your interview at ExxonMobil?
Asked Jun 17, 2016
All about my last job and what. Did and didnt do there. Call and verified my last employment and i started to work the next day.
Answered Aug 6, 2018
Experience with certain software and technologies, hypothetical scenarios, perform some small tests or projects.
Answered Jul 25, 2018
What is ExxonMobil sick leave policy? How many sick days do you get per year?
Asked Dec 20, 2016
I didn’t have any
Answered Feb 19, 2019
10-12 sickdays
Answered Jun 7, 2018
What is the most stressful part about working at ExxonMobil?
Asked Dec 16, 2016
Not all customers are the same.
Answered Jul 20, 2018
Management doesn’t understand what’s going on from the top down, they’re not engaged. Ranking system puts people against each other.
Answered May 14, 2018