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Overall Reviews at Family Dollar

Assistant Store Manager | Conyers, GA | Sep 5, 2018
Not a good company since buyout
I have been working for Family Dollar for years and I liked it better before they were bought out by Dollar Tree. I will b the first to admit the turnover rate is but it is much higher now that Dollar Tree has taken over. I was a Store Manager and you are required work a MINIMUM of 52 BUUUTT that is not always the case. When I first became a store manager I was pregnant and work 60-75 hours a week because I ha a store that was in bad shape so I had to work some overnights to get it in order. We used to get paid weekly but now DT owns the company we get paid biweekly. Which I think is ridiculous especially for cashiers who make $8-9/hr and only get 10-20/week. The crazy part is they want you to have an open schedule and be available but who lives off of 15 hours a week. There are some managers whom are working 70-110 hours per week because of staffing and high turn over. The benefits are ok which is an upside. But they expect you to get work done when you are the only one in the store by yourself for hours at a time, and running back and fun to the register to check out customers There are not enough payroll hours given to stores in order to get things the company want done but yet they want you to be Houdini and make magic come out of your hat. They also took away travel time, which was a good incentive when you have to go work at other stores that are not your store. You get mileage for traveling to other stores (.38/mile). There is no discount, you pay the price everyone el...more
Prosdecent benefits, ecareer advancement in other states
Consno work/life balance, a lot of work with little payroll
Assistant Manager | Cicero, IL | Feb 14, 2019
Excellent pay but...
Great pay, extremely poor management from corporate, (they had me walk with a bag of thousands of dollars to the bank?? and no security which there really should have been.) The best experience was the relationships I had with the customers, who were always friendly. I always worked hard and stayed overtime, went the extra mile to make sure everything was done properly, despite the lack of associates (usually just one cashier and one manager). I liked being challenged and improving myself as a person and a manager at this location, however, it was simply a poor setup. There was too much responsibility and unrealistic time frames and expectations to get work done. Constantly doing multiple tasks at once, with no brakes from start to finish on long work days ranging from 12 hours to all day shifts, then opening again the next day. I remember staying late, sometimes until 2 or 3 in the morning, clocking myself out at 12 to stay and work FREE, to make sure my store was clean and ready the next day. I give all the credit to the cashiers willing to stay that late with me at times. There were times when the bathrooms were down for days at a time, and because managers aren't allowed to leave we had to use plastic water bottles. There were cracks in the floor covered in duct tape and cardboard, leaking water from the ceiling, the extremely strong odor of chemicals (like a chemical fire) where there was roof work being done. I'm not sure how things are run at other locations, but this ...more
ProsHours, Pay, Customer engagement, Associates
ConsResponsibility, Time Frames, Unrealistic Expectations
Manager in Training | Harlan, KY | Jul 23, 2018
mixed, play the game people.
if your going to work here learn to play the game. adapt, not only to the work place but to upper management, learn to act and gain advantages, and power. if you can't enough to play ball and make the game fall into your favor, your going to be looking for another job. you need to realize, right now, that the world is garbage, it's not going to go how you want it, how you plan it, and definitely how you dream it. you have to reach out and tame it. weigh everything on a pro-con list. what does it gain you, for making an enemy of the people who have power over you? pain, suffering, and job loss. adapt people, this goes for any job, adapt, dominate your role, evolve, conquer. if you do this, you'll start seeing the things you need to learn to work for any company. you'll start enjoying your work. problem solve for your store, for your manager or even your assistant manager. they'll take notice, i do. and i keep those moments in the back of my mind when i choose who to advance, or to suggest advancement for. i don't care if your my best friend, if your work ethic is garbage your not advancing. i want a good hardworking team that are self initiating and can solve problems. with everything i've went through, the other assistant manager calling off a lot, getting sick, the store manager taking vacations, or calling off. the other 3 stores i've worked at because of short staffing, etc. i still love working for this company. I'm learning serious skills that are usually only availa...more
Prosgreat people to work with, ampule opportunities to advance, experience
Consexhaustion, work loads, hours, short staffed, heat, ever changing policy, customers, stress, pay, balance of work/life.
Computer Operator | Matthews, NC | Mar 25, 2019
Fun and rewarding place to work.
Out of 14 years of employment I really loved my first 12 1/2 years it was fun place to work,We worked together my manager was a fair man and I really liked working for him and the company I continue to Update my knowledge of the Computer room an a typical day of work were • Responsible for supporting Batch Scheduling production environment and related issues • Provided 24x7-production coverage for multi-platform environments including Mainframe, Oracle Applications, Retek, Remoteware,Remote Link, Vista, Unix, Microsoft Outlook, Windows, Magic, Word, Exceed, SQL, Xcellenet and NT applications. • Progressed within company from Operator to Shift Supervisor. Trained newly hired Operators. • Tested various environments to make sure that there were no interruptions within production such as payroll and accounting Moved mainframe jobs to a test arena for changes to be made in programs, jcl’s, and on request then move them back into production. • Submitted a daily turnover report which described all jobs ran on the shift as well as problems that were encountered during the shift. Supported daily batch and Retek jobs. Solved critical path issues and performed system restarts and recoveries. • Served as a Second-pass problem solver in the batch and Retek process. Monitored defined processes. The hardest part of the job was when the system crashed and we had to trouble shoot to find out why while we had to notify Manager,Users and the Support team and also run jobs for the t...more
ProsThe samples we were given, Employee sale where we allowed to shop for items at a discounted price.
ConsWhen we were taken over by Dollar Tree didn't feel like a family anymore.
Customer Service Associate / Cashier | Newnan, GA | Jul 8, 2019
Terrible Corporate And Management
It was okay at first but as the days passed, you are treated with less and less respect from the managers and with almost no respect from corporate to begin with. My experience has grown more and more terrible with the passing months. I work hard but it is ignored and I get blamed for things I didn't do. I get in trouble for going to the bathroom often even though I have told them multiple times that I am sickly and cannot help it. They do not care about their employees and the drama among the store staff is ridiculous. The pay isn't worth it when you have to do so much in the store. One person can barely do it in a five hour shift. Work truck, stock the shelves, run the register, assist customers, clean the store. All while not being able to even take a five minute break. Forced to eat while working the register and doing other things. I have worked here for over a year and barely got a raise. There is a strict limitation on what a cashier can even do on a register when it is a required part of their job to do things like gift card reloads for visas, returns, and item voids. I am talked down to when I am working as I should be or when I comment about not feeling well. Even when it is a small mistake, I am talked to like I'm stupid and given dirty looks by the managers. I work as hard as I can with chronic pain and sickness and yet am treated like I'm dog feces on the bottom of their shoe. I'm losing my patience and I say do not even think about placing an...more
Store Manager | Albuquerque, NM | Apr 19, 2019
No chance for family life outside of work. Upper management do not care about manager’s safety at all.
Company has fantastic potential if they can just fix the treatment of their store managers. The pay is fair for the schedule they ask of you, but you rarely only work the 52 hours asked of you. I averaged over 60 a week and often over 70 + a week. Company requires most of their managers to work by themselves and in high crime areas this can be very dangerous. I had my car stolen and was robbed at knifepoint and gunpoint several times. The last time they stole my personal iPhone and a customer’s purse. My DM was too busy to come fill out the incident report. The corporate buyers are fantastic at getting bargains for our customers. The apparel dept really have some great fashion designs and great prices. Corporate also does great advertising and their sign packaging is top notch. Schematics throughout the store keeps the basics fresh and rotating. The profit margins are amazing especially with some of their leader items This chain could greatly improve their sales and overall profit by just giving the store managers more payroll and the ability to save from one week and use it the next. The weekly deliveries come when they want and often shows up days later. Some weeks you will get 2 to 3 deliveries in one week, we only get payroll for one! Corporate expects freight to be put out timely, but the management team are the only employee in the building until after 1:00 most of the week. Managers are told no overtime and not to go over their budgets and all freight mu...more
ProsGood pay and great advancement possibilities
ConsNot enough hours to run the store making the manager to be burnt out.
Assistant Manager | London, KY | Jun 4, 2019
Terrible Place to work
First off, the pay they offer on here is a joke. I worked as an assistant manager getting paid $9.50 an hour to go above and beyond my pay grade and duties. I also still, after 2 months have not gotten paid my PTO that I accrued. Working here was terrible The only thing I did not learn was the schematics, to which I looked at myself and could've figured out easily. This sounds nice, but my manager decided doing their job was less important because there were two assistants to do it for them. Schedule was completely crazy and unpredictable. I was honestly afraid to call in if I was sick or had anything important to do like making payment arrangements for the bills that went unpaid every month. Never knew if the manager would be at the store or not each day. If the other assistant manager decided not to do their job, I was the one who got berated for it because I didn't pick up their or the store manager, on top of my extremely long list of things to do. Plus I would get berated if I didn't do something the store manager FORGOT TO DO. The manager would actually nitpick and find the SMALLEST things like not writing an amount down on a piece of paper to threaten my job over. As if scaring someone makes them want their job more. Complete favoritism toward the other assistant when I'd have to work 10 days in a row before I'd get a day off and I'd have to work doubles to make sure the other assistant got their 2 days off a week. When I quit, my mother went in there to...more
ProsNot a single thing
ConsAngry boss, Unpredicatble schedule, No meals free, Constant job loss threats, Doing more than youre paid for, Will question your loved ones if you quit
Order Filler | Maquoketa, IA | Jul 27, 2019
Not a bad place to work, but it's no career
Reviewing as a former second-shift worker. Second shift is "advertised" as four ten-hour days, but you're actually going to be working 11-12 hours a day. Also, mandatory fifth days are almost always on the table, so don't be surprised to find yourself working 55+ hour weeks. For what you're expected to do, compensation is lacking. You're going to bring home pretty decent paychecks, but that's by virtue of the constant overtime. Across-the-board pay raises were "in the works" for years and when they were finally approved, the results were ho-hum; for what you're expected to do, pay was still lacking. Making "minimum" numbers ranges from moderately hard to nearly impossible. Staying on the manager's good side helps, but don't be surprised when you bust your bum and still get nagged for productivity. The full-timers for the most part were great to work with. Friendly and supportive, they're the kind of people who you don't mind spending the long work weeks with. The temps...were underwhelming to say the least. Generally unreliable and often no-called-no-showed, which played a role in ensuring that overtime never fades. Teamwork between shifts was laughable to the point where it seemed as if both sides were intentionally trying to hinder the other, which also created hits to overall productivity. Honestly, it's not a terrible place to work, but you're going to hurt, you're not going to have much of a life and you're going to be found wanting. After a few years, you'll be...more
Customer Service Representative | Moultrie, GA | Jun 23, 2019
Terrible work place
The main location that I worked was very unprofessional, dirty as I don't know what, and part timers are treated like slaves while management made the big bucks while not doing anything. Out of the three managers there at the time of my employment there was only ONE who actually worked and stayed out on the sales floor. The store manager stayed going out back for a cigarette leaving me all alone in the store to zone, check out customers, & basically just run the freaking store! The other lazy manager would close herself in the office & talk on the store phone so whenever I needed an override at the register, which happened a lot because customers would often wait until I had rung up an item to then tell me they don't want it & just my luck it was never the very last thing I scanned. So I'd have to leave the freaking register just to find the manager to give me an override. There was a lot of favoritism so if you didn't sell whatever candy of the month you weren't liked very well by the store manager which was fine by me. They put up a fake out of order sign on the women's bathroom door JUST so they didn't have to clean up after customers oh yeah unless me and the one other part timer cleaned the bathrooms THEY DIDN'T GET CLEANED. My location was just pure disgusting and it seemed to have gotten worse even after all the management that was there when I worked there left. There's not really any breaks for part timers, we were just worked like slaves. I know not all family doll...more
ProsWeekly pay when you've actually worked enough hours
ConsLazy management, dirty unhealthy work conditions
Assistant Manager | Wisconsin | Feb 4, 2020
One of the worst companies I've ever worked for.
I was an asst mgr at a Family Dollar. While the people I worked with at my store were wonderful, the company itself was solely, and I do mean solely, concerned with profits. While most companies close, or at least limit hours for major holidays, this one extends it's hours. As I was part time, I had no benefits, the budget for the store was minimal, it took forever to get things fixed, and I trained people for work at other stores who had a starting wage higher than mine. I liked the District Manager too, but the duties assigned to a DM require spying on their stores from a distance and making sure everyone is working...and not stealing. I recall one notice which was sent from Corporate telling us about a "yard sign" for a sale that we were supposed to place outside the store. We were in the middle of a Wisconsin winter with double digit below zero temps and very high winds. The notice told us to wait until after the storm passed to place the signs. I had the fleeting thought that maybe they were concerned about us being harmed from the (literally) deadly weather. Instead, the notice went on to state that we were to wait because they didn't want the signs blowing away and have to spend more money to replace them! After almost four years as an asst manager, I was offered a job answering phones at another company, starting at two dollars more per hour than it took me those four years to work up to at Family Dollar! I still visit the store from time to time to see my old team m...more

Questions And Answers about Family Dollar

Why did you leave your job at Family Dollar?
Asked Mar 15, 2017
I guess my Family Dollar store is better than most. I get and give breaks constantly throughout the day Lunches are given very strictly. I will say however as an Asm I have been working upper management hours of 52-55 hrs a week, while the other managers get 40. My pay still is not the greatest, I have to cover everyone's butt when they dont work the freight boats. Family dollar does not know how to treat great work ethic and initiative workers. Going above and beyond should be considered when someone wants to advance in the work place.
Answered Feb 11, 2020
You try to follow rules, bust ur butt and next day u see a new employee with bad personal hygiene wearing loud printed stretchy pants laying on counter waiting on customers and nothings done. You have family emergency and leave 2 cashiers working(1 was former ASM & manager been drinking)n ur fired. Yet my 2nd day on job I was left alone busy time of day becuz managers husband got a letter in mail and was upset. Idk how many times cashiers were left alone. Must of been my lucky day to get canned. Y have 3 ASM if no one can EVER help?
Answered Feb 7, 2020
How old do you have to be?
Asked Mar 4, 2016
21 is the age we hire at now, due to the sale of cigarettes and the law change
Answered Feb 11, 2020
You must be 18 they seem tobacco products. Some stores sell beer and wine also.
Answered Jun 20, 2019
Does family dollar work around schedules? Are they open to a person have closed availability? Do they allow to employees to have second jobs?
Asked Apr 13, 2016
It is Up to Managment to work the schedule, However I think managers differ. As Manager I try to work with the employees to the best of my ability
Answered Feb 11, 2020
I am a manager in Ardmore, Ok. I do not believe that it is Family Dollar policy not to work around your schedule. I’m just being honest here it’s not up to Family Dollar it’s up to your manager. Yes, I do and will always work with one of my team members if they need a day off. I do it every week. I have never told anyone “NO” because they all work hard and deserve what they need I. Their life. I beg to differ with everyone who say’s “No” It’s not Family Dollar it’s your manager!
Answered Nov 19, 2019
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Family Dollar a better place to work?
Asked Feb 20, 2017
Allow more payroll hours so the store manager can schedule 2 people to open and 2 people to close. Update or add new software that can better track inventory and give store managers more control on what is order for the store to help with less overstock sitting in the back room. Also would start a new program inside each district were each store would give an employee to join a special team that travel through out the district doing inventory, reset, remodel and many other project instead of hiring a 3rd party team to do it. This would give employees that want to show their worth more of an opportunity to do so and help the financial stability of Family Dollar employees as well.
Answered Mar 12, 2020
Keep the store Organized so people can find things keep the store stocked so that customers dont have to take their business elsewhere and hire people that actually care and are willing to get from behind the counter and show customer service to the people that come in (a smiling face ,warm hello and letting people know you are there in case they need your help is always welcoming and makes people want to return and do bussiness -but as right now i have no faith all the good workers are leaving and our small town store is falling apart leaving us to go somewhere else to spend our money the shelves are disorganized or empty almost 90% of the time the store is dirty and seems like no one there cares no hello may i help you only employees behind the counter on their cell phones or just standing there doing absolutely nothing letting time slip right by them
Answered Feb 7, 2020
What is the best part of working at Family Dollar?
Asked Nov 25, 2019
Gaining experience
Answered Mar 31, 2020
The best part was going to work with my staff.
Answered Mar 31, 2020