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Delivery Driver | Houston, TX | Mar 13, 2019
Low pay
Favor advertisement of pay to work for favor is way higher than the truth. Reality depends on where you live. I live in a suburban area I get low tips and travel further. I get 9-10 an hour before expenses. The richer the customer the least they tip. I can manage 1 delivery every 35 to 1 hour depending on what is ordered. The 9 dollar guarantee includes your tips so if you make 2.10 favor pay plus 6.90 tip that will be your pay... it’s nice when I would have made 7 an hour and they top it up to 9 per hour. Once in a while I encounter a bug in their app where instead of sending me to the customers house they send me to another store location so now I triple check which address is plugged into my map app from favor app. The in app support is super awesome. Hours are hard to grab so be fast. I stay with favor because I need a super flexible schedule. Overall don’t expect to get more than 7-11 an hour. Use this as extra cash in your pocket not as a job
ProsFlexible schedule, awesome support team
ConsLow pay, hours are rare for guaranteed pay
Courier | San Antonio, TX | Sep 3, 2019
Hit or miss? A constant question.
Hardest parts of the job are communication between both you and the customer as well as you and support, competitiveness of shifts, and what you earn versus how much it costs to earn it. I believe if you live where you can deliver on a bike or happen to have an incredibly fuel efficient car, as I do not, you'll do alright. Typical day of work depends on if you were able to land a shift. On an actual shift you are guaranteed at least one order, whereas working on your own is just a waiting game most of the time. Most enjoyable part of the job is all the different people you get to interact with, and all the places you visit that you didn't even know existed that you can plan to go try when you're not working. You meet management at orientation. Very nice people who make the process painless and quick. I was on the job straight out of orientation.
ProsMaking your own schedule.
ConsCommunication, cost vs earnings
Runner | San Antonio, TX | Sep 6, 2018
Very relaxed job for extra cash
I started doing this in Dec 17 to make extra cash for gifts. I was surprised at how much I made and it literally felt like doing a favor for someone. I like that you can put yourself on the schedule and are guaranteed at least $9 if tips aren't great or you don't make anything. But I would only put myself on if I was gonna actually do it. Cancelling a shift last minute takes you out of the early access to the schedule. (It fills up quick!) When I started I had an issue with how I was sent to places but now they've done the city in areas so you only stay where you want to work which is so much easier on your car and gas. Support is amazing and they try to get back to you asap if you need to unexpectedly log out or want to reject a favor. You can even let them know what deliveries you won't feel comfortable doing and they can filter you out of those.
ProsExploring your city and seeing what various restaurants have.
ConsWear on your car
Runner | College Station, TX | Jul 26, 2018
Fun, easy going job but should be a second job- not the one you make a living from
Favor is a great side job or transition job, but it's very hard to make a living off of it. They're constantly hiring more people, so it get's harder and harder to find hours on the schedule to work. If you have enough hours, you can make a decent amount of money, but if you can't get on the schedule, it's impossible to live off of. I got this job as a transition job while I was moving from home to College Station, and I had intended to find another job quickly after. If you just need a second job, then favor would be the best option for you because you can (almost) make your own schedule.
ProsYou make your own schedule, you wear what you want, you get to talk to a ton of people and see new places.
ConsYou put a ton of miles on your car and waste gas, you can't always get on the schedule, sometimes it gets stressful when there is an issue with the maps or customers.
Runner | New Braunfels, TX | Sep 1, 2019
If Only!
Favor has a scheduling system where one can have a guaranteed hourly minimum--IF ONLY, you can secure one on the app it is worth your time. I believe my particular market is over-saturated and it is rare that I secure a guaranteed shift. This scenario results in me just hanging out in a market, waiting for the left-over gigs that other runners are unable to fill. Favor DOES NOT pay for mileage or wait time. That's where they rob the runner. My TIME is my ONLY RESOURCE in the gig economy. Other gigs pay for mileage and wait time--last night ran a Favor where I waited 52 minutes at a restaurant for a food order of less than $20 for which I had called ahead for 15 minutes prior to arriving the restaurant--over 1 hour for one order for which I earned $2.10 Favor delivery fee + $4 tip--I am more valuable than this.
Runner | Austin, TX | Dec 9, 2018
Different Options
I ran as well as been a customer for Favor, neither one is enjoyable. Running for favor, I would run about 5-7 hours a day making about $4-7 a run. In a day I would make anywhere from $15-45, at the time I thought was good until I realized I'm basically making gas money I would use just to deliver. As a customer far worse end of the stick, not only are you up charged fees for simply items, wait times are high, but the customer service honestly sucks. I placed an order Sunday after for a kids meal that would typically be around$6-7 and was charged $27.70 for it, not mention the place is 7 minutes away from my house. I tried sending emails text and calls to not get a clear answer as to why I was charged this. After looking at door dash and Uber eats I know where to go now.
ConsLow pay, poor management
Personal Assistant | San Antonio, TX | Apr 16, 2019
Flexible Easy Way To Earn Extra Money and Serve the community
I like the flexibility of signing up for whichever areas of town I want to work in and set my own schedule to accommodate my personal life. It is fair pay, and your earning potential and growth is only limited by yourself. Their support is great, they pay on time, they provide all of the information you need when you do a personal run, such as closest store/restaurant/etc to the client's home to optimize efficient service delivery. You can always contact support while working and when not working. They also remind you when the schedule is up for you to schedule yourself. It can be fun and rewarding.
ProsFlexible, Great Support, Fair Pay, Pay on time, Tips can be good too
ConsNot all clients tip
Parent Navigator | Wethersfield, CT | Apr 10, 2018
Knowledgeable and Family Friendly
Colleagues I have worked with are all very passionate and have some sort of personal experience in the area of their jobs. Very compassionate and caring individuals who want to empower other families and individuals with the challenges of behavioral health in children. Willing to educate anyone who is touched by someone whom has special abilities, mental health issues, and even medical home questions. Wanting to change the system to make it easier to access when families are in crisis and need help.
ProsAtmosphere being part of a bigger family. Family Friendly
Conscost of medical coverage, and salary increase
Runner | Austin, TX | Aug 15, 2018
Flexible schedule as a delivery driver
Delivery as a Favor Runner is very convenient. You're able work when you want and however long you want. The bad part is there is only a base pay rate if you've scheduled yourself previously and pay is based off of customer tips. You could have a $50+ order and the customer only gives you a $2 tip. Everything including the address and order, is dealt through the app so it is convenient and has minimal customer interaction. It was nice to drive around and explore the area as I was new to it and quickly learned the area.
Prosvery flexible schedule
ConsSteady pay is not guaranteed, gas is not paid for
Partner | Stone Mountain, GA | Nov 26, 2019
Working with mental health child
My job entails working with family to come up with a plan for there child because of there behaviors. I would often meet the child at school and also in the home . I would talk to the family and child to find out why there having problems and how we are able to fix them so the family can function as a whole . There some children who might have been in trouble with the law and I would visit them at the juvenile and get them ready to interact with the family again. I would drive to different county in the Georgia area to meet with the family along with a case coordinator.

Questions And Answers about Favor

How would you describe the pace of work at Favor?
Asked Jan 28, 2018
It’s an okay piggy bank job, if you have plenty of GASOLINE MONEY! Because I feel the wear and tear and gas spending out weighs the earnings! If the runs are in same area and vicinities.... etc its a be better balanced. Once I had To drive to a sonic from well over 10 miles to deliver a large drink into an apt complex a few miles a way! You never know where your going and it’s usually all over the place but only delivering a few runs! There’s money but not to count on. Almost like babysitting money, good for teenagers!
Answered Apr 24, 2019
When the rush hits.. it hits and before you know it you’ve done 6 favors. Sometimes even doubling at restaurants. Which is nice but time management is key! However it’s very nice being able to work whenever you want and somewhat at your own pace.. you just have to remember it’s someone else’s food and put yourself in their position
Answered Dec 8, 2018
Are there any up front costs to start driving?
Asked Aug 9, 2017
46 dollars
Answered Dec 20, 2019
No, buying their merchandise is purely optional. As for the insulated bag, HEB sells decent ones for under $5.
Answered Jul 14, 2019
Do favor runners pay for the food or items for the customer beforehand or is it all paid & processed through the app?
Asked Feb 15, 2017
Yes pay ahead with company card
Answered Dec 31, 2018
I typically use the company card to pay for the items requested for the clients only and record them for the company, client and myself. and the client will apply payment to the request after the favor is complete.
Answered May 28, 2018
Are you earning a wage or per delivery and tips.What is the average amount of money can you make?
Asked Sep 8, 2016
You get a minimum of $2.10 per Favor, sometimes slightly more, and you get a minimum of $2.00 tip per Favor. So you'll make at least $4.10 for each Favor but if the customer tips more, you keep 100% of the tip. If you're going at a good pace, you can do about 1.5 Favors per hour. Consider an 8 hour day if you want to compare it to any other full time job. That's about 12 Favors at minimum of $4.10 per or $49.20 which gives you your minimum of about $6.15/hour. Because most people do tip more than $2.00, in reality, you'll probably average $10-12/hour. Most weekends have promotions where you can make a little better on the weekends but that would be a good number to work with if you're trying to decide if you'd like to drive or not.
Answered Feb 18, 2019
You get $2.10 per hour, assuming a favor takes you an hour and you receive no tips. Favor will tack on a five dollar tip to make up for that laughable amount of money they pay you, so $7 per hour, again assuming it takes you an hour to run a favor.
Answered Oct 20, 2018
Do drivers get compensated for gas costs?
Asked Mar 23, 2017
No. However if you use an app or keep track of how many miles you used while driving for Favor they have a reimbursement plan that you get .58 cents per mile you drive. And you can right it off on taxes.
Answered Mar 9, 2019
Mileage reimbursement based on policies in place for each program.
Answered Apr 10, 2018