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Controls Engineer | Uniontown, OH | May 9, 2019
Overall Company as a whole is great. Managers on Local Level are either horrible or great.
Overall, I really enjoyed working for FedEx. I worked for 2 separate divisions of FedEx and did some travel/on-site work as a contractor at a 3rd division. My opinions are based on all the work experience I had. On the whole, the corporation is great and I believe they do honestly care about their employees but the degree of care varies on the local level. Your experience, like with any company, will be based on how fortunate you are to work for a good boss. Sadly, not everyone in management deserves to be in management or is good at it. This is a fact of life and affects FedEx just like any other company. If you have a good boss/ supervisor, the small things about the actual job you are doing and the company policies are tolerable. If the management is lacking in their professionalism or management ability, this is when the job you have can become unbearable- especially if you are in a high-stress role to begin with. When I worked for FedEx Tech Connect, the customer service division for FedEx Freight and Express Freight, I enjoyed it. My job was high stress and could wear on a person after a while, but all of the management in that particular office was friendly, helpful, professional, and valued me as an employee and person. When I worked for FedEx Custom Critical in the Air Division, I would say my impression of the job and how I felt about the work I was doing was directly related to whether I had a good supervisor or not at the time. For the majority of my...more
ProsPay, Senior Management, Employee Benefits, Overall Culture of Company
ConsLocal Level management is either horrible or great, Poor work-life balance in some roles, Some positions are very high stress
VSA Op Admin | Pittsburgh, PA | Apr 27, 2019
Laid back yet has high production priorities.
Do not apply to FedEx if you do not want to work hard! Most everyone must start as a package handler and climb up the corporate ladder but there are times those are hired at higher positions. The turnover for package handlers seems very high. Many won't last a week and some don't get through the first day. It's not rocket science but its fast paced and you must lift/move boxes quickly. Some weigh up to 200lbs although most are 10 - 20lbs or less. Another factor for the turnover is since it's the goal to move up the best PHs are usually promoted. Your line work environment can depend heavily on your manager and there are some really terrible ones but there are great ones as well... If you are stuck with a bad one keep your head down and do your job. They can rotate often and you're basically left to do your own thing after being there for a while. Another factor for work environment is where and how big the facility you work at is. Bigger facilities seems to be much better to work at and have a greater opportunity for advancement. Hours are not the normal 9-5. There are Pre shifts: 4 - 8am, Outbound shifts: 5 - 9PM and OTP shifts: 11pm- 3am. These hours are not set - for example the outbound shift usually gets a lot more hours and could start much earlier. The shifts starting after midnight usually get 1$ more per hour. Advancement can be hard at first and they would like you to be a package handler for at least 1 year but I've seen many get promoted very quickly. After ...more
ProsHealthcare, Advancement opportunities, Co-workers
ConsClimate conditions, Can be stressful
Operations Manager | Kansas City, MO | Apr 12, 2019
Good place to work but a lot of red tape
• Managed daily operations making changes to achieve long and short term metrics/goals. • Manage the supervisors to ensure they were holding associates accountable for safe freight handing techniques and safe driving practices, ensured that the supervisors were making trailer cut times, and adhering to all company policies. • Managed schedules for all AM dock employees using shipment counts, trailer counts, and arrival times into the service center. • Managed hourly office hours depending on shipment counts, workload, and projection tools. • Updated routes by zip and customer number to allow system to auto route shipments to the correct route and loading position. • Communicated with customers concerning distressed shipments, damages, billing errors, appointment times and general concerns and or complaints. • Held daily preshifts with both supervisors and hourly associates over safety and other work related information. Ensured all new company information was properly presented to all associates and fully understood. • Tracked lunch violations for all hourly associates within the center to ensure FedEx and Federal compliance and reported weekly. • As the city Operations Manager lead a team of 4 supervisors and 113 city drivers. • Managed the city dispatch supervisors to ensure they were holding associates accountable for safe work habits and arrivals back into the center in a timely manner so the outbound shift could properly work the work load that nigh...more
ProsLarge enough company you had many job options in many states
ConsNot enough say in local rollouts
Mechanic | Schertz, TX | Nov 19, 2019
Micro management Inc.
Here are just three reasons why I would never EVER work for them again. There were many many more reasons, but here are the top three. 1) You have to scan on to something else every 15 mins or you were red flagged. If that happened, when the shop manager came in, the first thing he did was ask you what was taking you so long. Don't lie cause they watched your every move from the cameras. 2) Almost ZERO time off! It took forever to gain any PTO and when you asked to use a day you were almost definitely denied. Ex. This young man I worked with was trying to build a life for him and his soon to be wife who was expecting any moment. This young man moved from Mississippi to Texas because that what you have to do in order to take ANY promotion with them. All this man would talk about is saving all his PTO so when the baby is being born he can go and be with them. When the time finally came, mind you 8 months later, he was denied his time off because the OS ratio was too high!!! Mind you he never ever called out sick! Not even once! 3) Rush Rush Rush! Get it done fast fast fast! I was a well established mechanic, LEAD mechanic mind you for 10 years, when I started there. I never got hurt in the 10 years. At Fedex I got hurt so many times because they wanted everything done ASAP NO EXCUSES. I once caught my finger when a brake shoe slipped while I was trying to get a truck out too fast and I almost lost the tip of my finger. I had to rap up my finger in paper towel and electrical...more
IT Manager | Collierville, TN | Mar 8, 2019
FedEx Services IT - Great place to be right now
I've been at FedEx for 20 years and it's been my only job since college, so my basis for comparison is limited. 10+ years ago I felt FedEx was too slow to react to market changes and too relaxed however in the past 10 years I have seen immense focus on renewal, speed to market and innovation. Right now with world economies changing, the rising expectations of on demand 'everything' and increasing competition make it a very exciting time to work at FedEx. I'd say in the next 3-18 months would be an excellent time to join FedEx as we're in very exciting times. Benefits are pretty standard compared to other companies of comparable size, previously I would have said our benefits far exceeded others but due to those reasons I listed above FedEx has been forced to lower costs in order to remain competitive and some of that has materialized in reduced benefits. We've got health, dental and vision benefits, 401K matching, stock options, annual variable bonuses based on company and personal performance as well as tuition reimbursement and discounts with many service providers, retail companies and automobile manufacturers. What has made me choose to stay at FedEx so long is because of our corporate culture. We believe if you invest in your people they in turn will provide great service which will lead to improved profit, we call it "People - Service - Profit" or PSP and I truly believe in that approach whole heartedly. Many may think that means "Oh People first, I can come and ...more
ProsOpportunities for advancement and change, international opportunities, great culture, challenging work
ConsSo large we're sometimes slow to react, complex and sometimes confusing systems and processes
Fleet Support Dry 1 | Uniontown, OH | Apr 10, 2019
Acceptable Company, Unacceptable Managerial Practices
FedEx as a company is a fine place to work and form a career in, so long as you are not placed within the first floor's operations departments. In those various positions one will find themselves continually stuck in a job that overworks and underpays you for the tremendous load of information and effort that needs to be processed daily by one basic agent. Any attempt to move to other departments will be shot down by supervisors who will go to great lengths to suppress your ability to advance beyond them, and any attempts to bring such issues up with HR will result in a brush off. If you seek a career at FedEx now, currently, be advised that they are currently in the process of restructuring the entire company, and many of the operational staff may be asked to move to Tennessee within the next 3 to 5 years, with non-operational employees essentially being given a guarantee that they will lose their jobs soon. FedEx's corporate culture has an unspoken and unacknowledged air of racism to which people communicate with each other both with drivers, as well as with each other. While some people are fine with simple jokes, many of the support and customer service staff seem to have issues comprehending even the slightest accents, demanding that the drivers speak better English. Your achievements and hard work will almost never be recognized. You will get no compensation for going above and beyond. And you will most definitely not be considered for any advancements or pay r...more
ProsDecent Benefits, 401k and Life Insurance, Food Days
ConsGarbage Managers, Suspicious Corporate Environment, Lack of Empathy and Compassion from even basic employees and Supervision.
Lead Consultant | Houston, TX | Aug 21, 2019
Fedex office breakdown
Fedex office is a branch of fedex that may not be as good as the other branches. They certainly don’t pay as much. This job is honestly “make or break” depending on management. The culture is very strong on getting the best numbers (sales, box packing, plus ones....etc), that creates the other major part of the atmosphere which is MICROMANAGEMENT. Everybody wants to get their bonuses so micromanaging will be the norm for many, especially the higher up you look. I always thought you give the best solution to people’s print and shipping issues but some managers prefer you sell no matter the case in order to get their numbers. There are literal conference calls so often talking about the numbers you’d wonder what else the district and regional managers do. It really all depends on the manager at whatever location you work at. I really try to help people not get the most money by overpacking, saying the catch phrases like a robot to everyone no matter the circumstances, printing at the most expensive and just shady tactics at best (cutting hours, basing payroll on sales). The pay is alright but it’s nothing special, especially since there’s a ceiling. The benefits are good but not great. Bonuses on the other hand are horrible. Making sales and great numbers only matter to the managers because they get up to $2000 (multiple times a year and not the biggest bonus possible for a store manager) while team members may get $75. Some even get trips depending on the award. Big sales push...more
Driver | Mossy Head, FL | Jun 19, 2019
Contracted work! You'll get paid by the day, no matter how long it takes.
Different contractors will pay their drivers different rates, but $120 to $150 per day is standard. It's not hard to deliver packages to the address your manifest says, especially since a lot of drivers are using software on their phones to show where there delivery stops are. Your typical day will start at the terminal where your truck may be mostly loaded for you. Most often though, it will not be properly loaded. It will either not be completely loaded, packages will be in the wrong section of the truck, or the packages will not be on the manifest. When you find packages that are not on the manifest, you may have already passed that area and will have to go back. You will almost always leave the terminal after 8AM. The later you leave the more congested traffic usually gets where you'll be delivering. Your manifest and scanner will show you have somewhere around 90 to 120 delivery stops for the day, but you'll find up to 10 percent more. If you are lucky, you will not have any late pickups nor will you be required to help any other drivers. You could be finished and back to the terminal by 3PM, but a lot of drivers are out until 6PM or later. Most drivers don't take breaks of any kind, to include a lunch. Bring snacks and drinks and be prepared to work in cold, wet weather or scorching, humid heat. Most trucks have dollies, but to save time you'll probably carry most everything, unless there are too many boxes. You'll have your chance to prove you can lift an...more
Package Handler | North Salt Lake, UT | Jul 25, 2018
Fast paced and great pay.
FedEx Ground is a very awesome place to work. They pay very well. They have raised the living wage a few times since I have started. They give you raises very often and Christmas bonuses from October to New Years. It goes very fast so you don't get bored and you don't fall asleep. It is very physical but your body adjusts after a few weeks and you get very strong. They throw us lots of little parties each month and give us tokens and little gift cards for the in-house stores that they have inside. Benefits coming quickly after a certain amount of hours. They have 4 part time shifts to choose from and you can combine any two to get full time hours. Often, there is no cap on overtime, so you can work as much as you like. You will never need to get two jobs ever again. The part time shifts are also good for those that just want to work part time. Lots of chances for advancement, they promote from within, so there are positions open almost every month. Managers and coworkers are wonderful and create a team atmosphere. Some managers might get more frazzled than others and lose their cool, but they have a lot to carry on their shoulders, where package handlers never get in trouble for anything, ever. There is a lot of job security here. The only thing that bugs me is I wish they cared more about talking to the people that do bare minimum, bad jobs and I wish that there were more ice machines. It does get hot in the summers, but each truck has a fan. W...more
ProsCaring company, Teamwork, Safety Orientated, Lots of raises and rewards, multiple advancement opportunities, unlimited overtime. It is EXTREMELY physical. Awesome exercise.
ConsIt gets hot or cold, some managers get stressed out, some people get away with doing bad jobs and don't get talked to. It is EXTREMELY physical
Forklift Operator | Madison, AL | Feb 20, 2019
Not What You Expect
I started working here in June 2018. Everything was fine during the Summer. Fall/Winter came around and my hours started to diminish due to the FACT that the Truck Drivers KIDS were getting hired and started TAKING HOURS AWAY FROM PART-TIME and SOME full-time employees. This Fedex hires INTERNALLY. ALSO THERE WAS NO SET SCHEDULE compared to when I first got hired. I got moved to the ON-CALL LIST (REMIND YOU, HARD WORKER) I was JUDGED as a "try-hard" a few months into the job and the management is terrible. They bring you in, if you're not a favorite, they diminish your hours (3 hour shifts, 2 days a week) to try to get you to quit your job. They don't really care about their employees (ESPECIALLY PART-TIME EMPLOYEES) They only want you to work when they NEED you (Example - When an employee who they consider is a good worker is not available to work on a certain day) ALSO THIS IS NOT A DIVERSE COMPANY (Madison, Alabama Location) You will see more Caucasian's than any other race (HUGE PROBLEM) I can count on ONE HAND, how many minorities work at this location! I also experienced co-workers writing "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN" with their fingers on the back of a 18-wheeler trailer (CLEARLY RACISTS) and management does nothing about it, they actually agree due to them being quiet about it. I wouldn't recommend working at this location (MADISON, AL) UNLESS your are ready to deal with LOW-IQ truck drivers who make jokes on a daily and in some cases, harass you when they feel it is ok...more
ProsGood Hours ONLY when they need you
ConsMy whole review explains! Trust me.

Questions And Answers about FedEx

What would you suggest FedEx management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked Mar 15, 2017
Most operations management and senior management is ineffective. Remember, most people quit a job bc of their manager. Not bc of the position they hold. I quit bc of a manager that kept mistreating me. This wasn’t occurring to my coworkers. My coworkers kept telling me that she resented me bc I had previously been in management. She pulled every unethical maneuver with me. I finally had enough so I quit. I do miss my days at FedEx, obviously I don’t miss the mistreatment I had to endure!
Answered Mar 12, 2020
Ask your front line how you can improve! Stop making up rules and regulations that make their jobs harder, their input should matter since they are the ones doing the physical job everyday, they know their positions well and I can guarantee will have great ideas to make their work more efficient. STOP favoring people who don't actually contribute or help the company. Recognize and reward the ones who work hard.
Answered Mar 4, 2020
What is the interview process like?
Asked Mar 3, 2016
U walk in sign the interview sheet sit down and eait for them to call u in their office.Then they say a speech about what the job is and what u will be doing then they ask questions. 1) What would u do if their was a altercation between u and a co worker. 2) Are u able to work by pulling,lifting,pushing,carrying 50+ lbs packages. 2)What shift do you want After the questions they ask if u have completed the background check they give u in a email and then u wait for the next 2 weeks for it to be proccesed and get a call for orientation.
Answered Oct 18, 2019
There was no interview if the disaster they're hiring process is a disaster
Answered Aug 13, 2019
Are there drug tests, at hire, random throughout employment
Asked Feb 10, 2016
No drug test required for package handler in Chicago. Only criminal background check.
Answered Jul 19, 2019
No drug test for this company
Answered Mar 22, 2019
Does FedEx hire a felon?
Asked Mar 28, 2016
No, FedEx will not hire felons in Illinois. Illinois also had unlimited access to background. They can go back 50 years if they want to. I have applied 3 times (I know a FedEx contractor) and finally got a letter from corporate saying my past felony conviction made me ineligible for employment.
Answered Jan 22, 2020
No, they don't hire ex-felons for the driver's position18 years ago went to jail for possession with intent havent been in trouble since. so this week they came back and said no.
Answered Sep 29, 2019
What is the best part of working at FedEx?
Asked Nov 29, 2019
The freedom as a QA to walk around and not stand in one spot
Answered Mar 31, 2020
The people
Answered Mar 23, 2020