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Overall Reviews at FedEx Express

Courier Driver | Elmsford, NY | Dec 4, 2018
Poor Mangers Couriers/Lack of equipment!!!
I worked for fedex fo years and Ive seen them clean house like a bad NFl baseball owners,but nothing gets better.Its not their mangers its the unrealistic goals and not providing enough workers or working trucks and equipment.One Mechanic in the building,ONE,to take care of hundred so trucks that break down on the road or stall constantly.Not enough back up equipment,battery in powepads constanly die then they want you to do all by hand which adds and extra few minuts to a stop depending on how many packages you have,you must write all the tracking packages down.Not enough trucks,NOT ENOUGH TRUCKS!!!!.Sprnters are a joke,everyone should have dot so the can drive the bigger box trucks.Ive seen couriers try and pack sprinters with all the packages they have and tghey can even move around.SO you really think that doesnt slow them down?Stupid thing that frustrate you and just drain you before your day starts.;NO offload crew,Ive seen guys with fulltime routes stay on the off load until its over only to go to their truck that has packages all over because there is one guy on the belt trying to load his own truck and 3 others.Stupid thing like locked truck keys on a peg board,youwaste time trying to find trucks if its not assigned to you,so you go righ the nuown only to go to the board and the truk keys were taken.LEAVE THE KEYS IN THE TRUCK!!!!!!!!!You are wasting alot of our precious work time just looking for a truck.Night shift comes in and have to wait for trucks,then leave th...more
ProsStart pay ok benefits ot after 8 hours was always cool
ConsTo much expectations from managers, bad and lack of equipment, no training go out with a gps which you should not be using, but there are no longer maps.They have some route planner that just doesnt work well, bypass stops.Good ole fashion on the job training is needed for at least a week, maybe less.
Courier | Canton, OH | Apr 13, 2019
Courier - days fly by.
Fedex Express is a very high paced job and requires great attention to detail. A typical day consists of loading and organizing your truck then heading on road until there is nothing left. The objective of the day is to get packages off with required times of priority, standard, and business standard while being efficient and keeping a high flow rate of deliveries as well as pickups by committed times. This job is not for everybody. It is literally about time, planning, and coordinating what your capable of doing with the precautions of the world around you; road hazards, weather, pets, and yes ignorant driving of others. I began this career with no experience in this industry other then driving. I was put in an area that was basically mars to me at the time and it was a country route! So I had to develop my route knowledge and learn short cuts on my own. Although other couriers do help you along the way if you know how to make friends with the swing drivers that do every route! Management does not hold your hand in this company. They have a lot of policies and produce a lot of reports to monitor the productivity of couriers. They can answer questions and help behind the scenes but its on you to be productive and coordinate efficiency. Management has been great for me, do your job and you don't have issues. People that don't do their job are the ones always complaining the most but thats basically anywhere you go in life. If you have any issues they are there for ...more
Courier | La Crosse, WI | Mar 6, 2019
No work/life balance
Working with FedEx Express had way too many downfalls to continue on. First i will say the pay is fair at best, the benefits are good. There is no work/life balance, not knowing when you're going to get home, if you have a family its going to take a toll, nonetheless having personal time at all. They push a mandatory hour break, that at times you maybe forced to illegally drive through in order to get back to the station in time. Truly inside the culture its not good, but they put a good front. Plan on working well over 50 hrs a week, after the old timer employees retire, they're really going to have a hard time keeping people. In the winter they will send you out in any conditions, and there will be delays on freight, that you will wait on call for. During that time the couriers are grossly underpaid, really putting there lives on the line, with treacherous roads, and vehicles that are not equipped for much, especially these conditions. All the vehicles are very old, with daily, sometimes several daily breakdowns. Especially in extreme cold conditions, which depending where you are, could take upwards of 4 hrs to get to you, providing you have cell service. Some freight that has to be delivered, is very heavy and awkward, which makes it near impossible to handle by yourself, however you have no choice. Management will guage what you can do in a day over time, and start to push you to your max to an insane point daily, making a very stressful atmosphere. Expect that on a dail...more
Package Handler | Memphis, TN | Jun 15, 2019
No wage is worth this job.
Everything about FedEx Express appears to be an opportunistic dream of a job... The starting hourly pay is far above most any other entry-level labor job. The intensive training g is designed to psychologically manipulate new hires to instill a sense of purpose, hope, and determination. Employees are literally taught- in a classroom - that everyone has equal opportunity and potential to achieve or earn worthy incentives in return for their undying commitment and dedication to this job. I don't use the term "undying" figuratively, you see... within the five months of employment as a package handler, TWO employees on premises actually died as a result of the unbearably intense heat. I myself suffered severe heat exhaustion six different times while there... Employees are not freely given water, or fluids of any kind lest they bring their own, purchase from the Hub's own vending machines, or if one can get lucky enough to persuade a fellow associate to take over their job just long enough to run to the very end of the line and fill a small cone cup with the drink of the day -- if there's any left. Four hours doesn't seem so gravely sinister, but when those four hours are scheduled just while the sun is hottest, you work under a metal roof housing little more than metal machinery, I saw many, many days when the outdoor heat index reached 115 degrees, which translates to roughly 120-130 degrees on those sorting lines. Such unbearable heat combined with a fast-paced, heavy liftin...more
ProsI quit.
ConsSee comments above.
Courier | Janesville, WI | Nov 12, 2019
Poor management / Very stressful
First you come in and line up like cattle to punch in. Then your allotted so many mins to check your truck and stretch and if your lucky the freight is on time. If not you can take your lunch break but not in the first 30 mins or the last 30 mins. Because thats the rule but because the freight is late you allowed to bend the FedEx rule and take it.So you load your truck as fast a you can if you need help from others a few might help but I wouldn't hold your breath. Certain routes are super light and some are way over limit still no help no balancing.Unless you have a manager that knows your station most managers have no clue deer in headlights. They only care about numbers and try to intimidate people . So you go as fast as you can trying to get all your stops off before certain times depending on your route and make sure you are using safe methods. Pickups start showing up and your route covers 5 towns and in some you have a 1 or 2 hour window to pick it up. Meanwhile you need to get a break in try to redeliver all stops of people that weren't home earlier plus finish the stops left in your truck.I forgot to mention your Co worker has already cleared and is heading home and your both 8 hours routes thats the management and balancing. So your on your own now make sure you get it all done or your going to get a letter in your file and don't be late after 3 of those you can be fired.very stressful and don't forget about driving 150 to 200 miles every day winter /ice/rain . I co...more
Courier | Topeka, KS | Jan 24, 2019
Great job with cheap benefits and no accountability
I wouldn’t recommend it as a career but for a young person wanting cheap insurance and overtime it’s a great job. If you’re older an want some easy part time work as FO or pickup drivers it’s a great job. But if you have a family and have 25-30 years before retirement I wouldn’t recommend it. Fedex has a problem with enabling slow an lazy couriers and giving their work to the people who already work very hard so that it gets delivered on time. I started as a swing driver and always ran my routes between 105-120% in efficiency. I’d get off two hours before the normal courier and they’d try to make me sweep out trucks to get more hours despite having incredible delivery numbers. In my first route that was mine I was getting off around 3 o’clock when the previous person was around 5. So they added a whole bunch of stuff. I went from 60 stops and 150 miles to 90-110 stops over 200 miles of driving. They changed the Saturday route to a 30-40 stop over 225-250 miles from it’s original 20 stop 100 mile route. I just got off this route and the previous person got it back and what do you know, they changed the Saturday route back to the end at 11 o’clock not 3 o’clock and then they’re having part time people do the stuff she says she can’t do (20-30 stops). You get paid the exact same hourly wage as the lazy people. I loved being a courier but when you’re doing other people’s work and trying to put food on the table for your family and they’re getting minimums and not working it gets ...more
ProsOT and cheap benefits
ConsPaid inadequate compared to the work you put in
Courier | California | Jun 16, 2019
Demanding, regimented, always a high motor environment.
I started working for FedEx Express at Peak Season. (Winter Holidays) with no training and was thrown into the most stressful part of the year. I was also going to school at that time, full-time. Most managers are about hitting their numbers. If they don't, they know the one's who didn't help them get there, regarding their couriers. I wish I was exaggerating, but everything you do is somehow documented by paper or logged, by time and event, into the power pad. I literally mean everything. With a company all about "The World on Time" I guarantee they lose huge minutes in the day (which mean everything about P1's (priority 1 packages) and more)) which then account to hours in the week, which are ultimately added to the lost hours during the month, and managers are all about their numbers mark. If you're willing to be regimented with every step, log every step then this job is the right one for you. Management isn't so great on the go, hard to find one that is. Ironically, the people who ran the stations better, weren't the managers at all, it was the couriers who have been with FedEx since their early 20's and have been with it for 25+ years. The positives are actually great aside from the overall demand the job requires. Amazing pay (if you're moving from minimum wage, no college associates or BA required), 17.95 (CA) for couriers with benefits, paid-vacation, 401K, retirement, all insurances (dental, vision, health) and the discounts (fly, phone, etc). The co-workers...more
Courier Driver | Texas | May 17, 2018
Has its Pros but definitely too many Cons for Couriers
FedEx has really gone down hill since I began working there. I remember a time when I used to love going to work but it changed as soon as I saw two things: favoritism and retaliation by managers. To begin, FedEx does not hire Full-time. And it takes a few years to get a Full-time route. So basically, you start off as a Handler and work your way up. FedEx usually hires 10-12 new employees because during this stage, about half of them quit because they hate to off-load trucks and you get no hours (the sort generally lasts under 2 hours). The remaining are sent to Courier School, where another 1-2 will not pass. Six months later and you and maybe 2 others are now officially a Couriers. You are working 20-25 hours a week. You ask for more hours. This is where you see the favoritism. There are Hour Distribution sign-up sheets that, per Policy, must be adhered to. Yet, management simply use 2 magical words that over-rides any Policy Rule: OPERATIONAL NEEDS. I've worked at 5 different stations around the country and the politics is the same everywhere you go. Everything is based on Seniority (overtime hours, vacation/days-off bidding) but "Operational Needs" will over-ride anything. So don't get on a manager's bad side, especially f you call HR to complain.... otherwise you will see the retaliation! I laugh. when I see that FedEx is ranked "One of the best companies to work for!" Thats BS! FedEx pays for that type of advertisement. One last note... FedEx does nothing for employee m...more
ProsPerks such as Airline discounts
ConsFavortism, Low morale
Forklift Operator | Anchorage, AK | Aug 21, 2019
I looked forward to going there everyday
I am not a morning person but i never had a problem getting to Fedex Express in the early mornings. From the time you punch in you stretch, safety briefing and then went to work. If you need to get in shape for your health go to Fedex Express and within 3 months you cardio health, blood pressure, muscle tone, and overall health will definitely improve. The job is hard but if you can hang in for about a month you will look forward to going to work. I liked that most people pitched in and got your packages on the courier vehicles or on the aircraft so they can leave on time. During the holiday season which is the busy season even the director, upper managers, your contact managers change into their uniforms and unload the packages just like a handler. I admired that alot. I left because as much as i liked the people and atmosphere i felt like some people were groomed for career positions even if they were not the hardest workers. I felt like my applications for certain positions were a formality because they already knew who they wanted for the positions. I was qualified for Many career positions and wanted more than Material Handling as a career. No hard feeling though, Ido wish Fedex Express Management, and Employees the best!!!!🤗 perhaps when i retire and no longer need advancement in my career i may go back for the amazing workout. It was a great start to my days that always put me in a good mood!!! The perks were great too, school tuition, just about anything discounted ...more
Handler | Pennsylvania | Jan 26, 2019
Great for a part time job.
FedEx is a great place for part-time or temporary work. Speaking as a lowly handler, there is room for advancement to make it into a career, but in most cases, it takes time and patience. After about a year, I was offered full-time and more than a few times I was given opportunities to move to different positions. They heavily favor hiring and promotion from within Hours vary throughout the year. Obviously, you have the peak season during the holidays where one can really rack up the hours. During peak there are tons of overtime shifts. Outside of that, the hours can be very random. One month you could have 6 hour work days and the next you would get 4. The sporadic schedule is not a big deal for me but keep it in mind if it is for you. The benefits are quite good and you have multiple benefits options to choose from. Management is very accommodating, although in my experience, managers do not tend to communicate certain things very well. If you pull your weight it makes for great exercise. At airport locations or ramps, working around planes is also fun. To add some negatives. The weather can be miserable at both extremes. It can be quite stressful at times. Especially when your team is understaffed and with a high employee turnover, that happens more often than you would want. You WILL run into folks that do not do their share and it will make the stress of a busy day much worse. Overall, I would absolutely recommend anyone in need of work to give it a try. It's ...more
ProsBenefits, Room for advancement if you are patient
ConsLow hours, can be stressful at times

Questions And Answers about FedEx Express

What advice would you give the CEO of FedEx Express about how to improve it?
Asked Apr 9, 2017
Management is horrible at my station. CEO don’t care if it is horrible because all they care about is packages are being picked up and delivered. Quality people leave because of how a station like mine has WAY too much favorites and discrimination. I never thought FedEx Express would be one of the worse companies I have ever worked for.
Answered Nov 26, 2019
The first thing i would do is bring back the jumpseat priviledge for all employees not just the pilots. The jumpseat priviledge gave fedex express a great bargaining chip when it came to hiring quality had to show you were worth it...second thing i would do is start every new employee in the sort as a package handler in that way supervisors have a way to evaluate their employee's safety habits and be able to trust a person in a a former employee of 4yrs i could tell after a few months who would have accidents and who would be a safe tug driver....based on the way a person worked.
Answered Oct 19, 2019
Do we get benefits working here?
Asked Oct 27, 2016
Yeah, there are "benefits." Get what's left of them while you can. Year over year, FedEx has continued to chip away at the value of its employee benefits. Of course, FedEx's corporate Ministry of Truth will doublespeak tell you that your benefits are "better than ever!" In reality, FedEx employee benefits are rather mediocre compared to other large multinational corporations. And, if you're a full-time courier, plan on spending your vacation time in order to find time to take advantage of many of the other benefits. I'm an old school FedEx courier, with over 30 years of perspective regarding FedEx, and its employee benefits. I can tell you firsthand, the employee benefit package---as with all other things FedEx---are but a shadow of what it used to be. It's a sad shame that the younger FedEx employees will never be able to experiemce the full benefits of the great company to work for that FedEx was at one time. C'est la vie.
Answered Dec 8, 2019
Yes. great medical & dds plans, & a 401k. even for part timers.
Answered May 24, 2019
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at FedEx Express? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Jul 7, 2016
Well I'm thinking from start to finish start maybe about a week or two that would be the application process interviewing the third week maybe background process and drug tests or anything like that early decision of a clear-headed employee that is interviewing and that's the hiring manager accept thing your position
Answered Jun 7, 2019
About 3 weeks. depending on season.
Answered May 24, 2019
What is the best part of working at FedEx Express?
Asked Nov 28, 2019
The commitment to working for a employer always aimed at providing world class service.
Answered Apr 2, 2020
The people and the teamwork. In many cases there is absolutely a family feel between many employees even on different levels.
Answered Mar 27, 2020
If you were in charge, what would you do to make FedEx Express a better place to work?
Asked Oct 28, 2016
1st Buy back FXG 2nd start overnight deliveries, residential only no signature, no businesses at night. It could be done I guaranteed it. 3rd run all driver 0730 to 1930 complete VIR, turn in keys and clock out. All dex 08,03,07 are left on the truck, would process through scanning system via package handlers, get rid of all PM's routes no need for pup routes, after day driver delivery are done, start pups route between 1400 and 1500 return to the warehouse by 1900 everyday. 4th Technolog, technology, technology, is would reduce about 80% of the tracers for CSA and gatekeepers. 5th stop printing time cards and recons, it's a complete waste of paper and money, nationwide you would save about a millions on paper alone. To grow we must make changes. Don't follow UPS, make UPS follow us.
Answered Dec 5, 2019
I would make sure that there was sufficient pay overtime , jump seat privellige and time frame to promote
Answered Dec 1, 2019