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Overall Reviews at FedEx Ground

Package Handler | White Marsh, MD | Feb 4, 2019
Disappointed In The Opportunity
What I thought would be a great job opportunity for myself turned out to be a disappointment mostly because the on boarding process and communication is very poor. Although, the job video on the website highlights an inclusive culture, benefits that include tuition reimbursement and flexibility in schedule, the White Marsh location views recruitment as preying on people's desperation rather than building strong teams and creating a sense of community because they believe they are dealing with an unskilled workforce. I was offered the opportunity to interview which I did. The interviewer said I did well and asked about my availability. I indicated that I was in school and can only work the shift starting at 5 PM. She indicated there is a waiting list for that shift and my name will be added to it. The next day, I receive an email for my availability for orientation for the 3 AM shift. I promptly reach out to the recruiter and explained that I can only do the 5 PM shift because I am enrolled in school. She indicated again there is a waiting list for that shift but my name was added and there was only one other person ahead of me. I received 2 more emails, one to complete documentation and another for my orientation date and time. On the day of orientation, I showed up excited and ready to learn more about the company. When it was time to confirm the schedule, I was informed that the shift I was being hired for was 3 AM and I had to take it or leave it. I explained th...more
Package Handler | Portland, OR | Oct 26, 2019
Lazy managers, extremely stressful environment
At FedEx Ground you may be paid a decently competitive wage compared to other jobs in the area, but the catch is you'll be worked like a robotic forklift. They expect you to lift dozens of 70-150 pound packages mostly by yourself: they like to talk up "team lifts" but make it pretty clear to you by their actions/demeanor that they expect you to handle it on your own 98% of the time. You get yelled at for not walking fast enough at the end of long days where most people are barely even able to stand up anymore from exhaustion. The warehouses have ventilation to let in cool air in the mornings but they only adapt the temperatures to whatever the managers/maintenance, who just stand around all day with jackets or t-shirts or whatever is appropriate on all day. I walked out in the middle of a shift because the humidity and heat were intolerable. I just looked at the next round of heavy and ridiculously shaped packages they expected me to lift on my own, and decided being without a home was legitimately better than giving up 8-9 hours a day of years of my life to this job with nowhere to move up unless I wanted to be some pencil-pushing drone who threatens lower employees for a living. If it comes down to that. I had enough money to walk out and live on my own for a while, but I would have done just the same if walking out meant being without a home the same day. They became increasingly inflexible on hours, and tried to shame me for having a medical emergency and leavin...more
Package Handler | Farmington, NY | Oct 17, 2018
Only work here you're desperate and have nothing else
I went to work here because I liked the early morning hours, it was a part time job that would work with my family life and I was told advancement was guaranteed if you stayed on long enough. This place is always hiring and usually if somewhere is always hiring, people are not finding enough reasons to want to stay. I went in anyways thinking I would form my own opinions and I sure did! The initial manager I worked with was a cool guy and I didn't have many issues with him. I ended up getting sent to work with a different manager that flat told me, "we k*** our selves every day for the job". This was the running joke around here. Because they couldn't keep people who wanted to do the strenuous physical aspect of the job, it feel on the few employees they did have to take on the load. Most days if you asked for help the answer was, "there is no one". There were no breaks during your 4 or so hour shift. you hardly had time to take a sip of water. I was expected to lift furniture, TVs, Fridges, 50+lb bags of dog food in boxes that were falling apart, by myself everyday because there was no one to help. You work 5 days a week which wouldn't be so bad if you weren't physically exhausted by the end of it. I was so exhausted from how hard I was pushed, that I was falling asleep on the floor with my little one while I was suppose to be taking care of her. It was a part time job with full time+++ exhaustion. What did it for me was I asked for help and one of the managers on the line w...more
ProsFree Gatorade most of the time
ConsEverything else
Package Handler | Bedford Park, IL | Aug 18, 2018
Hard, Stressful and Tiring
I worked there for about a month before I decided to throw in the towel. It was very hard for me because the managers and everyone depended on you individually to fill a truck and not be behind at all times. They expect you to be at a 300-350 load rate after the third week or so.. it’s very hard to reach that peak of load rate because the way they have you load trucks doesn’t allow you to load that fast. The belly (bottom of the trucks) takes longer to load as all the packages do not get down to you as there are many jams, etc so you have to get up climb out of the bottom and stop the jam that constantly happens throughout the sort... it’s very annoying when you are trying to do your work at a fast pace. The management there isn’t the best but they are understanding and aren’t rude or anything. If you need to take a day off you have three per calendar month. The pay was too low for the amount of work they had you do yourself. I would understand the pay if they had you with a partner in the truck but they don’t. They’re under staffed so hence the high turn over rate in this company. It’s because they put too much onto your back to handle. Another thing is the body pain you will go through. It’s not worth it for this pay. You will be sore and won’t feel like going the next day. Sure the first couple of weeks will be alright but soon enough they’ll depend on you to do it all on your own. You will feel like you’re working 45+ hour weeks but in reality it’s 20-22 a week. For what ...more
Package Handler | San Antonio, TX | Jan 31, 2019
Has its good/bad moments.
A typical day for me on the unload side was to unload boxes from trailers, heavy and lightweight, working by yourself or with someone else. Sometimes I'd help in what's called "smalls", clear bags full of tiny boxes/envelopes or bags of clothes from various retailers, scanning each "small" and putting them in color coordinated, numbered bins. Pros: no dress code, no customers, weekly pay, dental/medical/vision benefits, paid vacation, managers provide snacks for us and there's vending machines, sometimes management would hand out gatorade or Mcdonald's for us or barbeque for us or breakfast consisting of bacon/pancakes/eggs, etc, we can also pick up packages early if they go through FedEx ground without waiting for them to be delivered. We can also get up to $1,500 in college tuition! Cons: never knowing when exactly you're getting out (latest I've stayed was 'til 9 am ish if there's a huge load), managers saying we might be done but then another trailer comes at the last minute, females not being held to the same standards as male co-workers in that they don't have to unload or do other tasks required for the job despite managers constantly reminding us that we're all expected to do the tasks needed. Many of them quit, but some (but not all) who stay expect the men to fulfill the tasks the girls themselves were told to do by managers. The scanners break down/printers jam which slows down the work process, whoever is in charge of these things seriously needs to invest in ne...more
ProsWeekly pay, paid vacation, managers buy food for us, up to $1, 500 in college tuition, medical/dental/vision benefits, picking packages up early, fun co workers, etc.
ConsPrinters jamming and scanners freezing, trailers coming at last minute, waking up super early can get a tad bit irritating haha.
Package Handler | Kennesaw, GA | May 17, 2019
Don't Do It To Yourself
I would not recommend this job to anyone. I've been with this company for 2 in a half years too long for a life time. You will be sore and miserable doing hours of labor work in a dusty unsanitary environment. nothing worth bragging about & they would hire anyone because they can't keep anyone. All they worry about is reaching a set of numbers for the day. Your well being will be put aside (unless your actually blessed with decent managers) -- which is rare when ever you take a look at the managers over those rare good ones. it would be greatly advised for you to seek employment elsewhere. It is moving boxes left to right, Nothing mentally stimulating about it. Just you against some imaginary clock and number goal they just pull out of a hat and wing around as if nothing else is acceptable. & yes you are going to come up with a million and one things that you may want to recommend to management although the high physical demand of the job leaves little room for any innovation. How it was 20 years ago is relatively how it is now - If you want to come in, and just throw your body to the trenches for afew hours and leave everyday with a simple check by the end of the week, than go for it. Upside is that it is easy to be promoted,,, No matter what type of worker you are.... Just show up on time everyday and you can become (anything) - when you take a look at everyone in a management position before you, You will see what I mean when clearly, quality doesn't acco...more
ProsBenefits, Paid Weekly
ConsEverything Else
Package Handler | Henderson, NV | Apr 25, 2019
Fast paced,terrible management , good benefits, favoritism, overworked , unfair to some employees
I work at FedEx . I work extremely hard on the van lines as a package handler . I work hard for them. My current manager is horrible and selfish . He will make me do so much work on vanlines then send me to another stressful work side called load side that I don’t like working at. He’s always usually only sends me. Makes no sense cause I break my back for them.i have another job I have to work darling in the morning. They don’t care . Favoritism here is bad. They lie a lot. My current manager is selfish and does not care about most of his employees. He is only worried about making himself good. I have lost some motivation since he’s here and now dread going to work. Before everything was good until this 25 year old millennial manager came over. I dislike working here now. People are quoting left and right now. They are making people work to hard. The workers that never show up and don’t works as hard are treated better. One time after I worked hard they said I had to go to load side which I hate. I said I can’t go this time, only time I asked . I said I had to wake up early works and someone died in my family. I said can you send someone else. They stood there and said nothing . How cold and selfish . They could have easily sent someone else. Terrible management . Although there is 2 managers here that are great ! They care about the employees. I don’t recommend this unless you like to work hard and need amazing benefits and have no other options . This place is basically ran...more
ProsGood benefits, most employees are cool. Not many pros
ConsShort breaks, favoritism, not fair to employees, managers are to young kid immature, overworked, unappreciative, only care about speed, some managers are very dumb and annoying, load side is loaded with negativity and fights
Delivery Driver | Fort Myers, FL | Mar 28, 2019
Feels good to be free
The only good thing about the job was working alone. That is ALL. Now for the bad. You are not employed through FedEx, you are contracted. So if you’re contractor calls quits for whatever reason you are out of a job. Just saying. The job is a joke.. Contractors try and butter you up during the interview by saying “you’ll have your own schedule, can be home as early as 2:00PM if you hustle and hard work gets recognized with raises.” One word people = HOGWASH. True hard workers get punished by being given more work. The harder you work the more you will take and if you are SLOW for whatever reason. Guess what? They got the slick slow drivers stamped with pick ups till as late as 7PM. So in the end, you’re never getting home early or on time. Expect to work from 8-8 cause that’s how they set people up. Especially with SUPER late dispatches. You think you’re leaving when you arrive like it was back in the day at 8:00AM? Guess what, you won’t. You gotta wait for that “late truck” and dispatch at 10-11AM. Which means you’ll get back even later; ESPECIALLY since you’ll be taking extra packages as well. In reality you’ll be at your first stop at almost 11AM. All cause the FedEx supervisor wants to make warehouse numbers look good for the big wigs. To top off the bad it’s not all “regular” boxes. Oh no. That’s too easy. Be expected to carry up to 200 pounds and over. They take what comes through and they do not weigh it. Fedex just wants the money. I’ve taken 2-3 ...more
ProsWorking alone
ConsEverything aside working alone. It’s horrible.
Package Handler | Cocoa, FL | Nov 28, 2019
Okay job, upsides and downsides
I was hired on at 4 days a week, shortly after being hired it was considered "busy season" so all employees are working a mandatory 6 day work week. There was no mention of that during the interview process, and unfortunately I couldnt work 6 days a week due to having a baby at home and nobody to watch her 6 days a week at 2am. Since it is mandatory, I was unable to continue employment at FedEx. Most managers and other employees were friendly, encouraging, helpful, etc. but there were a couple that were rude. One lady referred to me as a "terminal employee" (whether I am or not isn't the problem) in a snobby manner after someone introduced her to me and told her I deserved a raise for working so hard and doing a good job. She clearly didnt care about me as an employee and certainly not as a person. Those kinds of people make it difficult for me to want to work in an environment with them. Actual work load is very labor intensive, I wasn't employed for very long before having back pains, knee pains, etc. but it's just part of the job. At least while I was there, they were extremely understaffed, so the workload seemed twice as hard as what it really should have been, that being said..the stress and pain of the job was not worth the pay. I'm sure it would have been different had they had an appropriate amount of workers. I understand that sometimes they cant help how busy things are, but some days there would be boxes EVERYWHERE, falling off the belt, all over the floor, piled ...more
Package Handler | Orlando, FL | Mar 27, 2019
Treated as slaves
It is a very physical, fast paced and demanding job. When I started I had zero training, basically learned everything I know asking around. I work the pre load shift, after midnight hours, the start times vary every single day. Once they see you work fast, they will drain you, oh but wait, don't you dare get hurt, cause you will be treated as a nuisance. Even with workers comp doctor's light duty restrictions they will NOT accomodate and will keep you working full duty. Very busy, always short staffed, no help, only when you are drowning in boxes they may send someone to help for like 5 minutes. There are belt managers who shout at you like a drill Sargents, others refuse to ask for help to relieve pressure from the direct hits, resultingin overworked staff and constant turnover. The communication is terrible, most of the time there is zero communication, basically working blind. Advancement opportunities are only if you are friends with management or if you are pretty and flirt with them. Most days you work 8 plus hours, ZERO BREAKS, if they see you sit for a second, because you finally had a chance to breathe, they will send you somewhere else to continue working, there is absolutely no sitting down. When you go to HR to ask questions the usually are clueless and end up referring you to your manager for answers. The drivers are arrogant contractors, they will speak to you in a demeaning way and demand to load their truck one way, then you will get in trouble with manageme...more
ProsPhysical work will kerp you in shape
ConsEverything else.

Questions And Answers about FedEx Ground

If you were in charge, what would you do to make FedEx Ground a better place to work?
Asked Feb 8, 2018
I think I would develop a points reward system for a job well done.
Answered Apr 3, 2020
Appreciate the hard work my workers put in
Answered Apr 2, 2020
Do you work Saturdays and Sundays?
Asked Jan 4, 2017
Yes, 7 day work week
Answered Jan 21, 2020
The days you typically work are Monday through Friday, but when peak season arrives (November & December), you will be required to work one weekend day. It could be Saturday or it could be Sunday. At that time, you will be working six days a week, and overtime is usually available.
Answered Jan 18, 2020
How long is a typical shift as a package handler and normal hours? Anyone?
Asked Nov 29, 2016
2 hours in the location I was in.
Answered Mar 7, 2020
As a part-time employee, my usual shift is the Day Shift, 8 am to 11:30 am (3.5 hours) per day. If we are not busy, we are sent home. Sometimes that happens after being there only an hour or less. There are other shifts as well. During peak (November and December) my scheduled time was 6am to 11:30 am (5.5 hours) and many days I was asked to satat 30 minutes later. During peak we also had to work one weekend day. I worked Sunday from 9am to 1pm.
Answered Jan 18, 2020
What is the starting hourly pay for part time package handlers?
Asked Feb 5, 2017
Package handlers for FedEx ground in Kernersville NC pay is starting at $12.90 per hour.
Answered Mar 13, 2020
14-14.50 Twinsburg OH
Answered Feb 27, 2020
What is the best part of working at FedEx Ground?
Asked Nov 22, 2019
It’s a workout everyday, and the people are great to work around.
Answered Apr 3, 2020
Going home to your family who appreciates you
Answered Apr 2, 2020