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Stocking Associate | Hagerstown, MD | May 29, 2018
Food Lion Review
A typical day at work would depend on if it was a truck day or not. Truck days were typical in that you would show up, after you checked your milk and egg levels, you'd break down the truck, run your holes first, then the rest. Same was how frozen department was ran, you'd check the ice chests, then get to work on your truck. Then when freight was finished, you'd front up your department and if time was left, run some backstock and replenish. Off truck days you did your orders for the following day's truck, you ran your backstock, you replenished, you fronted your department, then, more often than not, you'd go over to grocery and help out with their truck. What I learned was how to manage my time as efficiently as possible, thus allowing to get all things done without much hassle. Also multi-tasking so responsibilities can be completed while assisting customers, as they come first, and giving top customer service. Management would depend on the manager. Never got the gist of how things really ran from the top beyond the Store Manager. Since Food Lion tended to rotate out their store managers every 2 years or so to other stores, it would depend on who you got. Workplace culture, I suppose, was pretty loose. Inclusive. They tried to make you feel like you're part of a team. Hardest part of the job was probably learning the ebbs and flows of ordering and what to order more of or not. Once you learned what your sellers were and what didn't you could keep your...more
ProsThings are pretty straight forward. Regular customers are great.
ConsPay isn't the best. Sometimes communication isn't the greatest.
Stocker | Henderson, NC | Nov 26, 2018
Don't trust them
I am writing this review to warn anyone who likes to work hard and help to improve the company they work for. I worked with food lion for 5 and a half years and went through various challenges along the way. During my last year and a half i worked as Head Stocker, in the head stocker role i have no power to punish, write up or discipline in anyway a missperforming associate. When running into issues that slowed down team work I always tried to communicate it to my superiors but no actions were taken to discipline or improve work functions. However on 2 occasions I found myself being wrote up due to the performance of the crew anyway. During my last 5 months stress was sky high because we were moving into holiday time with inexperienced workers and one worker who would continuously miss days, be insubordinate and even fall asleep on the clock. Video evidence was even handed to management and yet eventually my stress lead to an attittude which lead to me being fired. Here we are a few weeks later and I have just received a check in the mail for my unused vacation hours, little did I know that because I did not know how to and had never checked an online pay stub I had been lied to for the past year and a half. My agreed upon wage when taking the position was to be $10.50/hr, I was making $8.63. Turns out that yes, even though I put in constant work, upwards of 15 and a half hour shifts and took blame for the other stockers lack of speed, I was actually making less money...more
ConsInconsistent hours, Untrustworthy Management, Bad Communication
Cashier | Angier, NC | Feb 11, 2019
Worst Job I Ever Had
Sure, this place is good if you need quick money or just a job until you hear back from that internship or that better job (like 3-6 months max.) but staying here any longer is sickening. The people who have worked at this location for years and are heartless and uncaring for their coworkers and the customers and after a few months of working here, you will feel the same, too. People leave left and right in groups, at one point, about 9 people had quit at one time. The job itself is so easy and tedious but they expect you to bend over backwards and forwards sideways for these customers and for this company where you get no discounts and get verbally abused by every supervisor. The only reason the majority of the employees are still there is because they are trying to find ANY other job and don't want to be without money. Your accomplishments don't matter and aren't rewarded unless you're best friends with the manager. People will gossip about you, and not just regular high school gossip, they will people extremely catty and two-faced and spread CONFIDENTIAL information across the store and talk down about their "favorite employees." Several times, I have wanted to just walk out because you go through way too much bullying from the supervisors and they expect you to be robotic. They treat you like the gum underneath their shoes and wonder why so many people quit or why people always call out or why nobody wants to cover a shift. It got to the point where I ignored their calls ...more
Prosconsistent hours, paycheck
Consliterally everything else
Overnight Closer | Grandy, NC | Nov 8, 2018
great start to a not-so great end
the job started out amazing. the customers were different. i hope it was just the area. over time i got used to the store and how it was ran. i am a very orderly person. and if i know something is wrong i will try and fix it even if no one else would. which is probably the start of my downfall. after a while i belie that other associates would leave items for me to pick up or clean just to please the manager.after a while knowing i could do more and asked to do more things.i wanted to be an office associate. and after watching associates that had only been there a month or so get that position while i am trying to show my worth months. i started to enjoy my job less and less. after about a year and a half. i was promoted to what the store called a " customer lead". personally the position is almost a waste. i was responsible for way more things. on top of that completely pleasing the whims of the customers. which most of which didn't like... at all. originally i didn't like nor wanted that position. but after enough talking with the managers and other associates, i took the position. but now i personally regret it, i feel like i got the work that the managers didn't want to, and cashiers shouldn't do. was given to me. now i personally want to leave. the store has began cutting hours again and i either have 2 choices. get a second job, or quit and look elsewhere. through this entire experience i learned a lot about different people and how they reacted to different experien...more
Proscustomer relations
Consno healthcare, customer relations, hour adjusting
Front End Associate | North Carolina | Sep 27, 2018
Unfair Employer, In My Experience
I was a Front-End Department Supervisor, I was over all of the associates and assisted my direct Manager with ALL cash accounting and inventory procedures (including lottery and western union and more) in the store. I was the highest performing in my position. I worked at 3 different locations, and had a very different experience at each one. I noticed the main difference between stores were the management teams, and how much they affected the employees underneath them. There was only one store that I worked at where I thoroughly enjoyed my position, and it was all because of the effective management team at that location. I felt my treatment was unfair at 2 out of 3 stores, and it made me think it wasn't how hard I worked but who knew who within the company that made me not want to be there any longer... on top of that, it became very stressful being one of two team members trained for my position thoroughly. It was a comfortable place when I was just starting, but became more and more unbearable as I moved up the ladder, with way less payoff than I felt I deserved. We were told not to discuss pay, but people talk regardless... some were being hired in at more money than me starting off (and in a lower position) and I was only there for 3 years (being the highest performing one in my position at that). Let's be honest, everybody thinks they are worth more money... but there is a line between wanting more, and needing more... I just found out so many things after a few years ...more
ProsFairly simple (if adequately trained)
ConsUnfair pay rate, poor management teams, the list could go on for ages...
Assistant Manager | Severna Park, MD | Apr 6, 2018
Great company to grow with
Responsible for the overall operation of the store during absence of Store Manager, including store performance, control of cash, inventory and security, customer services, and management of staff. Provide excellent customer service to internal and external customers; promptly handle customer concerns. Managed staff of 120 sales associates and 5 team leaders. Plan and prepare work schedules and assign employees specific duties to best meet the needs of the store. Supervise subordinate staff; manage staff issues, department managers, customer complaints, community relations and compliance with store policies. Monitor merchandise displays and advertising copies making sure that products are in a manner to maintain in-stock conditions. Perform sales work, inventories, reconcile cash with receipts, maintain operations records and/or daily records of transactions. Make recommendations to Store Manager regarding new hires, terminations, promotions, or demotion of associates to achieve the vision of the company. Accountable for P&L, inventory, sales promotions, and merchandising. Maintain solid communications with the management team, all associates in the store and throughout the organization. Order merchandise or prepare requisitions to replenish merchandise on-hand; maintain close liaison with vendors regarding products being ordered. Guarantee compliance with legal requirements and company policies and procedures, including check cashing, security, safety, ...more
Prosroom for advancement
Consforever changing
Cashier | Stevensville, MD | May 22, 2019
Very stressful, not paid enough for the stress it gives.
I got to be a cashier at food lion for my first job. I thought it would all be simple and easy. You just scan and bag customers items, right? Wrong. The customers were horrible. One lady, not old whatsoever, yelled at me and complained to the manager that I wasnt putting all her groceries in the cart.. as I was scanning and bagging the items. The customers are all so entitled. I expected rude people because its retail, but it blew my mind. The constant bending down to lift heavy objects because customers were too lazy to lift it themselves wasnt what I thought I would have to do, as I dont have the best body. Soon after this, my hours got cut SIGNIFICANTLY, only working one 4 hour shift a week if even that. I thought maybe it was because they had just hired a ton of new people and didnt have enough shifts. Ok.. i could handle all this.. its ok.. ..then the manager gets replaced. Soon after I quit. She always had this air of her thinking she was better than everyone else, and none of the employees liked her. Just being around her spiked my anxiety. If you have a strong mental state, strong body, and are very desperate, maybe this is a place for you. But this has scarred me from being a cashier anywhere else. I do have to say thank you to the previous manager before she quit. I could truly tell she cared about her employees. One day I had a panic attack for no apparent reason, and she took me into her office and bought me a Gatorade and just tried to calm me d...more
ProsMinors get 45 min lunch break, 15 min break
ConsLow pay, cut hours, rude customers, getting carts in extremely hot/cold weather
Store Manager | North Carolina | Mar 14, 2019
Mixed Feelings
With the company for many years. Moved up fast because I could think on my feet and worked hard. Sadly, once you get to the level of Store Manager, there is no more room for advancement beyond filling out a form that gets filed away, nothing is being done. Director Level Mangement is still old school in the fact that they all prefer the good ol' boys club of corn-fed, white-bread, country boys of which I was not. 'Diversity and Inclusion' only applies to store level employees and corporate associates, not operational upper management but it was something I loved to celebrate. Sadly, hours for training associates is not given so most find themselves in a sink or swim situation. Managing hours is a constant struggle to squeeze blood out of a stone. To be fair, the pay was outstanding and the benefits were great. Just be prepared to answer your phone at any time, day or night, and be at your store within minutes. Long hours are to be expected. Days off will be frowned upon. The best thing was the people that worked for me. They would go to the ends of the earth to move mountains. Poor upper-level management left me disengaged and lack of opportunities for growth ultimately caused me to make the difficult decision to leave despite the pay and benefits. I truly loved working there because of the fast pace, the constant creative problem-solving challenges, and the people that worked for me, but I left the company for another that offers a clear career path beyond Store Manager rol...more
ProsPay, Benefits, People
ConsLeadership, Work/Life Balance, Lack of Opportunity
Sales Associate | Sanford, NC | Aug 25, 2019
a struggle
Treatment was terrible, felt like an inmate serving time while i was there. I only kept going back because the customers were very nice and co-workers were supportive. No benefits, No room for advancement and tons of favoritism. HR laughs at inquiries and ignores you, no one ever takes you seriously. No job security, seniority has no benefits, pretty much a dead end job. Always getting yelled at for things you can fix or for things that can be fixed. Getting yelled at for trying to help out. Working there, your higher ups made you feel like an idiot and that you didn't know how to do your job regardless of how many years you worked there. Working here has left me feeling insecure, like gum stuck to the bottom of a shoe. Self esteem completely sucked out the window. Be expected to train new employees yourself, instead of higher ups taking the time to. Forget asking for time off or getting sick, you get teased around like a dog toy in any way possible. They dock your hours per week or schedule you crazy hours when you return as punishment (you notice the patterns). I felt like the biggest joke. I became heavily embarrassed even wearing the uniform in public and changed as soon as i got off the clock. You have to buy your uniforms by the way, 25 dollars a shirt and strict dress code, no substitutions. When applying here, remember, you will never be a priority, the customer is always right and be prepared to sell your soul. I would never recommend anyone working here. Flat out a...more
Cashier/Stocker | Chester, VA | Aug 15, 2018
Disorganized, fast-paced
A typical day at work included balancing 2-3 different job positions at the will of the manager on duty. In my time working there, I learned how to handle overloads of work and how to compensate for lack of appropriate staffing while maintaining my own job title. Workplace culture was inconsistent, managers did not agree with one another and would have employees perform tasks contrary to what others would deem acceptable. The most difficult part of working at food lion was adjusting to never having consistent hours; some weeks I would have less than 10 hours, others hours would be bordering full-time. I enjoyed having the variety in job expectations, however the reason that came to be was seemingly through managements lack of timely-hiring of new individuals to take the place of others whom had left due to workload-stress. Throughout working with Food Lion, I grew in ability to be productive in stressful environments, and in valuing my own wellbeing in a respectful and professional manner. After finding a new job and turning in my two-week notice, I discovered through a co-worker, that I had been fired a week and a half prior to being promised more hours by the same manager who had "fired" me. Though I never confirmed the validity of that statement, it would explain why I had not been given hours in my last two weeks with the company. This was two years ago, environment could very well have improved since, but this was my experience.

Questions And Answers about Food Lion

How are the working hours at Food Lion?
Asked Jun 29, 2016
8-12 here I am a morning QA they where nice and pushed back from 7 too 8 because I get my kids on the bus in the morning.
Answered Oct 27, 2019
Really depends on what position you're in and the business at your store. Fall and winter time are the busiest especially around holidays. Typically, your shift is between 4-8 hours and you'll work no more than 40 hours a week, ever.
Answered Aug 23, 2019
what breaks do cashiers get
Asked Mar 24, 2016
The store I worked at if there were enough people you'd get at 10min break and a 30 min lunch. If you worked in the office . Good luck with getting a lunch break of you were short handed. Managers did not like running the front end
Answered Mar 1, 2020
At the food lion, I work at we do not get breaks at all. If we work a 6-9 hour shift we do get a 30 min lunch, but a break is something we do not get.
Answered Jan 21, 2020
Do you get paid weekly or bi weekly
Asked Sep 5, 2016
It’s Bi weekly
Answered Nov 12, 2018
Paychecks come bi-weekly.
Answered Aug 15, 2018
Why did you leave your job at Food Lion?
Asked Mar 15, 2017
I worked there for 12 years and when I left I only made $3 more than when I first started.
Answered Mar 1, 2020
Was working 11-14hr shifts was told during training I wasn't being paid off percentage but after 2weeks with overtime I got 930 like what I made more than this weedwacking I wasn't given proper training 13 out of 15 that got hired on same orientation were gone within a month when I spoke with supervisors only 1 seemed to care and agreed with me the others basically said take it or leave it PEACE I make 18hr on forklift all day in Pennsylvania
Answered May 24, 2019
Does Food Lion drug test?
Asked Apr 18, 2017
They do at the warehouse but not at the stores.
Answered Aug 23, 2019
No. Food Lion no longer does pre-employment screenings and does not random drug test. Only instances of drug testing are worker's comp cases or managers suspect you are coming to work under the influence of something.
Answered Mar 14, 2019