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Foot Locker
Foot Locker
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3.7Work-Life Balance
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330 W. 34th St. New York NY, United States 10001
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250 Salaries reported
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Store Manager
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Retail Sales Associate
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Overall Reviews at Foot Locker

Team Supervisor | Oshkosh, WI | May 16, 2018
Entry level job
This is it, the most basic service job besides drive thru at McDonald's. A good way to build your resume for the job you really want. Flexible hours too.
Customer Service Associate / Cashier | Modesto, CA | May 16, 2019
Very slow paced and bad hours.
This place didn’t give me hours also management was bad. I wouldn’t recommend to anyone only bc I didn’t have a great experience here. Also it’s full of drama and unfairness.
Customer Service/Sales Representative | St Thomas, VI | Apr 15, 2018
Same as working for champs. However this was my first job basically but they are the same company. Loved working here because this is where I learn more about retail
Cashier/Sales | San Leandro, CA | Jun 20, 2019
A typical work day at Footlocker was slow paced also sometimes fast paced. Not many hours are given to part-time associates. Kids Footlocker is a fun place to work especially if you enjoy working with others. Something I actually enjoyed the most was meeting new people.
Customer Service Representative | King of Prussia, PA | Apr 9, 2018
good job
I enjoyed working here in highschool, but once I started living on my own it did not pay enough and also you never knew how much money you could really make since it was based off commission.
Sales Associate | Santa Rosa, CA | Apr 6, 2018
Competitive place to work as well as interesting.
A day at footlocker is a fun and competitive place between you and your co workers. Being a manager of a location was rewarding and helpful in reality knowing what people or loved needed for comfort in their everyday. Great training and always something to do.
ProsTeaches persuasivness
Consshort breaks
Sales Assistant | Baton Rouge, LA | Sep 19, 2018
Good company to work for .
Footlocker is great company to work for . I was able to become a member of management after 4 years of working part time at the age of 20. Only complaint I have is they should have a tenure based pay schedule . After working for your company 6+ years I shouldn't be getting paid minimum wage plus commission.
Consshort breaks, low compensation.
Bilingual Customer Service Associate | Wausau, WI | Jul 22, 2018
social and fun job
This job is a fun enviorment loved working with th people around me Love the supervisers they care for what you need loved the cook outs and team effort
Assistant Store Manager | Albuquerque, NM | Dec 9, 2019
Average work place
If working in Division 3 good luck getting anywhere beyond the position you were hired for and it seems to me like no one lasts very long there. They expect the most out of you but hardly provide the tools needed.
Sales Associate | Tallahassee, FL | Dec 2, 2019
i love terry. i do not have to explain another job i did not get from indeed so why are they asking me to do this. why do you guys keep asking me to do this not cool

Questions And Answers about Foot Locker

Do you have to know a lot about shoes to work here ?
Asked Jun 13, 2016
Yes, because its a good thing to know what kind of shoes there are so that when you sell them or it to the customers you can tell them everything that they need to know about the kind of shoes that their buying.
Answered Jan 5, 2019
No, not really. But if your a sneaker head than, Yes. If I have to, then I will
Answered Jan 5, 2019
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Foot Locker?
Asked Feb 11, 2017
Just be yourself and wear proper clothing.
Answered Jun 4, 2019
Be yourself and show that u have good customer service
Answered Mar 21, 2019
What age do you have to be?
Asked Apr 29, 2016
17 or older
Answered May 9, 2019
16 years old and/or older- 21 years old and up.
Answered Jan 5, 2019
How would you describe the pace of work at Foot Locker?
Asked Feb 20, 2017
Depends on season.
Answered Aug 4, 2019
Easy fast and fun
Answered Dec 15, 2018
How are the working hours at Foot Locker?
Asked Feb 15, 2017
If you are part-time, it was dependent on how much you sold, you sell more, you get more hours. Full-time was about 40 hours per week.
Answered Jan 10, 2019
Great hours and very flexible as well
Answered Jan 10, 2019