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Overall Reviews at Forever 21

Sales Associate | Carson, CA | Oct 30, 2018
Unstable workplace. Sales Associates: Endure for quick money, leave to find better.
telltale sign from the start. In retrospect, interviews were hastily conducted. 2 questions asked & we were told to report to "orientation" which was no more than signing contracts. New hires myself included were young, naive & unqualified. It didn't matter--Management was mass hiring people to set up the store, knowing that many of us would quit soon. This F21 had yet to open for business. Pallets upon pallets of merchandise forklifted in. For a week, we cut these open by the box, carried & moved these as contractors were nearby on 9ft ladders with power tools. we also assembled display fixtures. pretty rushed. Working shift - greet customers; refold mess then look to refold another mess; repetitively loud pop music; slow hours; dodge any confrontational ppl with a smile. honest job duties: uphold constant customer hospitality while you juggle the rough relations between coworkers/managers. Your reward is minimum wage. Welcome to retail, have fun. Workplace culture - lack of unity. there are friendly workers but little time to interact (10mins break). Formality aside-- there are some straight up issues here-- we had a manager who'd power trip on & off, just reach for any opportunity to scold & shame then pass it off as constructive direction at times trying to turn us sales reps against each other--1 bad sneaky apple in the bunch. HR doesn't help. the advantage is uncomfortable. Forever21 as a company - the best you can do is search for whether all associates ha...more
Proshours given + ot, near a mrs.fields, cookie shop wasthe best part thats how sad this f21 is so this Pro just cancelled itself
Consshort breaks, managers w/ little confidence in each other, toxic attitudes, repellant for loyal employees
Retail Sales Associate | Manhattan, NY | Nov 18, 2019
fun and good experience at f21
- I would clock in and go to the manager that hired me so they can be able to tell me where to go and what to do for the day. I would do that and help customers and do my job how I'm supposed to. - I learned how I have to say something to managers when I have a problem or difficulty with something or a customer. learned how to be patient, learned how to fold certain clothes the correct way. learned how to deal with money when I was on the cash register. - Management was good but not all that perfect, some of the managers would tell me to do one thing at a section and then another one would come to me to tell me to do something else on a whole different floor. so I would be confused, they weren't really good at communication and agreeing with things but they always made sure they got whatever they needed to do done, they were friendly art respectful to me at all times, and they taught me a few things. - The culture was great, everyone would get along, there were no racist thoughts or problems that happened, everyone was comfortable with their own skin and everyone else's. - The hardest part of the job washing to stand on your feet all day and not really being able to sit down when you needed to because it would always busy, there wasn't really that much free time for a break but your lunch break. also, the customers are great but another hard thing was the rude, disrespectful customers that would scream, curse, throw things, etc.because things didn't go their way or si...more
Sales Associate | Rochester, NY | Aug 4, 2019
Worst job ever.
DO NOT WORK AT THE GREECE RIDGE MALL LOCATION. At first, I was super excited to work here. Any person lucky enough to work at their favorite store, I was very eager to get started. All of that excitement and happiness quickly turned into resentment and sadness every time I went to work. Management for one is completely organized and dysfunctional. The store manager we have now, I have no idea how she even got the title. I have never been ran by a more idiotic, selfish person who has driven this store into the ground. She recently just promoted a stock kid with no experience in management whatsoever, to a management position and I can guarantee you she did it because she has a crush she knows she cannot act upon. She has no regard for any of her employee's availability. You could tell her you can't work Tuesdays and Sundays because of your other job and here she goes scheduling you a full day of work on both of those days and telling you that you HAVE to work, even though you have told her and written to her about your availability days in advance. I went to school and she would work my butt off during both of my semesters, but here comes summertime, and she cut my hours terribly. You would think it would be the opposite since I have more time on my hands during the summer, but I probably received maybe two short four hour shifts each week. She gives her favorites and new employees all of the hours, even though they end up calling off and eventually quitting (our turnover rate...more
Stocking Associate | Massachusetts | May 25, 2019
Not worth it
My experience with F21 was ridiculous. When i was first hired I never worked in the store because I was laid off before I could start because corporate was having the store renovated. You’d think with something this big they would know ahead of time and freeze all hiring right? Anyway, I went and got another job and later heard from the manager that they were reopening and we would need to apply again if we wanted to work there. I thought on it and asked her if she was going to give me enough hours to make it worth my time. She promised me as many hours as I wanted and possibly a leadership position so I agreed to leave my job and go to them. The store opening was fine and things were great at first but once the NSO activity died down it was apparent the business wasn’t making enough to justify the renovation and they were panicking. They started to pressure employees to get customers to sign up for credit cards and if they didn’t perform they wouldn’t get the hours. For me personally I worked as a stock associate so I didn’t have to deal with that part but I was often rushed to finish shipping as fast as possible which led to multiple injuries on a regular basis. I never did get that leadership position and my hours were a joke, maybe 15 a week at best. As an adult with bills to pay this was not realistic but I stayed because I did like the manager until recently, Being in the back stock room I saw a lot of the behind the scenes drama of the managers gossiping about other em...more
ProsFun at first, stock keeps you away from customers, some of the clothes are cool
ConsDrama, pressure to get credit card applications, low pay, frequent injuries in the stock room, managers are liars
Sales Associate | Illinois | Jun 27, 2019
Amazing people, hours based on your availability and credit cards.
I stayed there for 2 years and didn’t get a raise even though I brought it up to every store/co management that came to that location. The management I worked with were so rude and would tell lies to the store manager to get me in trouble. Couldn’t call off and when I would try to no one would answer the phone on purpose to increase the amount of points I would receive. I got promoted and was expecting a training and then they tried to demote because “ I wasn’t good enough”. My managers would talk about me and my co worker friends to other employees and blame me for their sales not doing well because they didn’t want to get in trouble. I was also yelled at for doing accessories but I never got to pick between accessories and apparel. I always came in with a positive vibe of lets get as much done as we can. Everyday I would come in and say good morning to every single person. I would report to my management “ hey,I’m on the clock. What do you need help with?” But that manager told the store manager a lie of me coming in and always having an attitude and rolling my eyes at her. There is so much that went wrong in this place especially the fact that my coworker was pregnant almost on maternity leave and she was getting points for calling off, they would get mad at her for not working fast, I would get in trouble for helping her out to the point were a rumor went out that I had an obsession over her when in reality we were good friends and I wanted to make sure her pregnancy was ...more
ConsShort breaks, poor management, hours depend on availability
Sales Associate | Clackamas, OR | May 8, 2019
An okay workplace
When I first started they didn’t tell me that they change the schedule every week, when you have children it makes it very hard to find a stable babysitter. Their whole training is a joke, they just kind of throw you in and expect you to know everything already. Including where the restroom and break room are. I had to ask coworkers to figure that out. The job itself is very easy, you figure things out pretty fast. It’s just very tedious starting out with poor training. Lot of the customers are incredibly rude (which is expected in retail) and disgusting (they make the fitting rooms smell REALLY bad sometimes, and leave trash everywhere.) I applied here because they offered full-time positions on their ads and website. In reality they don’t give you full-time because they don’t want to have to give you all the benefits that would come with. They do however make you stay long after the store has been closed to clean up, which kind of helps you get more hours. But if you are a student or a parent, that can be frustrating since you need to sleep and staying till midnight is not fun. Some of the managers are super friendly, very kind and understanding. As well as helpful. But some of them are very rude and have attitude problems. You find out very soon. When I spoke to some of my coworkers about our pay some of them said they had their pay matched from their previous jobs. Others said they didn’t. When I started they didn’t even ask how much I was making. One of the man...more
ProsYou get a 10% discount off of regular purchases, some of the management are super friendly
ConsVery unorganized, rude customers, some of the management members have major attitude problems
Cashier/Sales | Las Vegas, NV | Feb 15, 2019
Managers are unprofessional
working at f21 was so exciting at first. i had previously came from working fast food so i was greatful for the job. it was so much more laid back then working fast food. well the happiness lasted only maybe 2 months. after that managers started showing their true colors. in the year and a month i worked there, i was disrespected so many times. if i would try to ask for days off i would get attitude from the asm at my location. they would preasure you so bad with unrealistic expections. we had to try selling 1 credit card an hour and collect 10 emails.. lol most emplyees would fake emails just so managers wouldn't breathe down their necks because the penalty was getting your hours cut. i ended up getting another job but i wanted to work there still for financial reasons. Also, several.. (like 1/3 of the emplyees) had recently quit so i felt bad leaving them understaffed. tell me why my 2nd floor manager said, "well are you sure you don't just wanna resign?".. UMM IF I WANTED TO QUIT I WOULD JUST QUIT. i felt so disrespected, especially since i wanted to stay so they wouldnt be so understaffed. i was trained in almost every department yet i wasn't getting any promotion. When i asked for a raise my asm manger would roll her eyes and say "i just work here". they gave the lead cashier positions to new hires. they would rather hire new people than promote from within.. THEN i would have to train them. They had no idea how to do their jobs becaus ethey knew nothing about the compan...more
Prosthe store i worked at always had sales
Consrude managers, employee discount is only 10 percent and you cant use discount with promotions
Associate | Victor, NY | Mar 15, 2019
Manage by punishment, treat employees without respect
I worked at F21 the first time from 4/15 to 01/17. I had 3 or 4 areas to recover. I worked 5 eves per week at 8.75. I did accessories, lingerie, shoes and sleepwear. I helped in fitting room. I emptied canvas bags of items each shift and found location and returned to proper place. I picked up nightly. Oh did I mention I was their oldest employee(Late 50's). I got 9.00 per hour with the new year,then my raise was 18 yes 18 cents! I went from 5 to 4 then 3 eves a week. I left and returned late August of 2017 to work 4 eves a week Mon-thurs 430 to1030.Pay was 10/hr until new wage of 10.40 I was told I was a life saver by store manager. I cleared more than 30 canvas bags of shoes, accessories, jewelry, hair-goods,socks, cash wrap items, gathered by associates that were strewn all over. I cleared fitting rooms that had piles of clothes in every room on the floor and rehung.Took two full racks; it was back to school time and they had lost workers to colleges. I did lingerie and sleepwear go backs each shift. I picked up the SHOE room each SHIFT. Year came, no raise, then hours cut to less than 15 per week. I got another weekend retail job. Manager mad b/c I wasn't gonna work black Friday. My schedule for over a year was Monday -Thursday eves.So, after Jan 7, 2019 a 5 to 10 shift I was no longer on schedule. All my hard work, necklaces I fixed,socks I rehung,shoes I found,customers I helped, recovery I did, did not matter. I was assertive, and so I was punished. She was so...more
ProsFriendly coworkers whom I enjoyed getting to know, despite age difference!
ConsPunitive management practices, great volume of work, not enough workers
Retail Sales Associate | Escondido, CA | Jul 17, 2019
Fast paced and a little hectic
It's very fast paced and you don't really work in a team type of setting. Mostly you are given a room to manage go-backs in and keep organized and keep it that way for the remainder of your shift. Otherwise, you are on the registers or in fitting room. Management is pretty fair, they usually try their best to make sure that fitting room isn't getting too backed up and will always help out if you need them. They also trust their employees to get their work done and don't micro-manage, which I appreciate. The problem is when the store is doing poorly as a whole. There are times throughout the year where we hardly ever get any customers and so our hours are cut dramatically. And they will stay cut for months at a time. When our store is so badly understaffed because we are low on pay-roll, that is when working here really sucks. There will literally only be 4 people working in the store during the week: two managers, one associate in fitting room, and one associate on registers. When this happens go-backs pile up and the floor is a mess. Then the people who close only have 3 hours to do so. Their shift is from 7pm-12am, but we close the store at 9pm. Closers are typically told to do whatever go-backs they can until around 830 or 9 and because nothing is recovered during the day it can literally take the entire three hours that you have to recover your room depending on where you are. On the weekends your shift will typically fly by because there is so much to do and so man...more
Sales Associate | Manchester, NH | Oct 11, 2018
Horrible Month of My Life
I tried posting this back when I quit in April, but I guess they're quick to delete bad reviews about their store. That should tell you something. I had little to no training whatsoever and was thrown out onto the floor after just ONE day of reading the handbook. I was on cash register maybe once or twice, but other than that I was just thrown in the fitting room for an entire 6 hour shift because they couldn't be bothered to train me on anything else. Some employees were nice, as others acted competitive with others. Not even with sales, just with looks. It felt like I was back in high school. There was a handful of catty coworkers that made me DREAD going into work. I had panic attacks daily whenever I thought about having to go in for a shift. The manager there even had the audacity to bad mouth my previous Charlotte Russe manager and trashed the company all together. SO unprofessional. If you can't sell their (ridiculous) credit cards, they cut your hours and give them to their favorite employees, which was absolutely unfair and unnecessary. On my second to last shift, the manager texted me to tell me she cut my 8 hour shift (which I was excited for cause that meant more money for me) down to a 4 hour shift, because another girl wanted more hours. Are you kidding me? Three days before my last shift I called the store and informed them that my Friday shift would be my last, and that was the last time I've ever spoken to them. I never went in and I have NEVER been ba...more
ProsOne or two nice coworkers, near the food court so it was convenient during breaks/lunch
ConsShort breaks/lunches, cattiness, immature management team, little to no training, treated like you're working in a sweatshop, employee discount is a joke, hours cut

Questions And Answers about Forever 21

What do you get paid hourly?
Asked Sep 30, 2016
San diego is 12.50 but by this month its going to be 13.50
Answered Jan 23, 2020
10.50, this is with very little experience in retail, 3 days of working in retail specifically.
Answered Nov 22, 2019
How did you get your first interview at Forever 21?
Asked Jun 17, 2016
Walked in, asked the lady about position available and told her my previous experienced with TjMaxx and Goody's then I got hired. No applications. Just show your face and tell how much desired about a job. Meet in the person is the only best way! I got hired WITHOUT paper applications by met in the person and well communicated.
Answered Nov 28, 2018
Me and my friend applied in person and that same day they called us both in for a interview
Answered Aug 31, 2018
What is the interview process like at Forever 21?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
I did a group interview and I got the job. I walked in 20 minutes earlier and they told me to wait a little bit until everyone shows up. Afterwards they took us in and there was two interviewers and 6 candidates. So we all went around and introduced ourselves. Then afterwards they asked about 5 questions. It felt more like an open discussion rather than an interview. After each question it was up to us to decide if we wanted to awnser. I remember awnsering like 3 out of the 5 questions. You could either raise your hand or just speak whenever a person finished talking. I don’t remember what the last question was but here are the questions they asked us 1. What is customer service to you 2. Why did you choose forever 21 3. How would you handle an angry customer 4. If someone would describe you in 3 words what would they be?
Answered Dec 14, 2018
It was a nice and simple It’s a group interview there was about 8 of us
Answered Aug 31, 2018
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Forever 21 a better place to work?
Asked Feb 14, 2018
Be a lot stricter with the manager hiring process. Train and develop managers to not only exceed on their positions but also have respect for their co-workers/ employees
Answered Apr 2, 2020
Change up managent a bit
Answered Mar 19, 2020
Do seasonal employees get paid for working holidays (Thanksgiving)?
Asked Nov 16, 2016
Time & a half for working hours that fall on thanksgiving
Answered Feb 6, 2019
Plano Texas is closed on Thanksgiving
Answered Nov 17, 2018