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Investigator | Raleigh, NC | Mar 10, 2019
good co employee atmosphere
Advanced Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance  ICSR processing-Receipt, validation, triage, data entry, coding including narrative generation for investigational and approved products.  Expert in Medical terminology, adverse event/reaction, causality assessment.  Identification/validation and communication of safety signals, and data analysis.  Lead or participate as members of Pharmacovigilance matrix-teams and other product teams.  Provide oversight and key input for review of new or on-going safety documents that ensure compliance with domestic (FDA) and international regulatory requirement such as Investigator Brochures, protocols, clinical study reports, ICF etc.  Review of submissions to ensure procedural compliance and to assess the medical safety content for accuracy (Medical narrative and review).  Manage / Lead and contribute to aggregate safety reports including Periodic Benefit Risk Evaluation Report (PBRER), Investigational New Drug (IND), New Drug Application (NDA), Developmental Safety Update Report (DSUR) and other periodic reports.  Contributor in the creation of risk management plans (RMP) as well as the implementation of risk management strategies and REMS.  Contribution and preparation of tables of expected events for Investigator Brochures (IB), Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC), Package Insert (PI), Medication guide and other label updates.  Collaborates with other departments to ensure appropriate collection ...more
ProsEnjoying to work with patient and clinical atmosphere
ConsLong hours to work
Registered Nurse - Dialysis | Texas | Sep 20, 2018
Worst place to work! Run away!
Clinics do not follow the company mission. You could compare 2 clinics 30 minutes apart and you would think it was ran by a different company. Your experience will be based on the manger and the manner in which leadership chooses to conduct itself. The management is very corrupt. High nurse turn over. Understaffed. Nurses are responsible for an entire bay- Not kidding. In some clinics RNs are required to do the job of a Techinician PLUS the duties of an RN for 4 patients. This practice is unsafe, and I am shocked that surveyors have not questioned this practice. Many procedural policies are not followed by staff. There is a high level of favoritism. It is a “I’ll scratch your back and you scratch mine” atmosphere. An employee could suffer disciplinary action, while another receive nothing for the same offense. Toxic work environment. Staff are pitted against one another. Do not trust anyone. Any information can be used against you. Clinical Managers are rarely available. It is common for a CM to arrive at 10-11 am, and stay for only a couple of hours. They interact poorly with staff or rarely ever talk to patients on the floor. Many patients had no clue who the CM’s are. Hours are long 12-16 hours. Some nurses reporting 18 hour work days if your a Charge Nurse or if your part of a clinic that practices the 1 nurse/1 bay method. Part-Time and PRN positions are rarely available. If you require a reduction in your work status due to personal reasons you can be th...more
Hemodialysis Technician | Kentucky | Aug 2, 2019
If I could give negative stars, I would.
When I was hired, I was thrilled with the prospect of going back to school with assistance via tuition reimbursement to achieve an RN-BSN degree. However, even with a full time class schedule my manager continued to assign overtime. I switched to a different clinic in the same region, and that manager was much more understanding. Our secretary left soon after I arrived, and was NEVER replaced. The manager became pregnant and during maternity leave, the only RN we had was responsible for RN duties, secretary duties, AND clinical manager duties until she returned. The manager later decided to step down for personal reasons in May. It is now August and the regional manager has to replace the vacancy. Our regional manager will not answer our calls, nor will they return our call in the event that we have to be absent. The clinic is currently maxed out with 3 full shifts, starting at 6:15am and we will now be forced to stay until 8pm due to patient run time, and we are understaffed in techs and registered nurses. We are expected to wait on these patients hand and foot for 15 hours a day, whilst being understaffed. They continue to assign our clinic patients. This has to be the most poorly ran company I have EVER worked for. There are benefits (medical, dental, vision, 401K) however the insurance is the worst I have ever had. I can’t afford to go to the doctor even if I need to sometimes, because my insurance doesn’t pay well, but they have no issue deducting $100 every 2 weeks fo...more
Preceptor | Oak Park, IL | Feb 10, 2019
Stepping stone for progress
The workday starts at 4:30 in the morning to prepare dialysis machines. If in charge of the water system preparation, the day starts at 3:30 am. Setting up machines is the easiest part of the job. With practice, one machine can be set up within 10 minutes or less. Each technician is responsible for handling four patients at a time. On worse days, perhaps five patients, but it only happens once or twice a year. I've learned many things, dialysis process, kidney functions, and dysfunctions, cannulating patients' accesses, and using dialysis catheters. Teamwork is high in the clinic setting. it is very noticeable especially when new technicians are introduced. Everyone is helping the new tech and it seems to be automatic. Everyone is helping one another, and that's what I love about this job. If someone is having a hard time with a patient's access, just call for help and help hands will always be available. The hardest parts of the job are two things: cannulating patients and dealing with patients with attitude. The most enjoyable part of the job is patient relations. Patients come to their treatments every other day. They see the technicians more than they see their families at times. We can try to avoid getting close to them but most of the time, they treat technicians like part of their families. It is a rewarding feeling to know that we are extending the lives of patients one day at a time. The sad part is we know the treatment is for End-Stage Renal Disease, meaning...more
Proshealthcare insurance
Consshort breaks, salary is not competitive regardless of what the corporate is saying.
Ccht | California | Aug 24, 2019
run for your life
Don’t know where to start Clinical Manager aren’t great and to expect tech and nurses to follow policy without the proper amount of time to complete the tasks. Clinical managers typically ignore things they should and will only bring up policy when they are trying to get rid of you. Huge favoritism and everyone is typically close with one another if you are with the correct ethnicity. They may hire you for three days but expect you to be on call and work 5 days and will discriminate if you aren’t able to. Charge nurses/nurses typically only look out for themselves and make technicians do as much work as possible even though the nurses are very capable of completing the task within the time it takes to find someone as ask them to do it. nurses are overworked and give technicians attitude and can be rude to technicians but management will cover it up because dialysis nurses are hard to find. Technicians are typically in a free for all environments. Survival of the fittest. They can be unprofessional and rude and management and HR will not care. You are not protected and will be thrown under the bus if someone else needs to protect themselves. Coworkers Will be friendly to you so you can do their work and then leave you hanging when you need help ( I’ve had other technicians ignore me as I ask for gauze for a bleeding patient). People are suppose to be in the healthcare field to help others but when you see coworkers only care for a paycheck and walk away from ...more
ProsMeeting good people when helping patients
Consmanagement, breaks, lunch, unable to get PTO approved, discrimination, favoritism, no raises
Analyst | Waltham, MA | Jul 9, 2019
My Learned Lesson
Upon starting at Fresenius I was told the atmosphere and hours were flexible and laid back. That wasn't the case at all. Working roughly 9-10 hours a day was the norm, there was ZERO flexibility with my work schedule while they expected limited vacation time to be taken during the summer months. That's only the beginning. They do have a work from home policy, however, I never did work from home during my employment there. My particular group preferred everyone there in person every day for well over their scheduled 8 hour shift. Management speaks ill of other managers/fellow employees. It promoted a toxic work culture when your boss and peers would speak ill about most of the people around them. In addition, while being trained, I was given attitude on multiple occasions by a fellow co-worker because I was still in the process of being trained and my mind couldn't grasp what it was they were trying to explain. Further, I was apart of a group that was extremely micromanaged (although they promoted that this wasn't the case prior to me taking the job). In my particular group, a work/life balance ultimately didn't exist. Needless to say, I left Fresenius and I couldn't be happier. There is a high turnover rate here amongst employees. I hear some groups are TERRIFIC to work for within the company, while others are ultimately a total shipwreck. In my case, I was apart of the latter. My best piece of advice: Do your due diligence prior to accepting a job here. Ask HR for speci...more
Patient Care Technician | Portland, OR | Dec 8, 2018
False Promise of Great Future in Medical Care
This company promises that there is career growth, but the pay does not meet the cost of living, most employees are very unhappy, nurses/PCT become 'floats' or 'travelers' to make better earnings but do not care about the PCTs or patient outcomes. PCTs work their tails off while nurses sit... not a collaborative workplace as I was told in orientation. Training does not correlate with what workplace teaches you, so the education is essentially pointless. The workplace is toxic with gossip and negativity due to employee's hostility towards the Company. They hire anyone they can (criminal backgrounds, high school dropouts, or no patient care experience) willing to work while not firing uncompliant employees because they are so desperate for employees that do the job for the low pay. Long hours, bad work environment by keeping people that do not want to be there due to being understaffed, and constantly requesting coverage. I had high hopes for this work experience, but it has been a disaster, and I would not recommend anyone work for this company until they figure out that patients and employees are more than a number. Management has no clue how to hire and only looked at the numbers from upper management, rather than research how successful clinics operate, and implement proactive change. One good thing: they reimburse you for higher education after 6 months. If you work for them, plan to become a nurse or do not start working for them at all.
ProsBenefits, Paid Vacation, School re-imbursement
ConsUnhealthy workplace, horrible pay, bad management, no work life balance
Patient Care Technician | Virginia | May 23, 2019
fast paced and can be stressful at times
They don't tell you in the interviews how much of your time will be dedicated to this job initially. If you have a family or small children make sure you have a good support system in place bc you will be spending considerable amounts of your time studying AFTER work, learning dialysis 5 days a week from 3am (clinic opens at 4) to 12-3pm. They are big on time management. After training, and if you managed to persevere through everything (your preceptor, peers, clinical manager) then you can safely say you are smooth sailing from then on. The culture sucks. Majority of the time the women who work there are unfriendly to the new trainees, and you have to earn your respect there from your coworkers, and if you don't "fit in' heaven forbid. You will get alienated and talked about. Hardest part of the job id say with 0 experience in dialysis would be learning everything there is to know in less than 8 weeks and the expectation(although they will deny this at first) will be for you to be an expert by week 8/9. You will get belittled by your peers and preceptor behind your back and to your face , especially if you know nothing about hemodialysis. The most enjoyable part of my job is knowing that im helping others, and that there is so much room to grow professionally everyday. You are always learning
Prosgreat manager, great benefits, good pay, the patients, you can expect to get off everyday before 9pm
Conspoor work life balance if in training, mentally/physically draining at times, very strict upper management, long hours and hard work, cliques
Assembly Technician | Concord, CA | Nov 14, 2018
It is what it is, don't expect too much from here.
You can start off good with your first few month of working here. If you seek career advancement while working in the production area, you MUST ask and always be pursuant of that desired advancement. Career advancement isn't immediate. My promotion was effective in the work place, but wasn't effective on paper. I wasted 6 months working as an Assembler Technician while being paid as an Assembler salary. When asked for a follow-up, management dismissed it. Depending on your work station, your coworkers can either be cooperative or competitive. This can affect your work ethic. It is a production site, people need to be cooperative but some say otherwise. Management is lacking. Most of the time, they are just there to make their pay and leave. If you have issues with a coworker or personal matters needed to be addressed, they'll hear you out but it is in your hands to make your decisions. They have this look of disagreement on the production employees. If production schedule is behind or there is a huge work order needed to be done, expect lots of overtime. If you're a working student, busy at home, or can't afford to spend most of the time at work, this place will be your undoing. Benefits are basic. You get health, dental, vision, 401k, life, etc. They hire new people constantly, parking in this location is terrible. They have available valet parking for those who can't find a parking spot.
Prosconsistent hours, overtime opportunities, benefits, friendly(sometimes)
Consmanagement, competitive, parking
Social Worker | Chicago, IL | Feb 21, 2020
Absolutely horrible
The most enjoyable part of the job is definitely working with the patients. It truly does make a world of difference when they see someone who genuinely cares about them and is there to celebrate their accomplishments. However, the rest of my time working at Fresenius has been a nightmare. Management is incompetent to say the least, and management frequently bullies, belittles, and harasses you if you do something they don’t like. If you are like me in that you are a working professional with a chronic illness, forget it. I was often harassed and belittled that I was lazy and incompetent when I used my PTO to take care of my health needs. Additionally, being a social worker and an advocate for quality healthcare for all, I have many problems with the ethics surrounding this company. They prioritize care for patients with commercial insurance over public coverage and want you to give “special attention” to those patients with commercial carriers in order to ensure higher reimbursement rates. This is grossly unethical, and there is definitely a priority of profit over patient care in this regard. As far as pay and benefits go, the pay could be more. As someone who has more background in nonprofit, it’s one of the higher salaries I have, but given the sheer amount of profit this company makes, clinic employees could absolutely have better salaries. Benefits are pretty mediocre, and health insurance is costly. Overall, I say find a different work environment; your mental health...more

Questions And Answers about Fresenius Medical Care

How are the working hours?
Asked May 16, 2016
7am to 10 pm for me
Answered Dec 23, 2019
They can change on a whim, and not negligible! Arbitrary and punitive.
Answered Jul 21, 2019
Do you need to be a patient care tech to apply for dialysis technician or does the company offer training?
Asked Mar 15, 2016
Company offer training
Answered Apr 10, 2019
The company offers training
Answered Apr 10, 2019
What benefits does Fresenius Medical Care offer?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
PTO, hourly earn more. Salary earn less and holidays are taken from our accrued hours, only fresenius says it is fair.
Answered Jul 21, 2019
Health insurance
Answered Apr 10, 2019
What is the work environment like
Asked Dec 20, 2016
Micromanaged, very stressful.
Answered Jul 21, 2019
Staff living together like a family
Answered Apr 10, 2019
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Fresenius Medical Care a better place to work?
Asked Mar 12, 2018
Be far to all staff help the staff be kind be helpful give the same pay to all employees who have been in the dialysis for over 10 years be a leader
Answered Dec 4, 2019
Make sure your managers had a higher up to go to that they trust
Answered Nov 20, 2019