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Route Sales Representative | Seminole, FL | Oct 25, 2018
Recruitment Bait and Switch Tactics
I recently interviewed with Frito-Lay. It is true they advertise one job and offer you another. Their recruitment ads pitch the job of Service Route Representative as if that is the job you are applying for. But the truth is they will only offer you the Service Route Assistant position which is a substitute position that fills in for RSR's. If you were an RSR you would have a fixed route with a set of stores to service and you would know your know your days off and start times. The RSA position they are trying to fill has no fixed days or fixed start times. You get two days off out of a seven day period, but they can organize it so you work nine days in a row if it suits them. And your start time can vary between 1 and 5 a.m. so you wouldn't know when to go to bed. Unlike the RSR, the RSA has go to anywhere in the region and you could end up driving an extra 50 miles to get to work that day on top of being expected to work up to 12 hours. And you wouldn't be compensated for driving those extra miles to work. I was told you would then get to bid on RSR routes that open up when people leave. That could be years. So Frito-Lay is being dishonest about their job ads. And they are surprised at turnover on an already tough job schedule? They also are lying about compensation. The job ad said you have a target of earning $45,000 in your first year. My interviewer told me that target is based on 50 hours a week. He lied to my face, because the ad clearly states $480...more
Route Sales Representative | Lamar, CO | Mar 22, 2019
Good pay if you ignore that you work a week and a half in each week.(60 hrs+ wkly) Don't plan to be in any family photos unless they come to your bin.
Typically my route consisted of TRYING to get my route done in the 14 hours daily that a DOT regulated employee can work. My family enjoyed the money but I rarely got to enjoy my family. I worked there for 20 years and ran my route like it was my own business. I loved my job and my customers. I had an issue with a new employee and was written up as well as the other employee who quit after his write up. He was there for maybe 10 months. When I fought my write up I was terminated and told "If you would have just shut up, this would have all gone away". I guess you aren't suppose to stand up for yourself with false accusations even if you have backed up documentation. Sour grapes, yep I've got them. This company is nothing like the company I started with 20 years ago. There use to be Christmas parties and award ceremonies that made you feel appreciated. Now there are just big numbers to meet and no backup support. They changed from paying commissions to a new structure of pay about a year ago that cost many long term employees $15,000.00 to $20,000.00 a year in their pay. Sure didn't change the amount of work they require, just doing it for a LOT LESS. Average work day I started at the bin at 5am and left there around 7-8pm each night. Overtime is paid at approximately $8.-$9. an hour so less than minimum wage but because of the benefits they offer they can get away with it, that also starts at 50 hours and not 40 hours I believe. 14 hours a work day plus an hour for b...more
ProsGood benefits and decent pay if you only worked 40 hours
ConsRidiculous hours, no family life
Packer | Rosenberg, TX | Nov 21, 2019
Fun place to work, good pay, HORRIBLE, DESPICABLE management.
I was hired in as a seasonal (temp) Packer, but was promised in my interview that I would be hired in as a full time Packer after my 90 day probationary period was up. I was supposed to receive a review from my manager or Resource on or before my 90 days. Well 90 days came and went and never did receive any kind of review. I went to HR about the problem who redirected me to the new production manager, who in turn redirected me to the new Resource who came up with different excuses as to why I haven't received my 90 day review. After approaching her several times about my review, I finally gave up and started bidding for different opportunities that were posted weekly on facility's job board. They shortly after posted a message saying temporary employees couldn't bid for different job opportunities. Ironically I received emails from Frito Lay about different positions that were available, however after I applied for them I received a follow up email from Frito Lay saying that since I was already an employee there I wouldn't be considered for the position and to apply internally for different positions. Fed up with the constant run around I was receiving I finally gave up and decided to just work as much as I could there and rack up on the overtime until I would FINALLY receive a review and be hired in as a full time employee. 125 days have passed before the Resource finally called me up to her office to receive my review. Well instead of a review I received a termination slip...more
Route Sales Representative | Kansas City, MO | Dec 14, 2018
Just read the reviews
When I was career searching before I applied at Frito lay I looked at reviews to see what people had to say. Frito lay had good reviews but over the last 3 years it has went south fast. We switched from commission to performance pay which should really be called (pay what we want). Example: Frito lay is a huge corporation that knows within 95% accuracy of what a route will sell that particular month just off prior year trends. So if they plan you 115% over prior year sales in order for you to receive your full performance pay that means you have to grow your route 15% that month over last year and Frito didn’t have to pay you any bonus money for that 15% growth. If you fall under 93% of what they plan you they have the right to withhold money from your paycheck. What makes a great salesman is someone who knows his stores and consumers. When you pay attention to what your consumers like you can set a purchasing trend in your mind to insure you always meet your consumers needs. If you sell in an extra display not planned by Frito lay and put product that your consumers want instead of what Frito lay wants you are asked to remove the display or set to their desired planogram. Management is so horrible the district sales leaders have no clue what is going on in the market without their iPads. I literally had a dsl tell me that he wants planograms over sales because his score card for his bonus is weighted hire over other categories than sales. I’m supposed to take a chance of not...more
ProsYou get to meet a lot of new people
ConsHorrible life balance horrible pay
Route Sales Representative | Akron, OH | Jun 1, 2019
Was a great place to work.. at first
At first the money sounds good. But when Instarted I made way more as a salaried employee. That was before being coached into a new union contract. The contract seemed great at the time but it was the worst thing we could have done. Before the new contract we just worked till the job was done sometimes not even 40 hours a week. After that we had to work a minimum of 50 hours a week to even come close to making what we did before new contract. The hours sucked sometimes I started at midnight and sometimes I started at 8am. The management was two faced.. and didn’t care about us at all. Then after being there three years and never causing a problem. I requested off a weekend to go on a getaway with the family and they decided to change the schedule half way through my getaway and then call and demand I was coming into work. I got the union involved and no more than a half hour after that was resolved I got a call saying I was being “investigated” for something else. So I go back into work on a Wednesday. And work a 13 hour day then get pulled into the office to be told I’m being suspended without pay. Blaming me for not going to a store and servicing it and changing my time clock. Then on my suspension I got a call a week later and was told to come in for a meeting and my union leader already told me they were letting me go. So I didn’t go. Then to find out they canceled my insurance the day they suspended me and cause me and my pregnant wife thousands in bills. Long story shor...more
ProsFree chips
ConsNo family life. Work work work all day!
Route Sales Representative | Texas | Aug 2, 2018
Don't do it!
When I applied at Frito Lay I read the reviews on Indeed. I accepted the job anyways. I thought it would be good... I made a huge mistake! This company does not care about you. I have worked here for 6 months and I absolutely hate it! Once I find a true employment opportunity, I am running from this place. The hours are horrible, 65 to 80 hours a week. With the Variable Rate Overtime you will be making around $6.90 an hour. They advertise the open position as an RSR but you are brought in as an RSA... That means you are an extra.. You cover vacations, call outs and any other time they want you to work. They bid on routes... So you could be an extra for years! No vacations in the summer, no holidays off and forget about having a weekend off, Because it will never happen! You work in all weather conditions... Burning hot, freezing cold, severe storms and very early mornings and very late nights. Once you are in the stores to deliver and stock the shelves, You are at the mercy of the Store Managers and Receiving associates.... Most are never happy. So you have to wait to be checked in... This cost you time. You have 8 to 15 stores to service per day.... Trust me, You are running to get it all done! The Bin or D.C you work at has no Air Conditioning or Heat. You load and unload your truck at the Bin or D.C... I sweat so profusely at this place I drink 12 to 15 bottled waters a day. I dont mind hard work and working 50 to 55 hours a week.... This place just ...more
Merchandiser | Tennessee | May 19, 2019
STAY AWAY, no quality of life
There's no quality of life. You get assigned a vacation week by seniority which was completely USELESS. (So you get the week nobody wants). Can't take a personal day off to go to a wedding! Even if its an unpaid day. And I found out that wasnt true. You CAN request an unpaid vacation or personal days! My boss was lying to me. I asked several times. BEWARE, your assigned a mandatory paid vacation, which has to be paid back if you quit before 6 months, or it goes to a collection agency to ruin your credit. They are mandatory, and no buy back until after 5 YEARS. So you really have no choice. Your completely set up for a loss. They shouldnt force a vacation on you until after 6 months to be fair. From what i saw, turn over is huge.. people quit all the time. As a merchandiser, your worked like a dog, your sales rep doesnt work as a team with you. Your the bottom of the pile. Then they cut the hours to 40 when you need more to complete your route. No time to take legal breaks. No car allowance for using your car to drive the route. Only mileage between stores. NO break time, even though they say you can take it, the culture is not that way. Most say, WHAT BREAK? Your lucky if you have 2 stores in one day, then you can sit in your car between stores to break. People blaming you for ie: not rotating product. Take photos to protect yourself. You work alone, but blamed by the next person. Its impossible to do detailed work in the time given. They need to...more
Proscant think of anything.
Consvery hard work, dishonest sales reps, manager
Route Sales Representative | Brooklyn, NY | Jul 28, 2018
Soul stealing work
if you don't want to have any social life take this job. if you want to go to bed at 5pm 6 days a week so you can wake up by 1am to drive into the factory, load your truck, and deliver doritos and pretzels for the next 10-12 hours a day dealing with no parking anywhere for a truck that size, parking tickets, and store managers who literally will hold you hostage and not sign your slip or check you in so you can leave and move on to the next store. the job is garbage now (7/2018) they took away the commission so you salary is capped now. so what's the point really? there is no motivation other than to throw chips onto the rack and not care. the pay is good (19 to star) but you have NO life will revolve around your truck and potato chips. remember you will work holidays b/c the stores are open and that's when snack foods sell the best! so don't think you will have your feet up with a beer on the 4th of july you will be stocking chips at a gas station, christmas eve? nope you will be at convenience stores or a supermarket putting snacks on the shelf. new years eve? haha that's your time to be at work buddy boy.... you will be throwing hundred of bags of chips into the back of your truck and bringing them to every hole in the wall deli, bodega, dollar store, and pharmacy. ugh just don't do it is all i can say the $$$ is better than most but the life will drain your soul p.s. if you do take the job go to home depot and buy the hard plas...more
Prosbetter paying than most non skill jobs
Consno life at all
Maintenance Mechanic | Frankfort, IN | May 12, 2019
Unprofessional strained place to work
Corporation gives each facility a reduced budget year to year which is always less than previous year. Management team strives to meet that new annual budget. In essence management is "flying the budget" instead of "flying the business", and it shows. The budget is only one sliver of the aggregate business process. Production machine operators are strained by forced overtime, lack of parts for maintenance to apply toward production machinery, unprofessional images of the production lines, system control panels, lack of labeling of operational system control switches, lack of electrical and junction boxes and might as well be hand crayoned circuit breaker panels. Contractors that come into the facility must be lowest bidders, "flying the budget", because the poor quality work performed reflects that. Company continues to grow in revenue and facility expansion and at the same time reduces benefits to employees. Lack of pride of what products are made. "We just make chips". It use to be "There is a smile behind every bag", well not at this facility that makes them. Training is not extensive. "We are not a training facility". Very unprofessional qualifications and review system. I wish major improvements to frito-lay so that maybe it will become a better place to work for my former co-wrorkers, but its going to need "major" improvements. Couple suggestions to frito-lay, corporate leaders need to come down off their high horses and meet all the workers that get the ...more
Prosable to take scrap parts home
Consmedical benefits, lack of training, poor qualification system, disregard of human factors.
Route Sales Representative | Little Rock, AR | Aug 26, 2018
Horrible Experience
The work-life balance of the Route-Sales Assistant (Extra man) position I held was horrible. I recommend you do not apply for the route sales position if you have any of the following; small children or pets at home, in school taking college courses on campus or online, and anything else going on in your personal life that requires you to attend to almost daily. The Supervisors in the district I worked were not reliable. They pushed a 14 hour limit "policy" down your throat and ALWAYS said to call them when you've reached that time limit or else you could get fired because that is a "policy violation." In truth you'll never get fired for violating that particular policy, EVERY supervisor would shut their phones off after 4:30 p.m when they went home, so there was no way of contacting them for assistance when you were reaching the time limit. The workers would over order products before they went on vacation and leave lists of tasks they are solely responsible for to you and overload your work day with things they should've gotten taken care of weeks prior. When I asked about advancements within the company the workers would put me off and tried persuading me to stay put until vacations have passed. When I approached supervisors about possible advancements, they would withhold info or put you off and leave you wondering if advancement was even possible. Over-all If you are looking for experience in sales, single, childless/pet-less, and don't have a life outside of work this i...more
ProsIf you do your job you won't loose it no matter how hard you try.
ConsNo respect for a persons life outside of the company. Not a job for a person that values downtime.

Questions And Answers about Frito-Lay

What is the interview process like?
Asked Feb 8, 2016
Applied and got an email to schedule an interview after 2 weeks. A guy did a brief overview of the job in a room with a few candidates. They let you know the last minute that you are going to be asked several STAR format behavioral type questions. Within seconds you are then hauled off one by one by an interviewer. You get into a room and are asked a series of useless questions that doesn’t really pertain to the job. I’m assuming they want to figure out how you are and how’d you react to a situation. Seems like they rather hire the incompetence that are able to answer the questions they ask but cannot perform the job or come into work on time. They rather turn away the hard working individuals that aren’t able to express and entertain their moods. You can talk, but can you walk, the Walk?
Answered Nov 10, 2019
I had my interview few days ago..the interviewers was so so nice.. just be your self ..
Answered Nov 9, 2019
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Frito-Lay a better place to work?
Asked Nov 3, 2019
I would pay the workers twice as much, cut out the executives and shareholders, reinvest in the company instead of buying back stock. Replace the dangerous and obsolete delivery trucks, and show human kindness
Answered Mar 28, 2020
Hire new management. Find part time employees or tell the customers we service stores Monday-Friday and give weekends off to the full time employees So they can spend quality time with there families. Better benefit packages. Quarterly bonuses to all employees. Summer time vacation opportunities for all employees.
Answered Mar 18, 2020
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Frito-Lay?
Asked Nov 27, 2017
Situation, action, result. The story is about you and no one knows you better than you.
Answered Mar 11, 2020
Don't overthink the questions they ask
Answered Mar 10, 2020
How's the hiring process? After the second interview do you automatically have the job?
Asked Apr 21, 2016
I applied on a sunday, got an email a day later saying that they got my application and it's going under review. Two days later, I received another email saying that my application was under review with the hiring manager, by the end of the week I was able to set up an interview for the following week. Went in for the interview and it was easy ! Asked me a few scenario type questions and they hired me on the spot! Just have to pass the drug test and background check and you're all good.
Answered Jun 17, 2019
You have a good driver record and pass urine test and have a heartbeat companies will hire you
Answered Feb 16, 2019
Do they drug test during the interview process? Currently on medication because of a car accident.
Asked Feb 29, 2016
It’s 2020, they used to do hair sample testing way back but nobody would pass and it’s expensive. So now they do urine testing. And it’s never done at the interviews, they’ll set up a time and place. 3/12/20
Answered Mar 12, 2020
Make sure that you take your prescription bottle in with you for your drug screen. If you finished the prescription before your drug screening and have disposed of the empty bottle the best advice in this situation is to go to your pharmacy and ask for a print out of the drugs you've taken in the past 3 months just to cover your butt! Best Wishes to You!
Answered Aug 31, 2018