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Overall Reviews at GC Services

Solution Specialist | El Paso, TX | May 29, 2019
Definitely not the best place to work in EP
I've been with the company for a year and a half. The pay is absolutely awful for the demands they place on you. I work with the Verizon project, and I've only ever bonused once in the entire time I've been here. Bonuses are contingent on the center reaching a 60% NPS (net promoter score) and your metrics as a whole. Our center doesn't bonus because our liaison is so finicky about what she expects, she will deny the removal of bad surveys because you used a word she didn't approve of. Their scoring system is ming boggling. If a customer rates Verizon 9 or 10, we get a score of 100. (Because we call center reps should be held liable if Verizon is terrible to its customers.) If the customer rates Verizon 7 or 8, we get a score of 0. If the customer rates Verizon 6 or below, our score is dropped to -100. They've recently implemented a "no phones" policy because someone stole $70,000 worth of equipment on people's accounts using their credit card info and refuse to give us any alternatives to storing our phones, so we either have to leave them in our cars (which they claim they're not responsible for if that results in theft or damage) or leave them at home. Their "emergency line" doesn't have a voicemail box to leave messages on in the event someone needs to get in touch. Everything is "do it, or we write you up" and the attitudes towards agents are incredibly aggressive. They've taken away boosts in morale such as the Memorial Day picnic and treats when we do well. Their attend...more
ProsAttendance policy
ConsLiterally everything about the job
Account Representative | Copperas Cove, TX | Mar 10, 2019
If you like paid vacation/sick time don't work here.
I am a current employee, coming up on my 3yr anniversary 032519. I started at $8/hr. Right now I make $8.82/hr. In the middle of 2017 they implemented a new pay rate of $10/hr. But if you accepted the new payscale you lost your bonus(based on stats each week), you lost your paid vacation and you lost your paid sick time. Those of us that were there before the change were given the option to stay on the old payscale(keeping bonus & paid vaca/sick time). Now if your newly hired you automatically start at $10/hr and you do accumulate ppt(sick)/vacation but it's all unpaid. They're starting to do irregular schedules with 9-10hr days with 2-15min breaks and a half hour lunch. If you work inbound, because the dialer tech has to screenshot every hour, you have to wait until they tell you to go to your breaks and lunch. And if you have to go to the bathroom when it's not your break or lunch, you have to deduct that time from your breaks, making your breaks shorter than 15min, to keep your dialer utilization down. It's a repitious job where you get screamed/cursed at by "think they know it all" customers. You have managers consistently yelling at you while you're on calls about getting out of wrap(outbound) and moving your calls and getting out of after call(inbound) and having customers complain because they can't hear you or having to apologize to the customer and ask them to repeat what they said because you couldn't hear them. Then they preach about watching what you say on the ph...more
ConsEverything listed above.
Ambassador | Huntington, WV | Dec 12, 2018
Poor Leadership
One of the lower end call centers to work for in the tristate... One of the only perks at the time was the company being so desperate to hire folks its almost a certainty to be hired. The pay rate being lower then most in the local area probly contributes to the lack of talent and lack of good hiring decisions made when it comes to thier current leadership. If you get a decent manager it makes the job somewhat bareable but the odds of getting a good manager are slim unless your lucky. Alot of the leadership goes through the motions but lacks caring for employees. Displays of favoritism and throwing anything merit based out the window are common place. Some of the senior managers have grown stagnant in thier positions and you can tell they dont actually enjoy coming to work or maybe even themselves as a person. Project leader that was over the dept. I worked in would seem concerned when you you brought up issues to him but you could tell he actually felt it was a waste of his time. I honestly would not recommend this place for anyone to work unless your desperate and need something that's at least income untill you can find a better job. Leadership often makes false promises and you also need to stay diligent with your pay to ensure you get paid correctly. I have worked at many call center environments with more diffacult work but never one as plauged with bad leadership and pay issues as GC. Unless you have no other choice my best advice is to move on and skip applying her...more
ProsEasy to get hired
ConsShort breaks (10min), short 30 min lunches..., poor leadership.., common place for sexual harrassment...., no one cares about employees
Financial Representative | Lakeland, FL | Mar 18, 2019
It will get you through and pay the bills
I worked at GC services when I graduated from college. Regrettably, I was there for about 3 months and it was not a pleasant experience. It felt like I was in prison. Your work day is carefully structured so that you are meant to spend exactly 7 hours and 20 minutes ready to take calls. You will have 30 minutes for lunch and 20 minutes for individual breaks which include going to the bathroom. The system is also very biased in favor of the company (go figure) so that if you are one second over on your break or lunch you get dinged but if you don't use all your allotted break time in a week you lose that time. So you are better off giving up a bit of time in your break to be on time but you won't get that time back. If you are in a meeting and you want to use the bathroom you have to go to your computer, mark you are on your personal break time, and then go and then come back mark you are on meeting time and re-join the meeting. Because if you didn't you would have time where you aren't working yet you aren't being strictly monitored and That is not allowed. Overall it was the most miserable work experience of my life(and I have worked at 2 separate McDonald's stores). If you need a job to pay the bills then yeah this will do that but if you have another job already DO NOT work here. However bad your current job may seem it is better than this. Literally, every second of your work day is MUST be spent either at lunch on a short break or on the phone. You will not have a reprie...more
ProsThey compensate you with legal U.S. Tender
ConsLiterally every aspect of this job is a con
Customer Service Representative | Copperas Cove, TX | Aug 20, 2019
Not for the weak
I moved here from massachusetts. I was looking for work while I was waiting for my CNA license to transfer. GC services welcomed me in, and hired me right away. I came in here with an open mind to see if it might be a good fit for me. If I didnt like it I would have my CNA license to fall back on. I ended up leaving truth be told, not because They where not a good company,but call centers are just not my cup of tea. I am in school to become a registered nurse, and the nursing field is where I feel most happy, and thriving in the gifts God has given me.This job is stressful, fast paced and competitive.Its not for the weak or thin skinned. On top of that you will have typical work drama to which you really can't avoid at any place you seek employment. In training they go above and beyond to encourage you and help you to prepare to do your job on the floor. They never forget to mention how appreciated you are. The managers come in and share their stories of success which to a new person in the company is very encouraging. They offer great benifits, and decent pay if your not lazy, and like to work. If you are lazy, and just want a job you can fluff off at dont come. If you cant handle typical work drama, and customers cursing you out on the phone then dont come. The ones who have stayed at this company as long as they did know their gifting life. This job is a calling not just a job. Thank you GC services for what you do everyday from one servant to another you are needed in t...more
Customer Service Representative | Mesa, AZ | Nov 4, 2019
Enter at your own risk ( its not for everyone )
Your hired at min wage of $ 11.25 You have the ability of earning up to $ 13.75(Bonus pay) this was my 1st job that was ran on a metric system, so it took some time getting use too. Your adherence,productivity,qa, etc an you get 2 (15 min breaks) an a 30 min lunch, if you go to the bathroom anytime between your scheduled breaks/lunch you have to set your phone on unscheduled break an you dont get paid for that time but your expected to make up the time why your on your scheduled breaks/lunch. Plus you could be having a good week at work an all of sudden you have a personal/medical reason an you have to miss work you dont get ( any extra pay ) bonus for the entire week ( if you have sick time/or personal time to use, then you should be fine as long as you hit your numbers. But the ones that dont basically loose all the (extra pay ) bonus for the entire week, I never thought that was right, you should only loose the bonus on the day/days missed. Just a big hint ( this company hires every single day, that should tell you something ) There was a couple things I did like about working here ,you can dress casural ( seriously jeans/t-shirt ) as long its approiate . An the other thing is that they have certain days they buy pizza , perpare food for you, or do pot lucks. But when its during the holiday season thanksgiving/ christmas all the depts pull together an provide everyone of there employees a free meal.
Customer Service Representative | Weldon Spring, MO | Feb 5, 2019
This is not the place you want to work
I was in the Recovery Dept, which takes inbound calls for credit reporting and settlements on disconnected accounts in collections. All of the people calling in were really upset and angry with how their accounts were handled and we were all told that the hammer was coming down on us about not removing accounts and not fixing customer services's mistakes, that Verizon hates their customers basically because even if we screwed up the customer still has to pay for it unless it has been noted that customer service messed up. The management in that dept was a freaking joke. One supervisor ignored me for over 2 weeks just because I told her that we screwed up and she was wrong to say that the charges were valid. The other supervisor would either interrupt you when you asked her a question because as she put it has been there so long she just already knows what you are going to ask and more than half the time her answer had nothing to with what was going to be asked, or she would tell you that she stopped listening after you said her name or tell you to just get to the point because you are talking to much. A formal complaint against any supervisor that is best friends with the account manager which is the higher up and his boss will cause the hammer to come down on you and you will get fired and unemployment benefits will be denied. Worst 2 years of my life, I'll never get those years back.
Unit Manager | El Paso, TX | Dec 19, 2018
A place that does not want to improve
Being a manager here is definitely not rewarding. The culture at GC Services is basically to protect anyone that's been here as long as the building. There is rampant nepotism and team members are protected by managers due to their liking of them. Most managers here have no life, so they love to work 6 days a week doing nothing in particular. If you're a manager that has a life - this is not good. The disorganization and lack of structure stems from above. Team members do not have proper seating and the managers also needs more desks. There is no direct supervisor to ask for help. Emails go unanswered, your managers choose who and who not to communicate information to; team members are allowed to be rude and professional to managers because they've been here longer or they know someone in power. There is clear nepotism and the place does not want to improve. You'll be trying to clean up someone call avoiding and not working and you're reprimanded for how you approached them. If you want to work somewhere where you want to make a difference and want to improve the quality of work, look elsewhere.
ProsHard to get fired due to the client making crazy demands that GC accepts, People here have over 30 occurrences and are never getting fired
ConsTerrible management, Rampant nepotism, Unfair treatment of employees, No follow-up, No respect, Pay compared to work being put in is not right
Ambassador | Huntington, WV | Feb 18, 2019
not the place for you if life happens.
I had worked for GC Services a few times in the past and its not really the place to go if anything uncontrollable in your life happens. The company works based off of a occurrence system if you miss and once you get to 10 you cannot miss or you will be terminated. I was one of those who were at 10 occurrences for things completely out of my control, and when i went to do a schedule change to make up my time on a day off it was up to them if it was important enough or if they wanted to let you leave. Due to denials I had to call off because I had no other choice. When you ask for a schedule change you also get the look of disgust from management. In the end I was terminated due to illness because I had to go into break to physically be sick from coughing too much or because I had I coughed so hard I had urinated on myself. In that time they still would not allow a schedule change. Then when you explain what is going on upon termination they conveniently find something else to terminate you for even if it is inaccurate. If management does not like someone or if someone is becoming too much, for example their health, they would find any little reason to terminate, often enough they would find multiple excuses to fall back on if the first or second reason failed.
ProsBreaks & lunches, Pay
ConsNo room to have a life outside of work, will not accommodate situations out of your control
Agent | Knoxville, TN | Nov 28, 2018
Good Starter job something to help you back on your feet but no career
The training is boring,but after starts to get better. You basically get no benefit and the health care is too expensive. Management is nice. Office alittle old and not cleaned well been fighting allergies since working there dont recommend anyone with asthma. Also dont trust the "freash food" vending machine its old or just sketch but the others are ok. I wish the place was just cleaner and better also wish they didnt penalize you for using the restroom because of login time also wish they atleast had paid sick days or vacation. Some good things because of the high turn over rate you can get alot of overtime. Also very lenient schedule changes. You can even change your schedule temporarily on the spot. Biggest word of advice its very easy to get in trouble and you'll be walking on egg shells so just try your vest to keep your head down. Also the training does not prepare the actual job they are nice first but after 2 weeks to 1 week of training they will nitpick everything you do slightly wrong and doenst stop also those right ups will slowly increase. Also the script feels unnatural when on the phones but jist get it out and say everything exactly dont try to reword it or change it at all.
ProsFlexible schedule change
ConsNo paid off days including holidays and walking on eggshells

Questions And Answers about GC Services

Does gc services do a drug test?
Asked Oct 7, 2016
Yes. Mouth swab
Answered Apr 4, 2020
Yes they do, Also if you have an injury the make you take a drug test...
Answered Dec 12, 2019
What is the interview process like at GC Services?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
You are lied to, judged by age (I am over 50) and was made to feel worthless, and kept in the dark for a good week while they "decide ". Management acts like it's a chore to interview you. College level math and English and very extensive personality tests, which don't really seem to go with the job. I have a feeling even if I was hi it red O would be unhappy because the management seem very rude and lazy.
Answered Mar 16, 2019
I first received a call from the recruiter, who found my resume on Indeed. She told me all about the position and asked if I was interested in coming in for an interview with the department manager. Typical interview questions: tell me about a time you really screwed up at work and what you did about it, tell me about your level of experience in certain computer systems, etc. That was on a Tuesday & I found out I got the job that Friday.
Answered Dec 14, 2018
If you were in charge, what would you do to make GC Services a better place to work?
Asked Jun 28, 2018
Better pay, better hours, more employees to cover shifts, no mandatory OT
Answered Mar 20, 2020
Communication. Also not gossip about other agents/managees while on the floor. Also keep information private.
Answered Mar 12, 2020
Do they hire felons?
Asked Jul 14, 2016
I think they won't hire anyone with theft felonies or assulat
Answered Apr 17, 2018
I work there several years ago for a short time and I had a serious family issue to come up and it was a lot of Court going and stuff involved in it wasn't me personally but it was involving a child and they were lenient with me decided for me to resign so they wouldn't have to fire me and they said I am rehireable even to this date customer service dealing with people is always going to be tricky you have a lot of mean people in the world and if we turn on the news we can see that and people get frustrated when they don't have money to pay their bills or their lights about to get cut off and a lot of times it's not easy not to take stuff personally cuz they're angry and they're scared but if we can get this understanding or it might make getting out on paycheck what we signed our name on a little more valuable to us so we're hoping to get the best treatment we can is humans but we live in a real world and that's not likely thank you so much and I'm hoping I'll be able to get back
Answered Feb 23, 2018
Do employees get any paid holidays off?
Asked Dec 2, 2016
If you are recently hired no holiday or vacations
Answered Jun 8, 2019
No paid holidays off.
Answered Jun 4, 2019