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Customer Service Representative | Woodbury, NY | Dec 1, 2018
Wasted 5 years
I worked in the Woodbury office as a claims examiner and a internet claims adjuster for 5 years. This was the most stressful job ever. The claims department has about 20 managers on the floor and 2 general managers overseeing them. Every manager has a different answer and when you approach one they either get angry or give you a smart remark for your questions while your on a phone with a customer. The pay raises are terrible and once a year. During the pay raise period they look for reasons to not make you able to get a raise from poor customer reviews, sick time not approved, being on a verbal warning excludes you from a raise if your are on any of these AT RAISE time. you get a monthly grade for stats which are. Lost reports you take, customer surveys, how many geico approved auto shop appointments you schedule and the customer follows through with, your file surveys and call surveys. Customer surveys being a 1-5 grade that say for example "on a scales of 1-5 how would you rate your call with bobby?" any thing less then a 5 is a failed survey. so mostly customers would say. "Bobby was great but geico wouldnt pay my full claim" and rate the survey a 1. Bobby did nothing wrong but he fails the survey and his monthly grade is affected. Your graded on how many loss reports you take but 80% of your calls are from body shops and other insurance companies angry they arent being paid or customers upset they cant reach their personal adjuster at their direct number because they are...more
Prosfair pay
Consstressful / play favorites / look for ways to punish you
Licensing Specialist | Virginia Beach, VA | Jan 8, 2020
Management poor, Stress crazy
My first day leaving work, I told myself this would be my "forever" job. Well 15 months later, I'm applying for other jobs. To start with the good...GEICO pays awesome! Starting pay is $16/hr including 401k, Health, Dental, Vision, and Life Insurance. The office staffs 3000-5000 people so you're bound to make friends. Every year they give a bonus based on the percentage of your salary and it's almost always good. Licensing and Training staff are excellent and still mentors I rely on today. Don't ever ever ever go into Customer Service at GEICO. It is a death trap. You're told upon hire and through out training that once you're out of training, you can transfer to other departments however it comes with restrictions that aren't mentioned and isn't as easy as they claim. GEICO will hire someone with no experience fresh of the street but won't prioritize an internal agent from another department who's already licensed and trained. After training, the trainees get scrap schedules that no one wants as their only option for shifts and in my circumstance, I had no idea who my supervisor was until 2 months after I was promoted out of training. I was given a new supervisor (which a lot of them are new) who was from a different location and gave him no extra training to help him be successful so my team who were all new and fresh out of training were left to fend for ourselves and try to stay afloat. Your performance is heavily monitored and in order to be successful, it really...more
Claims Manager | Macon, GA | Oct 18, 2019
Gain the experience and RUN!
This was my first job out of college. I was excited about making a decent salary, getting benefits, and working for a company that values its employees... During the first three months I was in the classroom, training was amazing! I felt like, I got this.. this job will be easy... WAS I WRONG.... I was sent out to the floor, and it became the survival of the fittest. I immediately inherited a workload that was unbearable, and continued to get new claims. I took me months before I got my workload under control.... On Monday's I would come in to 5-6 new claims assigned to me over the weekend, and would get about 4 new claims throughout the day. You are required to make contact to everyone on each claim before leaving for the day (that could easily be over 20+ people). Each new claims takes over an hour to properly work it. You also are expected to return all voicemails before your leave for the day. Sometimes you'd have over 10 calls to make before you'd be able to leave. Not to mention you are expected to answer your teammates phone if they are on another call...Each month you are graded on company goals that are unrealistic...The people that make the goals consistently are the one working 50+ hours per week (you only get compensated for 37.5).. This company does not value their associates, it was a horrible snow storm there my first year, and I was told the rule was "If the schools and government closes, then we get to wear jeans".. that was not a joke! I was able to pro...more
ConsWorkload, unrealistic expectations, culture
Customer Service Representative | Fredericksburg, VA | Jan 31, 2020
Great benefits and college-like training classe; little flexibility and inconsistencies
I have been working at GEICO for a few months now, and still here so that I can pay bills and until I find something else. The benefits and pay are great for the area and there is a lot of room for advancement within the company. I really enjoy the in-depth training and college feel of the classes. My training group are very tight-knit and I love that small family feeling even at such a large company. Some people in my training class have received raises within the first two months, so advancement is definitely achievable. However, there are some things that definitely should be pointed out. Different supervisors have different viewpoints on how things work so quite often you are left with wondering which answer is the right one. They expect you to meet metric goals (btw your raises/promotions are dependent on meeting certain numbers) each month but some situations you’re in don’t always go with what you were taught in training and then the supervisor get frustrated that you’re confused. It makes the metric goals seem unrealistic if nothing makes sense. Like HELLO, THIS SITUATION WAS NEVER BROUGHT UP IN TRAINING. They like to say that the biggest constant at GEICO is change, but important rules that impact your career shouldn’t change as fast as they do here. It makes management seem unreliable and doesn’t inspire confidence in me to want to have a long term career at the company. One thing that is cautionary is the fact that they hide problems behind little incentives. For e...more
Insurance Agent | Fredericksburg, VA | Dec 30, 2019
Where do I begin?
Work/life balance? Ha-ha. Yeah. Good luck with that. 10 hour shifts. 30 minute lunch. Two 15 minute breaks. That’s it, all day. You get what’s called “personal” time, but that’s only to be used in “an emergency”, but can’t be used to use the restroom or you get put on a memo. So, there’s that. Yeah, the money and benefits are great; probably the only good thing about the entire job, but the amount of stress it causes on you is not worth any amount of money, I’m sorry. I’ve lost so much sleep and I’ve had countless nights where my anxiety was so bad that I couldn’t even breathe without it hurting. I worked as a customer service rep for a little over a year and this whole, “career advancement” thing they like to push? Non-existent. Don’t believe the hype. Management will accuse you of doing things you’re not even doing and will fire you with absolutely no warning, which is what happened with me. Calls are literally back to back (not even enough time to take a drink of water or breathe) and you have to deal with horrible, rude, screaming people and you can’t even defend yourself when they start calling you names. I’ve been told to lie to people more times than I can handle and that’s just not something I’m okay with morally. Oh, and... oh boy, the amount of micromanagement at that place is astounding, to say the least. You’re given 10 calls to be monitored in a month; 6 from PMT (performance monitoring team) and 4 from your supervisor. If you aren’t absolutely perfect on every s...more
Customer Service Representative | Macon, GA | Jul 30, 2018
Good pay but the stressfull work environment is not worth it!
I am a current employee of 4 years and I hate going to work everyday. I have worked in two departments Accident Tow and Customer Service. There is little room for growth especially in customer service. Everything here is about numbers, number, numbers, nothing else matters. If could can handle extreme stress, micro management down to using the restroom then this is the perfect job for you. Typical day: get to work on time or you have to make up every minute you are late at the end of the shift (stay later) if you don't this counts against you as a occurrence. You only get 3 occurrences a year. You may have a huddle (meeting w/in your section), answer at least 70+ calls. Majority of your calls will be irate customers complaining about their rates and many will turn into supervisor calls. Your sup will monitors your calls, PMT (other geico associates), and management. Its like working for Big Brother or modern day slavery. Don't bother trying to go to a manager to express your concerns because it really does not matter (they really don't care). Go back to your desk and answer all those calls that are holding. The phones are always ringing constantly, so don't think you have breathing opportunity in between calls because you don't. Once you are in Service its hard to get out. I have applied to lateral, lower, and highers positions at GEICO, but this department is constantly under staffed so they hold you in the department because you are 'needed.' You can easily get burnt out. T...more
Customer Service Representative | Fredericksburg, VA | Aug 4, 2018
This will break you down
The biggest problem with working at Geico is the culture that reduces employees to mere numbers. Your metrics are everything. If you fail to meet the metrics, you will get fired. You constantly will worry about getting fired. Especially if you are a people person and treat customers like humans. They want nothing but robots that will do every single thing they say in precisely the way they want you to say it. Miss a phrase, and you are scolded. Say the same thing but with different words, and you are scolded. And if you do that enough, you are fired. If you don't say every single required statement in a phone call, whether the customer cares or not, whether it is applicable to the context or not, you will get dinged for the call. If you don't upsell or attempt to upsell on every call, you will get dinged for the call. Eventually you get put on a coaching plan, and if you still don't manage to turn into the robot that they want, you will get fired. The turnover rate is ridiculous at GEICO. If you do get hired, don't expect to keep friends as coworkers for long. People will come and go and most people won't survive long. Only sociopaths that can detach themselves from the fact that they are talking to other humans manage to succeed. This means all of management, those promoted from entry level positions, are all sociopaths because they managed to keep all their metrics consistently, which is only possible if you treat people like garbage and don't care. This results in ...more
Prosbenefits, heathcare, profit sharing, income
Consrequires you to become a robot
Recovery Specialist | Getzville, NY | Nov 15, 2018
Have your game face on and be diligent
GEICO is a very good, and fun company to work for but you have to be ready. It can be stressful but it's really up to you. Make friends fast because you need each others support to stay motivated if you're in customer service or accident claims. They promote a lot from within which is why it seems as if they have a high turnover rate. They only choose 4 out of 100 applicants so "sell yourself" when you get chosen for the interview process. They need to know you will devote yourself to the job. They make it fun with a lot of food days, contests, and things of that nature. They do a lot of fundraisers. Warren Buffet comes in a couple time a year to take photos with everyone and the GEICO bus is off the chain! I gained excellent customer service skills, and how to be a real team player. I can honestly say that I've never seen people fighting with each other (it's a very harmonious atmosphere). The hardest part of the job is trying to get customers to look into other GEICO products, and they monitor 17 calls per month in certain departments, and you don't know which 17. The only thing I really did not enjoy was trying to bid out to other positions---IT IS NOT AS EASY AS THEY MAKE IT SOUND IN THE INTERVIEW!!! You have to have really good scores consistently for 3 months in a row to qualify for a different position within GEICO. However, they do have hundreds of jobs to choose from so there is always room for advancement. The managers are nice, friendly, and helpf...more
ProsGood people, good pay, food days and fun.
ConsStressful, need business degree to be a manager, possible weight gain
Customer Service Representative | Poway, CA | Mar 5, 2019
Get your license and get out, they make it very clear the culture is based on numbers and you must keep up with the stress
I worked very hard and was a top performer. Management overlooked my hard work, play favorites with supervisors (who do not have your back), and they stress you out about metrics so badly I could not go a day without beta blockers. The stress caused several miscarriages and I came in asking for help telling them I was pregnant and a week later was told if I left work, it would result in termination. I was miscarrying that day. My supervisor gave me no option. I miscarried my child there. In extreme pain. I have never felt like such a number. I went above and beyond and worked so hard. I got awards and accolades but at the end of the day, it wasn’t enough. I could t do it anymore. The back to back calls and unrealistic goals were enough to cause panic attacks and recurrent rapid heart beats. Awful health at that place. If your child’s sick, you better have help. They do not care. Don’t expect your supervisor to go to bat for you either. Mine told me my mistake was stupid and even went as far to cuss me out on the floor and tell others what I git an error for. We were told management sits with you if you can’t get a metric up. Are you serious? As if the metric shaming of sending your numbers out to the team to breed their competitive atmosphere wasn’t enough stress. I also knew a girl that was forced to quit because she has type 1 diabetes and had no time off the phone for her insulin shots. This is disability discrimination. This corporate mogul gets away with this abuse. My a...more
ProsMedical, work schedules
ConsStress, poor management, calls, abuse, overworked and underpaid
Auto Appraiser | Phoenix, AZ | Jun 12, 2018
I like everything but the company
This job is not for everyone. When you apply it is the longest interview process I’ve had out of any job. I was offered my position as an auto adjuster and was thrilled. I was told about the job by a friend of 10 years when he was fresh from the three month long training. The training is very extensive (which is good) and very hard. They do that to make sure you can handle the work load. Starting off is challenging, but fun. Unfortunately the longer you work, the worse the job gets. Supervisors are seldom seen and are generally more concerned with their own numbers to care about actually helping. And usually the feed back you get will be when you’ve done something wrong. It creates a very negative atmosphere and you begin to hope that you don’t hear from them. There is a federal law through the 9th curcuit courts that allows insurance companies in Arizona (and other states) to not pay for overtime and instead will pay you the equivalent of about $10/hr. They have the ability to choose to pay overtime, but they won’t and you will be blamed for asking for not getting work done. The rules internally will keep changing without any warning and every button you push is tracked and applied to some report. The expectations of what should be done are unrealistic and Geoco is resistant to changes in the landscape of the industry unless it saves money. Everything that you do has to be a 98% success rate or higher to meet your numbers, yet they don’t care if the employees are also that s...more
ProsGood pay and benefits
ConsLong hours, no overtime, constant negative feedback from management

Questions And Answers about GEICO

What is the interview process like at GEICO?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
Make sure that you’re completely honest because they will see if you have applied before and will look at past applications. Most importantly, relax because whether you know it or not, the entire interview process is a test.
Answered Feb 5, 2020
HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE After doing a personality test and phone interview I got called in for an in face interview! That took up my whole morning my recruiter was harsh and I didn’t appreciate the way she spoke to me or handled me as a candidate I was ready to leave the interview, I also was late to work just for them to deny me employment! I wish I knew my recruiters name
Answered Jan 3, 2020
If you were in charge, what would you do to make GEICO a better place to work?
Asked Oct 17, 2019
Updated equipment and systems, flexibility to work from home sometimes, better work life balance, management who listens and cares, more competitive pay, the ability to move up based on merits.
Answered Mar 24, 2020
Implement Work from home for all departments (except legal, Material Damage, etc)
Answered Mar 21, 2020
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at GEICO?
Asked Feb 12, 2018
Be prepared to do roleplay for a job on the phone.
Answered Mar 3, 2020
Be anxious for a challenge, be confident and kind. The job can be done, at the expense of everything else.
Answered Feb 6, 2020
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at GEICO? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Jun 8, 2016
Just depends on when the next class starts. I was hired on May 3 drug, background and credit check came back May 13, next class doesn’t start til June 10th so about 10 days
Answered May 14, 2019
It takes an absolute Eternity. As others have said, it is a lot like hazing. They make you jump through hoops for weeks and treat you as a dog, my guess, is to see if you get tired of it. It seems like an unending process. good luck if you have time to play these circus games for their sheer amusement. Some of us are business professionals.
Answered May 28, 2018
Why did you leave your job at GEICO?
Asked Mar 14, 2017
Falsely accused of avoiding calls.
Answered Dec 30, 2019
It’s not true that they don’t support the military families.... GEICO started out as an insurance company only open to military and government employees and they have a lot of leave available to spouses of someone in the military. From my experience they will work with you for fmla for any situation. Yes it is true that doctors know that the paperwork is extensive when you work at GEICO for medical leave, but it’s not like you’ll be fired if you need more time to get it in. Most corporate jobs have this kind of paperwork in HR because of the strict state and country regulations. They can not “turn anyone in” for abusing FMLA, legally supervisors cannot even ask about your condition even though it is obvious that some employees do abuse it by having a “migraine” every Friday. There is coaching but just to make you the best you can be, and it is very very hard to get fired because of performance (due to the strict HR regulations). There has to be at least 7 to 8 months of documented information of an agent being coached and not doing what they are coached to do. There are goals, but nothing that is unrealistic. Yes you can’t be signed out of the phone for too long of a period because unfortunately there are employees that would be signed out all day. Basically if you are not lazy and have ambition there are so many opportunities for advancement. I started off as a phone agent, no college degree, and moved up to supervisor in three years. This job isn’t for those that just want to skate through... you have to be motivated to be the best you can be and take feedback!!
Answered Nov 22, 2019