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Overall Reviews at Goldman Sachs

Investment Banking Analyst | Houston, TX | Feb 23, 2020
Productive and fun place to work
Hours are long but pay is proportional. People are very smart and hard working. Upward mobility is very feasible. You can grow a career here or find very lucrative exit opportunities.
Vice President | New York, NY | Mar 24, 2020
Great place to build your career. Loved almost every single day. Smart and talented people. The place has changed a lot under new leadership but it is still a fantastic place to work.
Administrative Assistant | San Francisco, CA | Dec 10, 2018
Excellent Company
Working here your dealing with the best of the best. Lots of work to do and nice buildings. Co workers are top notch and the best employees you can work with.
Operations Analyst | Dallas, TX | Dec 11, 2019
Productive working environment with ping pong table
The most enjoyable part was the people. A typical day at work could range from 8am-6pm or 7am-7pm depending on the time of year. Hardest part of the job was identifying who was genuinely there to help you vs who was there to help themselves.
Summer Analyst | Salt Lake City, UT | Jan 30, 2019
Streach Goals
This company will test your ability to be flexible. Your ability to adapt to change is of utmost importance. Make sure to engage with not only your team but others outside your department. Mentoring is a big focus to ensure the best role-fit.
Specialist | Cedar Rapids, IA | Nov 1, 2019
Great place to work with an excellent team oriented atmosphere
I enjoyed my time working for Goldman Sachs Bank in Cedar Rapids, IA. I worked in the personal banking division dealing with our customer's online savings accounts and CDs. My favorite aspect of the job was the camaraderie between all of the team members and everyone's willingness to always help one another out when necessary. My reason for leaving the job was simply because the Cedar Rapids office closed and I would have had to relocate to Salt Lake City, UT. I enjoy living in Iowa and was not looking to move that far away.
Assistant Vice President | New York, NY | Jul 30, 2019
Great Benefits
Working as an Admin you do not have any growth opportunities and depending which department you work in, the days are very repetitive and boring. The benefit is the name
Investment Banking Analyst | New York, NY | Jun 1, 2019
Bad place to start your career
Management is monstrous and employees are not valued at all. Either generate revenue or get out, there is no room for growth and development unless you are willing to compromise on integrity and crush over other colleagues
Summer Associate | Dallas, TX | Dec 13, 2019
Good pay
I enjoyed my time at GS. Great training provided at their NYC HQ and also the Dallas office was very congenial to work for. As with any company there are some bad seeds/tough people to get along with, but for the most part it was enjoyable.
Investment Banking Analyst | San Francisco, CA | Oct 30, 2019
Team culture is horrendous
TMT in SF culture is notoriously the worst within all of GS. I was told that many times but I didn't believe it until I moved into the group. People are elitist, racist, sexists, and quite homophobic.

Questions And Answers about Goldman Sachs

How would you describe the pace of work at Goldman Sachs?
Asked Feb 9, 2017
Very fast paced. Too many back to back conference calls that get in the way of getting any real work done. Best time to catch up is after hours.
Answered Feb 27, 2019
Super fast paced! Fresh grads will have an easier time; as a lateral hire from another bank I found the pace crazy at times. Would only recommend if you want to devote your career to GS
Answered Sep 26, 2018
What advice would you give the CEO of Goldman Sachs about how to improve it?
Asked Oct 2, 2016
Compensate employees fairly based on performance. The annual 360 degree performance review process holds no weight on compensation decisions.
Answered Feb 27, 2019
The "Marcus" division of GS should be revamped entirely.
Answered Jun 12, 2018
How are the working hours at Goldman Sachs?
Asked Sep 5, 2016
14 hour days minimum. Not enough time in a day to accomplish all that is expected of you. Most people eat lunch at their desk while on conference calls. Little time to breathe or go to the bathroom.
Answered Feb 27, 2019
50 to 60 hours a week in operations!! No real lunch breaks you are always rushing
Answered Sep 26, 2018
What benefits does Goldman Sachs offer?
Asked Jul 13, 2016
Top of the line benefits from day one.
Answered Sep 11, 2019
I don't know their benefits right now but during my employment form 2005- 2008 they covered all. health, dental, eye, 401K, Life insurance and always provided an excellent bonus at the end of the year
Answered Mar 15, 2019
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Goldman Sachs? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Jul 13, 2016
I had 6 interviews. I had a phone interview with HR, then a phone interview with two traders on the CBOE, then an interview with a trader on the NYSE, then 3 in person interviews. Crazy intense interviews, but I think mine was a special case, as I was brought on to help the team understand a product that they really knew nothing about and needed my skillset.
Answered Oct 4, 2018
It takes about 2 months since the first interview to finish.
Answered Aug 1, 2017