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Goodwill Industries
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Overall Reviews at Goodwill Industries

Client Services Specialist | Houston, TX | Mar 3, 2020
Not a long time career move
You aren't appreciated for the work you do as a team member. The pay was low and managers often physically bullied me and other case managers and got away with it when reported.
Chief Executive Officer | Bellevue, OH | Oct 24, 2019
This place is horrible
Well lets start with hours 5 and a half a day but they wanna leave early because they are salary and don't care about your paycheck. As far as enjoying a job lol they look for reasons to get rid of people if they don't like you just cuz your different. and they treat everyone as if your slow so its kinda hard to enjoy the job for the people with issues i guess it wasn't hard to brain wash them for being a good job. far as them helping disabled people that they get extra money for well that's for all they office people to line their pockets cuz minimum wage is what they pay. well lets put it this way if your a skinny girl who's on drugs and dye your hair purple all the time and flirt with the boss bragging you have his cellphone number which he's married your ok and all they company guys will flirt with you and bring you food and pop and you can hit people with a forklift and getaway with it because you the Queen B of the place so if you look trashy and don't shower or a junkie and so on you got a job there
Program Coordinator | Santa Rosa, CA | Dec 29, 2019
Goodwill has a strong work ethic
People I worked with were wonderful. Hard part of my job was there weren't not enough clients to keep me busy. Goodwill does give back to the community.
Warehouse Worker | Holmes, PA | Oct 2, 2019
Was ok til a new manager came in
I worked for Goodwill for 3 years, the pay sucked for all the hard work I and the other employees... We worked above and beyond and corporate was unappreciative... They send in a new manager with no experience of Goodwill and those that loved their job left due to poor management... Don't compare Goodwill to Old Navy
Customer Service Associate / Cashier | Joliet, IL | Dec 18, 2019
Bad management
At first I loved my job and management was phenomenal. Since they changed managers everything has gone down including the product quality, trust and productivity in employees. The turn over rate is extremely high and most people don’t work there a full two weeks before quitting. The only good thing is they work around my school schedule but refuse to change anyone else’s due to understaffing. But management is awful and don’t care about your personal issues. They asked high schoolers multiple times to skip school and cover a shift. The staff is also full of untrustworthy people and gossips so word travels like wild fire in this store. There are also some people who tell the managers everything which is why it is such a toxic environment. I completely stand for the goodwill mission but this store is awful.
Production Worker | Greenville, SC | Jan 27, 2020
Transforming used merchandise into career opportunities for others.
Goodwill industries is a decent company, offering good benefits (with paid time off & sick days, etc.). I believe they try hard to be true to their overall mission, which is to help at risk, unemployed people find gainful careers. On the downside, however, I feel that many of the stores are mismanaged by poor stewards of donations, needlessly contributing to our landfill problem.
Management Analyst | Delaware | Feb 17, 2020
Nice work place
Enjoy the opportunity to work for the state through goodwill staffing it’s nice to be able to post for jobs within the state. I also enjoy the trainings and career advancement.
Sales Representative | Bridgeville, DE | Oct 9, 2019
Good place to work but no leadership assistance
nothing to say bad really but just didn't have the respect from the higher supervisors. The clutter and order from the building was not organized enough to keep production well together. They did not give enough staff to effectively handle the amount of material that came through the warehouse which made the job more demanding than it should have been.
Director of Partnerships | Fort Worth, TX | Mar 5, 2020
Great place to work.
There is a lot of opportunity to help people and do great work in the community. There is also a lot of opportunity for growth but you must be willing to work hard and hit goals.
Sign Language Interpreter | Harrison, NJ | Dec 7, 2019
Very satisfying when able to help the disabled.
I learned a lot and would always recommend this organization. When I went to work every morning I felt like I was really making a difference help those in need of skills to find employment and learn how to successfully go through an interview.

Questions And Answers about Goodwill Industries

What is the interview process like at Goodwill Industries?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
Had to take a 180 personality test then answer basic interview questions.
Answered Nov 25, 2019
Pretty quick and simple.
Answered Oct 26, 2019
Does goodwill drug test
Asked Nov 22, 2016
Yes at a clinic
Answered Mar 18, 2020
Yes Pre-hire, and random. If you just had the flu or other illness make sure to tell the test sight. Pseudoephedrine can show as meth. They did a full PCR/DNA on me
Answered Feb 1, 2020
Does Goodwill Industries avoid hiring persons with a felony record?
Asked Sep 3, 2016
SC ran full Criminal check, credit history, drug test. It’s easier to get a firearms permit than job. Plus cannot have even a multi tool or pen knife immediately terminated and barred from ever working for them. They weren’t even happy that I have a pistol permit or that my Father picked me up from work even though he’s a cop. Told him he had to remove his gun to enter the store even in full uniform and his patrol area
Answered Feb 1, 2020
Goodwill, will hire you as long that you don't have theft on your record.
Answered Aug 1, 2019
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Goodwill Industries a better place to work?
Asked Oct 20, 2016
Make a set schedule stop rotating shifts. Pay more because the pay sucks. It's a lot of work for what little pay you get
Answered Jan 2, 2020
I would go undercover immediately to see for myself what is really going on. When there is a chain of command the top dogs only hear what his minions want him to hear
Answered Nov 24, 2019
What is the work environment and culture like at Goodwill Industries?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
You work a lot of hours. The scheduling sucks if you have a family because it's rotating shifts.
Answered Jan 2, 2020
It really depends on who is in management and who may be getting plotted against. Gossip spreads like wild fire, people can be extremely two-faced (I despise such individuals), and people can end up pinned against each other due to another employee. Other than that there can be good people to work with such as my assistant manager who's been there for me and is also my mentor (I am more than willing to help the individual out anytime). It's wise to be very careful when it comes to corporate (rather be safe than sorry) and your coworkers at all times (coworkers will likely backstab you in an instant and it's best to just stay to yourself). Hours can suck, especially around certain times of the year such as Christmas time; but work schedules can be flexible.
Answered Dec 26, 2019