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Care Specialist | Austin, TX | Dec 24, 2018
Extremely low chance of growth, Management lacks training.
95% of leads that handle the day to day work are lazy, doing the bare minimum. Or lack the training. There is no room for advancement. You will not move laterally, you will not move up. You will stay were you are for 5+ years (like others there, with no where to go) The office is small, They would hire outside rather than internally. You will do more work than the title you are given. What managers lack in training, they pawn off on others. Because of their shortcomings. If you attempt to make or offer any changes, they will be applied as ideas from themselves. There is so much lack of accountability. Lazy feedback on stats, and progress. Favoritism abound. The programs used within this company, to assist customers at this location are ARCHAIC. The location is horrendous, the fact that there are three bathrooms, for 100+ people and 85% of the time they are out of order, is actually embarrassing. The office is unsecured, prone to power outages, and server crashing. The hourly "Livable wage" is laughable.
ProsFree Food.
ConsGossip, Lack of growth
Care Specialist | Chicago, IL | Feb 6, 2020
Great Place To Work
Benefits here are unlike most any job out there. Every Friday we had a catered lunch for the whole office. The office was always well stocked with beverages, snacks, coffee, gum and other amenities. You would never go hungry if you forgot your lunch at home. Staff are incredibly friendly and collaborative in their efforts to work as a team and get the job done. Downside is incredibly low job security. Three years after they purchased the company I started out with they eliminated most employees from the transition. I do not feel they move people into roles of increasing responsibility based on merit and work ethic. Chances of moving up in the company if you are not in Chicago are slim to none. Most everyone from the transition, even managers and department leads, have moved on to other jobs or have been let go. I did get a very fair severance package and have no ill will towards the company, although I feel they waste the talents of their workers by leaving them frozen in mundane positions.
Operations Associate | Philadelphia, PA | May 24, 2019
Don't do it
Do not believe the hype. Yes the company offers decent benefits but it comes at the cost of your sanity. People are quitting and getting fired every week for a reason. You are constantly monitored by leads who you wonder how they even got that position. They come up with fake rules and policies and then try and justify them. This is a polished ****of a company. You have to have zero life to work here. No friends no family not even a pet. You will spend most of your days in a claustrophobic office watching people have either minor or major breakdowns. They talk to their employees in such a disgusting manner and think people are going to stay because of stock they give you. Stock that you can't fully touch unless you're there for 4 whole years. Don't be another victim. If you enjoy working all hours the the day for pay that isn't enough for the mess have to deal with then go ahead.
ProsClocking out time
Field Sales Representative | Portland, OR | Jul 12, 2019
Field Sales Representative
Grubhub has a fun culture, it has a lot of young people, getting $30 a week in meal credit. On the sales side the company will try to make as much money as possible while paying out as little as possible. Enterprise Sales Representatives sale, to corporate clients at a higher price than if they just went to website. Field Sales Reps currently only get paid after a new customer orders three times. The sales department leadership make bad strategic decisions which results in high sales rep turnover, next to nothing commissions. If you are working really hard and see all your customers ordering on and you getting no commission, it's no accident. If money is less important to you and you want a fun, positive, relaxed environment, great company for you.
Sales Executive | Chicago, IL | Feb 21, 2019
Fun place to hangout but not the place to advance
It's a great place right out of college if you're just trying to drink and hangout. However, there is zero chance for advancement as all management is hired from outside. Meeting quota can be stressful. There is a blanket quota for everyone which is ridiculous. For example, an older rep will get to travel into a territory for a week, meet face-to-face, and gets to choose from that whole area to sell from. While a newer rep has to cold call into a market, try to make sales over the phone, while only having 1/4 of the leads because they have to share. If you can make it to a traveling rep, you only have to work about once a week and can coast the rest of the month but the climb there is awful.
ProsFree Food, Happy Hours
ConsFavoritism, lack of advancement, Corporate BS
Sales Executive | Chandler, AZ | Mar 30, 2020
Great pay! Terrible work environment
A day in the life of Grubhub consists with nothing very consistent at all. A rep can literally go into the office and have a whole new agenda provided by upper management. There is zero culture and the company treats employees like a revolving door. There is on one hand the possibility of making a ton of money but with the inconsistencies of the company only very few will achieve a maximum pay day. Every representative is given a territory to call and prospect restaurants to sign up on the Grubhub platform. These territories have been worked over by a rep the previous 3 months so in some areas it is slim pickens. The company is so concerned with what DoorDash is doing they lose sight of what is important with their own employees.
Operations Associate | Philadelphia, PA | Jul 31, 2019
Management is horrible & Work conditions change everyday
If you are entering this job on the operations or customer support level I won't not recommend. Operations specialist in the Philadelphia office are micromanaged and have to adjust to new changes everyday. My schedule have changed 3 times within the last 4 months.. and each time I was told this is your permanent schedule no more changes. Market Managers don't even speak to specialist or communicate with them the real direction the company is going. Job description will say flexible work life and overtime available.. but yet there is no overtime and all Holidays are Blacked out for Time off. If you aren't coming to this computer in a tech position or market manager and up.. i woud say avoid!!!
Independent Contractor | Huntsville, AL | Jun 27, 2019
Not worth the risks...
I enjoyed the work & I liked meeting people & schedule flexibility. After a few months they increasingly sent me on low paying jobs, 0 tip orders, with little regard for driving distance. I was putting more miles on my car, receiving orders after the guaranteed pickup time & finally they lied about me missing a block which I dropped as a rational for lowering me to partner level. So basically put me back to almost no hours after working over 30/wk with nearly perfect statistics.
ProsFlexible schedule
ConsManager lied & lowered status on false pretenses, too much driving, scary neighborhoods, no control over where you drive, low pay considering we are risking auto accidents, paying for gas and wear and tear on out vehicle.
Customer Service Manager | Chandler, AZ | Jul 8, 2019
Management is laid back, but definitely has favorites and it is NOT based on how hard you work.
I worked my bum off every day more than anyone around me, to be talked down to, stared at constantly and micromanaged by some creepy chick floor manager (sat right next to me), and treated like trash. I watched a guy who did literally nothing, was away from his desk for hours at a time, and treated others badly, able to do whatever he wanted, ignore all rules, and it definitely costed everyone else. Some people can cuss and some cannot. Everything is wish washy. I wouldn't recommend this horrible place to my worst enemy. The pay was good (for me) due to my experience, but not enough for the emotional abuse.
Corporate Care Soecialist | Austin, TX | Sep 2, 2019
You are just a number not a person or valued employee
Grubhub puts too much emphasis on metrics and has a punitive environment. Every minute and every task of your day is monitored,measured and criticized. You receive "occurrences" for using the bathroom for too long or taking a sick day even even though you provide a dr note. More than 3 minutes late back from lunch or leave 3 mn early? Occurence for that too. Their PTO is a joke because complete with hundreds of others for even an hour off so may have to wait months. There is no work /life balance as you can not even leave early to pick up a sick kid or go to a doctor without an occurrence. After only 5 occurrences they fire you. There is a high turnover!

Questions And Answers about Grubhub

How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Grubhub? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Jul 26, 2016
I did paperwork and everything in one and a half days and got hired immediately, now I’m waiting for my shirt and bags to come so I can start !😀😀
Answered Oct 1, 2019
I applied online a week later, I received and email asking to come to an interview. I had three different days/times to choose from. Once I picked my day (Saturday) when I arrived there were 5 other people. We all went into a room were told about the company and given individual interviews. 2 days later I received and email and then call stating I had got the job pending any background checks.
Answered Jun 26, 2019
Does Grubhub Pay For gas Miles
Asked Nov 11, 2016
They dont pay any gas and its over 4.00 a gallon in our state. They say if you have blocks scheduled to work and you dont have any orders the first couple of hours they show you made like 22.00 dollars and then your last hour you get a 15.00 delivery all you will get paid out of that first 22.00 is 7.00 dollars say then you have a 5.00 delivery that 22.00 went to 7.00 then to 2.00 so they are not paying you for the hours that they say you was getting paid for
Answered Jun 3, 2019
They say they pay you .50 a mile but if your delivery is 6 miles if you check thsy are only saying you went 4 and thats it even when you have screen shoots of ths gps you use through their app. I know first hand they told me i was. Lier that my delivery was 3 miles when it was 7 plus miles one time it was ten plus mes they paid 4 miles.
Answered Jun 3, 2019
Are they paid every two weeks or weekly ?
Asked Nov 5, 2016
If you working in the call center it is by-weekly on Thursdays
Answered Nov 23, 2018
Weekly on Thursday
Answered Nov 18, 2018
What is the best part of working at Grubhub?
Asked Nov 26, 2019
You are your own boss, flexibly
Answered Mar 18, 2020
The money and customers are great
Answered Mar 17, 2020
What is the most stressful part about working at Grubhub?
Asked May 1, 2018
Them sending you to resturant and the order not be there and then sending a cancel to your phone. And you just had to drive 15 miles to resturant. Or giving you a order that was suppose to be picked up an hour or two before you was sent the order and the customer is angrey at you and the. Your reviews are bad and tips go Down to maybe one every ten order s and all the miles you drive and CA drivers do not get one cent bonuses at all.
Answered Jun 3, 2019
The wrong gps coordinates is the stress. Luckily the restaurant that is wrong is on the way to the right location so I just say I am there about 10 minutes before I get there. Just have to find the spot on their map. I love the $15 per hour though. Best delivery pay of them all. In my town you are not going to get more.
Answered Nov 28, 2018